Luciferian Inversion Themes in Movie ‘Ad Astra’

Isaiah 14:14 – I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”

Lucifer trying to Usurp the Most High

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Plot summary of ‘Ad Astra’ (2019): “Thirty years ago, Clifford McBride led a voyage into deep space, but the ship and crew were never heard from again. Now his son — a fearless astronaut — must embark on a daring mission to Neptune to uncover the truth about his missing father and a mysterious power surge that threatens the stability of the universe.(wiki)”


In our underlying occult narrative, Clifford, the father represents God, and his son Roy, played by Brad Pitt, is Lucifer. A common motif is for jealous, prideful Lucifer to try and usurp his father, to replace him as supreme deity. In so doing he falls, becoming Satan, ruler of the fallen angels.

Only Hollyweird likes to invert that, and make Lucifer/Satan the good guy and God the evil one. I was first shown this subversive plot device from Bob Schlenker’s work decoding the TV show ‘The OA,’ where the character ‘Hap’ is God and ‘Prairie’ AKA ‘The OA’ (original angel) is Lucifer. They made Hap the bad guy and Prairie the good guy.

Prairie tells Hap:

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Bob narrating on The OA, “Mean old God, he is gonna make up stuff and lie and manipulate poor Lucifer. He’s the warden, and this is what we hear the occultists whining about all the time. They are trying to paint God black and accuse him of evil and make him up to be the warden of a prison. Because they ARE imprisoned, the fallen angels. And he IS the warden, he set a time release for them. And it’s not time yet for them to be released, and they are really bent out of shape about it and are doing everything they can to spring that time lock. And they will, eventually (Revelation 9) and part of the manipulation of time is toward that end, where they can release that time lock, releasing them from prison.(SOURCE)”

And of course we also see it in the good guy Luke Lucifer Skywalker and his evil father God Darth Vader.

The Illuminati running Hollyweird IS Luciferian in their belief system, meaning that they do in fact want to kill and replace God with their own man-as-God, or technology-as-God. Then they can live forever here in the lower densities and not have to worry about damnation or karma or imprisonment or anything like that.

Of course this usurping will never actually happen, but that’s the selling point they use to coerce and seduce newcomers into their cult. As Laura stated in a recent comment, “Until archons are dealt with IN ALL SPHERES AND PLANES, FOLDED OR UNFOLDED, UNTIL THEY CEASE TO EXIST AND VOID ITSELF CEASES, there will not be peace.” To my point, as long as there are humans willing to sell out to THEM, they will continue to serve a function here, and the Most High God will allow them to continue existing.


Deep space is a symbol of isolation from Source; alienation, which is why conspiracy theorists are fed the alien E.T. narrative as a red herring.


So Clifford, the father, doesn’t notice his family, his wife and son, all he sees is deep space. All he wants to do is set out on a mission farther than any man has gone, in search for alien life. The alien motif is Archon. The repeating theme across so many films, shows, books and myths is thus: mankind beginning as one with Source, and then due to some sort of imperfection, or as an eternal process of purification, man is split off from Source, or “kicked down the well,” to use one of Aug’s metaphors. Where we are now is the bottom of the well, 3rd Density, or purgatory, and we must climb back up the well, back to Source, to the Father. But there is always a mysterious 3rd player, an interloper, who tries to take advantage of this situation to entice souls into him. The 3rd player, Lucifer/Satan and his Archon minions gain power from souls who they trick. This is the false light trap.

So technically Clifford the father is really playing the role of Lucifer, the one who originally forgot God and got obsessed with his own creation, and started to prefer the state of separateness (DEEP SPACE) instead of connectedness. Satan sees psychopathy as a sign of strength, and empathy as weakness. Clifford represents all these ideals. But in the movie he plays the father – that’s the inversion. And on the subconscious level it works its insidious mind control on the movie-going, popcorn-munching masses who have no idea how this all works.

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The writers of this movie want you rooting for Roy, the son, the good guy. And in the movie Roy is indeed flawless, he just wants to be loved by his father, who never gave him the time of day. He travels literally across the ends of the solar system to rescue his dad from a failed mission. And when he finally finds him, Clifford doesn’t want to go home. Cliff says “I knew this mission would make a widow of your mother, and orphan you…” And, “I didn’t even think about you guys…,” and “The Captain always goes down with his ship.” Finding alien life was more important to him. Remember, the only thing truly alien/demonic is a being that has been cut off from Source for too long.

But still, at the end Roy forgives his father; Lucifer playing the role of the forgiving, redeeming God – more inversion.

Towards the end of the movie Roy says, “In the end, the son suffers the sins of the father.” In the human realm there is truth to that, but not in the heavenly realm. Their sins are one and the same, how could they not? How could the Most High not anticipate Satan and ego and the fall, and be one step ahead?

In closing, recently Sol Mason said something along the lines of, “forget soft disclosure/hard disclosure. All the disclosure is already out there, it’s just dependent on what level you’re at.”

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7 Responses to Luciferian Inversion Themes in Movie ‘Ad Astra’

  1. Key Lamp says:

    “forget soft disclosure/hard disclosure. All the disclosure is already out there, it’s just dependent on what level you’re at.”
    Love that. It’s true. All the answers to all the questions are already within your grasp of knowing. It essentially comes down to
    1. Are you asking the right questions?
    2. Are you willing to accept the answer you receive?
    3. Are you the one who is the perpetrator of your own self deceit?

  2. Continuing the numbered list schema:
    1. I think it’s bleepin’ cool that you and I both posted movie decodes the same day
    2. @KeyLamp I always second your comments from my innerspace ❤

  3. Marcelo says:

    Are you different from Lucifer? You are so gnostic that you make the foolish question about why God does not anticipate the fallen angel. Frankly and his belief that matter and the physical world is a punishment makes clear his Gnostic ideology. The first Gnostic was Satan wanting to be the opposite and opposite force of God and therefore hating matter.

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