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A Word Of Caution

My hypothesis: Languages, symbols and signs have been perfected and given fully formed by God to man as a gift, or as a tool for human souls to use to gain knowledge of self and of God. It is not something invented piecemeal by man as he evolved out of the mindless ape. Gatekeepers Chris Lord (Truthiracy), and Zach Hubbard would have you believe in an evolving ape on a spinning globe in endless space who, somehow devises language and gematria and perfect knowledge of astrology as they stumble and bumble along (no divine help). And yet, Santos Bonacci calls astrology, numerology and sacred geometry a “holy science” and rightly so, but you will never hear that word from the gatekeepers. No, this is all devised by men to them; that the ancient simpletons created anthropomorphic deities to worship in their myths as they watched and wondered on the stars. But if so how could all this science be so perfect and still accurate today, if it was invented by evolving, ignorant cavemen? Cavemen spinning through space on a globe for that matter?

This is the danger of following the gatekeepers too closely. They offer some goodies because they are insiders being told what to say by the EL-ite. So of course they have some hidden wisdom. But they package it in a left-brain only way, which sucks all the wonder and God out of the equation. It is my job to take the truth they put out and leave the lies behind, but the trick is developing the discernment to tell which is which. And this requires having a developed right brain, and a spiritual side. I’m just glad I discovered Santos before Truthiracy, otherwise I may have not understood the full significance of the following material.

2022 EDIT and Caveat: I now believe after studying Steiner and Anthroposophy that Jesus was in fact a real person who became the vessel for the Christ Being, who is the spirit of the Sun. Truthiracy will open this article by stating that Jesus never existed and is purely allegorical. See my latest post HERE on this important debate.

Truthiracy: “I’m making this video about Jesus or Yashua, because I think many people were confused when I said that Jesus was the character of the fool. Now Jesus was not a real person, never was, he was a character created from the old world, the ancient world, of the characters of nature, and the ritual sacrifice of the chosen one, or the fool who was chosen to be the willing sacrifice.

Jesus is the traveling fool of the tarot. I’m not calling Jesus a stupid fool or anything like that, that’s not the point, he is the character of nature that starts his journey, and the journey ends. The tarot cards start from 0, and then they end at Death, card 13.

Jesus the Jester Fool

In ancient times, everyone believed that nature was a spirit, and they saw that mother nature was in the harvest, so the spirit of nature throughout the seasons is where these anthropomorphic characters come from, they represent nature whether its springtime or wintertime. That’s why you have Jack-in-the-green, thats springtime, and Jack Frost, winter time. in fact we have the Jack-o-lantern for Halloween, Samhain, autumn.

So each year in the ancient world they would choose a willing sacrifice, a jack, a jester fool, and he was treated like a king, he was paraded around, fattened, fed, given all the best stuff, the best wine, the best clothes, he was taking the role of the king for a day. He could sit in the kings chair, do anything he wanted.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.00.36 PM

But this person couldn’t be too smart because they were willing to sacrifice themselves for the community, or for their people and live like a king for a day. that sounded like a good deal to them. they probably weren’t very popular in society, maybe they were teased…so to them, they got recognition, they were the center of attention. People would say what a great hero he is, willing to sacrifice himself for the betterment of the community. That’s why in the bible it says that Jesus was the willing sacrifice.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.02.52 PM

So the character of jack, the jester, the joker, it was always a great honor to play this role. “The lord of misrule,” they were called, or the king for a day. The fool.  But of course eventually they would kill him, slaughter him and sacrifice him. they would take the blood of this fool and it would go to the community and the people. they would put it back into the lands, the fields, the soil, to rejuvenate it, put the spirit back into it, since they had already harvested it. They had to put the “last sheaf” or the spirit back into nature. This is the theme to the movie “The Wickerman:”

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.04.50 PM

So this is why in the bible the ‘blood of Jesus’ and the ‘flesh of Jesus’ is to be eaten by everybody. In other words the community at large has to partake in this ritual. So they are the ones who are gonna take back the spirit of Nature, the blood and the flesh and it’s going to be shared with everyone and put back into the soil for the rejuvenation of life, which happens every spring time at Passover, life is rejuvenated.

So again Jesus (sun) starts his journey and then it ends, like the fool card of the tarot, the first and last. That’s why Jesus says he is the ‘Alpha and Omega.’ Actually in hebrew it would really be the Alef and the Tav.

So the fool is the jester, the joker, the jack, the lord of misrule,  king for a day, the traveling fool, he is the trickster, the two-faced liar. That’s why Jesus teaches in parables (pair of bulls, bi-bull), which is bull shit, essentially. you are saying one thing, a lie, a trick, because you mean something else.

Jesus was the trickster, the two-faced liar, (always employing the dualism of esoteric/exoteric, the dual, the divide, the David). That’s why David’s lineage is the 12 Tribes of Israel because he divides the year into 12 signs of the Zodiac. You’ll notice John is another one of these characters and he shows up in January, and June, the winter and summer solstices, the dividing line along the y-axis of the zodiac.

Also you’ll note that Jesus was always associated with the common folk, the people. Because this is where the lord of misrule, the sacrificed chosen one came from, from the common folk. It didn’t come from the royal family, no, no, they chose a willing sacrifice from the community, the slaves, on other words.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.34.08 PM

And if you saw the ‘Hunger Games,’ that’s exactly what happened. They are choosing  a willing sacrifice from the common folk. Exactly like princess Diana remember her, she was the more closely related to the people, a princess of the people, not of the royalty, that’s why they sacrificed her.(SOURCE)

Mass Shootings and Celebrity Murder – Modern Harvest Rituals

In modern day this harvest sacrifice ritual  has morphed into the sacrificing of all these celebrities and also these mass shooting events, (whether real or faked). These occultists leave their calling card by having these events fall on significant dates in astrology and numerology.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 1.40.42 PM

Truthiracy goes onto discuss the recent Robin Williams connection, who was recently sacrificed to the Illuminati, and how Robin played a character called “Jack” who was mentally challenged, and how he often played one of these nature characters such as Peter Pan, which is of course based on Pan or the “Green Man.”

Robin Williams was another willing sacrifice, he played the comedian, the joker, jester, jack character. So of course they had to sacrifice him. See my post here on the predictive programming around his death.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 9.03.04 PM

The name ‘Jack’ comes from Jacob, who in the old testament fights with his brother, Esau, they represent again the duality of the seasons, of day and night, the red and the blue. And sure enough Robin Williams also played Jacob in “Jakob the Liar.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.56.17 PM

The biblical Jacob is known for lying to his blind father. So we see the two faced trickster character here as well. Again everything in the bible or bi-bull is dual, representing duality. See my post on the ‘two bulls’ or parables of the bible here. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.06.31 PM

And we saw all this harvest sacrifice symbolism in my post on the movie “A Cabin in the Woods” and the occult season of sacrifice.

A recent Netflix horror movie called “Apostle” is similar to ‘The Wickerman:’ a man stumbles onto a secluded island whose inhabitants are a cult that still practices this yearly human sacrifice ritual to the earth and to the crops.

That old woman is “Jenn-ifer” (John/June/Arjun), who has a giant plant growing out of her. And when she drinks blood from humans the plant blooms, flowers, and provides the town with food.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 1.49.18 PM

And to show you clearly that this movie is Illuminati paid and made, you will notice the jester looking masked man, with one-eye bleeding, a sneaky reference to Vrill and droning.

And of course this all ties back into the Batman code, with the Joker, with the green hair (Jack in the green, the Green Man, Pan, Spring) and the orange blazer (Halloween, Autumn embers) and he is a trickster, two-faced jester joker, and eventually he must be sacrificed. But for now he gets to parade around as the lord of misrule, king for a day. And on July 20th 2012 James Holmes played the role of the joker, the dark knight or dark king for a day, and allegedly killed 12 people.

And we just recently had the movie made of Stephen King’s “It” involving clowns, which are another jester, joker figure. They are also two-faced, seemingly there to please and make you laugh, but there is always something sinister about them. Notice how in the clown’s facepaint, the red lines look like the horns of a bull.

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20 Responses to Jesus The Jester Fool/Travelin’ Jack/Path of Sun Through Ecliptic – Truthiracy

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  2. JK says:

    Jesus the man. As real as you are.

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  4. markmikemays says:

    hahaha i love that someone finally sees through zach. i am the fool. i see so many angles, but all is one or atum w.e. you get it at this point. i wonder if you have found your life mission this year like myself out of nowhere. im held by all the malefics

  5. markmikemays says:

    i share alot with robin williams, but hes more a cancer right? with prob gem. im cap/sag stelliums. we can express and project at the same time. but cancerians are born with good karma and yea make good ritual sacrificices for masons that 69 capstone that lunar eclipse those triumps trumps 22 is a middle number

  6. Alma says:

    Agreed. I really like the eyes behind this view. They see things such as they are. The agenda of common ignorance as a mass destructive weapon directed towards human life, nature and imagination together with its benefits for the few dis-eased brains behind the prompts producing it are clearly operating in the realm of ARt itself as well to spread its gospel of sleep. Being an honest creative human today you would absolutely need to stay out of the mainstream brain game in order to retain your soul. And your birth right to speak it. True independence starts where there is no director outside of yourself. There is you sitting on a stone somewhere, there is the sun, the wind, a pencil in your hand or a canvas in front of you. It may rain. It may not. The world is a spirit moving over the canvas or writing the next word. A physical manifestation of the ever present opportunity for transformation. The miracle that is life. The world is a text we write. It is a text we understand through the process of writing it. It is not something ignorance is fond of, so it will do what it can to bring you back into its spell of hell. The introduction of control is essential. The agenda needs it. Sine qua non. It is an evil agenda, a dance macabre down the drain of human despair, self sacrifice . It is a crusade. A continuous attack on light. An insistence on darkness. Of the soul. Of sight. Of spirit. It is the hallmark of smartness, not intelligence. Its scope is measured in success, not inspiration. It comes up with “best sellers,” “oscars,” “acresses and actors of the year” and whatever not bullshit. The box looks so much better if you don´t break the lovely ribbon around it. And, mind you, upon opening you will experience the escape of the most sensitive fragrance, you just can´t see it: That of air namely. Liberty of soul and soul purpose is not something they produce in Hollowwood. Hence the shine of its framework is to be compared to its content: Air is good for life. Airy movies is an industry and it´s hard to breath around it. Two things. Not one. Air for life and dough for those without it. That is why you should take care of your integrity and guard it. With your soul. The air of the “movies” that never truly move a single thing except digits on a bank account in a convenient manner, an entertaining manner oh, coming as they do from Hollowwood, is polluted. Toxic to spirit. Hostile to life. Surely its face is distorted. Surely it has horns. Surely no smell sticks to it. Surely it talks. Like teens. Loudly. Immaturity is a chatterbox that needs someone else´s agenda to lean up against. Surely enough. And a lot of consensus. Yea. Till someone somewhere gets off the unspoken agenda and decides s/he will not be told to close neither eyes, spirit nor will. The road leads through a wilderness. You are alone. But you are not a chatterbox. You see. Now, walk.

  7. Wendell Taylor says:


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  10. sara lyn says:

    I read this a while back but I’m always shoutin u out! Lol this is the 1st post i read n I’ve been hooked ever since, ur site is like good crack got me feignin, always got me comin back!(I’m not a crackhead fr😂 just tryin to compliment u!) I thought this was an awesome explanation… I got all excited to share, which the 1st person was my cousin (been aware much longer then I so fig he’d love this) well… I told him briefly of wht I learned , his reply: ” naaaa I’m good I’m gna have to hard pass on that! Jesus is my boy! Dnt get lost in this ‘new age’ stuff the devil is the greatest deceiver… read the bible!” 🤦‍♀️ like come on! Jesus was a man, a fairy tale story which I never read the bible nor will I bc too many dual meanings fig it’s been rewritten many times n yea I’m good lol my cousin was the 1st to introduce me many yrs ago to the “flat earth” concept… failed miserably with the 2 min YT bid w/ dude sayin “that’s y rockets go sideways, bc of the dome!” Get disappointed whn I think of that bc I would be so far beyond my time of only he approached it differently 😑 cousin said he thought it was good bc it was simple. No no no! Lol sorry but anyway all I can say is a lot of ur content clicks n makes sense n dnt feel the need to question it as if I already knew. I try to share ur content but I’ll be like really? What do u mean it dnt make sense? Lol idk all I’m gna say is thank u! I appreciate ya keep sharing the knowledge! Im.grateful that I found ur site to learn more about ur wisdom!❤ lol sorry I talk alot 😂

    • Thanks Sara Lyn! It’s good to have your support and readership. You will get that response a lot – how your cousin feels about Jesus, that’s why this material remains unpopular. But YOU see through the Big Lies, because this stuff rings true for you, as it has for me. Discovering hidden truth was/is like a process of remembering, perhaps from a past life.

      • Sara lyn says:

        I actually just shouted out this post earlier to some nice lady from IG who has an open mind n eager to learn more about the ol jesus fairlytale fabrication. So I was happy I was able to translate this without being bashed on today 😂 n yeaaa I know who I can/can’t speak with on this kinda stuff (although the ones who I can talk to r truthers on IG, no human contact in sight whtsoevr 🤦‍♀️). I was starting to believe yall were bots or like part of a simulation or smthn! yall r like nonexistant in human form, like a myth or smthn… tryin to spot just 1 of yall in actual real life is like me tryin to watch tht crap movie “Frozen” n build a snowman with the abominable snowman or like me spotting bigfoot n having a civilized debate over the bible! Idk idk all I’m gna say is I’m very suspect of yall.. I’m watching yall! 🧐jk jk Lol anywho, yea I dnt understand how some truthers got as far as they did but thn want to cry whn u question this kinda stuff? But eyy I must pray to the virgin de Guadalupe n the bible has NOT been rewritten and it is a valuable necessity which will get us through this life! 🤦‍♀️ahh what a bunch of horse crap lol

      • Sara Hamilton says:

        N my bad my responses r neeeever short n simple regardless of how hard as I try lol

      • Sara Hamilton says:

        Sooorry…. 1 more thing, do u have a bitchue or IG or anything? I feel like I asked u this b4 but can’t recall. Thanks again!

      • Not big on social media but I do have a youtube channel:
        BTW you are absolutely right about real truthers being very hard to find, in real life. Then again, you may pass one on the street and not even know, hehe.

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