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Orion and His Dog

Somethin’ for Taurus – the strength of the bull or ox and FIXED EARTH. Fix your best timeline, anchor it here in the physical. *** Ever since I was a child I always wondered why God was backwards for Dog. … Continue reading

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Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet – Part 3

Yod is the 10th letter. Shaped like a bent flame. Also can look like a one, or a dot. A center point, the bull’s eye. 10 is known as the completion number. 5+5,  man + woman, the  twin flame/twin pillars … Continue reading

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Esoteric Structure of The Alphabet (Part 2)

We are continuing with our study of Alvin Boyd Kuhn’s seminal work (pictured above), a tiny volume of 44 pages that is never-the-less breathtaking in its scope. There is a code, a pattern to study in the alphabet (both in … Continue reading

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