Max Spiers – The 4th Reich, Dulce, and The Moon Soul-Catching Machine

This is one of his last interviews before passing in July 2016. A super soldier and MK Ultra victim, who may have gotten in over his head and silenced for knowing too much (he died in his late thirties under unusual circumstances…)

maxspierslastinterviewAlek:”We were talking about the Fourth Reich and Zionists.”

Max: There is truth hidden in all words and in the phonetic sounding of the words. If you look at ‘Zion’ and you switch the letters around and change one later you have ‘Nazi.’ I don’t believe that they were always running with each other. I believe they were at odds. This is a war that stems back thousands of years, they just weren’t called Nazi’s and Zionists. This is just a modern, but yes I believe they have the same agenda to put in place the New World Order, working in alignment. But they in-fight, because beings with egos like that always in-fight. Because if divide and conquer is their thing, to control someone completely you have to control both sides, if you want to control a football match you gotta control not only the best team but both teams. There is always a single consciousness at the top. One and then down, like a pyramid. A consciousness so powerful that it works through thousands and thousands of different bodies at once.

“Hive mind?” Sure. Queen bee, hive mind. “Pindar is over them?”

He is the go between to the underground crew and the overground crew. Anything sub is working subconscious, they do all the subconsciousness work below ground. So he is the go-between from the subconscious to the conscious mind. He will be given orders from the sub-group and then go and deal with and implement it. They have structured 1 year, 5 year, and 30 year sets that they follow. I suppose you could call him like an archetypical Luciferian character.

“Underground bases?” Underground bases yes but also underground world. It’s hollow, oceans and jungles underground.

“Like under the city of London?” Yeah the CLC 1 base. All the financial moves for the entire planet are done there. Also military training programs that go on there as well. But primarily the money moves down there.

“Pindar physically is a human being or something else?” he can be anything he wants to be. “shape shifts?” yeah. To anything. To do that you have to have a complete understanding of DNA codes. And once you do understand how DNA codes lock and unlock, its not actually that difficult to do that. I don’t understand how to do it but once you do, you could be any object.

“Have you heard the name Elena Kapulnik?” No. “She is a super soldier and she met through her astral body, contacted Queen Elizabeth and the queen told her she is a 7000 year old Reptilian. How do you comment on that?”

I  don’t know the specifics like you said but I wouldn’t doubt that. Body jumping, jumping from body to body. When it wears out, jumping to the next body. At the point of death of the person they will draw the energy of the person through the eyes, the soul comes out through the eyes, and you can also go in through the eyes. And replace the two. The awareness level also stays. She would not lose her memories like we do. when we go through our cycle we have amnesia. “So she remembers everything for 7000 years?” Yes.

“Underground sub-shuttle  – have you traveled? Actually first what is a sub shuttle?” I was given this information, it’s an electromagnetic rail system that is dug all through the core of the earth. And it reaches speeds of 3, 4, 5 thousand miles per hour. So you could essentially do New York to London in an hour. Also in Australia there are so many bases there, people don’t think about that or talk about that. Whats the slang for Australia. Oz. Which is short for Osiris. So there is male energy there’s something to do with the Isis, Osiris and Horus ritual. And Australia is representing Osiris. “

And ‘Oz’ like the magician from the story?” Well sure  Oz is the Wizard Osiris.

“And sub-shuttle stations are usually under Hilton hotels?” Hilton is completely in sync with this whole thing. Certain rooms in certain Hiltons guests go and in and  go into an astral state and have meetings in 4D.

“Addictions of Reptilians. Addicted to fear, torture and this energy. Please explain.”

So putting a human being into a low vibrational state, a depressive states will then give off an energy that they like. They like sadness, fear, and trauma and especially tears. So someone with their head in their hands crying – the energy is called “loosh.” And its very high powered energy. For them. So they would somehow calculate an event, even in dreams, I’ve been crying in a  dream and I know that the 4D has been mixed in so that would happen. They’re also addicted to Adrenalchrome. Which is in the blood. When you bring a human being into the highest state of fear that they can be in, the most extreme state, a chemical is run through the body called Adrenalchrome. It’s not a nice topic but if blood is then got from them at that point, that chemical is inside with the blood so you taste that, if that is consumed, the high is the highest high you can get. So that is sold on the black market. Satanists sell it.

“Is that why they’re doing the rituals?” One of the reasons, yes.

“Similar topic, children in cages, underground. What did you see?”

I’ve just seen vats of children in dissociated states, some crying, some not – just gone, completely. They’re a food source. They are used to test things out and a food source. “Like meat?” Yes, and also the emotional fear energy. And the fear of a child is even more pure energy. Children is their thing.

“Is this in Dulce?” One of many. “Who runs Dulce?” Good question. I don’t know.

“Los alamos?” It’s bigger than Dulce. “Those children are kidnapped?” Yeah also they have breeders, female breeders who are constantly breeding children for them. And then you got ones from foster homes that no-one cares about. How may street children are there? Thousands of them. The main center of child trafficking is Rio de Janierro. They bring them up to the US, UK…

“And related topic is Vatican, underground. What happens, this kind of magic? Also with children.”

Yes they are using children for everything because its the purest and most powerful energy. That’s their thing. I think the Vatican principle is parasitic. The pope is a figurehead. If you see them on television, they don’t really have any power. To have real power you’d be unseen. So in terms of the Vatican, when I look at the rituals they do its so clearly a Satanic ritual. It’s unbelievable, they even say “satanis,” in their invocations. I don’t understand why people aren’t seeing that. I think there is like a spell thrown over the masses so they are unable to see it. Because its so glaringly obvious to me.

“There was a short film on YouTube, a polish bishop after ceremony does this (hand gesture representing 6, so 666.)”

Are you kidding me bang look at that. So its triple 6 buts also an orifice right here resents the O, it’s the negative feminine. And the three sixes.

“K. and during the normal church ceremony the priest drinks blood, eats the body and gives the body to the people. How would you explain that?”

The reasoning they give is because Jesus gave away himself so if you consume , metaphorically than you become more like him. When in fact they’re just getting you to participate in their cannibalistic blood letting ritual. Which is very powerful indeed, reinforcing programming. When you drink the wine and eat the bread…yeah.

“Eh, the moon, what is the moon?” What is the moon…it is not a natural object. I think it was part of something else and then moved into this specific spot now to be used for a number of different reasons. As an amplification system, for Saturn, which we can talk about, but I think there are multiple Nazi bases and Draco bases on the moon. They seem to be able to get on, the Fourth Reich and the Draco’s to some extent. There is the soul catching machine which is there on the moon. So you get amnesia when you go through the machine, I sort of have a feeling of remembering it, and wanting to pull away. I remember being killed before. But you don’t get a full life review. You’re supposed, everything’s wrong with this whole system setup. You’re supposed to have a life review, look at what you’ve done. There’s no bad or good, there is no judgement, like look what you did here. Now you’re banished to here. Because we’re all here to learn and understand. So you have a full life review and come back and choose your body. Your higher self chooses what conditions you need to come back into. And you come back this way. The way they’ve perverted it and inverted it is so they’ve set up a technological system where they throw us through a machine when you die, that then traps, stores the soul, erases the memory completely. And throws you back into basically the same situation you just came from again with the same people. Just different clothes. You move in circles with the same people. I don’t know the technology of it.

“Automatic computerized technology?” Yeah highly advanced.

“And it catches all the souls.” Yeah.

“But some are pretty much advanced. and they can like progress, in the next life. so it doesn’t work perfectly.”

No nothing they do works perfectly. That’s why they’re losing control now. A lot of volunteer consciousness is down here now. And I would classify myself and yourself as volunteer consciousness. We specifically came down here to change the paradigm to get this information out, so we don’t have to repeat the same cycles over and over again. Because they want to stay here. They don’t want to go anywhere else. This consciousness wants to stay here, stay in this body and never get older and continually experience the highest of high experiences and go on. And they have to have continued war, war, rest, war rest, because the war keeps the duality alive. Without war the duality would singularize. War is against odds, one against another – that maintains duality.

“Who decided if I for example want to go into this body with these parents. I decide? Or something else decides?”

It’s a hard question because in the biggest of pictures it’s all your choice. You have free will on the big picture but not down here. Down here we have the illusion of free will. Its pretty scripted down here.

“When you go to the higher level you have free will.” Absolutely because you’re omnipotent. You’re everything. Yes you do. But when you’re contained in a 3D body like this you don’t. You have the illusion.

“How is Saturn related to the moon you said they were related.”

We were talking before about transits. There is a 29.5 year transit of Saturn around the sun. A 29.5 day transit of the moon around Earth. So they are working in unison there in numerology. Saturn used to be the life giving sun/force of this planet. Some people do call it the Black Sun, I have heard that. Its a very beautiful life giving planet. And this consciousness that has taken over, whatever name you want to give it, I find it difficult to put a name on it, its a parasitic consciousness right? It took over Saturn, somehow. Saturn has the highest and lowest frequencies in the solar system. So they bound it with a ring, that energy ring around it and trapped the lowest frequencies it could possibly have, pushed it through an amplification system on the moon. So the frequencies are amplified to the moon and focused down to earth, creating the false reality we live in.

“There is a lot of Saturn symbology  in business.” Because it rules everywhere. It’s a Saturn cult. Even the tick on Nike shoes is the ring. Because they worship it. It maintains the false reality here. If you could break the ring, I wonder what would happen. If we could unbind Saturn. Or it could heal itself. Because at the moment it’s not healed. It’s sick as a planet. If Saturn could heal, the earth would heal.

“One of the symbols of Saturn is the cube.” Yes because if the hexagon on the top of Saturn.

“The cube also symbolizes artificial intelligence.  So you have binary systems. computerized. 2x2x2, cubed. so its related to one of the symbols of Freemasonry where they have the 90 degree angle,” Yeah the hex square. A lot of the OTO rituals you have to stand with your feet at 90 angles as well.

“And eh, Dr. Mengele, who is this guy and what do you remember?” Yeah that’s a subject.

“Actually we know who he was during the war, and he escaped to the united states and continued.”

Yeah. I’m not kidding you , I can see his face when I close my eyes. I can see his face. He was mainly known for twinning experiments. And doing pleasure/pain reversals. So pleasure means pain and pain means pleasure. He is one of the most evil, I mean up there, one of the most evil of them all. I mean its sort of hard to gauge when they are all sort of in on it anyway. But there are times for me now, I remember dissociating so many times when I would see him. Because that’s him programming another alter. I have one or two memories which are vile, don’t really want to talk about them, repeat them again. But he’s still alive. I can tell you that he is still doing the work that he was doing and is very high level at the NSA. And maintains his age at 60 or 55 with the age reduction technology they got.

“And you said he programmed some of your alters and alters are also kind of cubed?”

More like a honeycomb. If you traumatize a human being they know exactly the levels to do it at, and the brain creates an amnesiac barrier, and if you’re taught you can go in there and program a new person to do anything. And then you can bring them back to their original state and they are not aware of their alter.

“Stewart Swerdlow wrote a book called 13 cubed.” They started using that for spies and assassins cus you can’t torture somebody out of information they don’t know. His alter could be completely different. Most have front lives – a normal regular life and then they do the other things…and may not be aware.

“Do you know any of the triggers they use on you? To switch?”

Not really. I mean I know a couple words. But it’s of no benefit. To do it it has to be done with sound, usually sounds hand movement and a word. I’ve seen Britney Spears triggered like that. And Joaquin Phoenix triggered like that. It’s very sad.

“So most of the singers-” All. “All of the singers?” Yeah. Cuz they have Project Looking Glass , so they know…they’re breeding children for positions. So when they’re breeding them they already know where they want to put them before they’re born.

“So they choose also the soul. The proper soul for the task?” Yes exactly.

“Do they design the body?” There’s that, and with the 4th Reich projects, they were taking DNA from different sources, a piece here, a piece there, to make the Uberman for the Uber man project. and then that draws the soul from whatever frequency, say you took the DNA from Osiris and something else, you’d being pulling down a high vibrational soul, into the body. And this how they do it….

 Watch the rest here:

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