Tila Tequila On Cloning Centers, Reptiles, Pedophilia, Body-Snatching

 A Transcript of Tila’s Testimony

Tila Tequila is a celebrity-turned-whistleblower who corroborates much of Donald Marshall’s testimony on clones and drones, as well as what many have spoken out about regarding child sex trafficking within this dark occult, Black Nobility cabal and their Freemasonic, Zionist and Nazi footsoldiers.

In 2012 she posted a long verbal rant on her Youtube channel. According to Donald Marshall she got in a lot of trouble with the cabal at the cloning center after this rant, for saying what she did, and hasn’t really mentioned cloning or reptiles since, at least not directly…he said they tortured her clone almost triggering her real body to die.

Partial Transcript by Charlie Tetebo

“00.00 – 1.10 min: You know what… since you f****** with my program darling Queen Elizabeth and the paedophilia ring and the cloning centres. That’s right darling the cloning centres. Parents listen to me right now, they are blocking me but that is quite alright. Because I have many, many other forces; I shall not say their names right now, but I have many big plans to expose all of you disgusting, sadistic f***s! Okay? That is all. I shall save that for another time. But, however, I shall REPEAT: that was just an introduction to the reptilian family, leading all the way back. They call themselves the “The Black Nobility”. Now that is just one part of it; alright?


1.11 – 2.47 min: “The Black Nobility; the reptilian family; all the way back from ancient times; so which they think… they feel like they are the divine chosen ones… from whom may I ask? Definitely. Definitely not God. Our Creator of the world. Reptilians: they feed on blood; children; the paedophilia ring; recently busted. Oh! It has been going on for centuries. Parents listen to me carefully. I don’t care if I’m cutting out. I will continue this and I am not alone on this battle. Believe THAT! Believe THAT! I am not alone on this battle. I started out alone but I am marching on with MILLIONS; okay? So sit your old a** down okay. Because you are gonna roll over, but it doesn’t matter anyway because you are all ancestral f***s! Who interbreed… ancestral f*****g… and then… and then… Oh! Only going to talk about cloning those children and… oh! And all those many children’s parents listen to me carefully.”

And then later she hints at REM transfer:

“So pick one: you’re either one of us: the good guys or you’re part of the others. That is simple as that! Two choices: good guys; bad guys. In-between you’re dead because the bad guys are going to suck your soul out and do some sadistic stuff to you and watch, and make you watch while they [do] pretty sadistic stuff to your children as well. “

By saying “suck your soul out” she is implying the transfer of your consciousness to your REM driven clone.

A month later, in December of 2012 she tweeted this,

Mu0XnkykWUvcHl0RyuHkTila Tequila…..”Yea and not to mention this was just my dear diary blog of me talking to myself yet they classify that as ‘mean’ lol don’t even bother with those clowns . Notice how they NEVER EVER stay on topic ? but hey what do you expect from an empty vessel being hosted by the archons ? Have you seen that movie ‘THE HOST?’ . Well basically thats whats been happening .”

She is referencing hosting and body snatching. We know from Marshall that this is really about Vril lizards and their parasitic body snatching ability called droning. It is purely biological, not a spiritual possession, but throughout the ages spiritual or religious metaphors were used, such as demon, devil, succubus, to refer to Vrils and drones.

Now it is my opinion that these Vril, while being a biological species, are not created by God but are rather a result of genetic manipulation/hybridization from ancient times. An evil experiment that got let loose on the world, and they have been here, underground, ever since.

For many people the topic of Vril reptiles and their parasitic droning is the hardest part of DM’s testimony to accept. For one, it is horrifying, and two it seems highly unlikely.

Yet even in mainstream science we have discovered other instances of body snatching or “zombification” if you will, in nature. A good expose on this from educate-yourself.org:

“Humans, animals, insects & REPTILES can all become infected with a parasite. This is not a new concept and is widely known. Parasites ‘take over’ the thought process of the host (body) that it invades. An infected ant will be ‘driven’ to climb up on a blade of grass to purposely become eaten by grazing animals so that it can enter the stomach of sheep, cow, etc. and complete its life cycle. Sometimes the parasite can be transferred to a human that eats the newly infected animal, such as a pig. Pigs are very nasty creatures biologically and the bible FORBIDS any consumption of this meat or meat of any other ‘split hoofed’ animal. Sometimes humans can contract a parasite from an infected cat as well (Toxoplasma gondii). No matter how it gets contracted, once it enters the body it can in fact invade the brain. Parasites mimic their host yet the thought processes and further behaviors of infected persons alter significantly.


In the case of ‘Toxoplasma Gondii’ found in the stomachs of cats, the cats excrete the eggs and the eggs are eaten by smaller animals such as rats. The rats ingest the parasite and are ‘taken over’ to the point of losing their fear of cats and exposing themselves directly to a cat so that it can be ingested by and further infect that cat. Parasites instinctual nature is to ‘take over’ as much and as often as possible. There are various ways the parasites transfer from animals/bugs/reptiles to humans and once inside the human host, the natural process is to ‘take over’ the human thought process and control it. This is scientifically proven! Since humans are superior and there is nothing left to ‘take over’, the parasite is content to live in the human and the human becomes diseased. The parasite must feed and if it has infected the brain, then it begins to feed of the brain itself where the host begins to lose feelings like empathy & sympathy, they become sinister and self-driven. They eventually care for nothing but themselves and their self-preservation. They will hurt/destroy almost anyone/anything to get what they want/need. They become the most ruthless people on the planet.

See where this is going? Our world leaders fit this ‘psychopath’ description to a tee. Do you think all of our corrupt leaders, corporations, scientists, teachers, doctors, military, clergy, lawyers/judges, child welfare workers, police, etc. got infected by a cat scratch or could there be a different way they became infected? Since parasites are very common in lizards, I wonder if you could believe for even a fraction of a second that there may be truth to the fact that the illuminati’s best kept secret is Vril lizards. Could Vril lizards possibly transfer a parasite & ‘take over’ the elite characters on our planet and drive them to be the ‘evil’ that we just cannot understand in today’s world? I think so. If you’re not so sure, please keep reading.

When an uninfected rat senses a ‘predator’ cat nearby it becomes very frightened and aims to avoid the cat at all costs, as us ‘normal’ humans do when we sense an ‘evil’, ‘bad’, or ‘corrupt’ person. Yet when an infected rat senses the ‘predator’ cat it will present itself to the cat. This makes so much sense as far as I’m concerned. ‘WE’, the uninfected ‘rats’ naturally sense this same ‘fear’ when we are exposed to the ‘predator’ cat and we ‘run away’ from it, yet the infected ‘rats’ (psychopaths) among us do not fear the ‘predator’ qualities of the cat and instead desire & seek to become the same powerful ‘predator’. These people do not fear the bigger cats who could potentially ‘eat them’ and ‘desire’ to be as ‘powerful’ thereby giving up everything they are to become such. They don’t care about their former self…they now thrive for the power. Parasites and psychopaths often crave ‘evolving power’.

 Now that was a lot of cat & rat talk, but it is only being used as an example to highlight what parasites do by nature & what they are capable of once entering the brain after a transfer to its new host. Imagine if a certain parasite found in a certain ancient breed of lizard was indeed transferring to human beings & driving them to act with little regard for humanity such as we are seeing all around us today. Just imagine if that were possible.”

Vril Hints In the Media; The “V”


Be on the lookout for the upper case V, for Vril, usually paired with the Eye of Horus which is a droning symbol. Look closely at the image above. The squiggly line going into the eye is the proboscis of the lizard, and the thick straight line under the eye is the seepage that comes out as a result of the damage to the eye socket area. The bird on the left is a symbol of the lizard’s consciousness soaring to new heights with access to a human brain. And the snake on the right, well that should be obvious by now…but notice how it is wearing a crown which also has a proboscis of it’s own.


When asked to quit Twitter and join MTV, Tila tweeted:


Apparently MTV is owned by the mega-comglomerate “Viacom.”

Read more at:


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  2. koor barakam says:

    Always gotta stick the nazis in there, eh?

    • Oh and the Nazi’s are innocent? They weren’t experimenting with this shit and brought in during project paperclip? ‘Nazi’ is an anagram for ‘zion.’ Two sides of the same coin.

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