‘To Know The End Is To Know Yourself’

(Title is lyrics to a Monuments song).

Suffering is the raw material (lead/Saturn)  that can be transmuted into creative inspiration (gold).

Saturn, the keeper of time, demands suffering of his initiates. But in return his rewards are the greatest of the seven Elohim. He is unlike Jupiter in this regard, who gives his gifts freely. That’s why Jupiter often gets to play the hero. But when you’ve fully embodied what Saturn has to teach, you no longer fear death, or time.

Some preview slides to an upcoming presentation I’m ruminating on, to synthesize all this crazy bull stuff into one work.

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 10.23.18 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 10.22.50 PM


dual toroidal vortex on flat earth 4Mother Cow Sky Goddess An or Anu, birthing the “milky way”CwCga4_VUAAld36

Fractal nested Torus Field Universe, you are a little universe, a little atom/Adam, dum dum.0

Tommy, Timmy, Old Man Time

In his highest archetype the bull is Saturn-EL, Chronos, time. Timmy, Thomas, Tom, TOMorrow. His name is Tom...remember Voldemort was once Tom Riddle . Well we have a riddle to solve.


All things are created in time or in Tom. But your immortal soul is an A-tom, always was and will be. Because it exists outside of Tom. The letter A at the beginning of a word makes the word mean it’s opposite, as in a-symmetrical, therefore ‘a-tom’ means without or devoid of time.

“God loves all his little atoms.” – Santos Bonacci.

So of course Tom Riddle is evil and becomes Lord Voldemort, because all things decay and die in time.

But death is just an illusion, because although Chronos (time) with his scythe may take you from your body, his wife Rhea (space) who births all things anew, will create or (c-RHEA-ate) a new body or torus field for you. That’s the son, born again: Horus, Zeus, Jesus. It’s just that no body will last, none are a-temporal. All is flux, don’t hold on to form. Let go.

All sound, pulses and waves may ring out like a BELL, or like a TOM TOM, but will eventually fade back to stillness. Where did the sound go? Is it dead? No, it’s just at rest, one with Source.

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 11.10.32 PM

bell bullhead

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4 Responses to ‘To Know The End Is To Know Yourself’

  1. Kalliope says:

    Saturn & Pluto are currently Capricorn, both in retrograde. The lunar eclipse will be taking place in Capricorn when conjunct these two planets. Sea-goat, he-bull, and virgin are all earth signs. Sea-goat is the initiator, he-bull the stable strength, and virgin the chaormonic change. Dance to the beat of your drum, played on the tom-toms. Snare, hi-hat, crash cymbals (cybele)

    • I have 5 planets in Capricorn, including Saturn. I think that’s why I see this stuff…

      • Kalliope says:

        I only have Neptune. But it’s in my 9th house. But I’ve got Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Venus and Pluto in Scorpio, 7th house. My descendant aligns with Syrma, and my Pluto upon Khambalia.

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