Truthscrambler.com is the blog of Gabriel B. who lives in California with his cattle-dog. What began as a place for story ideas and creative writing, (hence – truth “scrambled” into fiction), quickly became seized by a Higher Intelligence who is using Gabe as a medium or Co-Creator. Diving into conspiracies and being shown, in a very streamlined fashion, many occult truths and esoteric secrets, his job quickly became “documenting the awakening” which he has been doing since 2012.

There have been some dead-ends and false leads along the way, but you can blame it on something being “lost in translation,” and not on the Higher Intelligence itself.

Gabe does not believe he would have been led down this fast track to truth and the destruction of many old paradigms, if not for his ability to not just to take in the information, but transcribe it as well…

Burroughs wrote,”As you may have gathered, your mission is to discover more about the nature and function of words….That is why you have been selected. You are a writer who can not only gather the information we are seeking but transcribe it as well.”

“The supernatural: it’s our word for shit we don’t understand. I was like you once – a skeptic. But now my eyes are wide open. But like so many answers it just leads to more questions. Are the good rewarded in the next life? Are the wicked punished? Is there anything after this? Fucked if I know, guess I’m about to find out…” Dark Signal (movie)

Truth scrambling: when researching the shape of the earth, the occult, esoterica, Illuminati, human origins, the after-life, one should suspend both belief and disbelief. You need to start working with the right hemisphere of your brain, the intuition. Feel what’s right. After doing this for a while, truth starts to have a special ring to it, especially after its been uncovered by layers of muck and propaganda.

“These things are like easter eggs, you have to fucking find them yourself.” -Sol Mason.

Note: I do not post any interviews or speeches that cannot be found for free on the web.

“Yes it is all a lie, there is no conspiracy,

there is no Lucifer and Satan.

All the archetypal symbols are just a coincidence.

you can sleep safe, there is no thread,

there are no white rabbits in the hole.

no yellow road to follow, no mirrors on the wall.

sleep well, until the mourning bell.”


16 Responses to About

  1. Asr says:

    Wonderful website. Thanks for all the revealing information. Do you have Subscribe option

  2. chrisanthemum7 says:

    I’m looking for a post that I re-posted three years ago about the 1986 Challenger crew members still being alive. I’m almost certain I reposted it from your blog. It has now “disappeared,” so I was hoping to find the source. Any idea what I’m talking about?

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  5. Alcrest10K says:

    Do not just research *movies and TV shows* for predictive programming.
    Do research *mobile/console/computer games* as well.
    Consider this:

  6. protectores9 says:

    Thanks a lot for such kind of analysis and detailed review! I accidentally came across this site in search of information Aug.

  7. Ricky says:

    Ever since I was a little kid I’ve wondered about a curse God put on the earth after the fall:
    Genesis 3:18 Both thorns and thistles it [the earth] shall bring forth for you,

    Of course I was always taught that it was literal so I would think “what an easily avoidable curse!” I no longer take it literal but still am puzzled by it.
    What do you think it could mean?

    • I take it to mean that Earth is not a place to rest on our laurels, but a place of trial and testing. All spiritual traditions seem to agree on this point. Buddhists say as their first tenet that suffering is unavoidable.
      I’m glad you don’t take the Bible literally anymore. People who preach the literal bible are deluding themselves and others to great detriment.

  8. Ricky says:

    That makes sense, thank you for your reply.

  9. Bibbi says:

    gerne hätte ich einen tip,welche guten tarot-legesysteme es deiner meinung nach gibt,
    evtl.mit 11 karten,nur die grossen arkanen
    grüsse Bibbi

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