The Elite Want To Reset Time to Before The Fall of Adam

2022 Update: My recent study of Rudolf Steiner’s work has changed my mind in regards to the literalism of the bible. It now seems that the bible is both literal AND allegorical/symbolic. This would make sense since higher dimensional beings and forces have participated in its contents and thus the bible transcends any kind of shelving or limiting into a genre. The characters were both real and also symbolic archetypes of astrotheological forces such as the sun, the zodiac, etc. We are still in the early stages of understanding the full import of what the bible and Christ mean for humanity.


My research into Astro-theology, symbolism and comparative mythology has led me to the conclusion that the bible is for the most part not a literal, historical document but rather a deeply allegorical and symbolic text of mysticism. I can only assume that the elites who employ these bible codes in their Hollywood and media productions know this as well. Therefore the idea of “resetting humanity to before the fall of Adam” must also read in a symbolic sense and not as an actual goal they are striving for.

And yet I can see how they might seduce the more literal minded among them, their dupes and foot-soldiers, that such a goal is possible and warranted. The end will thus justify the means for them, including violent means of force.

“Man has been impure and in sin since his fall and ejection from the garden,” they tell their impressionable initiates. “God has been punishing us ever since. But we can change all that. Work with us to achieve this noble goal of going back to the beginning, back to before the tempting of Eve. And we will get it right this time, and live forever, in paradise.”

You can almost hear the same litany Jihadists offering their suicide bombers, plus hundreds of virgins in heaven. It’s the same tactic.

How, if it is at all possible, they will attempt a time reset is not known to me at this time, whether it involves CERN and these strange Mandela Effects, whether it is even something they can do with tech, or perhaps it is something only God can do and they are somehow privy to it and wish to influence and gatekeep it to some extent.

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But what I do know, and what Bob Schlenker has shown again and again is that the elites take this time reset stuff very seriously; inundating us with time loop themes in movies and shows, commercials…

This post will show how the Yale society of Skull and Bones, employ these same space-time rituals. We will also be connecting the “Great Reset” to the occult symbolism in Phillip Pullman’s popular trilogy, His Dark Materials:

For a primer into time reset symbology see my coverage of Bob’s work HERE.

Skull and Bones, 322, Book of Genesis

Let’s look at Genesis 3:22, KJV: “And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever.”

So verse 3:22 deals with the morality (or lack thereof) which led to the fall. Man wanted to know good and evil and thus fell into sin. In its allegorical layer, the genesis chapter is about the incarnation of our spirits into flesh, the fall into matter from our celestial abodes.

In this video Bob uses Strong’s Concordance, which puts a number to every word in the King James version of the bible, to find what the three hundred and twenty second word is. In the Greek it’s “anadeuiknumi” which means “to proclaim any one as elected to office · to announce as appointed a king, general, etc. · to lift up anything on high and exhibit it for all to behold.” This is quite fitting for the Skull and Bones-men, college students who will one day hold high office as members of the elite. In the English concordance this correlates to the Book of Acts 1:24, where Judas the betrayer dies and is replaced. So the modern elites are claiming the role of Judas, replacing him,symbolically as the betrayer of God.

In the Hebrew version, the three hundred and twenty second word is”achorannith” which means “backwards.”

The word appearing in the story of Hezekiah in Isaiah 38:8 (KJV)
“Behold I will bring again the shadow of the degrees which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees by which degrees it was gone down

“Going back ten steps” on the sundial can be interpreted as a kind of time reset. The bible is full of strange repetitions or doublings that can be seen as alluding to resets, re-dos.

So what does this have to do with Skull and Bones? Let’s look at some of their photos. All their photos from various years follow the same format, showing the ritualistic nature of what they do.

On the photo, Bob narrates, “there’s always a grandfather clock right in the middle. the background is usually a stage, with drapes in the back. in one it looks like a temple or cathedral. when we do the count, let’s count the people involved, 6 on the left, 6 on the right. one in the middle, and two seated on either side. so there is a symmetry. There is always a book on the table in the middle with the skull and bones. In ritual, symmetry matters a lot, it’s not just an aesthetic. In regards to the meaning of “backward” let’ see what is going on here. With the crossed bones, there is a crossing over, forward and back. the grandfather clock says ‘context:’ time. it’s about time. and we saw in Hezekiah where the word ‘back’ was used, the sign about the turning back of the shadow, which has to do with turning back time. The man above the table has his arms crossed, like the bones, for the same reason. For the count you’ve got a total of 15. you’ve got six standing and one seated on one side, so that’s seven, and you’ve got 6 standing on the other side and one seated, plus the one in the middle. that is the pattern of the week in Genesis. Six standing, one sitting, sitting is rest, God worked for 6 days rested on the seventh day.

“In terms of years, this is the pattern of the Shemitah, you labor and work the land for six years, and on the seventh year the farmer rests, he doesn’t work the land. the land lies fallow. so this is two weeks, (7 on each side) for 15 years of Hezekiah’s life, and the turning back of time, the shortening of the shadow on the sun-dial. Seven years and seven years and a pivot in the middle, a time pivot. A mirrored Shemitah. This is what they are signaling here, this is the consistent modeling in all their pictures. the count is always the same, the positioning is always the same. They are sending us a message about what they are about. These people know their bibles.”

Aaron Hermann adds, “there are a lot of hidden hands (in the pictures), a hand in the coat, and others hiding one hand. ‘Hidden Hand’ is HH – 88, which we’ve talked about relating to all the different space time rituals, Back to The Future, and on and on. And ‘Bones on a Book,’ is BB – 88. Another iteration. The bones are in an X in front of the clock, X marks the spot. X marking the spot of time being their focus. Right at the time pivot, it’s a space-time ritual.”

Bob says, “this is all part of the space-time ritual. Jeff Bezos did not invent this.” Bezos of Amazon is always talking about the Day 1 (as in day 1 of Genesis before the fall of Adam). And Amazon’s corporate office in Seattle is called the Day 1 building. Interesting that he chose the name of a great river for his company, as water is symbolic of time, and rivers are the flowing of time. Seattle is known for its heavy rainy season.

Bezos says, “Day Two is decline followed by death…” What a strange thing to say, unless interpreted in light of this occult symbolism!

What you Never Noticed About The Amazon Logo Will Blow Your Mind |

The Amazon arrow is clearly a phallus, alluding to the fall due to Adam and Eve discovering they were naked. The arrow starts at the letter A and points to Z, from A to Z, the first to the last, covering the whole span of time.

Bonesmen is also a phallic reference. Time codes are often paired with ritual sodomy references, which will be explained at the end of this post.

The Amazon Day One building is clearly a giant phallus and the spheres its testicles.

Blogger Wang Dong Asphalt pointed out that ZON in “Amazon” is 55, signaling the anus and sodomy.

And it’s the “Zon” = 55 or anus that the golden phallus is penetrating.

But back to the Skull and Bones photos – in later photos the men seated are crossing their legs, and the two crossed legs together form the shape of the letter M. M is the 13th letter, representing the mastery of time. (12 is time, 13 is the mastery thereof). six men on either side of the clock for 12, one right in the middle, for 13. “M” for master of time. And there are two men crossing their legs, that’s a double cross, they are double crossing us, betraying us, like Judas.

A youtube comment from “Russ Behnke” on their video says, “Since they like things backwards, if we look at Genesis 2:23, we get a possible reference the origin of their nickname, bonesmen: 23″And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

(As an aside, in tarot, the time-signaling number 12 is the Hanged Man, corresponding to the letter Mem (M), the glyth for water. The hebrew word for water is Mayim. The hanged man is suspended upside down, connecting to the theme of backwards, going back.)

When you flip M, the 13th letter, upside down like the Hanged Man, you get W. And it was Bonesman alumni George W Bush who was president during 911. An explosion/act of terrorism like the 322 shot in A Dark Knight Rises right before Bane starts bombing the football stadium:

9/11 is said by many to be the beginning of the “New World Order,” which has also been called The Great RESET. It was father George Bush, also a Bonesman, who coined the term New World Order in a famous speech.

322 in The Good Place

The bald man is the gatekeeper between Earth, Heaven (the Good Place) and Hell (the Bad Place). Again this is about the fall of Adam, fall into physical form, physical bodies so that we may know good and evil. We must eat from the tree, this is the great Cycle of Necessity.

This is the great purge. The incarnation is the purge of any soul qualities that do not align with the Creator. Thus their attempt to reset time to before the Fall is a misguided attempt to escape the fires of purgatory, to escape karma. But the purging is what is needed if the soul is to evolve.

The implacable authority of the governing Magesterium in Pullmans, His Dark Materials

The protagonist girl Lyra is prophesied to be the latest incarnation of Eve. She will thus be tempted, and the way she chooses will affect the fate of all mankind. The Magesterium cannot take such a chance and are trying to murder her. If they succeed, they imagine, it will be like the fall never happened. They will be welcomed back into Eden. We later learn that they are being led by Lucifer, in an act of rebellion against the true Authority.

This of course being the same show/book series that I discussed in connection to MK ULTRA:

The daemon is essentially the soul. They traumatize the MK Ultra victim to such an extent that the soul goes into a deep slumber, leaving the body available to possession or the insertion of alternate personalities.

For more of Bob’s info about time manipulation check out:

The Jeff Bezos Amazon Day 1 Ritual series

The Pairing of Time Travel with Ritual Sodomy:

On this pairing Bob writes, “those who have special abilities, installed by Illuminati programmers through trauma-based mind-control and ritual sodomy, can remote view through time, and beyond the merely passive reception of images and impressions, some are able to interact in other space-time domains to change reality. Like what’s heard in The Magicians, magic is real. Magick is about changing reality. This goes beyond manipulating the present. Those programmed with special abilities can also influence the past, and perhaps the future. The sovereign God has allowed a degree of control to be exercised by the Adversary, but it should be understood that this manipulation only occurs within the limits He Himself has established. My God is faithful, and His Word is faithful – despite the superficial alterations witnessed in this present time!”

And pair this with a study of Aug Tellez:

The Time Machine – Aug Tellez

Time Locked Realm- Aug Tellez

Broken Timelines and Mandela Effects in films 12 Monkeys and Yesterday

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13 Responses to The Elite Want To Reset Time to Before The Fall of Adam

  1. Eddie says:

    Enlightening as usual. I’ve been around both white and dark witches so to speak. Both casting spells to change their reality in a way. In love or abundance. I noticed there was a price to pay with either.
    Yes you might find a love….yet it’s a love based on manipulation. Doesn’t end well.
    They might attempt time manipulation, through Cern or magic, I don’t see it ending well for them.
    Thanks brother.

  2. Kenneth T. says:

    ‘Fringe’ technology

  3. Pasco Cruz says:

    Hey man, what do you think about this possible connection I think I may I found between the symbolism used in movie “The Fountain” of the fibrous hairs on the Tree of Life to the fibrous strands of artificial nueral network fibers that are used as the infrastructure for this malignant intelligence that they plan on using to usurp the creator God with while also attempting to sever these same organic connections we currently all have with God embedded within our DNA via the vaccine, being that there have already been side effects reported that are neurological and have people saying things like “I feel like God is dead” after getting the vaccine? Or may be a bit of a stretch, but I think their might be something to it. Let me know what you think? Your blog is badass.

  4. Raoul Pop says:

    It’s funny that I’ve been thinking about the same theme during the past few days: the attempts to cheat the “final judgment” through various techniques that involve a transfer of consciousness, the extension of life, etc. This is a new one, I haven’t heard of this before. Any attempt to circumvent the un-circumventable is ludicrous. The longer the life, the more unpleasant things that someone’s done, the more expensive the “bill” that has to be paid at the end. Someone may “cheat” death for a while, but everyone must face their judgment in the end.

  5. George says:

    Demons and left hand path creeps will be ended and soon

  6. thankyourmuse says:

    There may be a group that understands that their time, no matter what is about to end. They know no matter what they do they will not succeed in stopping humanity from ascending…this apocolypse is their end, not humanities…they rule by fear, their LOOSH, and they had the LOOKING GLASS TECHNOLOGY that they kept trying to figure out how to get around their deminse…no matter what, the timelines will merge and the light will win, God/creator, will win…they know we are creating this chaos, that is why they try to brainwash the masses thru religion or by that tv box everyone likes to watch…don’t get me wrong, I like to watch a good movie or tv show simetimes, but some people watch the news all the time…they never tell the REAL news or what is actually going on. The Looking Glass was first owned by the ESSENES, whom taught Jesus, they were the MAGI (magicians) of that time who came to visit him with insense, frankenscense and myrr, high bivrating scents….the oe factory…which they now try to ruin by their COVID tests sticking that NANO tech up your nose, by the porous bone near the brain…the test is made of nanofibers…the mRNA is a operationg system,…Elon Musk says the mRNA is so amazing you can walk again if you are parayzed, you can become a butterfly if you want to…so why are they pretending this mRNA is a vaccine??? They want robots, it’s the TECHNOCRACY, the TRANSHUMANISM where they think they can keep humanity in this world with their technology, where they can trap the consciousness into the CLOUD….and they can’t ascend and become slaves for these elite who have life estention technology but do not want the world to have it.
    So the mandela effect is all these timelines merging…I have experienced some…little things. But there are those that have experienced HUGE things…several in AUSTRALIA…and mostly in the US, and even changing words in the Bible…I thought it was CERN TOO….making fun of the Christians and how Bill Gates named his patent 060606 which he wants to implant tech into brains for the ability for people to connect to the internet of things, a hive mind and when prmopted they will go watch a video and then they get paid by cruypto and this is all kept on the nano tech in your brain….IT”S ALL SO CONVOULTED>

  7. It seems wordpress has disabled posting at the blog so I leave this here.

    I have thought a lot about the word “virus” witch ends in “US” just like ANUS and wondered if THEY had a code connecting the two words. While reading this post,, eye saw the word “virus” somewhere on the page, and voila!

    In the ROMAN NUMERAL system v = 5 and i = 1, then with the standard Reduction of R = 9 and the U = 21 and the S = 19 we get 5+1+9+21+19 = 55 = ANUS.

    Also, when taking a more scrutinized look at Martin Luther’s “95 Theses” and the “14-day quarantine/incubation period” I had wondered about the ROMAN NUMERALS and what that might reveal. The numbers 9(IX) and 5(V) would be IXV and occupy positions 9+24+22 = 55 = ANUS and the number 14 where the “1” represents the “10”(X) and the 4 is (IV) so XIV = 24+9+22 = 55 = ANUS. You see, THEY just can’t help themselves.

    Their number system is called “BASE 10” and when you add up the 10 numbers it goes
    like this: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55 = ANUS.

  8. Pingback: Mandela Effects as Esoteric Riddles? | Upon The Face Of The Waters

  9. Some dude says:

    Interesting…lot of hype this year around mayim bialik, from big bang theory. Her first and middle name translate to “water of life” and her last name is a fairly significant last name in Hebrew. Wonder how this will factor in

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