The Two Jesus Children – Rudolf Steiner


I’ve been doing a deep dive into the works of the great occultist, clairvoyant, and “spiritual scientist” Rudolf Steiner, mostly through the audio tapes as read by Dale Brunsvold. According to Steiner there WAS an actual incarnation of a highly divine Being into a man of Nazareth named Jesus. 

But how could this be? We’ve done the comparative mythological homework by studying Massey and Kuhn, who’ve provided ample evidence of the gospel stories being remixed versions of Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Indian and Greek scriptures and books of the dead.  

How can we accept the historical veracity of a divine incarnation of Christ into the man Jesus when his life is full of obvious similarities to that of Horus, Osiris, Jonah, Moses, Dionysus, etc. etc? Why would the Christ Being “plagiarize” so-to-speak, from these earlier Gods? Surely he would have the power and means to make a more unique stamp. But Steiner provides an answer for this, that at first seems off-base but as it sinks in, the more it actually makes sense. He says the average human of those days was more in touch with the spiritual world, more clairvoyant, and the ancient seers who wrote those texts were actually seeing into the future. They were high mystics who saw that there was going to be this divine incarnation of a Christ being at around 30 AD that would save the dying soul life of humanity, that was steadily corrupting to the riotous living of the flesh and would have been doomed to matter, instead of turning back to spirit. 

They penned their gospels of Osiris, Horus and Krishna, David and Jonah etc., such that it would match and fit hand-in-glove with the time of Jesus Christ. They REALLY were prophets, in every sense of that word, penning prophecy.

Steiner admits that the apostles who wrote the New Testament gospels were using as a blueprint these ancient esoteric texts. This is why the books are chalk full of hidden astrology, numerology, gematria, anagogy, metaphysics, and mysticism. But the REAL Mystery of Golgotha, as well as the true life of Jesus leading up to and including the Christ event, Steiner claims, is something quite different from all the biblical and/or historical evidence. The important thing about the Christ event, in fact, is that there ISN’T sufficient evidence to be found for it, in the material world, or even in the extant bible. One has to come to an inner-standing of it through spiritual work, and through careful use of intuitive/spiritual faculties; THEN a PRESENCE will slowly begin to reveal itself to you. THEN you will begin to KNOW Christ, not believe in Christ. There is no room, anymore, for mere pious faith or belief. One has to know, through gnosis.

The basic gist, and then we will go back and try to fill in the details, is that there was indeed a highly divine cosmic being, that sacrificed its status in the upper realms to incarnate as we do, in the flesh of a human vessel. But where Steiner differs from popular Christian belief is that this incarnation did not culminate until Jesus was 30 years of age, during the baptism at the Jordan river. From there, Jesus played host to the Christ and became Christ Jesus for 3 years up until his death at the Mystery of Golgotha. When he died, the cosmic Being of Christ infused with the astral bodies of the entire human race, it was dispersed to every human soul and will be with us now until the end of time, which I understand to mean the close of the cycle, when all souls are liberated into Nirvana, the great sleep of the Abyss, back into the net of Nuit, the night of God.

So the incarnation of the Christ spirit happened to Jesus at 30, but his whole life can be seen as a preparation for becoming this purified vessel. Very specific protocols had to happen. For one thing, there was not one but two children who were prepared, initially. As the details unfold we will see many elements of this in popular fiction and culture. As though these high secrets are reflected through a shattered black mirror, through a glass darkly, the light refracted like a prism into many elements of creative human output. So that when someone like Steiner comes along and provides the key, we go ‘aha! I feel like I knew it all along….’

The Two Jesus Children 

Seanan McGuire wrote a sci-fi novel called Middlegame about dark “alchemists” who, through occult ritual, incarnate what they call “Doctrines” such as Eros, Pathos and Logos, into children at birth. Initial experiments showed that one child could not handle the powerful energies of the Doctrine without going insane or totally autistic to the outer world, but if the doctrine was split in half and each half imparted to twins at their birth, it could be done.

This reminded me at the time of the strange twin experiments supposedly done by Mengele in the concentration camps during WW2. He was apparently looking into the psychic connection that exists between twins. This post by Lifting The Wool blog details many of the ways that twinning experiments are done in MK Ultra black projects and super-soldier programs.

Throughout the occult and esoteric world there is constant reference to the twins, Horus and Set, Pollux and Castor (Gemini), Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, the twin pillars, two towers etc.

In the movie The Prestige, which I already knew to be layered up esoterically, we find out at the end that Christian Bale’s character, a stage magician, actually had a secret twin, which is how he performed his Teleporting Man act. Like Christ he bleeds from the hands and sacrifices himself at the end. Z pointed out to me several years ago that the other film Bale did with Nolan, Batman, he played the Antichrist role. They flipped the script. Not only that, the Borden twins in The Prestige are overseen by Michael Caine’s character, John Cutter:

The Prestige DVD Review

And Steiner talks about how the Christ speaks through his messenger the archangel Michael

Christ as revealed by Steiner turns to us and says, “I have not only revealed Myself to you in those days when the Gospels were written — I shall speak to you through my Day-Spirit, Michael, whenever you seek the path to me.”

Michael Caine also of course being Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred:

For the sake of post length we will have to cover all these connections in a future post. But I point this out now to show you how deep the symbolism goes, the countless pieces of shattered light that move forward and backward in time from the Christ event.

Evidence for two Jesus children begins by comparing the gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke, and finding several discrepancies, such as the genealogy of Jesus. But these can be cleared up when we learn from the clairvoyant research of Steiner that each gospel is describing a different boy. Both were from the line of David but split after 13 generations.

Mathern writes, “there is the direct evidence of the Bible which is indisputable: In the Gospel of St. Matthew Jesus is descended from King David through his son, King Solomon, while in the Gospel of St. Luke Jesus is descended from King David through his son, the priest Nathaniel. This is carefully detailed in the genealogies of the two Gospels: the Matthew and Luke Genealogies agree for the 13 generation span from Abraham to King David and diverge from there. One Jesus child cannot be descended from both Solomon and Nathaniel — thus the evidence is indisputable without taking liberties with the process of logic.”

So we have one Jesus descended from kings (Solomon’s line) and one from priests (Nathaniel’s line). The Solomon boy grew up in the cultural hub Jerusalem and was well-educated and highly intellectual. The Nathan boy grew in the rural Nazareth (he was the one born in a manger). He was not intellectual but was described as all heart and soul, just a very pure, intuitive, simple child, loved by all. These opposite and complementary characteristics of the two children would prove to be part of the preparation for the cosmic being we call the Christ. 

There is a reason there is a mysterious gap in the bible narrative about Jesus’ life between 12 and 30 years of age. Steiner explains how the the soul of one of the children, at their age of 12, would be transferred into the other. Those missing years are discussed in Steiner’s series of lectures, The Fifth Gospel, From the Akashic Record:

When the boys were twelve, an important event happened in a temple in Jerusalem, when they seemingly switch places, the simple Nathan boy becoming verbose and intellectual like the Solomon boy, pontificating on deep matters and gaining the attention of the temple priests and scholars.

The scene is depicted in the painting below:

Ovason writes,“In a miraculous event in the Temple in Jerusalem, there would emerge one child, the Nathan Jesus who would later receive the Christ Spirit during his Baptism by John in the Jordan. Steiner describes how, in the temple in Jerusalem, the Nathan Jesus child, all soul and heart, received into himself the spirit and thinking power of the Solomon Jesus child. As a consequence of this Mystery event, the Solomon child was depleted of his life-forces and died shortly after it had taken place. The Nathan Jesus, on the other hand, was now so wise that the learned men in the temple ‘were amazed at his intelligence and the answers he gave’ to their questions (Luke 2:47).94 The keenest capacities of wisdom of the head, of the brain, such as only a descendant of the house of Solomon could develop, were united with the purest love forces of the heart of the Nathan Child. The kingly and the priestly powers were united in the Nathan Jesus child and formed the chalice into which, 18 years later, at the Baptism by John in the River Jordan, the Christ Being descended…”

In the painting above by Borgognone we see two boys with halos. The Solomon Jesus boy is being led by Mary away from the podium. The Nathan Jesus on the podium is casting him a sideways glance; there is an implication of a hidden understanding between the two boys that goes unnoticed by the men. The boy being led away looks sickly, his halo dimmer, and would die shortly after. But his soul or essence is transferred to the Nathan child, who now takes the place on the podium, and would become the vessel, at age 30, for the Christ Being to incarnate. This incarnation would last until the Mystery of Golgotha or Jesus’ death and resurrection 3 years later.

Thus we have the prediction of Jonah being in the belly of the whale for 3 days, etc. By the way, the Nag Hammadi scrolls talk about two messiahs;, a priest messiah and a king messiah. Steiner was talking about this 20 years before the scrolls were discovered, giving credence to the notion that Steiner was a great clairvoyant and reader of the Akashic record. The book for which that painting above provided the cover, also finds an abundance of evidence in  medieval Christian paintings and sculptors that cryptically show two children. 

Unfinished Michelangelo c.1500
The Two Children, by David Ovason, who was inspired by Steiner

The notion of two children merging into one is perhaps reflected through the dark occult looking glass of Hollywood in all the films about twins switching places, a common trope (eg. The Parent Trap).  This was the theme of Charles Dickens The Prince and the Pauper. And like the two Jesus children, one is always from a wealthy family, the one detailed in Matthew, and one in Luke from more humble origins, like the pauper.

When the poor Nathan Jesus, now infused with the intellectual soul of the Solomon boy, went home from the temple that day, his parents didn’t understand him. Ovason writes, “Here is one reason why his parents, having found him after their three days of separation, did not understand what he was saying to them. Literally, a new personality was speaking to them from the changed body of their son. It is the change that took place in the Nathan Jesus during the three days in the Temple that leads us to refer to him with a new designation — after the Temple-event he is to be known as ‘Jesus of Nazareth’.”

Mathern writes, “This three-day event in the Temple can be seen as an early initiation event for the Nathan Jesus during which his future mission is revealed to him.

We remember that in answer to his mother’s troubled questioning when he was found in the temple he answered her, according to Luke, with two questions: ‘How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?’ His true Father, the twelve-year-old is saying, is not Joseph but God. He was already aware of the reality of the divine message which would issue from the heavenly heights at this baptism.

The perfected human who was to become the earthen vessel of the Christ Spirit would have to combine the wisdom and reverence of the Magi with the humility and piety of the shepherds. The Two Jesus children would have to become One in the Temple, “and qualities that had been entirely inward [would become] outward.”The process by which the two become one was first described by Rudolf Steiner in 1909…”

Lucifer and Ahriman 

Steiner talks about how Christ came at a time  right when our intellect was most oriented out into the physical world, such that we could not see into the spiritual worlds anymore, as our ancestors could. To them, it was the physical which didn’t capture much of their attention or interest. This is the Luciferic impulse, always back to spirit, away from materiality. The opposite pole of this Steiner calls “Ahrimanic,” which is seeking total engulfment in the material world and losing all interest in the spiritual. It almost goes without saying that we are deep in that mire in this current age. But all is for cosmic purpose and evolution and this age is about developing the ego and personal intellect, which can only be done by becoming temporarily blind to the spirit world.

The danger however is being lost in the quagmire of sense, the Ahrimanic (Satanic) impulse. So the two forces, Luciferic and Ahrimanic are balanced by the third impulse, the Christ impulse. We are supposed to go through matter and lift it up through the transmutation of our very bodies to become perfected vessels of the Higher Self, which Christ now speaks through. He is with us until the end, until that last sheep is found, the one that got lost from the 99. The crucifixion on the cross is a palsied comparison, but all we have, of the painful sacrifice the real Christ being underwent as it compressed and dismembered itself to fit into a mere human vessel, to become the manna from Heaven to sustain us weary Israelites in the desert of materiality.

So when the event happened, those simple people who had been touched by the event were deeply moved even if they couldn’t understand it intellectually. It was for this reason that Christianity spread the way it did. Had the success of Christianity been based solely on how much its progenitors understood it intellectually, it would have died on the vine. Due to the orientation of our age, the masses of humanity still don’t have an understanding of what the Golgotha event really signifies, but Steiner says in the upcoming age we will develop this understanding, as we turn back to the spirit world, having developed our personal egos and intellect.

In closing, Lucifer is only mentioned, as far as I can tell, once in the bible, Isaiah 14:12

That’s the Luciferic impulse: to be all warm and cozy in the empyrean, to “exalt ones throne above the stars of God” without doing the hard working out of ones growth and development, through trials and suffering and karma, in the realm of sense and flesh. Its crazy down here indeed, but there is beauty also, and strength, to be found among human beings.

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11 Responses to The Two Jesus Children – Rudolf Steiner

  1. Great article, Gabe! I look forward to reading your future related posts. This is a deep topic and is certainly about as timely as can be, with much of humanity completely blinded (and now muted) to the wickedness around them, giving “authority” to all that represents Scientific Materialism™. I have read and viewed the well-researched opinions of many authors who claim that up to 70% of “people” currently on Earth are not truly humans (Living men and women) but soulless drones, cloned humans running on black magic AI. It gives a new spin on the age-old idea of “selling out” for fame and fortune — and, I would claim, for false security, comfort, and convenience — and thus would include not only celebrities, athletes, politicians, talking heads, authors, producers/directors, and other cushy-job-holding puppets, but those folks “captivated” by the works/images of these puppets.I view the jabs through this lens: People are so loathe to take care of their individual health that they sell out a true, hard-won victory of optimal health to the “experts” of the medtech cartel. So, they are all “souled out,” having made a deal with the Devil for their particular perks. I would love to hear your, and your readers’, thoughts on this. What would Steiner say to this notion?

    • I think the soulless drones and clones only applies to the celebrities and politicians. Your average human, I would say, has a soul, but is in a deep sleep or trance, spiritually. Steiner knew this day was coming when people would be blind to the spiritual world, and even said that vaccines would further this orientation; cementing it in, so to speak.

      • So what do you think about the notion that the jabs are designed to disconnect takers from their souls, especially given the manufacturers calling these concoctions “the software of life,” gene “therapy,” etc? Maybe it doesn’t “sever” the soul permanently but “stores it” somewhere for alternative uses, say, in rituals? This is fascinating — but frightening — stuff. I really like your blog because you broach topics that inspire thought and conversation from many perspectives, often from the same article!

      • In my opinion, the soul is not theirs to “store” anywhere. All they can do is make it seem “unappealing” to explore one’s soul. And they have done a pretty good job of it.

      • Thanks for sharing. Your description makes sense! It’s so true that some people are completely uninterested in matters of the spirit and sou. They just follow “tradition” and turn off the “still, small voice” urging them to individuate and mature as a Divine spark of God. The work is too daunting.

  2. Ruiz Kelvin says:

    You should really do some comparisons from anime as well as movies, Naruto for example is a reincarnation from twin brothers and so was his rival saske who are good and evil. I feel like there s many examples from Japanese culture which deals a lot from the spiritual world.
    I also enjoyed reading this my take from this article is that the more we lust for the things in this world like women and cars and money, the more we drift away from our spirits and our drive to get closer to God. I think that technology also plays a big part now if I want a one night stand I can go on tinder , if I want to see a particular women naked that I follow on Instagram I just pay money and see her only fans. This world truly has drifted far from anything divine and it’s full of fast women ,fast food, fast cash with stocks , faster internet speeds , but never a movement towards finding the real reason we are here spiritually, which is what I seek.

  3. Marie says:

    Brilliant…thank you for helping me understand pieces of the puzzle I couldn’t see.
    You are so appreciated. Thank you

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