The Biggest Psyops are Twisted Forms of Qabalistic Teachings

Heliocentric Cosmology

The sun in the center of the solar system hoax is likely pulled from the Tree of Life diagram above. In Qabalah, each sephiroth has a ruling planet. Notice how the sixth sephiroth, Tiphareth is ruled by the sun, and is in the middle, with all the other sephiroth “orbiting” it if you will. The pun of son/sun is very much at play here too. Tiphareth, which translates as “Beauty” is not only the sphere of the sun but also the Son of the Father, found in number 1, Kether directly above it. Earth and the physical vessel of the body is Malkuth (10), at the base of the tree. Thus the mediating force between pure spirit (Father) and matter (Malkuth) is the Ever-Coming-Son or Tiphareth. The beauty is in all the individuated forms that the souls grow for themselves through advancement up the tree. The Path of Return in occult training begins at the bottom of the tree and works its way back up. 

Clever sorcerers used this formula and distorted it into the materialistic, heliocentric model put forth by Copernicus. One can almost hear them scheme, “If we put the sun in the middle, than the Earth and Man appear insignificant, off center-stage…

The Ever-Expanding Universe

The mainstream model of “science” then puts forth that the universe is ever expanding. Qabalah teaches this too but also adds that there is an equal and opposite contracting force. Frater Achad writes of the Ain Soph Aur, the invisible, limitless light of God:

“This Pure Being, or Living Substance, owing to its reaction from the Invisible Center, tends to expand towards Infinity. This gives us the idea of the Substance of the Universe ever expanding, ever occupying more and more of the Limitless Space of the Ain SUPH, while the Primal Centralizing Urge still continues to contract upon the Infinitely Small, or the Ain. Kether is then the junction of these Two Infinites, but particularly represents the concentration of the Light to a Point on its way to the Infinitely Small, while Malkuth, the Tenth Sephira and Sphere of the Elements—which the Qabalists say is one with Kether—is the Substance which is ever expanding and, so to speak, gradually FILLING UP The NOTHINGNESS of the Ain SUPH. So we may consider Kether as the Light and Malkuth as the Substance, while the complete Sphere is composed of LIVING SUBSTANCE. This represents the Macrocosmic Universe, but it is every BECOMING GREATER And Greater in extent, and driving back, so to speak, the Nothingness of Chaos. Man, being made in the Image and Likeness of God and of the Universe, has the same infinite possibilities of growth in Consciousness, as the Force of the Spirit extends the substance of his mind to wider and wider fields of thought.”

– “The Anatomy Of The Body Of God,” by Frater Achad, (pg. 13)

By leaving out the contracting force, (in Hinduism that is the In-breath of Brahman) we are left with a horrid idea that the universe is ever expanding into cold, lifeless empty space and is thus winding down, like an old rusty clock, into eventual heat-death and total annihilation. But with the contracting force, we see that the universe is following the Hermetic principle of rhythm, eternally breathing in and out. Nothing is therefore lost or too far removed from the central singularity point of the Most High, the “Ain,” which is hebrew for the No-thing, because they were careful not to attach imagery or verbage to that which is Nameless and Ineffable.

Eventual heat death or the total destruction of the known universe is itself taught by not just Qabalah but in all mystery schools east to west. The Hindus traced long cycles of time as well as the egyptians and mayans, and what becomes clear is that the great cycle does indeed “end” with the total annihilation of all the forms that make up the material world. But this is not an “end” but just the Life Power or Ruach Elohim, literally the fiery breath of God, going from its active phase to its latent phase. Each cycle ends, according to occultist T.H. Burgoyne, in the following way: 

“the 7 great cycles and the 7 Nirvanas together constitute the eighth, and produce the sleep of death. Our sphere will then have completed the period of child bearing; old age has gradually settled upon her; she has born 7 sons, and now sinks into the eighth period-sleep-the sleep of death and complete annihilation. Cohesion loosens its hold upon the molecules, and atom by atom the planet’s particles are disintegrated and dispersed into space. The great solar sleep, or Nirvana, takes place and our sun ceases to be active for a period of 127,008,000 years, viz., a complete evolutionary cycle; and it is only when the first warm breath of new spiritual life pulsates through the spaces of Aeth that a recreation of the planetary chains commences anew. The disintegrated atoms of former worlds are reconstructed with new cosmic matter and once more evolution; but upon a higher plane; begins its almost ceaseless round.”

– “The Light of Egypt” by TH Burgoyne

But of course, the dogmatic, atheist materialist pseudo-scientists propping up the theory of the winding down of the universe to an eventual entropic heat death is again leaving out the other half of the equation, the balancing force. In this case they are leaving out the cyclical nature of birth and destruction. This disregard of the in-breath in favor of an endless out-breath has caused endless anxiety and existential angst; because it builds a nihilistic view of things if the universe and all its inhabitants are drifting further and further from Source towards oblivion and chaos.

Recapulation Theory, Early Pre-Human Stages of the Life Wave

Darwin and his Royal Society funders and backers introduced into science the notion of “recapitulation,” where higher lifeforms carry within them a record of their evolution from primal ancestors. This is why for example, a human embryo , early on resembles a fish, then a lower mammal and then starts to resemble a human.

This is a half-truth that they used as evidence for evolution or descent with modification through natural selection. Even though Hackel’s drawings proved to be a fraud, there is some truth to this theory, he just exaggerated it to suit his master’s sinister ends. But for example just looking at the human brain we indeed have a reptile primal brain, a mammalian brain and then a unique-to-humans neocortex, tracing the line of “descent.”

But the point isn’t to disprove Darwin which we already covered HERE, (spoiler: all his evidence, like the Globe Earth is shown to be more frauds and hoaxes) but rather to show how he didn’t come up with anything new or unique, but was drafting and twisting old Qabalistic ideas to suit his needs and the needs of the elite, namely to wipe out any evidence of the Creator from the mass mind. Because to invite random evolution as espoused by modern science today is to trick the gullible into not needing a Creator – life is a toss of the dice, a mutation, an accident. 

And when you put that random accident of Darwin’s on Copernicus’ spinning ball in the endless cold abysses of space with meteors that could obliterate the ball at any moment, than life is not just an accident but a cruel joke, and the joke’s on you.

Qabalah does in fact teach that as a soul incarnates into a Life Wave from the Higher Planes, he/she/it must first “recapitulate” the entire evolutionary impulse. In order to prepare to be at home in a human form (which alone is built in the image and likeness of God) he must first conquer the lower kingdoms of nature – he must become a rock, a plant, a tree, a bird, a frog, an antelope. He must swim with the fishes and buzz with the bees. The soul is building and shaping a body, learning how to control the atoms of more and more complex creatures, doing this on a subconscious level, because the subconscious mind is what is organizes your body, and this ultimately prepares for your higher mind a permanent dwelling place, a temple.

Your waking conscious mind doesn’t have to worry about pumping the heart or the compression of the lungs – these are automatic functions of the subconscious mind, thanks to this pilgrimage through the lower forms on the way to your current form.

Tarot card 18 “The Moon” is showing this in a thousand ways.

But the intrinsic difference between Qabalah and Darwin is that the evolution is happening on a higher plane, a mental plane of Platonic ideals, NOT in the realm of genes and molecules. The beautiful* patterns and colors on a peacock’s tail was designed in a mental sphere, by the will of a Designer. The animal spirit of that bird wanted a shiny tail, wanted to be a bird. And so the Creator gave it that. 

*(Remember we were talking about that central Sephiroth – “Tiphareth,” which translates to Beauty).

These “lower” forms are evolutionary dead ends. This doesn’t mean animals and plants are a mistake, because the universe is much more after the art of holistic systems than producing evolutionary perfect super-species, except when it comes to Man. We got to where we are because we were not content, on the soul level, to stay in the lower kingdoms, but listened to that soft, still voice within, the Christ Logos, the Word, that was calling us on to higher evolutionary forms – the human and super-human levels. This was man’s destiny from the beginning, the completed blueprint for each human soul was conceived in the mind of God in a split second, outside of time and space. And each soul got a taste of it before incarnating into the Life Wave; the goal being now to REMEMBER.

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10 Responses to The Biggest Psyops are Twisted Forms of Qabalistic Teachings

  1. Something still seems to be missing in this ‘Qabalistic’ evolutionary world/life view. The whole thing still seems to lack true purpose and reason. It’s like… it necessitates itself. It is and therefore it continues to be. The end. Could there be more to the story that I’m missing?

    • Not sure I understand your question. Could you elaborate? Keep in mind I’m no expert on the Qabalah this is just from the pieces I’ve picked up along the way. But in a general sense I would say that everyone’s true purpose is unique to them and only between them and God, as I hinted at the end.

      • By no means meaning to discourage you and your writings… because I appreciate your perspective and it has been an inspiration for me to keep turning over stones. Mostly expressing my frustration at my inability to find some deeper understanding here as it still feels rather empty and devoid of significant purpose that I’m compelled to believe exists somewhere at the end of all of this.

      • No worries. Keep sharing.

  2. On a separate note: has it ever come up in your research that certain symbols can be overlaid perfectly well on the tree of life? For example, the cross, the ank… seems like there could be a deeper correlative significance with those and other symbols.

  3. Raoul Pop says:

    Could you correlate Burgoyne’s cycles to the current timeline? When are we? I haven’t yet found a clear placement of our timeline within these yuga cycles, so that I can point to it and say, “ok, we’re toward the end of the 7th cycle” or “we have this many years left in the nth cycle”.

    • Good question. I looked through the book again and couldn’t find any specifics. Either he doesn’t know, or knows and isn’t saying. But in general it seems from various sources that we are nearing the “final lap” so-to-speak. For example, Paul Case and Ann Davies of BOTA talk about how the new Age of Aquarius is seeking a “Brotherhood of Man” that will together pass on to higher dimensions. Most won’t make the grade, but many are called, which is why this age has a higher than usual number of souls incarnating. Those who “don’t make it” will have to cycle back through similar ages of ignorance and top-down control structures until they wake up.

      • Raoul Pop says:

        Thank you. It makes sense that we’re nearing the “end of time”, so to speak, from so many other indicators. I would have liked to have a number (of years) to put to it, and no one seems to know. Myself, I’d have it tomorrow if I could. I’ve had enough of the current gameplay. Having to trudge through years (and perhaps decades) of more of this same shitshow would be nigh unbearable.

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