Zachary Hubbard – The Gematria Effect: Las Vegas False Flag

There are lots of signs, clues and riddles leading conspiricists/truthers like myself to hypothesize the Vegas shooting as a false flag, orchestrated by the Dark Occultists. Lately the most telling sign, to me, is the gematria and numerology of the event. 

From Truth Frequency Radio –

images21Zach: Everyday what comes through the news is scripted: news media, sports games all part of a script. Sports games are predetermined, news is predetermined and it’s all scripted in this code called Kabbalah. And that’s a mysticism that dates back to Babylon, which is now mostly just practiced within Judaism. The core belief is that  God created the world with language by coding the letter with the number. And traditionally its practiced within Hebrew and Greek, but when you learn the code it’s very clear that the English language is built with the same system.

Where I want to start with the letter ‘t’. t is the 20th letter. time = 20 cross = 20 seasons =20. The cross has been used to represent time, and of course the lower case ’t’ looks like a cross.

The other half of the code is running ‘Z’ as one and ‘A’ as 26, the reverse method. ‘Washington DC’ in reverse is 187. If you write out ‘George Washington’ = 187 forwards. ‘Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’ = 187 and they are headquartered in Washington DC. DC was at one time the Catholic colony, controlled by the Jesuits who are also known as the ‘Society of Jesus’ = 187. and that’s why its Virginia and Maryland that surround DC, the Virgin Mary. Right now we have a Jesuit president, Trump who went to Fordham university, we also have the first Jesuit pope supposedly. From Trump’s birthday to the popes birthday is 187 days. And we just saw Trump visit the pope on the 144th day of the year. Jesuit order = 144. Once you know this code you see whats going on in the world. Trump had is GOP convention start in Ohio, July 18th. Written as 18/7, its lot like 187. 187 days before inauguration day, in DC.

Rigged elections, scripted news, scripted sports games, you pay attention to the group of numbers we talk about and see how often they show up on the headlines. Almost the entire code comes back to time, that’s why I started with ‘T’. Go to Dereks website “” to see the 4 main cyphers yourself.

Now lets focus on the Las Vegas false flag and see the code in action. I told people to watch out for that weekend, the weekend of Yom Kippur, the holy Jewish day of atonement for your sins, and this happened where? Sin City. Derek?

Derek: “we have the route 91 harvest, just missing a digit from 911. People need to understand how important the calendar is in these events. The date was October 1st which left 91 days in the year. And who just died on the Jesuit orders birthday? Hugh Hefner, at the age of 91. 91 is the 13th triangular number. and this is significant because its the 6th prime number.

If you type in ‘Las Vegas‘ in the reverse order it equals 130. You drop the zeros in numerology, so 130 is like 13. Now in the Barcelona van attack, 4 days before the solar eclipse, and ‘Barcelona Spain’ = 130, 13 people are supposed to have died with 130 injured. The 13th prime number is 41, this Las Vegas shooting occurred 41 days after the solar eclipse. And if you understand what this is all about its  Saturn worship, really, and the moon has a lot to do with that, if you’re wondering how they’re related, its the mathematics. The moon takes 29.5 days to spin around the earth. And it takes Saturn 29.5 years to orbit around the sun. It’s all so perfect. Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun, and as we’ve said 13 is the 6th prime number.

41 days after the solar eclipse, the 13th prime number. Now the 41st prime number is 179. If you write out ‘Stephen Craig Paddock,’ it sums to 179. His name is perfectly crafted for this event. The gematria of the city, ‘Paradise, Nevada’, in English extended, where after 9 it goes 10, 20 , 30 and so on, it sums to 741. Saturn too equals 741. This was a Saturn sacrifice ritual. In Jewish gematria ‘Paradise Nevada’ sums to 1001. What was the date of the shooting? 10/01. 1001 days after the Sheriff of Paradise Nevada got sworn in. These sheriffs and mayors who are hiding this stuff always get sworn in on these dates.

The Governors birthday, August 5th, written 5/8 in most parts of the world. This shooting was 58 days after his birthday. Freemasonry = 58. For most of the day they were reporting 58 people dead. The mayor of this as well, Carolyn Goodman, was born on 3/25. ‘Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’ = 325. What happened on 3/25 in Las Vegas earlier this year? There was a false flag shooting on the Las Vegas strip, right off Bellagio drive.

Zach: when the first one happened on 3/25 I put out a video  explaining how the Jesuits controlled the word of sports and news, and sync them up as rituals, at the time of the false flag in Vegas there were two jesuit schools playing each other in college basketball: Xavier and Gonzaga. And the shooting came on the 84th day of the year. Jesuit = 84. Las vegas strip = 84, Mandalay Bay Casino = 84. From the March 25th shooting to the October 1st shooting was a span of 191 days. Society of Jesus = 191. Active shooter = 191. We get active shooters in Vegas on the strip 191 days apart.

I’ve now seen them reporting two different room numbers he was shooting from. Room 132 was the first report, then 135. This came exactly 132 days after the Ariana Grande concert false flag. England = 132. ‘United States of America = 132,’  ‘Catholic church’ = 132 and if you count the whole span of days, it was 133 days. Las Vegas Nevada = 133, like ‘president’ like ‘government’ like ‘white house.’ And when Trump first began campaigning for president, they were a lot of headlines about him being the 133rd richest man in the world. And there was one about him having his 133rd interview on Fox news in his life. And I was wondering why are they carrying that like its a news story?

Derek: so you mentored the shooting was 191 before October 1st. Society of Jesus = 191. Also that shooting on the mayor’s birthday 3/25, was 149 days before the eclipse. Revelation = 149. This whole shooting was a large Revelation riddle, as I’m learning now as I’ve begun decoding the bible, and seeing how they are paying tribute to the numbers from that book everyday. And its kind of easy to see how they are viewing current days as potential end times from the bible. They are certainly having fun with these numbers.

Zach: Now for the kicker, the Jesuit Order turned 477-years-old this year. From the June 12, 2017 false flag in the Orlando night club, “the worst mass shooting in U.S. history,” to the October 1, 2017 shooting, the new worst, was 477 days. Ritual sacrifice = 477.

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    Go to Be sure that your browser has the Adobe Shockwave Flash installed and active. If you click on the flashing yellow “Watch / Listen “, you will be taken on an Audio/Scroll tour of information that is within the KJV Bible, information that can only be placed there by someone who exists beyond time itself.

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