The Virus “Misconception” — Piece of Mindful

I don’t usually re-blog other people’s work, but this information needs to spread, and fast. Piece of Mindful blog gives a clear summary of the points that refute viruses as a pathogenic cause of anything, as proven by Dr. Stefan Lanka and others. While Lanka calls it a “misconception” on the part of mainstream science, many of us in the conspiracy world know a deliberate fraud when we see one. And now the whole world is wrapped up in the greatest false flag to date:

In a post below, A Treasure Trove, I linked to a website that contains English translations of the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka, a German virologist doctor.** These are, it appears, reprints of articles from the magazine Wissenshafftplus, which translates to Science Plus Knowledge Creates More. I have been deeply immersed in the work, and […]

Full circle — Piece of Mindful

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4 Responses to The Virus “Misconception” — Piece of Mindful

  1. Another link to the Treasure Trove of suppressed material debunking the corona virus for good:

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman is another true scientist who shows that viruses are indistinguishable from “exosomes:” bits of cellular machinery that actually serve a healthy function. Click this Video Link for a good primer.

    Excellent, clearly written article understandable to the layman: by David Crowe, June 6th, 2020

  2. Alcrest10K says:

    I am obeying someone who told me to post this to you.
    You choose whether it is private or public on your website.
    That is all.
    Oh yeah!
    The answer to my RIDDLE is this:
    1. The Nameless.
    2. The Numberless.
    3. The Symboless.
    4. The Colorless.
    5. The Spaceless.
    6. The Timeless.
    7. The Formless.
    Who are they?
    What is it?
    THE TAO.

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