Do Animals Have Souls? – Rudolf Steiner

In my recent article We Are Not In A Soul Trap! I talked about how in the far future, but maybe not that far, there will be a great War of All Against All, and as a result of that, humanity will be split into two races, the Good Race and the Evil Race, and how the evil race will “fall into the abyss,” and I compared Steiner’s material with how YBD suggests that their souls will be “trapped with Lilith and Lucifer in their Black Cube.” Steiner discusses how they will become a separate line of evolution on the great Tree of Humanity, (in fact they are devolving to the animal kingdom and will look like stunted humans with hideous faces, as depicted in the Gasoline music video,

(see my presentation The Lilith Code, especially my video addendum notes). In this post we will see how the animal kingdom itself already represents older branches of segregation from the original spiritual germ, the Mother Substance of spiritual humanity. To put it more simply, we must turn Darwin’s theory of evolution upside down and say, humanity didn’t evolve from animals, but rather animals devolved from humans, all this taking place not in physicality but in a higher plane just before our descent to Earth.

This is of great importance from a moral perspective, understanding how the karma of the universe balances out the ‘backward’ or delayed or immature forces justly and with a greater wisdom than we can even comprehend. This post will also touch on the karmic consequences of eating animals and how we should treat our brethren in the animal kingdom.

The Separation of the Evil Race

From GA 104 – the Apocalypse of St. John. Lecture 4.

Rudolf Steiner:“In the course of thousands of years the external physiognomy changes and after the great War of All against All man will have quite a different form. To-day he is so formed that in a certain sense he can conceal the good and evil in his nature. The human physiognomy already betrays a good deal, it is true, and one who understands this will be able to read much from the features. But it is still possible to-day for a scoundrel to smile most graciously with the most innocent man and/or taken for an honest man; the reverse is also possible; the good impulses in the soul may remain unrecognized. It is possible for all that exists in the soul as cleverness and stupidity, as beauty and ugliness, to hide itself behind the general physiognomy possessed by this or that race. 

This will no longer be the case in the epoch following the great War of All against All. Upon the forehead and in the whole physiognomy it will be written whether the person is good or evil. He will show in his face what is contained in his inmost soul. What a man has developed within himself, whether he has exercised good or evil impulses, will be written on his forehead. After the great War of All against All there will be two kinds of human beings. Those who had previously tried to follow the call to the spiritual life, who cultivated the spiritualizing and ennobling of their inner spiritual life, will show this inward life on their faces and express it in their gestures and the movements of their hands. And those who have turned away from the spiritual life, represented by the community of Laodicea, who were lukewarm, neither warm nor cold, will pass into the following epoch as those who retard human evolution, who preserve the backward forces of evolution which have been left behind. They will show the evil passions, impulses and instincts hostile to the spiritual in an ugly, unintelligent, evil-looking countenance. In their gestures and hand-movements, in everything they do, they will present an outer image of the ugliness in their soul. Just as humanity has separated into races and communities, in the future it will divide into two great streams, the good and the evil. And what is in their souls will be outwardly manifest, they will no longer be able to hide it.

The Animals Separated Off First In Earthly Evolution

If we look back and see how humanity has hitherto developed on the earth, we shall find that this development of the future just described is quite in harmony with it. Let us look back to the origin of our earth after Saturn, Sun and Moon and a long interval had passed. The earth then emerged anew out of the cosmic darkness. At that time, in the first part of the earth development, there were no other creatures upon the earth besides man. He is the first-born. He was entirely spiritual, for embodiment consists in a densification. Let us imagine a body of water suspended in space which, through a certain process, partially crystallizes into ice, first a small part and then the same process continually repeated. And now let us imagine that the small pieces of ice which have crystallized fall from the body of water, so that they are now separated from the whole mass. Now, because each small piece of ice can only grow larger so long as it is in the whole body of water, when it has separated from this it remains at the same stage. Let us imagine a portion of the body of water separated in the form of very small pieces of ice; let us imagine that the freezing of the water continues and at the next stage more water assumes the form of small lumps of ice; these again fall out, and so on, till finally a very large part is crystallized out of the mass of water and takes the shape of ice. This last has taken the most out of the mother-substance of the water; it has been able to wait the longest before separating.

It is the same in evolution. The lowest animals were unable to wait, they left their spiritual mother-substance too early and hence have remained behind at an earlier stage of evolution. Thus the gradually ascending grades of lower beings represent backward stages in evolution. Man waited until the last; he was the last to leave his spiritual divine-mother-substance and descend as dense substance in fleshly form. The animals descended earlier and therefore remained at that stage. We shall see the reason for this later. At present we are interested in the fact that they descended and have remained at earlier stages of evolution. What, therefore, is an animal form? It is one which, had it remained united with the spirit from which it proceeded, would have developed up to our present humanity. But the animal forms have remained at a standstill; they have left the spiritual germ; they have separated themselves and are now degenerating. They represent a branch of the great tree of humanity. In ancient times man had the various animal natures within him, as it were, but then separated them off one after another as side branches. All the animals in their different forms represent nothing else than human passions which condensed too early. That which man still possesses spiritually in his astral body, the several animal forms represent physically. He kept this in the astral body until the latest period of earth existence, and hence he could progress the furthest.

Man still has something within him which must separate itself from the universal evolution as a descending branch, as the other animal forms have done. That which man has within him as tendency to good and evil, to cleverness and stupidity, to beauty and ugliness, represents the possibility of an upward progress or a remaining behind. Just as the animal form has developed out of progressing humanity, so will the race of evil with the horrible faces develop out of it as it progresses towards spirituality and reaches the later goal of humanity. In the future there will not only be the animal forms which are the incarnated images of human passions, but there will also be a race in which will live what man now hides within him as a portion of evil, which to-day he can still conceal but which later will be manifest. Let us make clear the chief thing that will appear by an illustration that may perhaps seem strange to you.

We must understand that this separation of the animal forms was actually necessary to man. Each animal form which separated in bygone times from the general stream signifies that man had then progressed a step further. Imagine that all the qualities distributed throughout the animal kingdom were in man. He has purified himself from them. Through this he was able to develop higher. If we take a muddy liquid and allow the gross matter in it to settle to the bottom, the finer part remains at the top. In the same way the grosser parts which man would have been unable to use for his present condition of development have been deposited in the animal forms. Through man having cast out of his line of development these animal forms — his elder brothers, as it were — he has reached his present height. Humanity has risen by throwing out the lower forms in order to purify itself and it will rise still higher by separating another kingdom of nature, the kingdom of the evil race. Thus mankind rises upward. Man owes every quality he now possesses to the circumstance that he has rejected a particular animal form. One who with spiritual vision looks upon the various animals knows exactly what we owe to them. We look upon the lion form and say, “If the lion did not exist in the outer world, man would not have had this or that quality; for through his having rejected it he has acquired this or the other quality.” This is the case too with all the other forms in the animal kingdom.”

The Group Souls of Animals

Steiner talks about how each species of animal has its own group soul, which belongs to a single Spirit Being that up until the descent to the present Earth stage was at the same level as the present humanity, and thus could have become the ‘I’ of a single human being as exists today. In other words, one human being today has the same spiritual “substance” if-you-will as the entire species of a given animal. But since this spirit left the Mother Substance too soon, their ‘I’ remains in the Spiritual sphere while its Group Soul becomes segregated, split into the many “individual” members of a given species that we see before us. Each animal has its own physical body, ether body and astral body, but shares its ‘I’ with all the other members of its species, collectively being the Group Soul of that species. Thus there is one ‘I’ or Spirit Entity behind the dog, one ‘I’ behind the cat, zebra, giraffe, and so on. All the way down to the fish level. Then, at the vertebrate/invertebrate distinction a line is drawn and the simpler creatures below that line like the insects are actually from the plant kingdom originally and evolving upwards. The fish and upwards are from the human kingdom and devolved downwards. Thus the animal kingdom is an amalgam coming from two opposite directions, from the neighboring kingdoms. 

Each animal is equipped up to the Soul Body or Astral Body, but lacks an Ego or ‘I’

Each dog shares this soul-link with other dogs, and if you could see into the super-sensible world you would see thin astral threads connecting all dogs to each other, all cats to each other, and so on. They are like fingers of the same hand, they are parts of a Whole that we don’t see because the Whole exists in a higher world. 

When I take my dog on a walk and he runs into another dog and the two get excited, I think about how I am witness to two astral forms of the same ‘I’ Spirit Entity reuniting; it’s really quite beautiful. The only comparison I can make – which still doesn’t do it justice – is like a schizophrenic mind becoming whole again, for a moment.

Now just because the animals represent stalled or backward facing stages of human evolution doesn’t mean they are lost or stuck in that static form. It also doesn’t mean that they are dumb or stupid. Each dog or cat has its own astral form that has a unique relationship to Gaia and each form reincarnates after death. Their rebirth process is more simple than ours. Animals are not concerned with death because of an intuitive “knowing” that death just means a transition between having an individual body to being one with the Group Soul. And this Group Soul, this supersensible ‘I’ spirit entity behind each species is actually quite clever and intelligent at this point, if even their many astral forms do not reveal it. Each astral form, each dog, cat, etc. is exactly what it needs to be to serve its Group  Soul. The fact that they cannot express this to us humans in words doesn’t make them dumb brutes, as it may seem to those stuck in Maya, illusion.

When the Earth itself sheds matter and takes on a more fine ethereal and astral form in the Jupiter stage of Earthly embodiment, the animal souls will follow the Earth and reunite with their ‘I’. Their paths of evolution will continue progressively, albeit in a different line than what would have taken place if they had originally progressed at the human level.

We owe a great deal to the animals; it is because of them that we can rise higher in our evolution, as Steiner described as the muddy water separating as the lower denser material settles at the bottom and the finer, lighter substances floating to the top.

On the Karma of Eating Animals 

I can’t remember which lecture I heard this from, but Steiner talked about how on the Jupiter stage, the next Earthly embodiment (the 5th of 7, we are currently in the 4th, the first 3 being Old Saturn, Old Sun, and Old Moon), the karma for eating animals will be dished out: humanity will be inflicted with intestinal parasites that will be the astral forms of the animals who we ate in past lives on Earth. Those who ate more meat and dairy will have more parasites. Those who became vegan will be somewhat less afflicted, and some of us may even be getting a headstart in earning off that karma by taking on these parasites now. The parasites, by stealing some of our food substance, by feeding off of us, will produce a feeling of comfort in the Group Soul of the corresponding animal, on Jupiter. This feeling of comfort in the cow or chicken or pig, for example, will be felt in them to the same degree as the comfort you felt by eating them. The scales of justice and karma will be meted out (pun intended) fairly in this way. There is a deep ring of cosmic harmony here. Vegans listen up, you don’t need to guilt trip meat eaters, just provide the information I’m presenting here in an objective way. Their karma will be worked out by the wisdom of the cosmos, automatically. A true and honest understanding of everything I am revealing here should lead one naturally to stop wanting to eat and exploit animals.

Meat may heal the body, but plants heal the soul

Some personal remarks on veganism, because the situation from a moral standpoint can be a bit more complex, even if the spiritual, karmic, future repercussions are quite beautiful in their simplicity. But on Earth in current physical bodies there are some people who are not yet ready to give up meat, and shouldn’t be bullied by certain militant vegans into doing so. I myself went through a digestive disorder similar to IBS for over a year, and I am very grateful that meat and eggs were easier to digest, because protein is broken down in the small intestine, while vegetables, fiber and carbs are broken down later in the large intestine and require a healthy microbiome to avoid IBS-like symptoms. This is why people with digestive disorders sometimes report vast improvements from Keto-like heavy protein diets. The animal protein is what worked to build my damaged gut back up, (along with probiotics and other protocols), because protein repairs cell wall damage, and builds new cells. There are people with various physical ailments that may need that extra animal protein and are thus not ready to go completely plant-based. These Keto/carnivore diets are not sustainable long term though as meat can have parasites and essentially creates a mucus and acidic environment in the gut. So if you are healthy, from a physical standpoint, there is no reason, moral or dietary, to not be moving to a more plant-based diet, especially if you seek the spiritual life. The path of ascension is more about doing less than taking new things on; it’s leaving behind denser substances, frequencies, practices, etc. When a suffering animal dies in fear it leaves behind a very dense negative vibration in the blood, which goes into the meat. Similarly, when a mother cow has her calf stripped away from her so that men can steal the milk that nature made for her calf, the milk contains these heavy vibrations of sorrow and anguish as well.

A hot air balloon ascends by removing the dead weight. So too one discovers that to awaken and raise one’s vibration, one must not take in dense, low frequency foods like meat and dairy to the body. Animal substances keep us fixated on the earth and material things. Plants, which gaze upward at the sun and the heavens, when taken in as nutrient raise one’s gaze also to heavenly, spiritual things.

Saving the Seed; Tithings

To ascend, right diet is perhaps the primary step. The next step is to refrain as much as possible from the external ejaculation (see The Lilith Code). As Santos Bonacci put it, “eating meat is ingesting death. Ejaculating is expelling life.” These two issues/lifestyles work in tandem, and giving them up is the sacrifice of the flesh, the tithings that Jesus talked about. To not ejaculate in that supreme moment before orgasm is one of the greatest sacrifices of the flesh you can make; it is saying to your spirit, “ok I give up this fleeting spasm of pleasure for something greater, more subtle, and sustainable long term.” A calm and stability is what is achieved, and more creative energy and libido. My research into this issue has led me to the surprising conclusion that ejaculation is the hidden cause behind why many relationships fail. Men who ejaculate alot with their partner will start to resent their partner subconsciously, because they are losing vitality as a result of this sexual interaction, and this subconscious awareness of loss will manifest consciously as bitterness or resentment towards their partner in other, unrelated areas, because they are unaware of the root cause. Women who are reading this and wish to save or improve their marriage/relationship should encourage their partner to abstain from ejaculation, to raise the chrism instead of squandering it.

Throw these practices out the air balloon, remove the dead weight. Do less, not more. Stop the mindless scrolling of Facebook and Twitter feeds, the endless distraction and vapid meme culture. Take breaks from the internet and walk barefoot in nature. Take off those silly masks. Read a book. Study spiritual science ala Steiner. Take your dreams seriously and keep a dream journal. Pray daily, especially before meals. It doesn’t have to be long, but it must be done from the humble position that ‘Man liveth not by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’ Matthew 4:4.

Do less, stop shaking the cup, spilling the cup, or polluting the cup, and it will be filled with the Christ principle.

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