(WARNING/CAVEAT: once you know this stuff you can’t un-know it)

What is the crime of the century?

Max Spiers: “they were testing out how far they could push the trauma. Because when you, when certain sex rituals are done to a child under 5 years old, when a child is raped, when a male child is raped, what happens is it releases the coiled serpent or the Kundalini which is at the base of the spine, and it is opened up before it should be. Everybody has the Kundalini raised at some point, maybe not everybody but…right, it means ‘coiled serpent’ and it sits at the base of the spine and when it uncurls it goes up the spinal column to the brain stem and you have an enlightened understanding, so you become an ‘enlightened one,’ or the ‘Illuminati’ an ‘illuminated one.’ When a male child is raped before the age of 5 it goes through something called vasovagal shock. Now when its penetrated, the coiled snake uncoils very very quickly, up to the top of the spine, which explodes in the brain stem. which then shatters the consciousness into many many pieces like smashing a mirror.

Miles:“so all this abuse that’s been happening with many politicians, coming out now, British political parties, British media, is all a part of that?”

Max: you cannot be a high level person in the Illuminati unless you have been illuminated by the key of solomon, now they call rape like that to a young boy ‘the Key of Solomon.’ when that happens, when it hits up here in the brain it shatters and you can program these different alters, but not only that, you have photographic memory, somehow it raises the IQ, it does a number of different things. Everybody in a position of power right now has had the ‘Key of Solomon’ done to them so they have been raped in that way.

Miles: “which means that the whole structure, the power structure of England, UK probably Ireland because of the recent thing about the 800 children ritually massacred in Ireland. that means the whole power elite has been…”

Max: “yes, and they won’t have you in the power elite unless its been done to you….”

The character from M Night Shyamalan’s new movie Split was shattered from an abusive mother, so it doesn’t have to be the controlled MK way. Any number of ways of abuse can shatter someone into having multiple personalities, ‘the hoard’ he calls it…


What most insiders seem to say about trauma based mind control is that it is nothing new, only perfected in recent years due to technological advances.

Multigenerational Satanic cults/CIA Programming

“This system of mind control has its origins in Illuminati based black magic practices. Multigenerational Satanic cults and high level Illuminati members have employed mind control for centuries. The basics of this type of mind control slavery was optimized and expanded after World War 2 following the gruesome experiments conducted in the Nazi concentration camps.” ( )

Also here: “The basis for the success of the Monarch mind-control programming is that different personalities or personality parts called alters can be created who do not know each other, but who can take the body at different times. The amnesia walls that are built by traumas, form a protective shield of secrecy that protects the abusers from being found out, and prevents the front personalities who hold the body much of the time to know how their System of alters is being used. The shield of secrecy allows cult members to live and work around other people and remain totally undetected. The front alters can be wonderful Christians, and the deeper alters can be the worst type of Satanic monster imaginable–a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde effect. A great deal is at stake in maintaining the secrecy of the intelligence agency or the occult group which is controlling the slave.

 The success rate of this type of programming is high but when it fails, the failures are discarded through death. Each trauma and torture serves a purpose. A great deal of experimentation and research went into finding out what can and can’t be done. Charts were made showing how much torture a given body weight at a given age can handle without death. Now this is why the Nazis did all those strange concentration camp experiments, where they tested how quickly people would freeze or die from various traumas. It was for mind control!

 The abusers are very specific and scientific in their torture. A lab technician with a clip board walks around monitoring the e for the children when they receive their initial traumas. Heart monitors are closely watched. Still many children died from the programming. The programmers learned that when a child rolled up in a fetal position it had given up the will to live. They learned to time how fast this would occur to get an idea how far to push the child. Parents in eastern United States were taken to Harvard University for training to teach them how much trauma they could give their children at home before they would die. After the children got back from their initial programming they were to receive daily traumas to keep them dissociative.

 The primary or initial torture for many children in western U.S. was done at China Lake which officially has gone under the designations Naval Ordinance Test Station (pronounced in short as NOTS). The Monarch Mind Control was carried out in large airplane hangers on the base which have been able to house thousands of tiny cages just large enough for human babies. Lots of 1,000 babies was a small batch. According to people who worked in the hangers helping program, many batches were 2,000 or 3,000 babies. Many survivors remember the thousands of cages housing little children from ceiling to floor.

 The cages were hot wired (electrified on the ceiling, bottom and sides) so that the children who are locked inside can receive horrific electric shocks to their bodies to groom their minds to split into multiple personalities. These cages are called Woodpecker Grids. The victim sees a flash of light when high D.C. voltage is applied. Later, this flash of light is used with hypnotic induction to make the person think they are going into another dimension when they are blasted with high voltage. In the Peter Pan programming, the Programmers tell the slaves that this is “riding the light.” One of the popular traumas after the small child has endured the Woodpecker Grid cages for days is to rape it. The rape is intentionally brutal so that it will be as traumatic as possible. Many of the technical people on the base are civilians. This is in part because part of the research involves mind-control, and Illuminati civilian mind-control experts have come and gone from the base.

 Also much of the work at the facility is for the intelligence agencies and not the military. Intelligence assets are often civilians.” ( )

Groomed Spies, Patsy’s

Insider Dan Macbolen calls it, “Nonofficial cover, which are employed somewhere and that’s their day job. And then you turn a key and they become someone else. And go about doing their spooking so to speak. They’re a spook and some may know it and some may not. Most know it because they have to have special training to make sure they’re, they’re extremely careful not to compromise themselves. But with us, we can’t remember so how can we be compromised? We don’t even know that we’re asleep. We’re invisible. The  reason they send us is because we’re invisible. We just really don’t, are not noticeable. So I’ve had over 70 different occupations, tied to cover for action, work, type jobs.”

They are being groomed to be assassins, spies, prostitutes, celebrities, politicians, these MK traumatized DID victims. And they don’t even know they’re doing it; the perfect patsy. Speaking of patsies look at all the so-called lone-wolf shooters and tell me they’re not DID victims.

This is the crime. The crime of all crimes, and it goes largely unspoken about but its the reason behind ww2 and so many other global events and is the ultimate weapon.  Who needs nukes if you can control your enemies mind.

And what is interesting about the movie ‘Split’ is the victim sees himself as the next step in human evolution, aided on by the support of his therapist he believes himself to be a more perfect human being. The therapist discusses how different alters within a single human individual come with their own unique set of biochemical parameters, which pushed to its extremes, one alter could be blind while another has 20/20 vision. It is so because that alter believe it to be so, and the body follows.

Alters are created in the first place as an escape mechanism from a certain biochemical state. Too much trauma and the mind splits. But the mind also splits into personalities capable of handling the situation. So in a sense they could become “better-than-well.” A well-trained positive DID could have more than one successful alter, they could rise to handle specific and often difficult situations that the front personality would be inept at. A single unbroken person could never be an airplane pilot and scholar and a tennis pro, but maybe a split person with highly trained alters could, you catch my drift. Especially since it usually is accompanied by higher IQ and photographic memory. Its like creating a superhero!

So the movie was trying to come at it from a positive angle, and if that helps victims, great! But it doesn’t solve the problem of how they got split in the first place, namely trauma, often rape, or savage beatings, usually before the age of 5.

The True Role of Pedophelia

Nobody will fully understand the Pizzagate stuff until they understand the true role pedophilia has in the way the Illuminati retain control. It’s not about a couple dirty old men, its about control, blackmail and above all mind control. Sacrificing a pizza, sacrificing a child’s innocence, shattering their mind into compartments you can program and control. Satanists have a term for people they have wrestled into complete slavery and servitude through rape, torture and repeated trauma: “hot cadavers” because in the end they are little more than animated corpses. Well that is what they want to eventually do to the populace. And it starts with children, because their minds are most plastic, malleable.

Is it pizza-related? Everywhere I hear it now, the pizza code.


The MOCA Gala Satanic Dinner for the Rich and Famous of Hollywood

Starring Marina Abramovic (Spirit Cooker)images

Question: Is she teaching the occult dark arts to today’s celebrities through her “art?”

A ticket to this event was in the thousands. Will Ferrell, Pamela Anderson were some guests in attendance. I was going to post this in “Hollyweird Disclosures” but it looks like a connection to Pizzagate, therefore about the CRIME and organized pedophilia and mind control.

Guests were told to wear lab coats (like things might get messy/bloody). Performers heads were sticking out of holes in the tables and cakes were dressed up to look like bodies. So it was a cannibalistic, pornographic, nod to Satanic worship and black magic. And if that’s not all, there may even be a connection to Pizzagate. If you know the code:imgres-4You can see that the dishes on the table contain these items. The pizza and walnuts may be fancied up to fit the rich Gala scene, but if you look closely you can even see a plate with sliced cheeses and sausages.

As you probably know these pedophilic code words were what John Podesta‘s emails contained as well. When you recognize the code, these otherwise undecipherable emails begin to make sense:

“I think Obama spent $65,000 of our taxpayers money flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House.” or

“The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza related). Is it yours?”imgres-3 Notice the crescent moon and star occult symbols. Kind of a strange thing to have on a pizza place, but Comet is the same place where the alleged pedophilia and child sex trafficking goes on.

Also John Podesta has a taste for this type of art (you can’t make this stuff up):


What is this artist (Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic) trying to tell us?

Laura Wainman wrote a piece on Tony’s home (John Podesta’s brother), published for Washington Life on June 5, 2015. Wainman writes:

“John regularly opens his house to casual pizza parties co-hosted by his friend James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong. Over 200 pies emerge from the outdoor pizza oven as guests wander through the house and garden while studying his art collection.”


So there is a clear connection with the Podestas (and hence the Clinton’s), Comet Ping Pong, Satanic “art” or ritual and possibly child sex trafficking. Whats worse is the Clinton’s close friend and Washington DC mover and shaker Jeffrey Epstein is a known pedophile and blackmailer. From Wikipedia:

“In March 2005, a woman contacted Palm Beach police and alleged her 14-year-old daughter had been taken to Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion by an older girl and paid $300 after stripping and massaging him.[10] She had undressed, but left the encounter wearing her underwear.[19]

Police started an 11-month undercover investigation of Epstein, followed by a search of his home. Subsequently, they alleged that Epstein had paid several escorts to perform sexual acts on him. Interviews with five alleged victims and 17 witnesses under oath, a high-school transcript and other items they found in Epstein’s trash and home allegedly showed that some girls were under 18.[20] A search of Epstein’s home found large numbers of photos of girls throughout the house, some of whom had been interviewed earlier by the police.[19] Papers filed in 2006 alleged that Epstein installed concealed cameras in numerous places on his property to record sexual activity with underage girls by prominent people for criminal purposes such as blackmail.[21]

It all seems a little pizza related to me…

Remember what Spiers said, they wont have you in the elite unless you’ve had the Key of Solomon done to you. So all these pedophile elites have probably been raped before the age of 5 and have alters and are perpetuating their own trauma to new child victims and so on…