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The Land of The Watchers (Part 1)

I’m halfway through this very strange book by Heather Lynn: The reason for the war in Iraq: raiding of the Baghdad museum. What artifacts were taken? Why is this particular archeologist being followed and cyber-hacked? She even comes across a … Continue reading

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The Age of Illuminati

Inspired by the novel “Broken Symmetries: Age of Illuminati” by H.A. Ormziar Agents of the cunning deathtrap Illuminati mind control Illuminati = Anti-christ A false idol indeed “The only sin is worshipping false idols” The Antichrist has technology on its … Continue reading

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Bill Schnoebelen: Enoch, Angels and Aliens

Bill: Aleister Crowley in 1904 claimed that an E.T named Aiwass revealed to him the gospel of the new age, and this gospel was a book called Liber al Vel Legis or The Book of the Law and it would … Continue reading

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Exodus Out Of Egypt: A Short Story

The following is a work of faction (fact and fiction). When the Annunaki (inter-dimensional shapeshifters/body snatchers/fathers of Nephilim/fallen angels) came to earth, they mutated the DNA of Neanderthals living here. The Neanderthals were not supposed to evolve further, they had … Continue reading

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Paradigm Hubs: A short story

New ideas come in disguise of old ones – Terry Brookes Paradigm Bubble Four space hubs, each housing hundreds of thousands, orbited earth, like large metallic bubbles. Humanity was divided into one of the four paradigm bubbles. Each one had its own … Continue reading

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Western Lands Pt. 2 and The Place of Dead Roads

Warning: the following is a work of fiction: Burroughs writes, “ The Egyptian pantheon is colorful…a demon with the hind legs of a hippopotamus, the front paws of a lion, and the head of a crocodile…a beautiful woman with a … Continue reading

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The Western Lands

Every once in a while I dabble in short fiction. My latest work in progress is of a guy who finds himself transported to ancient Egypt, after a voice in his head has him commit suicide. So there he was … Continue reading

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