Bill Schnoebelen: Enoch, Angels and Aliens

Bill: Aleister Crowley in 1904 claimed that an E.T named Aiwass revealed to him the gospel of the new age, and this gospel was a book called Liber al Vel Legis or The Book of the Law and it would supersede Christianity as the new world religion. Another entity named Lam allowed him to draw him. Many other new age leaders have referred to UFOs as being part of the new age plan for the New World Order.
970f6d951c5d624e1a4264a728235836UFO’s are not a new phenomena. They have been mentioned in the bible, also as far away as ancient Rome and Greece, where people reported mysterious lights in the sky. The Mayans and Toltec’s possessed forms of technology which equaled our own in many ways. The Dogon tribe in Mali Africa had knowledge of an invisible dark satellite orbiting the star Sirius, the eastern star, which they worshipped thousands of years before astronomers discovered it with telescopes in 1844. Why did the ancient Assyrians in 2000 BC know that Saturn had rings? Where did the ancient Egyptians learn the secret of pyramid construction? The length of each base is 365.44 Egyptian cubits, the number of days in the solar year. The gradient of the pyramid is 10 to 9. Multiply the altitude of the pyramid by 10 to the 9th power and you have exactly the number of miles from the earth to the sun at its closest point. Where were all these ancient wonders coming from? Were they overseen by E.T. overlords?

Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion went out to pray one day, he didn’t know which church to join, thought he’d ask God, and when he was praying, this black power went over him, he was paralyzed, all the strength went out of him, and a pillar of light came over him out of the blackness, and in the pillar were glowing beings in radiant garments, and told him he should join none of the churches because they had a form of Godliness but denied the power thereof, and should wait for further instructions. Now if you’ve read about the UFO phenomenon that sounds very close to a close encounter of the third kind. The loss of strength, the darkness, and then a beam of light and beings giving some important message. UFO’s were unknown in the days of Joseph Smith, but modern Mormons are obsessed with them and Utah has the second highest incidence of UFO sightings of any state in the union. Coincidence?

Then we have the miracle of the sun, in Fatima, Portugal. We had these three illiterate shepherd children out in the field with their flocks and a glowing sphere comes down from heaven, and in the sphere is a lady in a blinding white robe and a veil, and she claims to be the Virgin Mary and gives all these messages, none having to do with the Bible. To ratify these appearances thousands of people came to the site, and supposedly the lady promised there would be a sign. One day all of a sudden the sun broke through the clouds or so it would appear, and it began to do loop-de-loops and barrel rolls and people freaked, thousands of people saw it and thought the sun was going insane. Only problem is no one else on the daylight side of the planet saw it. So was it the sun, or a UFO?

The year that Aleister Crowley died, all hell broke loose in the world of flying saucers. That was the year the term ‘flying saucer’ was coined. In 1947 Kenneth Arnold was flying his plane over Mount Rainier, a hot spot for sightings, and saw what he described as “flying saucers skipping over the clouds like stones over a pond.” The press heard that phrase and liked it. Less than 2 weeks later, near Roswell New Mexico, near the army base, the sight of the bomber wing, the only atomic bomb wing in the world at the time, a flying disc apparently crashed on a ranchers land. Smallish green bodies and one live body were said to have been found around the wreckage. Supposedly these aliens helped set up the back engineering projects of creating UFO technology. Later the army denied this story calling it a crashed weather balloon. A division of special intelligence called Project Majesty or MJ12 was created to handle future UFO sightings. Top military scientific people oversaw and orchestrated a cover up, now it’s not clear what is disinfo or not but supposedly they said that us common people were not ready to handle E.T. beings it would shatter the foundation of western civilization and cause worldwide panic and the destruction of religious faith. In 1955 supposedly President Eisenhower signed a treaty with the aliens allowing us access to alien technology in exchange they would be allowed to do limited testing and experimenting on cattle and citizens of this country without interference from the government. And at this time we begin to hear about alien abductions.

By this time the number of sightings was well over a million. Now the airforce claimed that only 5% could not be explained away. That’s still a heck of a lot of sightings. Some are said to be cigar-shaped, or disc-shaped, with running lights, going at great speeds exceeding Mach 5 and displayed non-ballistic motion, meaning they can turn at sharp angles at very high speeds, impossible for our aircrafts due to G-force.

We never heard about actual abductions until after 1960s, a couple named Betty and Barney Hill lost 2 hours of time in 1961, on their evening car trip. Later under hypnosis it was “revealed” they were taken aboard an alien space craft and probed medically for 2 hours before being returned to their car in a state of amnesia. Now this was a new idea at the time, today this is all over the tabloids and on TV, but this one was the first. This woman is still alive but what makes this remarkable is that under hypnosis she had recollections of being on a table and she saw a star chart, and under hypnosis was able to draw it. Astronomers saw the chart and said this is nonsense, like nothing we have ever seen. Only in the last decade with computers and stellar simulations where they can move stars around so you can see them from another source.  And what they discovered was the drawing was an exact replication of the star system Zeta Retilculi as seen from there.
Millions of people have alleged that they have taken aboard UFO’s for medical study, implants under their skin, extraction of seed for men and impregnation of women. Often the crew communicates with telepathy and the person is abandoned somewhere with their memory wiped, often with strange bruises or scars. They sometimes remember or have nightmares about it months later. Abductees have reported having pregnancies that mysteriously vanish, one moment they are pregnant then the next moment it’s gone, no miscarriage, nothing. Other women carry the baby to term, several have actually given birth oddly enough always in military hospitals, and the baby was always whisked away and she’s told it was stillborn, never got to see it. Some people have noted that the UFO abductees of the 70’s have been transformed into the Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors stories of the 80’s, both report having people in black following them around afterwards. It needs to be asked, are these two different phenomena?

Now the UFO occupants are of 3 varieties. The little Grays, the Nordics (handsome tall blonde, a master race, Aryan-type people) then the Reptilians from Draco, who resemble velociraptors in clothing, and eat human beings. They can shape shift for temporary periods into what look like human beings with cat-like eyes. They are the leaders of the group and have also been sighted in underground bases.666The D.U.M.B.s, or deep underground military bases: there are many reports of these all over the United States, some of which are very large. There is a huge rabbit warren of tunnels underneath Salt Lake, you could get lost in them. The Salt Lake Temple for example goes 8 stories underground. Some of these installations go 3000 feet underground. The best known is in Area 51 also known as Groom Lake in Nevada. Part of the Nellis testing range, one of a nexus of tunnels which honeycomb the United States. One of the places where these tunnels gather is the 4 corners region which is near Dulce New Mexico and also Arizona and Colorado to make it a 4 cornered region. Thousands of people have been employed at these bases and some of them have called them “waiting rooms for hell,” because they have seen the Greys and Reptilians down there. And the highway that connects these various areas is Highway 666, the only highway designated with this number.

Now, the Lovecraft connection. H.P. Lovecraft was a reclusive science fiction and fantasy author who lived from 1890 to 1937. He was popular while he was alive but more popular today. He lived alone or with two maiden aunts. He never married. He was very phobic of everything in life. He was scared to death of the ocean although he lived in Providence Rhode Island. He was scared to death of going underground he wouldn’t even go to the basement of his house because he knew that tcthuluhings lurked underground. Now most people think that his works are fiction, they’re not. He was very much involved in occult Freemasonry. His grandfather was an Egyptian Freemason, meaning he practiced the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis. A gentlemen in New England wrote his doctorate thesis on Lovecraft’s occult connections, and in the book he revealed that Lovecraft inherited from his grandfather a huge number of occult books, some of which are very rare and hard to come by, including the fabled dread Necronomicon. He actually based his fiction upon actual metaphysics. Now, what did Lovecraft write about? He wrote about Gods from outer space, dark powerful evil Gods, great Old Ones, beings so powerful and so detached from human thought or experience that they could drive a person mad by just appearing before them. They were old when this universe and it’s God were young. Most elements of the current UFO mythos were present in his work, half a century ago. He talks about the interbreeding between these space Gods and human women. Frog-like aliens who rise out of the Atlantic ocean to cohabit with human women in the shelter of the Innsmouth Masonic lodge in order to produce horrendous offspring. The Dunwich Horror is about the production of a demon spawn, by the mating of a human female with a bizarre god-like being. These beings were indescribable, masses of pulp and eyes and tentacles. Lost civilizations under the sea were spoken of where great evil lies sleeping only to be awakened. These beings regard humanity the way we regard an ant farm. They don’t want to be worshiped, only obeyed. These old ones are weirdly close to the Gods of the black arts and of Crowley’s religion. For example we have Azathoth, the blind idiot God who babbles madlithaquay from the heart of the galaxy. We have Cthulhu, who is the undersea demon who sleeps in the ancient city of Urlea. We have Nyarlathotep, whose very appearance is so appalling it would drive anybody insane instantly. We have Ithaqua, the wind walker. And we have the dread volume Necronomicon whose name means ‘the laws of the dead’ or ‘the songs of the dead.’

In the Bible it says the Lord asked Satan, “whence cameth though?” Satan replies, “from going to and fro in the earth, from walking up and down, in it.” There are UFO’s in the Bible, both good and bad. We have flying rolls, locusts the size of Apache attack helicopters, we have flying chariots, chariots of fire. In genesis 6 , the days of Noah, it says that “the sons of god saws the daughters of men and saw that they were fair, and bore children unto them, who were mighty men, men of renown (the Nephilim).”

The Book of Enoch contains an account of Enoch’s visit to a fifth heaven “where he saw giants, with faces withered, and the silence of their mouths perpetual.” He calls them the Grigori, or fallen angles who broke their vows, married the daughters of men and fouled the Earth with their deeds. These sons of God are called Watchers, a term you find in Daniel. 200 of these Watchers descended to Earth in the days of Jerod, some of these are given names and the worst of these is Azazel. That’s a very popular name in black magic for a demon. Azazel is accused of “having scattered over the earth the secreenochts of heaven and having rebelled against the mighty one.” He was giving away God’s classified information. These Watchers not only married human women, they also taught humans astrology, how to fashion weapons, shared occult secrets, and especially shared with the Nephilim their secrets.

How many pagan faiths get into this? Zeus assumes the form of a bull, has relations with Europa who gives birth to a minotaur, half bull, half man. This is found in Incan legend, in Teutonic legend, in the Mahabharata of India and the epic of Gilgamesh which is Babylonian.

The bible tells us that angels in their natural condition cannot procreate with humans. They have glorified bodies of flesh and bone without blood. Now I believe that Adam and Eve may not have originally have had blood in their veins. When they fell, by eating the fruit, their bodies acquired the blood which was their mortality and their undoing. In order for Genesis 6 to have happened these angels would have needed to partake in the same sin as Adam and Eve, drinking blood. Only then would they father children with human women. In doing so they would have lost much of their angelic power, but not their angelic intellect. Angels in a natural state are beautiful, but when they cut themselves off from God, they begin to wither from the inside out and begin to look evil. I believe these fallen angels, when they have been away from God long enough are where we get these reptilian aliens today. They start to resemble a worm, a serpent, a great dragon.

“As in the days of Noah, so in the days of the coming of man.” In modern times they used their superior intelligence to create spaceships centuries ahead of human technology, and the first group they gave this technology to was the Nazi’s. They had flying discs two decades before Roswell. In closing I would like to say that I believe these beings to not be extra-terrestrial but infra-terrestrial, meaning coming from underground. Read about it in the bible.

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