Was Chris Benoit Murdered by the Illuminati at the Cloning Center?

220px-Chris_Benoit_in_the_RingAccording to the lamestream media, in 2007 Chris Benoit the famous wrestler went crazy and murdered his whole family before offing himself. Various theories abound: he got hit in the head too many times, maybe it was drugs or steroids, or maybe it was mental illness, all the usual tagwords that get thrown around after a supposed lone wolf nutter goes on a killing spree. Well according to Donald Marshall, the expert whistleblower on all things cloning and Illuminati related, in reality Chris Benoit was a hero who stood up to them, the puppeteers, the dark NWO.

But even the mainstream media can’t uncover a motive. According to People magazine, “several of Benoit’s friends describe him as a devoted father and husband. Apparently at Nancy’s request, Benoit took a four-month leave from work last year to be with his wife while she recovered from surgery. “He wasn’t a monster,” says friend and former wrestler Dean Malenko.(SOURCE)

This is quite common now with these Illuminati false flag patsies and victims. The supposed killer is described by people who knew him as a normal decent human being. They are always baffled as to how they could have turned into a monster. According to Donald Marshall, Chris Benoit wasn’t a monster but yet another victim:

Donald Marshall: “The fear of eternal torture as a clone and their families killed inspires loyalty through fear, They’ve made examples of others every once in a while, Chris Benoit the wrestler for WWE was one such example, they messed him up badly, I’ll be writing more in-depth about what happened with him too, it was terrible…he was a really good person, wouldn’t be evil didn’t like them, called them names while there said he didn’t want to attend, they made an example of him, He’d also stolen the wife of a rich Satanic cloner with a lot of pull with the Illuminati, he got it bad…dead now, killed his wife, kid and himself, week before his best friend some woman died of aneurysm, Done by the Illuminuts just to bother him, the woman didn’t do anything, she was just a really good friend of his and they had her cloned and did the aneurysm thing to her… was terrible, they put nightmarish stuff on em. He was in the mental ward or his therapists saying he’s not crazy that queen Elizabeth tortures his soul in another dimension and there are demons there (Vrill) he got very religious not knowing he was a clone, thinking Elizabeth had caged his soul. Almost sounds like Tila Tequila’s story.  I’ll write his story sometime soon, He was one of Elizabeth’s favorite slaves there but he would disobey and insult and she made an example out of him, bad… like Bernie Mac but more prolonged and involving his immediate family and friends. So I’m going to clear Chris Benoit’s name cuz a bunch of people said he was crazy had too many hits to the head and steroids and pain killers, but it was cloning and Mk Ultra that messed him up. they did that and worse so many times everyone is scared to go against them. But with me you see, I don’t hang with my family cuz they’re in it, and I’m already dyin of heart probs (They said they’ve cut my lifespan in half with clone torture) and my friends (who know I’m truthful to a fault) are scared to hang with me now thinking they stand a chance to be cloned and messed up just for knowing me or knowing about cloning. I’d rather be dead than be down with them and what they do. They dropped the wheel on him as they say…. an occult term for utterly destroying someones life until they die.


Donald Marshall: “Watch that video… Illuminati paid and made… The Insane Clown Posse had a part in the death of Chris BenoitElizabeth systematically destroyed him… And the clowns helped as much as they could… The fat clown (Violent J I guess) hated Benoit with a passion cuz at the cloning center he was talking to Chris in front of all the celebrities, and conversation came around to the clown saying well, I’m a wrestler athlete like you… Chris Benoit worked very hard to get the body he had, and the wrestling techniques… Chris soured his face up and said “you’re not a wrestler”. Clown was embarrassed… Chris said “you’re a fat slob, your parents bought you into it, I had to work hard”. The clown cried… Chris wrestled him in the dirt of the cloning center a little bit… Made a fool of him, clown couldn’t do anything… After that he ran afoul of Elizabeth, and stole a cloners wife and had a kid with her… They destroyed him… The Chris Benoit song is all about how they dismantled him mentally… Chris thought it was 5th dimension… Didn’t know he was a clone… I will avenge Chris Benoit’s death.”

Now not only do they drop the wheel on these celebrities and victims, but then after their death the Illuminati makes Donald Marshall write “death songs” for them; its a way for them to gloat further. Donald writes these songs under threat of torture, not because he is a willing part of their sick cult. If you didn’t already know Donald has been forced to write thousands of songs for famous artists at the cloning center, and never gets credit or paid for any of them. If he refuses they torture him.

Lets examine the lyrics for clues hinting at the true story. Sure enough in the hook it says “I drop the wheel” an occult term for utterly destroying someone’s life until they die.

“Chris Benoit” by Insane Clown Posse

No longer steering, lost all control
Manipulation (Manipulation), it won’t let me go
The pain exploded (The pain exploded)
The pressure burst (The pressure burst)
I drop the wheel (I drop the wheel)
Heading for the worst x5

[Verse 1 – Violent J:]

Shit builds up, fills up
Too much goes over board
(What the fuck am I doing?)
Oh lord pressure stored exploded, unloaded
(What the fuck am I doing?)
I had to, it’s really too bad, too
(Went coocoo) gone mad dude
Grab at and stab fools
Who knew? Sad news
(What the fuck am I doing?)
I-I-I broke, it took some time
Slow poke
I finally gave way, went under deep
Don’t float
No longer steering choosing
On autopilot cruising
Haywire, crash, virus
Pull your tongue out with pliers, CHRIS BENOIT!!


[Verse 2: Shaggy 2 Dope]
Strobelight, let go, hold tight
Wake up to this, closed eyes
You did this, this you
(What the fuck am I doing?)
You got issues
What happened, shit I’m stepping
All bloody myself I’m slapping
One day, all the sudden, it, all became too much, wasn’t it?
Yes, finally released
(What the fuck am I doing?)
Unleash the beast
Eject my controller
(What the fuck am I doing?)
Took me over
I had to, it’s really too bad, too
Went coocoo, gone mad dude
Grab at and stab fools
Who knew, sad news, I’m CHRIS BENOIT!!

I can take you over, permanently
Because life is about pain
I’m the crippler, Chris Benoit!

A catastrophic demise…

Sure enough, its all about “losing control, “on autopilot” “eject my controller” (meaning the consciousness being REM transferred to a clone body at the cloning center), “I can take you over, permanently,” (meaning once you sell your soul or clone body, you can never take it back, it’s theirs now, you can be REM activated at their whim). Also notice in the video, the various characters go “limp noodle” when the man slams the hammer into the block; this is a reference to what happens to your clone body when you awaken from REM sleep, it drops to the floor unconscious.


They drove Chris Benoit mad by not telling him where he was being awoken. They tell him and many other REM cloning victims that they are in “another dimension” or onboard an ET craft…many of these abduction cases are probably cloning center experiences. There is nothing ET or magical or mystical about this. Its pure science and technology, albeit very advanced. It’s much harder for the victim to identify the perp later on if they go to the police. If you walk into a police station and say, “help! Queen Elizabeth has my soul trapped in another dimension with demons/aliens there, they take me when I’m sleeping and torture me and others there, you gotta do something!” This is tailor-made to make you look crazy. But this is precisely by design, to keep victims from speaking out.

Read morehttp://donaldmarshall.proboards.com/thread/176/shocking-truth-chris-benoits-death#ixzz5HhOr4YZ5

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  2. Rice says:

    RIP Chris Benoit. I wish that fat fuck talentless clowns would get their tongues pulled out with pliers!!

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