IMG_0054I feel like I had help making this blog, like certain posts and themes and designs just flowed right out of me, or certain researchers would pop up on my Youtube feed at just the time that I needed them to fit certain puzzle pieces together. It is like sometime I am merely a vessel:

Darkness was upon the deep

and the spirit of God

moved upon the face of the waters.

“The supernatural: it’s our word for shit we don’t understand. I was like you once – a skeptic. But now my eyes are wide open. But like so many answers it just leads to more questions. Are the good rewarded in the next life? Are the wicked punished? Is there anything after this? Fucked if I know, guess I’m about to find out…” Dark Signal (movie)

Truth scrambling: when researching the shape of the earth, the occult, esoterica, Illuminati, and theories as to human origins, one should suspend both belief and disbelief. As Terence Mckenna puts it, “belief is limiting, because to believe something automatically precludes you from believing it’s opposite, thus half of your reality is destroyed, in the act of belief.”

Note: I do not post any interviews or speeches that cannot be found for free on Youtube.


“Something weird is going on in this here universe…”

Back-engineered Flying Nazi saucers landing on suburban lawns, humanoid and reptoid splices of unnatural origin coming out with laser guns, frying people on sight.

– image of the Clone Army being harvested in some vast underground cavern nursery –

But first: “all out war with the Muslim world”…just as Pike predicted. Then the Project Bluebeam Diety light show in the night skies. Voices being projected into people’s heads. The chaos before the Anti-Christ comes to control.


“Hmm…Earth? Yes, ripe for harvesting.”

The enemy of Good/God/Truth sends a weapon: a parasitic mind control virus which sucks soul energy from awakening humans.  The soul is the most valuable commodity, and the enemy targets humans with Thought Control Addictions of every kind in order to steer the soul away from realizing the totality of itself, and instead acquiescing to a hive mind or insect mentality of Lucifer’s AI Mind, where the Queen absorbs all the soul power from her minions much like a beehive or ant colony.


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