Jay Weidner – The Illuminati got Stanley Kubrick To Fake The Apollo Landings

download54Jay Weidner: Stanley Kubrick made a series of low budget movies in the 50’s and they were very well done. Didn’t really have any hit films until Dr Strangelove. 13 years into his career. He made 4-5 films that bombed even though the critics really liked them. The thing that happened with Dr Strangelove was that the pentagon read his script, he wanted to get their help so he could use their b-52’s and the planes that drop bombs, but they read it and said you’re satirizing us, we’re not going to help you at all. So Stanley was forced to create the inside and outside of the b-52 bombers without any technical assistance from anybody. What he did was get a copy of aviation weekly and took all the pictures of b-52’s and gave them to his art director and they sat down and carefully made the inside of a b-52. Right near the end of shooting the airforce got wind that he had done this, and asked to come visit the set.And Stanley was a nervous man when this happened, and they showed up on the set, and they were blown away. They could not believe the detail he had extracted from these photographs. And when they left, Stanley remarked to his art director that he was worried they may come back and arrest him, for stealing secrets, but of course they left the photographs out, so whose fault is it anyway?

So everything up to now has been fact, and here my theory is that these two airforce gentlemen went back to their superiors the Joint Chief of Staff, all being very interested in this hollywood director, and they said that this is not a normal film maker. We gotta keep our eye on this guy. This was mid 1963.

download (26)

The movie is finally released in late 1963 to critical and audience acclaim, and my theory was that the military sent some people out to watch the film and were stunned by the inside of the b-52, but what really cooked their noodle was the outside shots of the b-52 flying over Siberia. Since he had no access to a b-52 they didn’t understand how he made it look so real. What he had done was create a scale model and using a little known system called front-screen projection, he projected the b-52 in front of the screen with the Siberian landscape below, and added little touches like the steam coming out of the engines, little details most hollywood directors didn’t trip about. So they were blown away by the technical aspects of Dr Strangelove.

kubrick-myths.jpgI believe that Kubrick’s legacy started there. In that moment. They had been given orders, NASA, which is part of the Navy, had been given orders by John F Kennedy in 1961 that they were to get to the moon before the 60’s was out. I think they knew, by the beginning of 1964 that they could not do this with conventional rocket technology, I think Werner Von Braun, and all the German scientists oversold themselves, in escaping the clutches of the Nuremberg trials. And they came in and couldn’t do it. However a side theory, there is according to Joseph Farrell, he investigated all the Nazi technology in his books and he discovered that actually Hitler had a secret base in the mountains somewhere where they were working on higher-dimensional physics. He believes that they discovered anti-gravity by the 40’s. Not in time to save the 3rd Reich, thank goodness, but they had solved the problems, by late 44. The Allies and the Russians scooped up all these secret scientists, and split them up, some to Russia and some to the states, and they started working on all these secret projects , here in New Mexico.

My theory, and I have FBI documents to back this up. Kennedy got wind, in 61, of this technology.  Marilyn Monroe, which was his girlfriend, told someone at a party, that she had seen the “alien” technology and that it was mind-blowing. We have FBI freedom of information documents, to prove this. So I am extrapolating that Kennedy saw this technology and wanted it released. He knew that the rocket technology could not get men to the moon and land and take off. So he did what is in chess called a gambit. Which is the speech that he made, saying he wanted NASA to get to the moon by the late 60’s, knowing full well that they could not achieve this goal with standard rocketry. He was trying to force their hand to release their technology. Because it would mean that the Earth wouldn’t need nuclear reactors, because its free energy. We wouldn’t need pollution, oil, all these things would go away when this technology was released. He was really a good guy and in my opinion the last real president of the United States. He was trying to get this out. Using this trick. NASA, knowing that they could not achieve this goal, that they were in deep trouble, tried to devise a way not to release the technology, while making it look like standard rocketry was going to do the job.

imagekennedy and marilyn

The only known photograph of JFK and Marilyn

So enter Stanley Kubrick. The Pentagon saw Dr Strangelove in 1963 when all this was coming to a head, and must of said: ‘How are we going to do this? We are not going to release the technologies…Kennedy had just been assassinated, conveniently, so that we don’t have to worry about him anymore, squawking and trying got do his tricks to get us to release this technology. So what do we do?’

download (27)So they decided to fake it. and they would hire Stanley Kubrick to do the faking. Because from a technical side, he was the most advanced film maker in the world, and understood the technology. So they made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse. If he said no, he probably wouldn’t have lived. So he had to say Yes, and at that point he began, and this is speculation again he began to devise a science fiction film called Voyage To The Stars, with Arthur C Clark, and he used the making of this (which later became 2001: A Space Odyssey) to act as a R and D, and a cover for the shooting of the Apollo imagery. He used front-screen projection, which he was a master at, for both the ape scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and to fake the Apollo landings. What is interesting about the Apollo landings there an artistic and technical arch, that is completely obvious if you watch the videos. Apollo 11 is crude, there is only a black background, it’s obviously a set. The camera in Apollo 12 conveniently broke, as soon as they landed, so there is no footage, Apollo 13 got in trouble and couldn’t land on the moon. Apollo 14,15,16 are the last ones. 14 is crude, but by 17 its fantastic, Stanley Kubrick is really showing off. And so he used front screen projection and many other techniques, including making gigantic blow-ups of the lunar landscape, and placing it on a set behind the actors, he achieved his goal, took 4 years to do both the movie and the lunar landings, he shot them all in 70 mm, and then the apollo landings were reduced down to crappy videotape. Which we all apollo-16possess. unfortunately NASA has lost all the original footage, I guess it wasn’t important to them… So that’s all conviently lost forever, so we can never really go back and look. So basically I was forced to use what little evidence that’s stiill here, to draw my conclusions. I admit I don’t have the smoking gun to prove that Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo landings, but I have so much ancillary evidence. The closest thing I have to a smoking gun is his movie The Shining. In the movie every time Stanley Kubrick is deviating from the the Stephen King book, I think Stanely is telling the story of his travails of making the Apollo footage, keeping it hidden from his wife and everyone, and not taking credit for it. Which I know Stanley really wanted to do. And I’ll go one step farther, being an ex Hollywood screen writer, I believe that this is common knowledge in the upper circles of Hollywood. I believe Steven Spielberg knows it, I believe many people know that Stanley Kubrick is the guy behind it.

And we can find examples of this in several other films, the most important being Wag The Dog, in which Dustin Hoffman plays a Hollywood producer named Stanley, who is hired by the CIA to fake an incident, and then at the end of the film Hoffman begins saying “this is my greatest work, I want credit for it.” and then he disappears.

The other more recent film Toy Story could be an allegory as well. Buzz Lightyear, notice his name (Buzz Aldrin) is a toy astronaut who thinks he is a big huge hero but then one day he’s  watching the TV in the big huge house he lives in, and sees an ad for himself and realizes he is not an astronaut, he is a total fraud. And he walks up to the railing in the house which has the same exact carpet that Danny is sitting on in the Shining, and Buzz Aldrin climbs to the top of the railing and sees the moon, and tries to take off, falls to the ground and breaks. I believe someone involved in the making of Toy Story knows that the whole thing was fake, knows that Stanley Kubrick did it, knows that Stanely Kubrick hid the clues in The Shining, and they therefore lifted the clues and placed them in Toy Story.

“So the astronauts have been heavily brainwashed, according to other interviews you’ve given. Some kind of mind control situation where any time the Apollo moon landings are talked about they go into some kind of nausea or reaction, can you talk to us about that?”

Sure I call it he got ‘Clockwork Oranged.’ Which is what he did after 2001, in which the protagonist Alex is arrested, and put in a mind control program, where he is given a drug and forced to watch movies of sex and violence so that forever for the rest of his life, whenever he comes up against a sexual situation or violent situation, he gets sick and nauseated and throws up. Now if you read Buzz Aldrin’s book Return to Earth, his autobiography, he talks about how on  the one-year anniversary of the Apollo landing he was at a Vegas news conference, and the reporters, you know know they were asking silly questions about the apollo landings, but one of the reporters though, looked buzz right in the eye and says, “c’mon buzz, tell us what really happened on the moon.” And Buzz said his head began spinning, he was feeling nauseated, wanted to get sick, and went in the alley and vomited, and then shook for an hour and a half. Why is Buzz telling us this? Because he wants us to know.

And so he will never admit that he didn’t go to the moon because he can’t, this is the same thing with Neil Armstrong, he came back to the US, and you would think, he could have been a senator, a congressman, or even president. He was good-looking, he was well spoken, he was a hero. But what did he do when he got back? He went to his ranch in Ohio, and I think he did two interviews for the rest of his life. He is dead now, so we can’t find out. But he wasn’t even going to try, to do it. and he never answered any questions about the apollo landings. One of the most telling things though, and you can see this on Youtube, the press conference right after the apollo astronauts landed on earth, and they are sitting there in the press conference and it looked like their dad or their dog just died. I mean, this does not look like three guys who just got back from the most heroic mission ever on earth. They look like three depressed, scared people who really don’t like to lie. And to me that’s the most telling thing of all.

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  1. solx cubla says:

    yes i heard all this back in 2012. when jay invited me to his home (or rather jurka resavys home ) to discusse far more important things. Mr. Resavy asked me one thing for the gifts i gave him on that 3 day meeting. i told him nothing for myself but to gift jay a job. and now his odyssey with gaiam dot com began (now gaia.com). jay wrote to me saying it is nice to have a job for a change. “THANKS”

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