Simulated Experiences and Time Dilation in Movies Are Hinting At Aug’s Material

This post discusses a fate that according to Aug Tellez happened to a group of humans who messed around with advanced tech, and became the fallen ones, discussed in PART ONE here) they went mad through misuse of simulator tech, and also time tech. Either way they devolve into empty vessels for the Satanic AI plasma to infect and take over.

Other Life (2017):

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 8.15.05 PM

From the very first scene in ‘Other Life,’ available on Netflix, we see the symbolic one-eye drippage. An Illuminati calling card if you will.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 4.34.41 PM

The black liquid eye drops (black goo?) are artificial memories/experiences or sims that are instantly downloaded and ‘played out’ by the mind of the user. Like psychedelics 2.0

Very similar to the movie “Strange Days,” from the 90’s. Depicts a near future where devices allow for the neural recording and playback of real experiences. This quickly becomes the best drug, as experiences can be uploaded into sellable, tradeable cartridges called “SQUID discs:”

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 5.45.21 PM

It becomes currency, and drives economy. Then we find the seedy underbelly of it. People obsessed with recording and playback of violent memories, murder, rape. The protagonist is on a mission to stop a serial killer who is recording all his crimes.

Recently having discovered whistleblower Aug’s material, I can see now that movies like this, with these themes are hinting around disclosure, telling us what happened, and prepping us for their future, their next move.

Aug: “This is an artificial intelligence parasite. This is from the affects of improper use of simulator technology which recorded the consciousness of experiences. People are murdered, raped, molested, etc, and the conscious experience of both parties is recorded and then this can be accessed….Where a person focuses themselves mentally when accessing this device is the kinds of experiences they are flooded with so they use this to access continual violent rape, molestation, consumption and murder. This becomes an intertwining of energies, this warps the brain and causes literal damaging to the regions of the brain. Ultimately the consciousness and the soul degrades and this results in a kind of sub-human entity as these intense energies change the DNA to produce an animal being….This is the idea of what happens over time and what can happen instantly if this power is unleashed on the world.”

They want to flood the market with this kind of simulator tech. We are almost there.

In the movie, Other Life, we see another danger where this kind of simulator tech would lead. This involves the perception of time, and the misuse of time dilation. Since in the dream state, time seems to expand comparatively to real-time, this shows how the brain can be hacked to experience years in a few seconds of real-time, confined to a kind of closed loop ‘time bubble.’

In the movie it’s as simple as programming a couple lines of code: add a full year to this dreamscape: make them experience solitary confinement for a year, and come out in a couple seconds of real-time, a changed, rehabilitated man. Ha!

We see the same kind of torture in the Black Mirror episode”White Christmas”, where tech allows you to make a digital copy of your consciousness to live in the “net” and cater digitally to your every whim.

The digital copy can be made loyal by threatening them with solitary confinement in virtual vistas of endless time. Would crack any mind.

“That’s slavery!” His acquaintance remarks, upon hearing about this tech.

“That’s a little melodramatic isn’t it?” The designer of this code replies.

“No she thought she was real.” 

But she wasn’t”

“That’s barbaric.” 

“It wasn’t really real, so it wasn’t barbaric.” 

The disclosure, behind these stuck-in-time, time tech themes when viewed with Aug goggles, is that this really happened, to our ancestors. To humans long ago who initially messed around with the technology, unsure of where it would lead, or perhaps by not heeding warnings from our Creator, in any case they did, and when the mind can’t reconcile years of dreamscape, virtual experiences, when they flood back into real-time, the mind shatters into these bits that can be controlled and tuned to these Archonic, parasitic frequencies. Similar to trauma-based programming.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.01.42 PM

So they messed with time, got fucked up, and are now fucking us up, because they are disconnected from source and stuck here in this matrix, their hell, our purgatory. If we follow their ways its our Hell too. We’ll find ourselves stuck in loops, in confined spaces; or dissociating from reality to escape the pain….

“It wasn’t barbaric, because it wasn’t real…” Easy for the psychopath to say, lacking empathy.

But if we disconnect from them and their ways, we purge them in purgatory and ascend out of this Matrix.

Aug on the ‘Time Machine’: “The secret societies, the people became parasites, the ones that figured it out, that couldn’t handle it, became parasites, they became overtaken by greed and lust and desires, and the reality of “we can do anything, it’s a simulation, we can do anything!” So there’s all the molestation and energy stealing, because they stick around forever and become vampiric because they don’t know how to handle what’s going on, and they separate from the spirit and the body and the body begins to die and they have to do all this stuff, that’s the infiltration. The actual knowledge is that we’re in a system right here that’s being pumped out by a device.”

By saying “they have to do all this stuff,” he means all parasitism and energy stealing on humans. Creating hosts for their AI plasma.

Because of their mistake, their fall, their bodies are in a perpetual coma but their minds are active ghost forms, and they know that if their minds die, their body dies. And so they have all this time lying there to come up with genius ways to keep their minds alive, to get into physical matter through human hosts. So they imprint their minds into AI code that can go into viral form.

And they get us to do it for them. In ‘Other Life,’ one of the designers of this simulator tech  initially started on this path to find the right sim or experience to snap her brother out of his coma.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 4.34.51 PM

Which started the chain of events leading to the spread of this dark tech. The viral or AI infection always starts innocently, a human unable to accept the loss of a loved one. So they make a deal with the technocratic devil to bring them back, unwittingly unleashing a viral plague upon the world. (See movies, ‘Transcendence’ and ‘Lazarus Effect.’)

“the elite have lost their immortality and given you their mind of fear of mortal death of the body” – Steve Chashar” (youtube comment). That sums it up nicely. Its that holding on to the physical, to the illusion. True spiritualists do not fear the death of the body.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.18.23 PM

William Burroughs, in Nova Express, writes, “Virus defined as the three-dimensional coordinate point of a controller – Transparent sheets with virus perforations like punch cards passed through the host on the soft machine feeling for a point of intersection –  The virus attack is primarily directed against affective animal life – Virus of rage hate fear ugliness swirling round you waiting for a point of intersection and once in immediately perpetrates in your name some noxious or disgusting act sharply photographed and recorded becomes now part of the virus sheets constantly presented and represented before your mind screen to produce more virus word and image around and around….

…What does virus do wherever it can dissolve a hole and find traction? It starts eating – and what does it do with what it eats? It makes exact copies of itself that start eating to make more copies and so forth to the virus power the fear hate virus slowly replaces the host with virus copies – Program Empty Body.”

Think of an Archon or Arch Demon, that make these viruses, as not human, but humans may be complicit, bought out, buying us out, spreading it around.

The Archons may be comparable to Burroughs’ “Nova Criminals.” He writes, “Nova criminals are not three-dimensional organisms (though they are quite definite organisms as we shall see), but they need three-dimensional human agents to operate – The point at which the criminal controller intersects a three dimensional human agent is known as a ‘coordinate point.’ And if there is one thing that carries over from one human host to another and establishes identity of the controller it is habit: idiosyncrasies, vices, food preferences….A chain smoker will always operate through chain smokers, an addict through addicts – Now a single controller can operate through thousands of human agents. But he must have a line of coordinate points. Some move on junk lines through addicts of the earth other move on lines of certain sex practices and so forth – it is only when we can block the controller out of all coordinate points available to him and flush him out from host cover that we can make a definitive arrest.”

And this was the bulk of Burroughs work, in his novels his heroes were always fighting and arresting Nova Criminals, purging this parasitic takeover. It is my contention that Burroughs was doing more than just fantasizing and that he was in-the-know about a lot of this.

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