Orion and His Dog

Somethin’ for Taurus – the strength of the bull or ox and FIXED EARTH. Fix your best timeline, anchor it here in the physical.


Ever since I was a child I always wondered why God was backwards for Dog. I think now I am beginning to understand why. 

The dog star Sirius has always been of great importance to the occultists behind Hollywood. Why they go through all the trouble to encode its symbolism into their films is still somewhat of a mystery, however as we trace these puzzle pieces, more of an answer will come to light.

I first caught onto this in 2019 while researching the occult symbolism in Back To The Future, where I wrote (while covering a video from Lxxxviii finis temporis), in connection with Code 88:

Doc Brown says, “when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, we are going to see some serious shit...” Which is NLP for Sirius shit.

August 8th, 8/8 is a significant date in astrology known as the “Lions Gate Portal.” Lion because it’s in the sign of Leo. At this time the dog-star Sirius is closest to Earth…

We have LionsGate Films, and MGM which is a friggin’ lion in a type of gate or portal; it’s been roaring in our faces all this time and did we ever question why?!

Doc Brown has a telepathy machine, which he hooks up to his dog.

As in connecting to the dog star Sirius. 

And now its clear to me why in Harry Potter the character Sirius Black can morph into a dog:

Note: his tattoo kind of resembles the sign for Mercury, (who is Hermes, who pre-figured as a Christ figure in ancient Egypt).

Gerald Massey says that in Egypt, the ordinary year was timed largely by the inundation of the Nile river and the heliacal rising of Sirius.

So in August, in the sign of Leo we have the “Dog Days” because Sirius is closest to Earth. This is where things sat until today, the 15th of May of 2021, where I read in Kuhn’s Who is This King Of Glory, that the name “Sirius” is actually derived from “Osiris” (God, the Father). But we have the son as well, because the dog or the jackal (Anup, or Anubis) in Egypt, (sometimes in the myths he is a fox), is the “keen-scented Deity that could guide man through the darkness of incarnational night,” Kuhn writes. Sirius, as one of the brightest stars in the Heavens fit this description. God the Father incarnating as the Son (humanity), becomes lost in the darkness of flesh/sense life, but within each soul lies the (dog/fox/jackal) intuitional sense (smell), the Christ or Horus guiding them back to Source.

Anubis assisting the dead in his sarcophagus, the dead being of course the soul dying into matter, being born of flesh. If this sounds strange to you, in my post Ariadne’s Thread I outlined Kuhn’s discovery about the how the meaning of the “dead” and “death” is the exact opposite in scripture of what you think based on their exoteric meaning. Death to them meant birth into life down here, in the material realm.

Kuhn continues, “the three stars in Orion’s belt are the three Kings of the Orient or the three Magi who came to see baby Jesus…They point to Sirius who rises right after… “

The three waves on each side of this corporate logo align with the three stars of Orion’s belt. The three magi looking for Jesus, the three stars sending out that beacon signal.

Sirius X M. Sirius (Christ, or spiritual sons of God) crossed with m…crossed with Matter (the incarnation, the word-made-flesh). The Hebrew letter Mem being a glyph of water, which was code in scripture for the material realm and also the physical body itself, being mostly made of water.

So Sirius is the Hunter’s dog, Orion’s dog. Now the son or Christ as Saviour of humanity, was originally typed in folklore and myth by the ancients using animal-totem symbology. We’ve covered some of that here on this blog. The fish is Christ because it does not drown in the sea of sense life. The bull, ox and lion are Christ because of their might and strength to fight against the entropy of matter. The hybrids like Sagittarius and Capricorn represent the climb (goat) out of the animal forms and into higher domains (man, and finally super-man).

And to bring it all back around, it’s Sirius Black who rides the hybrid hippogriff in the Harry Potter series:

The bird is Christ (Horus with his hawk head) for its flight back to Heaven.

And we were talking about the Lion’s Gate, which is of course tied to the Sphinx (lion body with woman head), which traditionally guards the portal, guards the secrets.

In the hybrid form we see man followed by animal. Kuhn writes, “man is followed in evolution by the animal who will at a later day stand where he now does.” A “day” as it is used in Genesis is actually code for a full cycle or aeon of manifestation.

The animal following man is seen in tarot right away on card O, The Fool, the most important card of the whole arcana.

This relates to the Old Testament allegory in Exodus 23:11. God tells his people that when farming, to follow a seven year cycle. For six years you can till, plant and harvest the soil to your heart’s abundance – 

“But the seventh year thou shalt let it rest and lie still; that the poor of thy people may eat: and what they leave the beasts of the field shall eat. In like manner thou shalt deal with thy vineyard, and with thy oliveyard.”

Six years of harvest are the six elementary forces of the material world that we must utilize and master. The seventh year, like the weekly sabbath or day of rest, is the spiritual fire or seventh force that rules or becomes the nucleus of the other six forces. This is a common numerological motif in esotericism. It has nothing whatsoever to do with literal farming techniques.

But the important part here is that on that seventh year, men are instructed to leave the field for the poor and then finally for the wild beasts, the animals. This is the same concept as the dog who follows the Fool at his heels, who will one day stand in the place of man. Not in this aeonial cycle perhaps, but you see, at the end of each aeon the seventh spiritual force, cultivated by the creative energies in the mind of man, trickles down to the rest of nature and uplifts the lower kingdoms below it. First the poor, which are everywhere in the bible really the unawakened masses, and finally to the animals themselves, such as that they may, in the next cycle, have what it takes to ascend their evolutionary ladder.

Thus all of nature is uplifted (baptised) by the effects of the spiritual works of man, because in his brain, in the pineal is housed, temporarily, the crowning principle, the soul, which comes from outside nature. She has built for us an ark. Likewise man is uplifted (baptised) by the waters of matter, through the incarnation. Spirit and matter uplift each other and are dual mirror reflections, neither being “greater” or morally superior to the other. In God even this final great dualism is exploded.

Mother Nature prepares the way for man, so that it can be uplifted or baptised by the sons of God, the spiritual fire. The sons of God, in turn are baptised by Mother Nature; through trials and suffering in the flesh, we are evolved and strengthened.

The roadmap for this is right there in the night skies, Orion (Osiris, Father) points to Sirius (Christ, son) and “Sirius in turn points to Virgo who bears in arms the Christ child himself.” So we have the Holy Trinity, Father-Mother-Son, playing out in these two constellations, Leo-Virgo. These are the dog days of summer, when it’s hot, when the SUN is at its peak, when the Christ principle has conquered Set, Satan, the watery, wintery material realm.

Orion is a hunter; he, like The Fool is hunting for soul growth and evolution, hunting for that next, higher mountain peak (notice the fool stands on a precipice but he is still looking up). But only by going into the valley of death (incarnation) can this be achieved. Only by becoming like his dog, by spending time amongst the animals and being akin to them in body, but not in mind, could he gain in the spiritual realm. This is why Jesus was born in a manger, an animal house. This is why a manger is also called a stable, because it keeps you stable. This is why animals are so prevalent in the zodiac, the zoo-days. The dog days of summer, when Sirius, the hunter tracker, aids the Father, aids Orion in the coming of Man. And he in turn points his snout towards Virgo, where we have the birth of the Christ child. With the aid of Mother Nature as a testing ground, a proving ground, he conquers the lower ego of the flesh, the power drives, the materialism, the lusts and addictions, the anger and hate, the fear and loathing, and after much weeping and gnashing of teeth, and after many incarnations, is finally resurrected in his immortal spirit body (which, appropriately enough, we have to build here on Earth, not in the heavenly realm, which is all potential, until this is done, no fixity.)

The work has to be done here. Are you ready? Are you already doing it?

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15 Responses to Orion and His Dog

  1. jessethomas7 says:

    This made me ponder the scene in the Truman Show where a light falls from the sky with the label “Sirius (9 Canis Major)” – any thoughts on what that scene alludes to?

  2. Katie Horrocks says:

    WOW!!! So much amazing info. Look at those logos. Thank you!

  3. D.V. says:

    If the good entities are supposed to grow, to evolve, to create, then why the evil here on Earth is so prevalent, pervasive, all powerful and suffocating the good? The evil entities have the power, the key positions in institutions, the authority, the money, they make the laws and enforce these bad laws on the good persons. The good is trying to survive here, to resist, the good is harrassed, degraded, stalked and killed without mercy. How can the good create something in this hellish realm, if he has no real power?

    • jessethomas7 says:

      My thoughts exactly… the purpose isn’t so obvious, but it seems to me that the only consistently satisfactory explanation is that this life is a time of testing. Not testing in the institutional sense, but more like a trial and a period of refinement (or destruction, depending on one’s content/integrity). The world events that are unfolding are not much unlike process automation in factories where an undesirable raw material is refined, tempered or filtered down through various methods (trials), until what remains is only pure (or a more desirable/useful form).

    • Yeah Jesse said it quite well – it is a “refinement.” There is evil here because it is allowed, because there is free will for some humans to choose evil. But is it real power? It is only power over the material realm. They can never (permanently) chain your soul. That is the whole message of esoteric work.

  4. Ritu says:

    Very informative article.
    Keep up the good work.

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  7. Lionheart101 says:

    The Olympiad began on July 23 and will end on August 8. Code 88

    • Hmm, which means the torch will go out on 8/8. Now that you mention it, the Olympic logo with the interlocking rings could be a bunch of 88’s from any angle (with an extra ring), and this olympics was postponed an extra year, due to covid…
      And is that a 16 day span or 8×2?

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