Occult Codes In The Sandman (2022)

“I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the Most High.” – Isaiah 14:14

The Sandman (2022) is a miniseries on Netflix based on the DC comics written by author Neil Gaiman. Much of Neil Gaiman’s work is steeped in occult metaphor and allegory, including the novel American Gods, which also became a tv series.  

As an aside, I couldn’t help but notice American Gods was published 2 months and 23 days before 9/11/01, (223 or 322)

The Sandman centers around Morpheus or Dream, who is one of the Endless, these higher beings, if you will, angelics, who were created to watch over mankind. Morpheus is Lord of the Dreaming, or of the Dream realm, while his other siblings include Death, Desire, Despair, each with their respective roles. 

The Sandman, Morpheus

It is my suspicion that the co-creative faculty working through Neil Gaiman, his djinn or genius, is using this latest show to teach us about Lucifer.  The Sandman is Lucifer. If you study Rudolf Steiner you learn that Lucifer has the upperhand over human beings while we sleep, while the other fallen angel Ahriman has the upperhand during waking life. 

Steiner says, “Now, in the body of man we have not only one consciousness, but two; the ordinary waking state and the state of sleep. But, strange to say, neither of these two states is entirely natural to us. Natural would be for us an intermediate state between the two, a state which, as a matter of fact, we never really consciously have.

If we were perpetually awake we would scarcely be able to develop in a proper, orderly manner through the various ages of life. Something is always present in us which is less awake than we are in our day-consciousness, and only by virtue of this are we in a position to evolve and develop. Ask yourselves, how much do you expect to be able to evolve through all that you experience and receive in ordinary life? For the most part, we merely satisfy thereby our desire, our curiosity, or our need of sensation. It is not often we act with deliberate intent to place what we experience in waking day life in the service of our development. The truth is, development takes place through the fact that something is continually sleeping in us, even in the daytime. I am not alluding to the habit of dropping off to sleep in the daytime! But when man is wide awake by day, something still remains fast asleep in him, and this it is which brings it about that he does not remain for ever a child, but evolves further.

The ordinary waking state is what comes to consciousness through our astral body. In this ordinary waking state we are, however, too strongly awake, we are too intensely given up to the external world; we are, in fact, quite lost in it. How does this come about?

The reason is that the waking consciousness lives under the influence of Ahriman. Ahriman has great power over our waking consciousness. It is quite different in the case of the sleep consciousness. In sleep consciousness we are too little awake. We are too engrossed in our own evolution; we are so completely and so powerfully within ourselves that all consciousness is obliterated. In sleep consciousness, Lucifer has the upper hand.

This is then how the matter stands with our astral body. When we are awake, Ahriman has the upper hand over Lucifer, and when we are asleep Lucifer has the upper hand over Ahriman. They are in equilibrium only when we dream; there they pull with equal force, they strike a balance between them.(GA 158)

A possible clue: Morpheus has an assistant named Lucienne.

More blatantly, in episode 4 called A Hope In Hell, Morpheus must journey to Hell to meet Lucifer in person. This Lucifer character is gender-swapped and portrayed by Gwendoline Christie, who also starred in Game of Thrones.

So we have Lucienne, we have Lucifer type-casted as a woman, so perhaps Lucy, as in Lucy in the sky with diamonds.  Lucifer in the bible wants to exalt his throne above the stars of God, he is playing a game of thrones.

ISAIAH 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 14I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. 15Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. 

Now Lucifer is far from a simple villain type character. He is perhaps the most misunderstood being there is. We can perhaps glean some deep-seated truths about him through this show, if we can interpret it the right way. Morpheus can be seen as Lucifer in his positive function, beneficent to humanity, inspirer of the Dreaming, while the Lucifer character proper played by Gwendoline Christie, ruler of Hell, is the negative aspect of Lucifer. 

Lucifer and Ahriman are serving God and only become evil when we form an unhealthy relationship with them. They are teachers and temptors, for by tempting us our soul is forced to grow strong by resisting or overcoming their temptations.    

When we have a positive relationship to Lucifer, he becomes Morpheus, lord of the Dreaming, and when we have a negative relationship with him he becomes the ruler of Hell, tormenting the soul. 

So in episode 4 Morpheus must retrieve a totem of his that a demon stole and brought to Hell, and must battle Lucifer for it. Symbolically this is the internal battle of the two sides of Lucifer taking place within every human being.

This is a very powerful scene that can be seen here: (5 min) 

Morpheus always has a raven with him. Crows and ravens, having a purely black plumage, are symbolic of the abyss, or the Black Sun. 


Lilith Wants To Stay In The Dreaming Forever

says Maura (Lilith) in the show 1899

Just as in Inception, Cobb (Lucifer) and his wife Maude (Lilith) get lost together in their shared dream/sim, just as the Lilith character in Source Code convinces Gyllenhaal’s character to stay in the Sim and cheat death, so too does the Lyta character, pictured below, find her dead husband in the Dreaming and attempts to stay there with him, building a fake life together.

This is the pattern. The demoness Lilith is portrayed in films, shows and books by a grieving or sick woman who for whatever reason chooses the false reality over the real. In The Sandman it is so she can be with her husband who died but has not yet moved on, his soul lingering in limbo. He builds a very CUBICAL house and convinces her to stay with him. This breaks universal law, creating cracks in the Dreaming that threaten the structural integrity of the whole system, and Lucifer (in his positive phase) has to come and break up the party.  He forces Hector to die properly and move on, and for Lyta to return to the waking world to live out the rest of her real life. 

Somehow though, upon waking she finds herself pregnant, the child conceived in the Dream with her dead husband. This is hinting perhaps at the Anti-Christ being the spawn of Lilith, conceived by death.

We also know Lyta is Lilith because after Morpheus forces her to wake up, she hates him and wants him destroyed. There is another character, Rose Walker, who we will discuss in a moment, who may actually have the power to do so, and Lyta encourages her to usurp Morpheus and take over the Dreaming.  

Lilith is the bride of  The Beast System which is essentially a cohort of fallen angels – Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras (Abbadon) – who in their negative, fallen aspect are tempting humanity to fall along with them, and be swept into the abyss or the eighth sphere, through evil acts and through  foregoing any relationship to their Higher Self, their guardian angel, and to the Christ Being. 

It is my understanding that one’s Higher Self cannot be destroyed, but if its budding soul is lost to the Eighth Sphere, it must essentially start over from scratch, and this starting over takes place on the planet Saturn (which is really an aspect of our Earth, its first phase). This is why the Roman God Saturn eats his children. An aspect of Saturn is also before linear time, which is why Saturn is Old Father Time. In ancient India, Saturn is one and the same as Kali, and the Sanskrit word for time is ‘kala.’

Thus we see now where the term “Black Cube of Saturn” or “Saturn Death Cube” come from. It is referencing the fall into the abyss, the degradation of soul and the recycling or re-amalgamating of the soul back into Saturn that the Higher Self undergoes if this “second death” should occur (see the Book of Revelation for more on the second death). 

It is the Lilith Code in djinn-inspired media that speaks of this process again and again in myriad ways and allegories.  Lilith is in Gnostic literature Yaldabaoth, a word from the Hebrew יַלְדָּה בֹ֔הוּת‎ (yaldāh bōhūṯ, “daughter of [the] void”) 

And finally it is through the End Game of Transhumanism that many will be tricked into “selling” their soul or uploading it into the Borg Cube hivemind system, the so-called ‘Metaverse’ which is really just a way for the eighth sphere or the lower astral realm to overlap completely with our Earth, and rapture into it those who fell for the Beast System. 

The Christ Sacrifice

To end on a lighter note, let’s speak of hope, and of what will lead the portion of humanity that protected their soul through the bleak times that are here and will only get worse for a while to come. This guiding light will come from the Christ Impulse, the Being who is the Spirit of the Sun and ever since the Mystery of Golgotha has been wed to the Earth and is now woven into the etheric body of the Earth, and thus in the hearts and souls of all mankind, should we be receptive to it.

In order for this Sun Spirit, the Christ, to incarnate in the man Jesus and to die on the cross and experience death as a human, a huge sacrifice was made. This act ripples out across time, forward and backward, and cannot help but percolate into the same djinn-inspired media that gives us all this darkness. The truth is, these occult codes are thus dualistic, containing both the dark and the light.

So we have the character Rose Walker, who is a human vortex, meaning she is human but for mysterious processes of the cosmos that even Morpheus doesn’t understand, she has the power to break down the barriers between the waking and dreaming worlds. If this continues unchecked, it can lead to the total destruction of Earth, a cataclysmic level event for humanity. So whenever a dream vortex appears in human form, Morpheus has to kill them, a sacrifice of one for the good of the whole. 

In the climactic episodes of the series, Rose Walker, though at first mistrustful of the Sandman and rightly so, finally sees what she must do to save her loved ones and the rest of humanity, and becomes a willing sacrifice, like Christ, working through the man Jesus.

In a twist, it turns out that the vortex was supposed to be her great-grandmother, Unity Kincaid, pictured above, who ends up taking her place as the sacrifice.  

Rose Walker pulls the glowing heart crystal from herself, which is the vortex itself, the Christ impulse, which is located in the hearts of man, and transfers it to her great grandmother. 

Fitting that the show aired on August 5th, in Leo, the sign that rules the heart and is right around that window of the Lion’s Gate Portal (8/8).

We also learn that Unity’s mysterious baby daddy was Desire, one of the Endless, meaning that Rose Walker is somewhat of a hybrid of angel and human, not unlike the stories we get in the bible of the Nephilim.

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12 Responses to Occult Codes In The Sandman (2022)

  1. I wasn’t going to watch Sandman but now, after reading your post, I will!

    • Cool! I’d be curious to see if the show sparks creative thought for you.

      • Episode: 2 | I already understand the quote – “Without Trust, there is no Faith.” It makes sense now what purpose disinformation serves. Oddly, I write dark fantasies and love reading them too. But I have the most challenging time “Watching” dark films. But I’m glad you wrote about this show because it reminds me to reconsider my relationship with “trust” and “faith” in humans. Unlike “Abel,” I struggle with “forgiveness,” AKA accepting others as they are. BTW, I’m so happy there are light-hearted moments too. I’m always on the lookout for Joy. I am trying to remember how I found your blog. But I’m so glad I did.

      • Abel must forgive Cain because Cain, like all the other dream characters is simply following his nature, whatever was programmed in, in this case by Morpheus. In this sense they are not free, unlike human beings. Abel understands this. The dream characters are thus likened to elemental beings.

        Thanks for your presence here. Do you ever post your fiction online? I am working on my first novel, also dark, but more in the sci-fi vein.

      • “In this sense they are not free, unlike human beings.”

        Sadly, humans are programmable, too – but I can see your point because humans can deprogram.

        I give us the side-eye for not wanting to reach our highest Self. So, that’s my struggle – and I had to laugh when the reincarnated Raven (looks like pigeon at times) shared my view in Episode 3.

        I’ve also written a few pieces about deprogramming here on WordPress.

        Yes, I wrote a portion of my debut novel online before publishing it. And recently, I’ve written flash fiction online and made it available for sale. Thank you for reminding me! I’ll be sure to repost on here.

        Congratulations on writing your first novel. You are finding out that writing a book is relatively easy.

        The challenge for me was getting past my socialization. I struggled with guilt because I had to leave the known world to create a world of my own and figuratively live there while I was writing it.

      • You wrote “I struggled with guilt because I had to leave the known world to create a world of my own and figuratively live there.”
        Yes I can relate, although because of my day job I cannot leave the known world enough, and so the novel is coming along very slowly. It took about 2 years of it swimming around vaguely in my head, but now it’s finally concretized, the characters feel real, the plot basically fleshed out. It feels so good and rewarding to be able to go into that world now and spend time with them. The main characters are a boy and girl set of twins and they feel like family now. I love them.
        But it took a lot of sweat and work and almost quitting to get to this point!

  2. Another excellent decoding, Gabe! Thanks for your work (although, if you’re like me, it’s a form of play)!

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  4. Travis Ayers says:

    Truth in pain sight, it’s in everything

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