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Billie Eilish Music Videos Loaded with Illuminati Symbolism

“I feel like my dreams always happen. And its caused a lot of issues, because I think a lot of people around me know that my dreams happen so we kind of protect – we stay away from things similar … Continue reading

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Donald Marshall Updates, Are Vrill the Nephilim from the Bible?

If you haven’t been following the Donald Marshall posts please read them before reading the following: Donald Marshall might be compromised!   I took a closer look at the young Dave Mustain, singer of the band Megadeath. To me it … Continue reading

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Donald Marshall’s Testimony on the Reptilian Agenda: Vrills and Droning

Caveat/2020 Update: From facts about Donald Marshall that came out later, it’s hard to take at face value that parasitic subterranean lizards called ‘Vrill’ exist. I do however believe, that Donald Marshall and the folks behind him are using that … Continue reading

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