Saturn Death Cube, 666, and Subversive Symbolism in “The OA” TV show

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX. ”(Rev. 13:18)

“The overlords of our earth, the ones who truly believe that they are descended from the gods, whom I call the Illuminati, are guided by three things: astrology, numerology, and sacred geometry.” -Gary Bell

 Drowning near-death experiences in “The OA” resemble MK Ultra victim Arizona Wilder

In the new tv show “The OA,” a psychopathic scientist kidnaps people to experiment on, and uses a drowning device to submit his subjects to near-death experiences. What we are learning from MK Ultra survivors is that this is not fictional. This is clearly a Hollywood disclosure. He hooks them up to this machine and records their brain activity, hoping to unlock the secrets of life and death, (or life after death.)toa106cylprairie


Whistleblower and MK ultra victim Arizona Wilder came forward in the late 90’s and revealed some of the methods of torture used by the deep military state and Illuminati:

Arizona Wilder: “I had a really violent terrible memory of being drowned in ice water, purposely, there (at an underground military base). What was happening was they were using ice water and the water was very important in this, to cause near-death experiences. And that I know of, this happened to me three times before I could complete the experiment or assignment that was given to me. I was to go out of my body and in my astral body go into another room, a specified room, and go in there a pick up a pencil sitting on a table and make a mark on the piece of paper. There was a KGB officer sitting there at the table, it was being recorded on camera and it took me three tries to get this right. And at one point I was in therapy with a therapist who was internationally known for working with people in this area, with people who have been ritually abused and mind controlled. And he told me that he’d had three other clients that reported this same kind of experimentation. And I hadn’t told anyone about my memories so I find this very interesting….”

The Satan/Saturn/Set Connection

The drowning theme in the OA could have just been a coincidence, but what really hammered home the fact that the writers of the show are clearly occult insiders is the Saturn reference. When the main character is having her near death experience in the drowning machine, her captor records soundwaves coming from her brain, and these soundwaves sound exactly like the frequencies emitted from the rings of Saturn:

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 10.30.28 PMScreen Shot 2019-05-02 at 10.43.53 PM

What I believe the OA writers are trying to relate to us is similar to what many occult researchers and insiders are saying about the life-death-rebirth cycle. It involves the manipulation of Saturn and the moon’s energies, working together to keep our souls trapped in cycles of reincarnation on this prison planet. (2022 Update: I now think the above paragraph is false. This is not a prison planet, nor is the reincarnation and amnesia cycles a Demiurgic trap. This narrative may simply what the dark controllers WANT us to believe, and is put forth by their half-truthers and film productions).

Near-death experiences can shed some light on how this matrix system works. Max Spiers (2022 Update: Max = half-truther) elaborates on this. Max says: “There is the soul catching machine which is there on the moon. So you get amnesia when you go through the machine, I sort of have a feeling of remembering it, and wanting to pull away. I remember being killed before. But you don’t get a full life review. You’re supposed to…everything’s wrong with this whole system setup. You’re supposed to have a life review, look at what you’ve done….and your higher self chooses what conditions you need to come back into. The way they’ve perverted it and inverted it is so they’ve set up a technological system where they throw us through a machine when you die, that then traps, stores the soul, erases the memory completely. And throws you back into basically the same situation you just came from again with the same people. Just different clothes. You move in circles with the same people.”

(Note: this system doesn’t work perfectly, and the way out of the soul trap relates to the ascension process.)

Alek: “How is Saturn related to the moon you said they were related?”

Max: “We were talking before about transits. There is a 29.5 year transit of Saturn around the sun. A 29.5 day transit of the moon around Earth. So they are working in unison there in numerology. Saturn used to be the life-giving sun/force of this planet. Some people do call it the Black Sun, I have heard that. It’s a very beautiful life giving planet. And this consciousness that has taken over, whatever name you want to give it, I find it difficult to put a name on it, it’s a parasitic consciousness right? It took over Saturn, somehow. Saturn has the highest and lowest frequencies in the solar system. So they bound it with a ring, that energy ring around it and trapped the lowest frequencies it could possibly have, pushed it through an amplification system on the moon. So the frequencies are amplified to the moon and focused down to earth, creating the false reality we live in.”

Alek:“There is a lot of Saturn symbology  in business.”

Max: “Because it rules everywhere. It’s a Saturn cult. Even the tick on Nike shoes is the ring. Because they worship it. It maintains the false reality here.”

For more on this subject of how the Saturn and the Moon work together to keep us humans in a low vibratory state see David Ickes work on the “Saturn Moon Matrix.”

Once the planet was bound by the one ring (Lord of the rings?) it became associated with all things dark and evil. The dark occultists who control Hollywood are clearly obsessed with Saturn symbolism. Here we see one of Saturn’s moons which closely resembles the Death Star from Star Wars. Keep in mind all we have is fraudulent NASA to go on when looking at these “photos” anyway.


The North Pole of Saturn supposedly has this strange hexagon shape; oddly artificial looking.

download (3)

Now when you take a cube and flatten it in 2D you get a hexagon. This is why the Black Cube is related to Saturn.



black cube           black cube mecca

The black cube of Saturn turns up in global finance, at the 911 memorial, in major religions like the Kaaba in Mecca, in many logos like Nike or Dell computers, and in Hollywood movies and TV shows. The hidden elites worship Saturn, which they also equate with Satan, and Set, from Egyptian mythology. Osiris ruled during the day, and Set ruled the night when the sun sets. This gives you an idea of how old this form of symbolism goes. It goes back to the ancient mystery schools.

In modern times they put Saturnian imagery in logos, movies and TV shows to influence the subconscious mind, as a subtle form of mind control and predictive programming. Most of it flies right by the conscious mind of the unawakened person. But this does not stop it from influencing everyone on a subconscious level. They are prepping us for the day when they can unleash their dark religion on the world, out in the open, when they implement the dreaded New World Order.

666, Seal of Solomon, 777, 93, Gematria, Numerology, Human Sacrifice Rituals

The black cube and hexagon of Saturn are also involved with the Seal of Solomon, also known in the mainstream as the Star of David, because the star fits geometrically inside the cube. It is all part of sacred geometry which finds its ultimate conclusion in the hypercube and flower of life patterns. While these ancient mathematical ideas are not good or bad, they have been coopted by the Satanic elite and used in their subversive symbolism.

It is from these geometries that the number 666 comes from. For example the 3 angles of an equalateral triangle are 60 degrees each, so 60, 60, and 60. In gematria you drop the zeros, leaving you with 666.

The seal of solomon was also used by the ancient mystery religions to track the yearly movement of the Earth around the sun. According to David Nikao of End Times Deception, “The Satanic Illuminati offers sacrifices to Satan on his revered days, which are based on the cycles of the Sun.hexagram-solar-cal2

3/21 – A human sacrifice is required on the Spring equinox.

4/19 – A fire sacrifice and a human sacrifice is to be made to the Beast. Note: the Oklahoma City bombing and the Waco Branch Davidian siege occurred on this date.

6/21 – A human sacrifice is required on the summer solstice, which is called Litha.

9/21 – A human sacrifice is required on the fall equinox, which is called Mabon.

12/21 – A human sacrifice is required on the winter solstice, which is called Yule.”

The seal also finds its way on the federal reserve dollar bill, spelling out the word “Mason” at all 5 points of the star. The compass and square symbol of Freemasonry also fits onto the seal nicely when you overlay the two images, as seen above.

passio 666

Mark Passio: “The number 666 comes from biblical writings, the number of man, trapped in base consciousness. The first digit could be seen as thought, the second as emotion, the third as action. (These three aspects are the true trinity, the three sides of the triangle.) The reason they are all 6’s is because 6 is a number of incompletion, seen as being not there yet, not accomplished. The goal is to transcend that condition of base consciousness. Crowley’s Thelema is all about this. Using care in conjunction with the will to acquire spiritual knowledge and ascend in consciousness. So the number of the beast 666 represents man in base consciousness or beast consciousness, not having a fully human experience. To get to the complete or unified experience of humanity we need to get to 777. This is the number of man in a unified state: thought, emotion and action are unified in their fullest expression. It’s not man as God, it’s man in a state of consciousness that resembles the divine, or has the divine spark ignited within, man is unified, not in dualism anymore. If we do gematria reduction, meaning we add the digits in 666, we get 18, and add them again and we get 9. So 666 reduces to 9. So 9 and 666 are equivalents. 9 is base consciousness. The reduction of 777 is 21, which reduces to 3. So to go from 666 to 777 is the same as going from the 9 to 3. So again its seen as going from beast consciousness to higher consciousness.  This is why 93 is an important number of Crowley’s Thelemic tradition.  Also when we add the digits in Thelema we get 93. The number 93 itself reduces to 3.


There is a property of 9 which equates it with base consciousness or ego. The additive property of 9: when you add it to anything you get the number you started with. You take any number and add 9 to it nothing changes, its like adding 0. Because it represents base consciousness, when you add base consciousness to anything, you can’t accomplish any change. When you add more ego to anything you can’t get any change. That’s why it’s considered the number of the beast. Even in Satanism, they will tell you the number of Satan is 9, because it is the number of the ego. And for this reason mostly, the multiplicative properties are even more telling, when you multiply anything by 9, you automatically come back to 9, whenever you multiply ego by anything, all you get is more ego. This is why the number 93 is so powerful, you are transcending ego, 9, to the number of man in unity consciousness, 3, the trinity: thought, emotion and action.

passio 666 9:11

The event of 9/11 was an occult ritual of human sacrifice, employing this same numerological system. It is about the beast 666 destroying God 777, the ego conquering the spirit. 9/11 reduces to 9/2. So it is 92 which is not 93, it is one short, one number short of love, ascension, of will, or God. It is falling short of the divine, that’s what this whole event was about, the idea that human will is falling short, and the time of the beast is upon us. See 92 out of 93, reduces to 11 out of 12, which reduces to 2 out of 3, which equals .666 in decimal format, the number of the beast.”

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13 Responses to Saturn Death Cube, 666, and Subversive Symbolism in “The OA” TV show

  1. Nothing’s going to change until Harvey Weinstein is willing to lay it all on the line for a movie like Middle of Nowhere. There are a handful of power brokers in Hollywood who decide the slate every year and Harvey is king power broker. He is the person most responsible for how the Oscars are today.
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  2. its really very easy to understand for new guys …they have explained very nice…

  3. Kenneth T. says:

    This is interesting, because my wife and I just started to watch this show on Netflix.

  4. WSI says:

    In a supernatural way i got personally the number 9777 -> Now i probably understand the meaning of it its 93.

  5. Rylan Cairns says:

    if 666 can be represented as a cube, what about 777? Great articles by the way.

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  7. george says:

    The Gnostics wrote about archons that parasite our energy. The Chief archon they called the demiurge. He steals our light-power. But in the end he will fail and we shall be triumphant. The truth is that this is all a game we are playing with ourselves. Infinite Awareness has fabricated a multi-player virtual reality game for its own amusement, curiosity or edification. None of it is permanent. It is in a sense just an elaborate,persistent illusion or dream. It is a divine drama, a cosmic play….

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  9. thankyourmuse says:

    Sacred geometry is the structure of this reality…but very interesting if you look into TESLA, and the numbers 3,6,and 9. He wanted to give us free energy, but Morgan Chase who was funding him pulled his funding when he found out…then Tesla went to work for the gooberment…with albert Einstein and quit when they wanted to go ahead with the Philedeplhia experiment and he said it wasn’t stable, they did it anyway without him and we all know how that turned out. Tesla also had plans for a stargate but dared not write it down…TRUMP’s uncle knew Tesla and was assigned to go and collet his work. Think maybe he saved it for humanity? Maybe you understand now wny Trump has a space force, why THE WALL, isn’t just a WALL…to keep out the interdimensional begins who CERN is trying to bring in…demos, ET’s what ever you wish to call them.

  10. AutomateKing says:

    For those who understand energy and free energy, it was a twisted version of free energy. If it wasn’t for the federal government and others stepping in, you could never have experienced the freedom thus far…I speak from experience, there are forces who are hell bent and based on my personal experience, energy, frequencies, it isnt too far off)….my point…imagine all those 5g rays going through the body….oh wait it already does…that is what that free energy system was going to provide unbeknownst to most of humanity at that time.

    Also, the interdimensional beings already exist, you and 100% of society are interdimensional, yes even the animals. I have seen the other side of the veil ( you may visit my site if you’d like to see a semi recent photo of who i am) and i remember my past life. I can tell you from personal experience, that most people humans and even some human based consciousness animals won’t know its coming and when it does, you will have full memory return and yes, you will have a chance to get out of the “system” which is an energy grid based on geographical location as well as the mind/body connection between the pineal gland and the lower chakras and the environment you’re around. …the energy grid based system is a type of prison planet just like everyone thinks it to be, however, those interdimensional beings aren’t all bad, there are good ones too…Think about it, consciousness and imgination did not just create interdimensional beings to be horrible beings. the idea alone shows it comes from a higher power.

    Another point to add to it, it doesn’t matter if your chakras are opened or not, yet, it is very wise to be centered when it does happen. If it happens (it will again, but it might be eons away, but it will feel like yesterday, i promise you that 100% if you accept anything I have typed thus far)

    As far as being human, all humans are not even from earth, the earth is a planetary 3d based consciousness. Furthermore, it is also what Giordano Bruno stated about infinite galaxies and infinite universes as well as what Srinivasa Ramanujan (the man who knew infinity) about geometry.

    Even though I go through my bouts of emotions and crazy type of lifestyle and moving over 100 times per month with and without cash in my pocket, it is wise for everyone to travel as much as possible. But find places that are safe of course and contain a happy thought of love and action and discernment. (p.s. they never needed cern, cern was and is a earth based system that humans have been working, but it is on other planets as well, it is to control the teleportation systems that are forever upon all of us) and yes there is a way to literally dissolve from one physical reality into another physical reality within nanoseconds.

    I’m usually a quiet person since learning all these truths, but I feel like i need a place to outlet my expressions and your blog post had my attention since searching about the topics with saturn and human based frequencies and satelites systems.

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