Lilith Code 2

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Lilith and Lucifer in Passengers


Paul (Ahriman), in Black Butterfly

Ever since decoding the film Black Butterfly I’ve been interested in the lens of Satan or Ahriman being the script writer down here for all the dark occult Hollyweird media, and it turns out the story he writes is all about Lucifer and Lilith. The two are in a sense one being, Lucifer who is collectively a host of androgynous angels can thus split into these two male and female beings. Ahriman as backward angel naturally is always, in code and allegory, writing about the other backward angelics, Lucifer and his force. 

With humanity caught in the middle.

Ahriman plays a trick on humanity…

…and tells them the story of the Forever Cube, and those who have not awakened their higher spiritual faculties will fall for it, not knowing that they have within them already an eternal aspect or nature.

So in his story Lucifer and Lilith trap humanity in their cube, their Matrix forever. Never any hope of getting out for all eternity. This is the sticking point that breeds fear, existential despair, and nihilism. But you learn in spiritual science that nothing is static like that. All is involution and evolution in pulsating waves or breaths or heartbeats of the one Father-Mother Godhead or Brahman. 

Even Ahriman must acknowledge the Son, Christ, of Father-Mother. The trinity is the inbreath of Father-Mother (Pralaya, the Great Sleep), the outbreath is the Son (activity, motion, differentiation, evolution).

Christ balances Lucifer and Ahriman 

Lucifer is the light-bearer, Christ is the light. So when man understands who Lucifer is, he is led to the true light of Christ, he is beared to it.

Lucifer initially gives humanity wisdom, Ahriman brings the natural sciences. Christ brings the heart, love-through-wisdom.

But with wisdom-without-love comes the ability for corruption. With wisdom we can reach individuality and independence but without love it leads to egoic tendencies, corruption and black magick, or magick done for personal power at the expense of others.

The problem with Lucifer is that he never developed love-through-wisdom. His is a cold wisdom, that was sufficient perhaps on the Old Moon, the previous Earthly embodiment, but not here. In the present Earth cycle humanity is to develop love-through-wisdom, by first developing an independent soul.

Only by becoming independent could the soul love another without egoic tendencies, (only loving yourself through the medium of the other person.) This is what Lucifer and his hosts never figured out and why they became delayed in evolution. They are above humans but below the gods. Stuck in limbo there, it is our job to redeem them and rescue them from Hell.

Perhaps they are telling us their story, when Ahriman’s Hollywood writes about the black goo injections and graphene DNA invasions and brain-chips and clones – the horror of technology (wisdom) gone astray through lack of love, gone the way of black magick .

Lilith and Lucifer played around with this stuff in their labs and tried for transhumanism. They tried all the tricks, reset their simulations and dreamscapes again and again.

And failed again and again because technology is not the answer. 3D is not the answer. 

So now they await for us to figure this out. Meanwhile they’ve cooked up many deviations and elaborations on this one message, the one myth, the one truth being conveyed in Ahriman’s Hollywood riddle, which is mostly rip-offs of stolen records of the Akasha channelled by psychics under duress. Plagiarized and then inverted.

The Christ impulse is love-through-wisdom. Mankind is to embody this by being tempted toward the Luciferic impulses of black magick and go through the muck to the other side, not letting it stick to you, to your soul, your astral and etheric bodies. There is a threshold point where if more than 50% of your soul is covered in muck it might not make it across the abyss, or the 8th sphere, into Heaven. But don’t worry, the soul and the spirit are distinct, and the spirit survives soul death. But it means the spirit has lost all its growth and has to start from scratch as an undifferentiated spiritual germ, a clean slate. This is not a game, this is very serious. Your soul contains everything that gives you a sense of self distinct from God.

So when the Christ Jesus bled from the hands on the cross at Golgotha this new type of selfless love became possible for us. A way across the abyss opened up for the first and last time, there will never be another event like it.

It took a Higher Being from the Upper Trinity such as the Christ making the sacrifice to come down here into a physical human body and suffer death as a human that this impulse flowed into mankind. This is how cosmic evolution works, the god dies and His body is distributed and eaten as nourishment for the souls, until the End Times event in which the god is born again into heaven, bearing with Him the souls that embodied His impulse.

The Soul After Death

Prior to the event on Golgotha, the realm of the dead Steiner calls Devachan, had been described by the Greeks as the Realm of the Shades, because it had gotten quite gloomy and dark. The soul after death felt separate from the everyone else. This was due to the increasing Luciferic and Ahrimanic influence. But when Christ died in the body of the man Jesus and resurrected in the etheric and astral worlds, Devachan the spirit world was lit up like a christmas tree and suddenly the deceased souls felt themselves connected to the heavenly worlds again.

Without this Christ event our souls really would have been doomed to matter and Ahriman’s grip, the story of Transhumanism and the Forever Cube. The Mystery of Golgotha was a one-off event in all of evolution of this Earth and our souls. It is not to be understood by the rational materialist mind as we are just in the initial stages of understanding it.

But everyone carries a subconscious remembrance of the true light of the Christ who rejuvenated the astral worlds with his sacrifice, woven into our astral  bodies, given each of us a unique relationship with him, and provides us the higher spiritual faculties to become independent souls equipped with love-through-wisdom, and to develop a true brotherhood of mankind.

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2 Responses to Lilith Code 2

  1. Ange says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to quickly express my gratitude for your having created this website, offering this knowledge. I too follow Gigi Young and enjoy studying Steiner’s work (along with others). It’s a warm welcome to come across others in the Spiritual Science community.

    • Thanks Ange! You’re right, it’s a warm welcome to come across others who understand this kind of material, as we are few and far between. I think Gigi Young is doing a wonderful thing making Spiritual Science accessible to modern people who maybe don’t have the time or wherewithal to go deeply into Steiner and Anthroposophy.

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