Tips in Practical Occultism: On Depression

Raoul Pop made a solid video on his journey through depression a while back that had me ruminating on how I’ve handled my own bouts with this condition. He pointed out that in these post-COVID times it is an issue that many more are facing. Watch his video for some basic insight, but there are more subtle occult tricks that you won’t find in the western medical literature.

These are expanded journal entries, some odds and ends that may be of practical use. Still inspired lately by Rudolf Steiner. This is is somethin’ for Capricorn, who rules the COLD and the BONES.

Avoid Creating Additional Karma

There are no secrets. Jesus says in the Gospel of Thomas, “Don’t lie, and don’t do what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. After all, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will remain undisclosed.”

Morality is thus leaving behind the impressions, psychic and physical, that you wouldn’t be ashamed of interested parties witnessing during their time in Devachan, a state that exists between death and a new birth. If you die with holdings, attachments, shame or something unresolved with someone, both parties experience what the other felt, during this time of purgatory. If the feelings are too strong to be resolved in Spiritland, the parties will contract with each other to meet in the next life to work it out. This is karma.

Knowing this, it is not so difficult to look back on one’s life and infer which relationships were karmic, the ones that seemed destined or have a certain “fated” quality.

Things started to shift for me quite a bit when I learned from Steiner that after death the soul experiences how their actions during life affected those around them, as though they were that person. Think about the hell this would be to the sadist – this is why they fear death so much and seek to extend life through transhumanism.

Listen to the BONES

You make the drum your instrument but did you ever consider it was also making you it’s instrument?

It’s teaching me how hold to my body. Limb-to-limb.

Sex, artistic expression (music, writing, visual, etc.), and the psychedelic experience, are perhaps the three biggest mysteries in the life of man. Unexplainable with rational thought. They appeal to his body, to a wisdom there, that is older than his budding ego “I” consciousness, which is comparatively still young.

The soul is old, in a sense timeless.

The body is also old. A product of ages of evolutionary wisdom by Higher Beings.

But the experience of the soul in the body as an “I” consciousness is still quite young. We are newborns, in this sense, on the Tree of Life.

Sex, psychedelics, music, and occult science are guides up the Tree. To self-love, first, which can then radiate out to the rest of the cosmos. (Please note that sex and certain drugs are of course, double edged swords that can also lead down the Tree into the infernal Hellish regions.)

Steiner says when you put your work out there for humanity, it should be out of love (the Christ impulse) and not mixed with any kind of desire for personal development.

Artists leave behind love. Romantic love is a two-way circuit. But the artist goes out on a limb to love all of humanity.

Gender or the two sexes is the last and most stubborn illusion of Maya to fall, when the “I” regards its own soul nature. The true self has reincarnated in both male and female bodies. I didn’t want to accept this at first. But there is something liberating to the notion, I must say. Look at your partner and see someone who on the soul level transcends whatever gender form they currently inhabit. Thus in White Tantra the idea is not lusting over either the male or female form but finding in their union something higher, the ecstatic union with God. A clear circuit must be built up, with no damming (damning?) up of energies on either the male or female side.

Walk Barefoot

This was recommended to me by Santos Bonacci. At first I was skeptical but finally I tried it and got almost immediate results. The soles (souls) of the feet contain a large percentage of the body’s acupuncture points. They are our constant point of contact to the earth, and to the electric (sun) and magnetic (moon) currents that seethe in and out of the ground constantly. But if you wear shoes, the rubber insoles dampen and block this energy. If you struggle with depression you must walk barefoot as often as you can, rain or shine. Nature walking is better, but even cement sidewalk works, because cement is made of minerals, sand and rock which is still just pulverised earth. On a hot day, the hot concrete pushes, electrically, positive energy into your body. On a cold day, the cold concrete pulls, magnetically, negative energy out of the body. So either way you win. It takes some getting used to and your feet will complain at first, but in my case my feet quickly learned that this was beneficial and started to crave it.

Let in the COLD

My recent experiment with LSD taught me to cultivate joy by focusing on the warmth currents in the body. Thoughts in the “I” are the primary cause of this noticing, which becomes a regulation, which flows into the astral body (emotions) and finally get hardwired into the etheric body and physical body. All disease, as Steiner says, has a primary cause in a thought or idea that cannot be reconciled in the astral body (such as a memory of a traumatic event); it becomes an emotional blockage that over time, if ignored, will manifest as a malfunctioning of one organ or another. And since all the organs are in communication, disease results.

It’s one thing to know this, it’s another thing to live this way in thought and manner…

Mantra: “my thoughts cause my joy or suffering, health or illness.” Ahriman wants to hide this fact, and make you think that health or illness is caused by the physical world alone.

The various methods I’ve noted above all work to clear out these blockages in the astral body. Acupuncture works to this effect as well. What do you think is being punctured?

Self-love radiates out warmth. Noticing and acknowledging the warmth you already do have is practicing being grateful to God, grateful for your life, a chance at life.

But there are times to be cold – when cold is necessary. As a Saturnian Capricorn it’s my job to communicate this to you.

The desire for junk in all its forms is a desire for warmth, warmth, warmth at the sake of cold.

Cold makes room for warmth. It is a vacuum (vac, the vacuous Fool, the vulturous vulva, etc.)

Behold Mut, the cold, dark Vulture Goddess (Saturn-Moon); her vessel fills with the Sun God’s electric heat and light. All phenomena are poetic fractalizations of our Divine Parents, both within and without.

Cold makes room – otherwise you overheat. I’m a Capricorn, one who glorifies winter, because I have a sensitive temperament that tends to overheat if not checked. Some people are just the opposite and need more heat, more stimulation. Know your temperament.

Note the guy from that documentary My Octopus Teacher, who got used to diving into the frigid ocean without a wetsuit. Not just got used to it, his body started to crave the cold.

My blue fluorite is cooling and allows for clear thought and speech (air). You must find what element you lack in your astrological chart and supplement accordingly with the right crystals and minerals.

My Saturnian ring protects me from superfluous thought/action/negativity. Fixed on the goal, the Capricorn goat can, at first glance, appear cold to the rest of the world, as it climbs the mountain.

Saturn who rules Capricorn associates with the black cube of restriction (cold): notice the letter L (EL means God) in words limit, lack, less, little. December is month number 12 [tw(EL)ve]. EL is in “wall;” a barrier, a wall of EL. Wall backwards is “law.” Saturn upholds the law. The law of weight. The law of body and bone. The law of karma. The letter ‘L’ in Hebrew and English is found right in the mid-EL of the alphabet, because it is the god entombed in the lowest density of matter, in the human flesh-suit, right at the pendulum swing, the return journey:

The parabola, the parable, or pair-of-bulls of Heaven and Earth, fire and water

The LMN sequence are the liquids. Remember, Jack in Black Butterfly gets up early every morning to swim in the freezing Colorado lake. He is the Christ character teaching you to crave the cold. It will make your soul tougher, just as barefoot walking will make your soles tougher.

Know what temperament you have towards hot/cold and choose foods/herbs accordingly. Mint is cooling. Green tea, even as a hot drink with caffeine, is nevertheless cooling energetically. Traditional Chinese medicine mastered this science long ago, as well as other old cultures. Coffee is warming, along with black tea. Cooling is good for those prone to inflammation. Those prone to boredom, to lack-of-meaning or drive may need more heat.


For those readers who have stuck with me this far, I am deeply grateful. Reading, liking or commenting on my work means more to me than you know. Much love all.

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9 Responses to Tips in Practical Occultism: On Depression

  1. Right back at ya, brother. Your time and energy invested has been to my benefit, and I’m sure to more than you realize.

    This is an area I’m having a hard time with… finding joy. For so long it was very gloomy and it’s apparent that joy doesn’t come from rational endeavours, other than the better understanding that can arise from them… thereby giving us the tools to change patterns.

    I must admit, astrology is still out of reach of my deeper understanding, and so to choose a crystal or mineral is a little intimidating. Not because I don’t know how to type into google “minerals for Scorpio dudes,” but because I don’t know where (or how) to look just yet to get that deeper insight on how it works, electrically or otherwise. This quality is both my treasure and limitation, it seems… the need to have a deep understanding on things before I can act on them (where some might absorb information well from the experiences of others).

    I can attest to the barefoot advice being with merit. Although I can’t do it now since it’s winter :(, I love being barefoot as much as possible. We’ve still got a few months of winter ahead of us here but once it’s over… the socks are comin off!

    • I have been contemplating lately the difference between joy and happiness, so your comment struck me. I feel like happiness is a mood and joy is a state of being, both being temporal, but a mood being more superficial and ephemeral. The ‘smiling depressive’ appears happy to the outside world, whereas inside he knows it is not sincere because it’s not coming from a well-spring of joy, but rather attaching from the outside in order to appear happy to others and therefore receive those social rewards that happy people get, whether it’s authentic or not.

      The common advice I often hear in cases of a lack of either joy or happiness is cultivating gratitude. Then we are subjected to the mantras of materialism that sound a lot like ‘well, at least I’m not THAT guy.’ I have good kids and a decent home and a well-paid job therefor I’m grateful. It’s a lesson in stagnation. But when I see joy in my hubby’s eyes, the real thing, he’s doing something like playing with the dogs. He has transcended mind and body in such moments, like a connection with spirit that has nothing to do with ‘gratitude’ as we think of it in a material sense.

      Anyway, I got no answers, just a lot of ponderings I thought I’d share!

      • I love the way you think. Thanks for sharing your insight/ponderings!

      • After thinking about your comment, I had to go look up the root etymology of “grateful.” Ultimately, it means “to favour” or, deeper yet, “to praise” (Sanskrit). Words like conGRATulate, GRAce, GRATitude, GRATify, and even AGRee share the same root. That got me thinking even more: “praise” has to do with value, as in “appraise,” for example. Value: something cherished, think highly of… pRAISE has the word “raise” built in. Perhaps this sheds some reason for ‘love thy neighbour as thyself.’ Love is from German “lob,” which means praise.

        I guess these past few years have been so grey as I’ve been diving into research of my own, though fruitful otherwise. But I have to admit that I’ve been so enthralled with discovering new concepts that I’ve forgotten to cherish, love, praise (and thereby raise) the treasures around me…

  2. It’s been a pleasure and much food for thought to read your work, thank you very much for sharing!

  3. Raoul Pop says:

    Thank you. I can offer confirmation of some of the therapies you mention here, such as walking barefoot, being out in the cold and more. There is nothing finer than standing out in a snowstorm on top of a mountain, alone. Walking alone at night, in the middle of nature, is a close second. They’re truly grounding experiences that connect our body and soul with the bigger body and soul of our planet.

  4. Tara says:

    I’m loving your blog and resonate with a lot of your articles. Thank you for sharing your stories and wisdom because its shining light on the truth. Which we all know if we just tapped into ourselves and ask God for guidance. We have all the answers inside us. I love how all the synchronicities line up and are flowing. I found your page through Tommy Truthful website. I’ve already shared a couple of your blogs about Mandela effect.

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