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Was Brittany Murphy Killed By The Illuminati?

Brittany Murphy, Actress Dead at 32 Found with Heavy Metal Poisoning From The Guardian, (MSM): (2010) A toxicology report commissioned by Brittany Murphy’s father has suggested that the 8 Mile actor did not die from natural causes, as was previously thought. After … Continue reading

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Donald Marshall’s Testimony on the Reptilian Agenda: Vrills and Droning

Caveat/2020 Update: From facts about Donald Marshall that came out later, it’s hard to take at face value that parasitic subterranean lizards called ‘Vrill’ exist. I do however believe, that Donald Marshall and the folks behind him are using that … Continue reading

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Was The Aurora Shooter a Real Manchurian Candidate?

My awakening into all matters occult began (in 2012, oddly enough) with the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, CO., where James Holmes apparently killed 12 people during the screening of A Dark Knight Rises. We are told that he had died … Continue reading

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