Ralph Ellis – The Biblical Patriarchs were the Hyksos Pharaohs of Egypt

This interview is a follow-up on my post on Michael Tsarion’s work on the Hyksos “royal bloodline” that according to him became the ruling elite Illuminati bloodlines of today. I strongly recommend reading that post first here, before reading this one.

According to Ellis, who inspired Tsarion’s work, there has been a major biblical cover-up concerning this Hyksos Dynasty. Again this goes back to the notion of the Bible as a code written for those “with ears to hear.”

Interviewed by Red Ice Radio.

Ellis: the theory I ran with is that the bible is a true history that has been distorted, and we have forgot our true history.

It’s not exactly a cover up or conspiracy, but millennia ago people knew more about this true history more than we do now. I mean if you read Josephus Flavius, he clearly said that the early Israelites were the Hyksos Pharaohs of Egypt. now thats what I had started on, and here he is agreeing with me entirely. so even in that era, they knew there was this alternative history perhaps. so i think knowledge has been lost.

Red Ice:“When did you stumble upon the connection to Egypt?”

About 15 years ago, when I was researching the exodus, and I came across this alternative exodus, which happens to be similar to the biblical one. And this is from history, nothing to do with the bible. There were a people in Egypt and they were referred to as shepherds. and one of their kings was called Jacob. And they wore earrings, and had hair in ringlets, and were circumcised. And they were involved in a war with the southern Egyptians. And at the same time there was storms and darkness and plagues. And as a result of this there was civil war. And some half million of these people were ejected from Egypt on a big exodus, and ended up in jerusalem. They were kind of a large military force and destroyed Jericho. Does that sound a wee bit familiar? but thats not biblical history thats real history, the history of the Hyksos people of Egypt, they are thought to have been immigrants, we’re not too sure, but they took over lower Egypt which is the northern half, and they set up their own kingship there, so Egypt was divided, as it often was in its history. So these northern pharaohs were called the Hyksos, or Shepherd Kings, and of course all the patriarchs in the bible are called “shepherds.”


Depiction of the Hyksos

So its seems unlikely that there would be two exoduses in history that are so similar. But that one item changes the whole of the bible, because it means that you have to start equating a lot of the old testament text with Egyptian history, and people don’t want to do that because it upsets much of biblical history. And so people shy away from it whether they are theologians, egyptologists, to go off on this tangent. they might lose funding, or its against their religious beliefs.

But if we start looking at the texts, a lot of what its saying actually comes out of Egyptian history. Psalm 104 comes from the hymn to Aton, written by the pharaoh Akhenaton. there are a number of these. The Joseph plot, of Joseph going down into Egypt is basically the same as the tale of two brothers, which is an Egyptian text. The Nile turning red, that comes from the Destruction of Mankind, another Egyptian text. the Lord’s Prayer comes from the Maxims of Ani, the Sermon on the Mount also comes from the Maxims of Ani. especially the bit about where Jesus says “God does not like it if you indulge in vain repetitions.” straight of the Maxims of Ani. Proverbs, a greats section comes out of Amen Imhotep, and its almost word for word. and this is not generally known in the public. well its actually quite well known among people who look at these texts, but they are not generally making it known to the general public.

“It seems like religious authorities should be excited about this, because in a historical sense it would verify the bible, but as you say it’s not received well, why do you think that is?”

Right to me its more authoritative if its based in real history, but there are lots of problems for theologians, because it changes the theology they are trying to teach. It means that the teachings of Jesus are not unique. it means he was just regurgitating old teachings, he was not a unique character but one of a long line of characters teaching these truisms. they turned Jesus into such a unique God figure, that to have him just one in a great line of princes, because I believe he was a prince of Egypt of course. It takes that uniqueness away from him and they will not entertain that. and the Jews have the same problem because the Jews say they are a unique people. That they were persecuted by the Egyptians. And what I’m saying is that they were Egyptians themselves. so the Jews have a problem as well. It means they were not necessarily the persecuted underdogs with a terrible pharaoh chasing them out of the country. They were actually as powerful as the pharaoh himself. because there were two – the pharaoh in the south and the pharaoh in the north. And the northern one was a Jew. Because the Jews were the Hyksos, the northern Egyptians.

So you can imagine that causes quite a few theological problems. the Jews were in Egypt and had a sacred mountain. now where would that sacred mountain be if these people were Egyptian. Because even in the Bible it admits that these people were in Egypt – whose leaders were very powerful. Joseph was prime minister of all Egypt of course. Moses was a prince of Egypt. And according to Josephus and his history, Moses was a top army commander who led the expedition again the Nubians in the South. So these were powerful people who lived in northern Egypt by Cairo. And Joseph with his coat of many colors is obviously a priest. because he married the high priest of Heliopolis’s daughter. and to marry in you’ve got to be part of that association really. That means he must of been substantially Egyptian, you could not become a high priest of Egypt if you did not fully follow the Egyptian religion, if you were not conversant with the language and culture.

But there is a problem with the Bible because these people were living in Heliopolis, and yet nowhere in the whole of the Bible does it mention the pyramids of Giza. Now these were the most marvelous monuments in the whole world. when most people were living in mud huts. Here was a monument that reached 155 meters into the sky. and yet not once is it mentioned. Which is very strange isn’t it? How can you have this great text of Egypt and not mention the pyramids, well they do mention it we have just got the name confused. the great pyramid of Giza is actually called Mount Sinai. Because if you’re going to have a sacred mountain in Egypt, not of simply the Jews but the Hyksos or lower Egyptians, is it going to be in some rocky crag, miles and miles from where they live? Or are you to have a man-made mountain, that reaches up into the sky and made millimeter perfect, that contains mathematical knowledge? These were the sacred mountains!

slideheader26(…He goes on to describe the black basalt stones that used to surround the pyramid, contrasted with the white limestone of the pyramid itself.)

“Is there a connection between the symbolism of the checkered flood of Masonry and Egypt?”

One of the offshoots of Egyptian theology that has been preserved in some sense more precisely that Christianity or Judaism is Masonry. Within a Masonic lodge you have  black and white checkered floor, I’m sure this has come in some way from this black basalt pavement around the great pyramid, and the white limestone stones of the pyramid itself. and of course every masonic temple is formed of a double square, and if you look at the kings chamber its formed of a double square, (twice as long as it is wide). it is also facing east west. Which is the same as a Masonic temple has to face. The long edge is always East – West. The Masonic temple layout is formed from the image of the kings chamber inside the great pyramid.

“Do you think that its possible to connect the image of the all-seeing-eye above the pyramid with this, because I was considering what you were saying about moses going into, or at the top of mount sinai, or in this case inside the pyramid itself. But, isn’t there a connection also between an active volcano and the symbolism of moses? In regards to their being a light on the top of a mountain.”

dollarnote_siegel_hqYes because everything in Egyptian theology was not only dualist but could be read in two ways, and it became convoluted, you can look at it in two fashions. I think the original embolism was that the all seeing eye was associated with the third pyramid, which had a capstone, the unfinished pyramid, and it had the eye of Ra, just like on the one dollar note, and first degree tracing board. but I’m pretty sure it had a platform for Astronomy/Astrology, for viewing the heavens, above all the smog of the fires, people brewing cups of tea on the ground and so forth. and they had the best view of Ra as he came over the horizon. I’m pretty sure the priesthood would have gone to the top of the great pyramid, and they would probably, as part of their ritual, may well have made sacrifices up there as well, kind of like the central american people made sacrifices on top of their pyramids. and so you would then have an image of a large pyramid with smoke coming out of the top of it, a very volcano like image.

However on top of that, the whole of this exodus business occurred, the whole of these plagues and storms occurred because the island of Thera exploded in about 1620 BC. here we have another pyramid as it were, with fire on the top. here we had a real volcano, they used to call the island Tiftu – meaning the island with a pillar. the eruption covered the whole of the eastern Mediterranean in  an ash cloud, and they know that that ash fell in Egypt because they found the layer of ash in northern Egypt. and here again we bring back the links with the old testament, because moses says exactly the same, “exodus 9:8: and the lord said unto Moses and unto Aaron, take you handfuls of ashes from the furnace and let Moses sprinkle it towards the heaven in sight of the pharaoh and it shall become small dust in all of the land in Egypt. so what is that if not the ash fall coming out of Thera? and it is that event that caused the plagues and caused the exodus. so here we have the cause of the exodus. And it was that incident which started the civil war between the Hyksos and these southern Egyptians. we know that because the Hyksos were pushed out of Egypt, only about 50 years after the eruption of Thera. so its pretty obvious that the two incidences are co-incident. in chronology and in the fact that the war of the Egyptians it says that the Hyksos were evicted from Egypt after a great storm came over Egypt. and so effectively the whole of the bible was only written really, because of the Thera eruption, because these people were driven out of Egypt, and lost their homes. and so they wrote down a history of their people, and that became the old testament.

“Fascinating. Would you say the modern world is spawned from Egypt, that our culture is an offshoot of this Hyksos culture?”

Yes, very definitely because it was their downfall, but it was the downfall that made them. it even says that in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” because Egypt was the superpower of that region in 1500BC. and yet a great proportion, the texts say up to a million people, although there is a tendency to exaggerate in these texts, were kicked out of Egypt. and they could have gone anywhere, and I think they did go anywhere. they could have gone by land up to Syria, but they may have gone across the Med on boats as well, and we also know that these Hyksos people were great friends with the Minoans. and it had been the Minoans who had been pushed out of Thera originally and a lot had settled in northern Egypt with the Hyksos. and the Minoans were the great sailers of that era. so now we have a people being pushed out of Egypt, and they have a great navy to do it with. so we can have an exodus across the mediterranean. these people who went out across the mediterranean were the great super power of that era. and they find themselves in places like Sicily, Corsica, and Malta, and the Balearic islands next to Spain, and they find themselves with almost uninhabited lands, and with a people who were culturally and technologically far below them. so they were able to take over these lands and people to show them that the tech that they understood in terms of metallurgy, weapon manufacture and they could turn these people into major rival civilization. and this is why we suddenly see the sudden rise of Greece, the western Med, the Spanish mainland. they all began to blossom in about this era. and i think its because of this infusion of technology and knowledge from these people who had been evicted from Egypt. so they seeded new cultures and new civilizations all across the Med because of this one very event.

“I think it is fascinating that it validates the bible historically, but do you think in regards of the bible that it has been edited and so forth, are you looking into other texts, apocryphal texts?”

I look into all of them. the information is all there, but yes it has been corrupted. so you have to be careful about what it says. and if you read it correctly you will find that the information is 100% correct, and 100% original, verbatim, as it was. you just need to understand what its talking about. one of the classic ones is Joseph coming to Egypt. Joseph goes into Egypt and becomes prime minister as I’d said, then his family comes down, and he’s a bit worried about this, and he says to his brothers as they come down, because he has 11, as you know, and he said, look pharaoh is going to want to speak to you, but whatever you do, don’t say that we are shepherds. you must say that we look after cattle, that we are cattle herders, because if pharaoh finds out that we are shepherds he will throw you out of Egypt, because shepherds are an abomination to Egypt. and you’ve got to think why is he saying this? and the answer is we are not translating this properly. in the bible it is given as a warning about agriculture, about real shepherds and cattle breeders. but it wasn’t, it was all to do with Astrology. and what he was really meaning, was that when you meet pharaoh do not tell him that we are shepherd kings, i.e. the Hyksos, but tell pharaoh instead that we are bull worshippers, not cattle breeders but bull worshippers. because remember the great religion of Egypt was the Attis bull. because shepherds are an abomination to them and they will throw us out of the country yes of course they would have done this because Joseph was a descendant of the Hyksos, who were known as the Shepherds, they were the shepherd pharaohs, well of course the Egyptians would have hated the Hyksos they had just  had a civil war with them, and thrown them out of the country in a great exodus, so no wonder they would have been hated by the southern Egyptians. so it makes sense if you view it in terms of theology, and not agriculture. so this might be, in the bible, an actual verbatim conversation between Joseph and his brothers, regarding the southern pharaoh. so its quite possible that the bible is not only correct, but verbatim correct, because it actually makes sense if you understand the context. and the context is not farmers and looking after sheep, but about the theology of Egypt, between the Attis bull worshippers and the shepherd kings.


and of course this difference between the shepherd kings is all Astrology of course. the era of Taurus ended in about 1800 BC, and that would have been the era of Attis bull worship. and after Taurus is Aries. so there was this change from Taurus to Aries, and I have no doubt that this is why the shepherd kings became known as the shepherd kings, because they went with this new constellation and the southern Egyptians did not, for whatever reason. they were no longer looking that the heavens, they kept on with their old bull worship. but the northern Egyptians had changed and gone on to Aries, which is why they were called the Hyksos.

Watch the whole interview here:

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7 Responses to Ralph Ellis – The Biblical Patriarchs were the Hyksos Pharaohs of Egypt

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  2. susan Price says:

    I wish Ralph would do a documentary on the TV on this so I can show my friends. I would like him to show evidence in pictures rather than just a recording.

  3. Hyksos did leave and travel the oceans to become for the most part the Phoenicians. Coming to the new Jewruselum in North America….and the rest is his…story…

  4. zhunjung1 says:

    I believe the Hyksos chameleon the Egyptian in Northern Egypt when they merged with them when David became the accountant for Pharaoh later marrying his daughter. “Amen”Hotep…he became.

  5. Greg says:

    How did they merge into European areas…. There is much debate on where the Northern Israelites were Jewish/Hebrew or were they Gentiles?

  6. zhunjung1 says:

    TSARION answers in his book “Female Illuminati.” Ralph Ellis and Michael Tsarion write and document that the Northern “Is Ra El” were traced from the Celtic part Asiatic who settled in Ireland and Scoland with reddish hair and light eyes. They were called the Adonists as they worshipped Adonai and Set. They also were from Russias Siberian area. Were also called the Bejaminites…and so on….

  7. zhunjung1 says:

    Oh and related to Iranian near what later became Syria.

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