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The Elite Want To Reset Time to Before The Fall of Adam

My research into Astro-theology, symbolism and comparative mythology has led me to the conclusion that the bible is for the most part not a literal, historical document but rather a deeply allegorical and symbolic text of mysticism. I can only … Continue reading

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Code 88: Time Travel, Analemma, Lion’s Gate

What is the Analemma? In one year the sun and moon make two figure 8’s in the sky or an 88. Bob Schlenker writes, “Code 88 has to do with: Zodiac: “A band of the celestial sphere extending about 8° … Continue reading

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Time Manipulation, CERN, and Sodomite Gateways – Bob Schlenker

“Time has been tampered with by those who most desire to avoid judgement.” Bob Schlenker “The elite have lost their immortality and given you their mind of fear of mortal death of the body.” Steve Chashar In a commercial for DirecTV, Jon … Continue reading

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Will Time Reset From 2019 to 2012? Bob Schlenker’s Hypothesis

“The Lord keeps perfect records, even after time will have been reset. “ Bob Schlenker. In past posts we have explored Aug Tellez’ disclosure around the elite’s manipulation of time, by locking us in a time-locked realm, time dilation, timeline hopping, … Continue reading

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