Code 88: Time Travel, Analemma, Lion’s Gate

What is the Analemma?

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.27.28 PM

In one year the sun and moon make two figure 8’s in the sky or an 88.

Bob Schlenker writes, “Code 88 has to do with:

  • Zodiac: “A band of the celestial sphere extending about 8° to either side of the ecliptic that represents the path of the principal planets, the moon, and the sun.” The degrees to either side, 8 and 8, or 88!
  • Mercury: The planet has a 88 day orbital period. The 88 establishes a link to both the planet and the god whose name it has been given.
  • Analemma: “A graduated scale in the shape of a figure eight, indicating the sun’s declination and the equation of time for every day of the year, often found on sundials and globes.” Technically, that definition is for a solar analemma, but every month the moon also traces out a figure 8. The sun and moon are always tracing out 8 and 8 in the sky – 88!
  • Full Count of Constellations: There are exactly 88 constellations that are “officially” recognized, a number that has been the standard for hundreds of years.
  • Radium: The Atomic Number of the element radium is 88. The Atomic Symbol is Ra, which names the sun god as worshiped by the Egyptians.
  • Lion’s Gate: Some claim that on August 8, (which is 8/8 or 88) the stargate called the Lion’s Gate peaks, which is open from July 26 to August 12.


(Seems the lion’s gate is a well known motif in the Kabbalah Boys Club in Hollywood.)

Bob writes, “Sometimes the number appears directly, like in Back to the Future. There, it’s famously the speed that the Delorean time machine has to be going to initiate the time travel event. They reveal their knowledge of the code because speed is distance traveled over time, distance through SPACE over TIME. SPACE and TIME. Code 88.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 9.02.42 PM

Doc says, “When this baby gets up to 88 MPH, we’re going to see some serious shit.” (Sirius shit, as this star is in a special alignment with our sun during the lion’s gate period.)

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 7.50.14 PM

The movie predicting Trump = 88:


Bob:“…Usually the number is obfuscated, concealed in such a way to leverage it as part of a ritual or in symbol magic. This can be embedded in a wide variety of ways. It may appear with the 8 being disguised as something else, like a letter S, or uppercase B, or hidden in a pattern of circles. The letter H is the 8th letter, so HH is a simple substitution code for 88. When Z is 1, SS is 88, and combined, an SH or HS may be signaling 88.(SOURCE)

For example ‘basketball’ is BB: B__asket B__all.  BB looks like an 88. We often see bouncing basketballs in these time portal codes embedded in media.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.46.05 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.57.10 PM

In the popular song by Lil Nas X called ‘Old Town Road,’ we see all the same embedded motifs that we documented from the shows, Dark, the OA, and others that I’ve revealed recently here.

Notice how it starts in 1889 or 1(88)9, code 88.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.57.59 PM

Set in the old west, Lil Nas’ character is being shot at for trespassing on a farmstead, so he dives into a narrow cave or tunnel (anus, as in ritual sodomy) which becomes a time portal. And just like in the show ‘Dark,’ it transports him to the infamous year  in Bob’s Time Reset theory, 2019. 2019 is supposedly the end of a 7-year Shemitah cycle, and this one is special in that Bob predicts we will have to replay it, with time resetting back to the year 2012.Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.58.06 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.58.14 PM

As Nas crawls down the hole (anus) to the light (Lucifer) at the end, the distance seems to expand exponentially, like Alice falling down the rabbit-hole (dissociation), until he is sucked into a time portal which drops him in the future: 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.58.55 PM

That is 130 years later. 13 is a ritual time number, with 12 as the time signaling number (12 seasons, 12 hours etc.) and 13 signaling the mastery of time. For example you have Jesus and his twelve disciples, Jesus was the 13th, he mastered time, being the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Also the bible implies that no-one goes to the father (eternity/non-duality) but through Jesus, the 13th, through time. Who is also his brother Saturn, or Set, the grim reaper, old man time.


In tarot its the fool, who starts on his journey, card 0 and death, card 13, which are the same archetype as Jesus, the first and the last.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.46.05 PM

And in the music video, Lil Nas is dropped on his ASS, on the grASS, behind them are windows made of glASS, this is all NLP getting you to associate butts and sodomy with time portals. Training the masses to subconsciously take part in their mind control slave culture, the death cult.

Dropped from the portal in front of a boy dribbling a basketball, thats BB or Code 88. Time code.

‘Old Town Road’ – 156. ‘Thirty three’ – 156. 911 is the 156th prime number.

Remember all those dribbling bouncing balls in the movie ‘A Wrinkle In Time?’

The very opening shot of the trailer is a basketball game:

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.13.04 PM.png

And then that very strange shot of children in some alternate dimension all dribbling in unison like a bunch of robots.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.21.03 PM

Bouncy balls. BB. Code 88.

In the first basketball shot, a narrating voice is saying “you were a top student” which equals 93 (RR)

“Saturn” – 93, the keeper of time, Kronos.

The movie was released March 9th, 3/9, which can be written 9/3.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.20.39 PM

Her teacher says, “a line as the shortest distance between two points is not true when you use a fifth dimension.” Bending time and space. And as she says this we see a light at the end of a dark, narrow cave, another signal to ritual sodomy, and by the look of it, bloody anal rape:

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.27.18 PM

So the protagonist girl bends or ‘wrinkles’ time and space to find her missing father, trapped in another dimension or timeline.

The shot of her father:

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.32.55 PM

This is all just from the trailer!

Head surrounded by a halo, like the crown chakra illumination (Crown connects to Kronos, Saturn, the keeper of time.) This kundalini awakening can be ‘hacked’ by left hand path ritual sodomy, as practiced regularly in the Dark Occult. The orange color is color code. Orange – 33.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.39.58 PM.png

Signaling the 33 spinal column bones that the serpent must travel up to complete the illumination, which if done through the left hand path, is a false light. If you follow the right hand path, the number 33 has a mystic, sacred meaning because its in reference to the true kundalini awakening, or ascension process. These things have been coopted, turned sinister. Because they are the gatekeepers, keeping you from knowing the most threatening secret: that the bible is coded instructions on how to raise your body alchemically and exit the Matrix. If too many people awaken and exit the Matrix, the gatekeepers are out of a job. It’s that simple.


Youtuber William Sullivan points out how 88 leads us to 1440, another special time number (144,000 in the bible/12×12=144):

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 3.07.55 PM

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14 Responses to Code 88: Time Travel, Analemma, Lion’s Gate

  1. Kenneth T. says:

    When first you wrote about the basketball dribbling, my thoughts raced to “A Wrinkle In Time,” (a favorite book of mine) and wham, you mentioned it.

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  4. MH says:

    156 — What I found: Number 15 is the number of the devil tarot. Number 15 is also the number of witchcraft. It represents the lower side of occultism, and those represented by it will not hesitate to use whatever means to get what they desire. (Desire) is also symbolised by this numbers root number, of 6 , since 1+5=6

  5. thankyourmuse says:

    Yes, very interesting…as in the sicence of human design and differentiation, we come into this matrix at the 88th degree…so very interesting…I had heard that Jesus was an 888 and Trump is an 88…numbers are fascinating even though I don’t really like math or numbers…but the number 8 is very interesting…turned on it’s side is symbolizes infinity.

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  7. As a musician, I wonder how the 88 keys of a piano play into all this! Maybe something about 88 tones creates a way to exit the Matrix?

  8. Sarah says:

    I don’t think the “awakening” means exiting the matrix.
    I believe the awakening they worship is “disconnecting from God”.
    Lady Gaga’s song ‘Telephone’ for example “stop calling I don’t want to talk anymore, not going to reach my telephone”, also several time travel movies use the telephone booth, like Bill and Ted.
    The abomination of desolation is when the third temple (which is inside of us, not a real temple in the city, many verses to prove this) is desolate, empty. 9/11 which goes with 88 frequently, is about the two towers in the third temple getting knocked down, destroying the third temple which is your connection to God.
    I believe the mark of the beast is Neuralink, because prions disease will come from the vaccine. The choice is death or brain chip. Both or one will cause the abomination of desolation.
    When Eve ate from the tree she opened her third temple/third eye. Then God placed the cherubim there to protect it.
    In the end of the movie the Labyrinth, after solving the maze/Solomon’s Labyrinth, and climbing a bunch of floating stairways, the clock is about to strike “13” and she remembers the words “You have no power over me”. And I think they believe if they disconnect from God, they are “free”. Which is scary wrong. They will force it upon the ones who take the mark.

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