Stewart Swerdlow: Aliens, Montauk, Illuminati Mind Control

downloadParaphrased from various interviews, primarily I.C.A.N radio:

Tell us about your involvement with the Montauk Project.

Stewart: I was involved with opening up the mind, using the 97% of the brain and DNA that isn’t used to find the potential there. Unfortunately one of the side effects is I became physically blind, that was so they could create an individual that could see into other realities. I was put into projects where you would look for information in other dimensions, time travel vortexes, wormholes, how the mind is used to put symbol and color together to create hyperspace sentences in order to manifest things into physical reality. There was even interspecies communication: human and dolphin, human and alien, there were scientists from other countries and other worlds, so it’s a comprehensive story. There is a movie called Montauk Chronicles out now about all this.

I was recruited at 13 years old. It was very experimental, there was alien equipment, I was told it was Sirius A technology. A lot of the Montauk ideas came from the Nazis who had interaction with aliens. They claimed they were responsible for the Germanic cultures. After the war, there were documents discovered that were from Aldebaran.

I was involved in the Montauk project because of my great uncle who was the first president of the Soviet Union Yaakov Swerdlow. The project was about mind control programming , genetic manipulation, hyperspace, and humanity and the god mind. It sounds benevolent but they use it to control because they felt that those in control were too small and weapons weren’t enough so they use programming so people think they are free when they are under strict control. The intent was to alter the way the future is going to go because they had devices to see many alternative futures. There are many of them, and a single thought can change everything. So they are trying to create a Cyborg type future where everyone has a specific function within a group and doesn’t question anything.

I witnessed alien beings working with German, Russian and Israeli scientists. I was used for energetic purposes. They had a psychic, Duncan Cameron, he was the lead psychic on the Montauk chair from Sirius A, which captured the thoughts of the person on it. Computer systems then trap and extrapolate those thoughts and emotions, store them and amplify them to a person place or thing as the controllers saw fit. I was a part of a large group of children. At first they used derelicts, foster children, people who wouldn’t be missed, but they realized that their genetics was not the best, so they began to take military children, children of authority figures, entertainers, people who could advance their position by offering up their children as sacrifice and this happens in Illuminati culture.


I was one of those children but I became an anomaly because I survived. 99% did not survive, literarily fried, not only did I survive but I did not retain the mask memories, I could see and remember through it to the actual event. It became a disturbance, and led to further experiments on me to see what kind of person could see through their mask memories. I did suffer, I was bleeding internally, I became physically blind because my optic nerves were rearranged so I could only perceive energy; for many years I was like this. 29 years. It wasn’t until 1999 that I had surgery to reconnect the way my optic nerves perceived reality. When the bandages were removed, I saw the energetics and physical reality as an overlay. That’s how I do my work now. I look at a person and see their energy, their layers.

I was also involved in time travel experiments where they sent me back in time, I was sent to the Mars underground base and the Mars surface, I learned that what we have been taught about history is completely false, I also learned that the universe is teeming with life. In 1983, there was a position where the lead psychic fell asleep on the Montauk chair, he wasn’t being monitored at the time, he had a nightmare, and the chair picked up the energy of the nightmare and projected it into physical reality creating this energetic monster of sorts that began tearing up the base and they had to smash all the equipment, which brought an end to the Montauk experiment as we know it.
Could you tell me more about this chair? It came from Sirius A and it is known that the civilization on Sirius A has the most advanced technology that we know of. Basically if you think of a dentist chair with these two protrusions of electrodes connected to your head and it reads your thoughts as electronic impulses that could be translated into computer language and stored and amplified as the programmer saw fit. For example if they told the psychic in the chair to think of an elephant, an energetic one could be created. If they told him to think of a vortex between here and Mars he could create that and it could be used. It was technology based on thought transmission.

The amplifications actually manifested into physical reality? Yes, and by reducing the frequency vibration of the projection it could become solid.

Could we go back to the Mars base and the vortex there?  In the beginning it was hit and miss, and that was where the expendable people came in. Basically they would figure out a coordinate and send a derelict through and see if he got there. Some people wound up in solid rock, some in deep space or the bottom of a volcano, finally they fine tuned their coordinates, so they could get a constant link between point A and point B.

What about the different beings you encountered at Montauk? They were doing what they felt was right for them. History is written by the victor. The beings we saw most common were the Sirians. They were very tall, thin, white skin, elongated skin, icy blue eyes, pointed ears and mouth, wearing tight fitting space suits or loose robes depending. There were very intelligent, did not communicate verbally only mentally, they claimed to have been here since beginning of our planet’s history, influenced Egyptian and Atlantian civilizations.  Basically owed allegiances to no-one. Very pragmatic. Another group we connected to were the Ontarians, they looked very human, but slightly shorter, a brutal male dominated society, they claimed to be responsible for the ancient Greek civilizations acting as the ancient Greek gods. They were brutal, initiated the sexual magic rituals, good at torturing, I never cared for them at all. Then there were the Reptilians, several different versions of those, they were more like observers, involved with understanding the technology, giving ideas about what could be done with it. Also brutal, they claimed to be the original colonists or inhabitants of Earth from the Draco star system, they had a hierarchy, they said they had created the Asian civilization from the Lemurian continent, ages ago. One kind of Reptilian called the Warriors would eat people, children, dogs and cats. There were the tall white ones with wings on their backs, also very icy blue eyes, they were the elite, had all the others reporting to them. I was not in a position of power there so what I saw was fleeting. There was also the little Greys, but they are not a real being, they are manufactered as a slave race by the Reptilians, they were quite controlled, their bodies manipulated. They look like human fetuses, they are basically undeveloped humans with Reptilian genetics.
What we learned there is that the universe is a hostile place, there are wars out there in space, we have seen remnants of it on our moon, on Mars and deep space, there is not unity out there. As above so below, this is why there is conflict on Earth.

Did you say you’ve been on the surface of mars? These kind of planets are hollow inside, they are bodies ejected from the sun and hardened. So you have a surface world and inner world, and in between this molten magma, and there are tunnels and cavern systems through the magma. So there are these underground areas, and we learned that the inner Earth was developed before the surface, which was originally covered with water. So the artifacts we find in coal mines come from the inner world. Mars was once a flourishing planet like the Earth, most of humanity is a remnant of the systems from Mars that was attacked and destroyed.

We were told that what we were doing was courageous and humanistic because humanity was too stupid to control themselves. We coudn’t handle freedom and there was inner conflict within them and so helping to mind control was helping to “save” them. If you look at the world, sometimes I wonder if mankind was left to its own devices what would they do? Human beings only use 10% of their brain capacity and 3% or less of their DNA capacity. If the control systems were removed we could connect the over soul, the consciousness of higher self.

What is your opinion of halucinagenics like psilocybin? Do they open higher realms of vibration? Well I will tell you that I have an aversion to them because they were used in mind control, the experiences can be misconstrued, they open you up to lower negative astral entities.

You say you were not there at the Montauk facility when it shut down, how were you aware that the system was shut down?  It felt like the plugs were pulled. All those years, it was like I was hooked into the energy systems of Montauk, and all of a sudden it came to an end, like being in a dream and being jolted awake. I felt the energy leave my body, and all the energy drained out, and I was completely useless for a very long period of time, and this happened to a lot of survivors and they didn’t know how to move forward, they felt as if they had no direction. Many became alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, wound up in mental institutions and prisons, many committed suicide. Personally I became an alcoholic, placed on Prozac and other narcotics that made me try to commit suicide 3 times, it was a horrendous time period. Only after a number of years of deprogramming did I find a semblance of a life.

Did you seek help? Basically I searched for someone to assist me and unfortunately the ones who came to “help” me were working for the government and were trying to get information out of me. There were times I was left in a heap on the floor in hypothermia after deprogramming, so I realized no-one was going to help me so I used some techniques I learned at Montauk (taking lemons to make lemonade) to make my own brand of deprogramming techniques and it did help. So in a way I have to thank the abusers because I learned what not to do and how a deprogramming could actually hurt people, and I have developed methods that keep the person in charge, not the programmer and I teach these in my books and DVD’s as well. has all this information.

What is end-time programming that you mention? We are in the end times now, if you want to read the script, read the Book of Revelation which was written by the Illuminati themselves and stuck into the New Testament, which was completely rewritten by the way, it has nothing to do with the word of God. So we’ll have earthquakes and volcanoes and signs in the heavens and everything it says in the book, the Illuminati will recreate it for us, so people will say, “hey everything it says in the book of Revelations happened so it must be true!” And that’s when they’ll stage alien invasions, the staged second coming of Christ, the whole 2012 the Mayan prophecies has been skewed to their agenda as well. It is the time table for them to have completely consolidated their control of Earth.

You’ve mentioned signs in the sky, is that Project Bluebeam? Yes they can project holograms into the sky, on the ground and even into space, so you see something that may not be there, this is actually old technology. In fact in 1961 a US submarine tested it off the coast of Havana Cuba, and projected an image of the Virgin Mary off the coast in the hopes that the local regime would think it was the second coming and would lay down their arms.

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