Dreams Within Dreams In Movie ‘Inception’ Discloses ‘Time Locked Realms’ ala Aug Tellez

What is the hidden meaning behind the 2010 sci-fi blockbuster “Inception’? For it comes up again and again in this study. Remember this was the movie about shared dreaming or going into a subjects dreams via a device as a way to influence behavior by implanting or ‘incepting’ foreign ideas into their subconscious.

The obvious parallels can be made to REM cloning disclosed by Donald Marshall, but this post is going to focus on the notion of getting stuck in a dream or what Aug Tellez has called ‘Time Locked Realms.’ We very well might all be in a kind of time locked realm or time loop right now. And it seems like to get out we need to wake up a critical mass of people to what is going on. (Note: this post is just MY interpretation of Aug’s material, not to be taken as gospel straight from the whistleblower’s mouth.)

In the film there are these agents who specialize in going into peoples dreams and messing with the subject; this can be to implant ideas or to extract sensitive information.  Eventually they start experimenting with going into a persons dream while already imbedded in someone else’s dreamscape: thus a dream within a dream.

“Dream within a dream, huh. I’m impressed. But in my dream, you play by my rules.”

“Yes, but you see Mr. Saito…We’re not in your dream. We’re in mine.”

Problem is that time gets dilated every time they add a ‘dream layer.’ So only a few minutes of realtime can expand exponentially inside a ‘dream within a dream’ and if they are not careful and know how to ‘kick’ themselves back through the layers of dreaming to wakefulness, they might be stuck there for thousands of years or longer. Meanwhile their real body would be in a coma state and eventually die in real time. By the end of the movie, you are not quite sure if the main characters ever made it back to the real world, or if they remain forever stuck in a dream.

Read this post here about the Time machine that Aug Tellez encountered in the D.U.M.B’s. It is an AI computational hypercube device that has all our souls trapped and is spitting out this simulation that we are in. As you get closer to the machine, you can sense the fractal realities or potentialities that we are embedded in and this is the maze that we must eventually try to work our way out of. The TV show ‘Westworld‘ may also be hinting at this:

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 7.53.18 pmscreen shot 2019-01-23 at 7.53.36 pm

The initial elite secret society members who discovered, or who are holding onto this device, that didn’t know how to handle it went mad, they became stuck sifting through all these divergent parallel realities and their minds got separated from their real bodies and they became the disincarnate Archon parasites that are plaguing us now. Because their bodies got separated and are slowly dying, they have to be vampiric on us in order to stay alive, and since their minds experienced thousands of years of parallels, they got quite good at it, if not for sheer trial and error.

Inception:“But when we die in a dream, we wake up.”

“Not from this. We’re too heavily sedated to wake up that way.”

– “Right, so what happens when we die?”

“We drop in a limbo.”

“Are you serious? Limbo?”

“Unconstructed dream space.”

“What the hell is down there?”

“Just raw infinite subconscious….Nothing is down there…..Except for whatever might have been left behind by anyone sharing the dream, who has been trapped there before.”

“How long can we be stuck there? HOW LONG Yusuf?!”

“Decades, It could be infinite. I don’t know.”

Cobb explains how he and his now deceased wife would explore dreams within dreams: “We were working together. We were exploring the concept of a dream within a dream. I kept pushing things. I wanted to go deeper and deeper. I wanted to go further. I just didn’t understand the concept that hours could turn into years down there.That we could get trapped so deep. That when we wound up on the shore of our subconscious we lost sight of what was real. We built a world for ourselves. We did that for years. We built our own world.”

“How long were you stuck there?”

“Something like fifty years.”


You can imagine it like this. What we have been calling history has been one very long shared dream to a group of people or beings who are now the ‘fallen ones.’

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 7.37.22 pm

Their bodies are slowly rotting away in their comatose state in the ‘real world’ outside this Matrix. And we see this slow decay manifesting here, inside the dream/sim. Kind of like when you dip a sleeper’s toe into water and it starts raining in their dream because they have to pee. All the cannibalism and torture and pedophilia, all the horrors of this decaying world is a manifestation of the slow decay and death of the dreamer, whoever they are, the ones whose dream we are all stuck in. Their death is so slow because of this time dilation effect. Thousands of years of history here can be a couple years or decades there. Who knows how long we have been here? And the closer to actual death the dreamer becomes, the more desperate and depraved the Archon infestation becomes, because they know they are slowly drowning, mad with the knowledge.

Water in this movie has this dual symbolism: it can be used to ‘kick’ them awake out of the dream, but it also be used to drown them farther into the dream, into the recesses of the subconscious.

From Inception:“How could you stand it?”

Cobb (DiCaprio’s character): It wasn’t so bad at first. Feeling like gods.The problem was that I knew that none of that was real. Eventually, it became impossible for me to live like that.”

“And what about her?”

“She had locked something away. Something deep inside her. The truth that she had once known. She chose to forget. Limbo became her reality.”

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 8.02.22 pm

Perhaps the masses who reject what they dub ‘conspiracy theories’ have chosen to let limbo (this matrix) become their reality. That’s what taking the blue pill means. Those who take the red pill know this is a sim, a dream within a dream, and want to do whatever it takes to get out. the others are content to stay, they have locked away the knowledge that this isn’t real, because it frightened them too much, the implications and responsibility that come with the knowing.

Aug: “Humans are in a time locked realm. It was discovered that some would be separating and others were not. This temporal ‘ripple’ or decay created what we know of as ‘death’. Some went forward faster and some went backwards, a result, the energy was separated into fractions (factions) which then diverged into half powered sister, mirror breakaways of the same root civilization. A time phase interlock system was designed. Each of you are phased in and out of this reality using an oscillating containment system that has been described in various depths..

…We are safe for now, relatively so. There are still dangers, even in a frozen time universe. It’s the world that is frozen, through our neural input…. However this only means that our grasp of the universe beyond, is purely illusory similar to the appearance of the stars as a previous era that we don’t physically have access to. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t there or what we are seeing isn’t something that was real, but that the present reality of the situation can only be ‘light years’ beyond that, in the now.” 

He is referring to that time dilation effect. It’s similar to the movie Groundhogs day. In the real world time is moving normally but in this current matrix system its like time is on a 24 hour loop. The cycle is on repeat. And how does Bill Murray finally break the loop? By gaining mastery over his emotions and becoming truly selfless and enlightened. Only those who are ready to leave everything they knew behind, shed all the attachments of the physical world and fully embrace the spirit, will get out.

Aug: “At best, we have a recording, everywhere you look, a thousand million years into the past, if we can learn to read the light spectrum at a different angle (which was done). You can trace the projection system from the perception to the feed and back to the source. The source is in the future!” To understand this bit you really gotta read this post or watch his video entitled ‘The Time Machine.’

“And the future is behind the illusory freeze frame desktop wallpaper that this world was stitched into.This is like a comic book, where each character, atmospheric, environmental, scene, prop, theme, and all variables are purely freely changeable according to a nexus of information revolution that is the simultaneity of life itself. That was broken when this scene was hijacked. They gained temporal tech, in this hell of a frozen reality and chose to die here, staying here forever, and killing anyone who is still alive in the real universe in the process, after first stealing the genetic material and applying it in this system which is in the underground base of an important building in the real universe. Strange.”

This is truly revelatory. All this talk of conscious transfer into clone bodies in the underground bases, perhaps we are all victims of it, our bodies in stasis in the real world, and our minds uploaded into this shared dreamspace or sim, exactly like the movie The Matrix. Is this what Noah’s Ark means? They’ve got all our genetic samples, and have used them to make clones for everyone to wire to and remain stuck on the ark, the matrix. Meanwhile, what happens over time to our real bodies?

Aug:“Either way, that just means that the bones can no longer separate as the joints become locked, the blood is thick and coagulated and the brain becomes overheated and repeating viral delirious fears and fever nightmares.”

Again, all the wicked shit, the Satanic Ritual Abuse, came from the side effects of the dreamer being in cryo sleep or hibernation for too long. This reminds me of the movie ‘Pandorum’ where humans in cryosleep on an extended space flight to planet Tanis experience rapid de-evolution into what look like orcs or demonic beings.

IMDB summarizes, “the creatures are actually passengers. In all the hyper-sleep pods, everyone was supplied with an accelerator to speed up adaptation and jump evolution to adjust to the conditions on Tanis. Instead, it could have made some people adapted to the ship. However, Bower questions why they nor Leland (who has been awaken for years) hasn’t adapted at all. Nadia believes that the creatures may have been on the ship far longer than any of them.”

Highly symbolic of all this. The creatures in Pandorum look like that because they were given an accelerator to adapt to life on a ship. Low-light conditions, everything cold and metallic, many crawlspaces (hence they hunch over) and the only sustenance is hunting other humans. So the Archonic subhumans were once like us but have been here too long, separated from their real bodies too long, separated from Source,  they devolved into monsters. And the catalyst for this was getting hooked on Adrenochrome, the blood lust and cannibalism on those who still carry connection to Source.

Aug: “That is the universe, the flow of time, the nature of our being in relation to the larger situation here, because their consciousness, their intentions, transferred over into this time bubble and when that happens, a ‘universal’ ‘omnimind’ is created automatically as part of the nature of space, geometry, energy and consciousness altogether, that bubble was filled with the unconscious intent to hunt, locate, deceive, obtain, and reproduce soft, young, sentient life to then pull energy from and utilize as part of an energy extraction process. The entire artificial universe is programmed with an archontic predatory AI technologically and intoxicatingly wicket state of mind.

The time lock is being removed. (SOURCE)

Edgar Allen Poe:”I stand amid the roar

Of a surf-tormented shore,

And I hold within my hand

Grains of the golden sand–

How few! yet how they creep

Through my fingers to the deep,

While I weep–while I weep!

O God! can I not grasp

Them with a tighter clasp?

O God! can I not save

One from the pitiless wave?

Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream?”

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