Donald Marshall On Thule, Vril Societies, Nazis, Saucers, and Antartica

download (34)This man may have the real scoop on things, a true insider and whistle-blower, unlike these other controlled, contrived CIA “whistle-blowers” who give you some truth mixed in with misinformation. He is selling no books, not going on speaking tours, just quietly writing his experiences in letters online and the occasional interview. There seems to be no hidden agenda or reason for him to be doing this, other than for speaking out against evil. Yes his information is bizarre and easy to reject at first glance, but the more you look into it, it is internally consistent, hasn’t changed much since he started speaking out in 2011, and most importantly answers many questions and puts many puzzle pieces together: 
Donald Marshall (from AstralLight’s Blog): “I’ve written this before but will say it again, The Germans Vril-society did not invent saucers, they back engineered them from Atlantean designs they found underground…
The Vrill and Thule society “clubs” had a couple Vrill lizards,.. kept em secret kept them as pets… damn things can talk most words… Hitler found out… went and learned about them, found out how they can take human hosts with the parasitic biological ability they have… he asked them about their origins and everything they knew… they told him Tibet… there were many of them in Tibet and they know things, where magic is…. Hitler immediately sent an expedition costing a billion dollars of todays money to Tibet to find more and this “magic”. his soldiers went to Tibet and talked to the monks that were keeping Vrill pets underground… and they asked them where magic was… they showed the lizard things a map, and the lizards pointed to Antarctica… they took a few lizards with them and flew to Antarctica. Where they found the opening to hollow Earth… miles and miles they went in… with soldiers and the Vrill scouting ahead clicking in their language of clicks and gurgles… they ran into more Vrill… who showed them into an underground Atlantean base,… abandoned… Atlantis was called Thule by Atlanteans… they found plans there for saucers… primitive junker saucers… they took the plans and other tech plans and left… I was told they blew the place up, but they didn’t it is still there… then they started back engineering saucers, Possibly got cloning technology there too… started cloning after WW2 … But the Americans British and Russians closed in before they could complete the projects… and the scientists making the saucers were brought to the U.S and set to work at area 51… the Russians didn’t know the Americans had this technology… during test flights the things flew erratically and there was a fear of them crashing into a town somewhere and the Russians finding out they were working on this tech so the americans added weird symbols on the thing just in case they were seen they could pass them off as “alien craft” and not a top secret US tech… they perfected saucers by adding the same kind of gyro’s in them that are on the personal segway scooters, they fly straight and controlled now… (I want one) and the U.S keeps them secret… they arent very useful, just for recon and fast travelling… not bullet proof and can’t fire ballistic weapons well… the recoil messes them up… A bunch of Nazi’s escaped persecution by hiding deep underground in hollow Earth,… forced to live with the disgusting Vrill… the lack of sunlight messed them up and they went rashy and crazier than they already were… the old nazi’s died and lived on via recorded consciousness on microchip,… in clones and in real bodies they bodysnatched… kinda like Vrill lizards do but with a microchip tech instead of cellular biological transfer from proboscis.. “
Let’s compare Don’s version with a mainstream (non-conspiracy/truther based) blog nymag:

d125a418d134357534d0266236001475--vril-societyIn 1871, under anonymous cover, the writer-politician Edward Bulwer-Lytton published the novella Vril: The Power of the Coming Race. Bulwer-Lytton is now most famous for coining the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword” and the opening line “It was a dark and stormy night,” but Vril, too, has had a long afterlife. A conflation of Verne-esque hollow-Earth sci-fi, proto-occult theories, and Darwinism, it’s narrated by an American who stumbles on an underground race, descended from ancient Aryans, that’s harnessed a source of infinite power called Vril. Its possessors, the Vril-ya, have transcended war, envy, and even democracy to establish a classless utopia. But of course, they have a dark side; lacking the imperfections of humanity but also its empathy, they may one day destroy it.

The myth of Vril was quickly co-opted by the same Victorian mystics who inspired it, then passed down into the hands of nativist German cults. One of them, the Thule Society, backed Hitler and the Nazis. After the war, writers both pro- and anti-Hitler theorized that, the Führer’s impatience with occultists notwithstanding, something called the Vril Society had actually engineered his rise. In a 1960 book, two French authors asserted that the Nazis had sought to build UFOs powered by Vril. From there it wasn’t too much of a leap for others to suggest that, perhaps, Hitler had actually fled to Antartica, made contact with underground Aryans, and begun plotting a Vril-powered reconquest. A few influential Holocaust deniers celebrated the coming Fourth Reich, while more recent American writers have incorporated the theory into the right-wing, New World Order mainstream of conspiracy thought. In short: the Nazis and/or aliens are already here.(SOURCE)”

So the Thule and Vril Societies were inspired by Lytton’s book of fiction, on the coming of an ancient and highly intelligent but cold species of human called the Vril-ya. Could these be droned humans? Drones are indeed cold and un-empathic, but the “highly intelligent” part could be a psyop. Perhaps Lytton was an insider given the green-light to write this book as a propoganda piece. According to DM all drones, lizards, and even the Tall Vril Type 3’s are dumber than humans, smarter than dogs, and way smarter than your average surface reptile, but still not at our level. They are perpetually in flight or fight mode, in it to survive, their only “hobby” being depraved debauchery and evil. DM says that many of these serial killers and psychopaths we see on the news are simply drones. This is actually a reassuring thought, because it shows that humanity is good, just under attack by parasitic biology.

One of the main ways they herd the second farm of people waking up to conspiracy culture is by telling them that OK yes there are aliens, they are from the stars and highly advanced. Or if you can’t buy the alien theory they are a holdover race of highly evolved humans from Atlantean times, living undergound (Lytton). Either way they got you, you give your power away to them, because what can old Joe Shmoe do against highly advanced aliens with space travel and telekinesis and mind control? But if, as DM suggests, we are up against a small group of humans (old Satanic Black Nobility bloodlines) with some pet lizards that have this parasitic body-snatching thing, a gimmick which they use to control world politics by droning dissenters and people of power outside their influence, than it empowers us to fight back.

1861e9318dc67b4a54a35f03fca3a52enazi_vrilmaxresdefault (7)

Note: apparently the double V symbol is their symbol: the underground parasitic Vril lizards, they carve it on cave walls, a sign saying “lizards here!”

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 4.59.11 PM

You can see it at minute 2:07 in the music video of Insane Clown Posse‘s song “Chris Benoit” which according to DM was ghost-written by him under threat of torture at the cloning center and it hints at/discloses a lot of this. What ICP and the late Chris Benoit the wrestler have to do with all this is broken down here.

(Blog update 7/11/18) –

The Man Who Sold The World

Song Lyrics

We passed upon the stair

We spoke of was and when

Although I wasn’t there

He said I was his friend

Which came as a surprise

I spoke into his eyes

I thought you died alone

A long long time ago

Oh no, not me

We never lost control

You’re face to face

With the man who sold the world

-David Bowie

This could be David Bowie or his character meeting Hitler in a deep underground base (below the stair) or perhaps one of the lower planes. Notice his surprise upon meeting him, “I thought you died long ago.” The mainstream media and history books tell us Hitler killed himself at the end of WW2 in the 40’s. What is he doing still alive in a military base? “We never lost control.” Hitler assures his acquaintance. This is the supposed 4th Reich or at least the Nazi faction of the Illuminati which took their advanced tech recovered from Atlantean ruins and sold out the rest of humanity to the ones who showed it to them, the parasitic Vrill, which I believe are one of the offspring created by hybridizing animals and Nephilim DNA.

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  1. Koor Barakam says:

    Reading this made me realize that Donald Marshall, despite all his insights, works to mislead people from the truth about Adolf Hitler and WWII, and how it relates to the current forces at play

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