Sargeant Daniel Macbolen III: whistleblower/victim of MK Ultra and ET Phenomenon


Sargeant Daniel Macbolen III, the latest whistleblower/victim of MK Ultra and ET Phenomenon to come forward.

Interviewed by The Leak Project.

Daniel: “I was born on a military base as a product. I was basically manufactured in a FEMA cloning type plant, where they do cloning. I’m not a clone, I’m a genetic mix of what they wanted, the military industrial complex scientists thought they knew exactly what they wanted, which was a sleeper assassin. So basically they built this platform which was built on Zeta Diogenes Clear-Eyes. There are five level with that. I’m a level five. Able to handle other elements within the five membered cell. Its unacknowledged special access programs deep coordinates cell. We are pretty much I guess you would say the darker part of the CIA’s non official cover-type, where you got CIA agents which have a different name. Nonofficial cover are employed somewhere and that’s their day job. And then you turn a key and they become someone else. And go about doing their spooking so to speak. They’re a spook and some may know it and some may not. Most know it because they have to have special training to make sure they’re, they’re extremely careful not to compromise themselves.

But with us, we can’t remember so how can we be compromised? We don’t even know that we’re asleep. We’re invisible. The  reason they send us is because we’re invisible. We just really don’t, are not noticeable. So I’ve had over 70 different occupations, tied to cover for action, work, type jobs. At least that’s how many were expunged from my record. So I’ve done so many things. But then again they have the technology to just dump certain skills in your brain. And then the rest is up to you if you’re talented at that skill. Certain skills I was talented at and other not so proficient, but there was a personality in there that was driven. Mostly always destination oriented. Get to the destination, do the job. And then de-brief. And so it was real simple, but the thing is when I woke up I would have no memory, or screened memories, implanted memories. And it didn’t bother me and it takes a long time before you start to realize there’s something weird things going on. And I was aware of those subconsciously, and then they began to surface.

“You remember all 70 occupations?”

I wrote them down one time, and they were stolen, I actually had a triggered moment, I was asked to do a resume, and I sat down and wrote out 70 occupations. There were certain jobs that were legitimate, in between times when there was nothing going on and they had to literally just put me somewhere. And so they would just put me somewhere. And I would stay until something heated up on the political scene. And then you basically quit that job and you know of course, sometimes I would hold a job until I was needed, and at a moments notice I could leave. But I had to have the skill sets. But they can download skill sets, you know, it’s a matter of minutes. Language the same way. Only with me I was not allowed to retain linguistics other than English. And the last time I had a traumatic brain injury even that became difficult to recover from. I couldn’t even speak english, couldn’t speak intelligibly at all.

“What happened?”

Uh, don’t remember. It was traumatic enough not to able to even remember anything surrounding it. Normally I remember most of what happened right up until the time I get triggered. And then of course I wake up in a totally  a different situation. Or wake up in an unusual situation. Situations that are you know, when you wake up and someone is taking a suppressed weapon out of your hand. Yeah that has a tendency to stick somewhere in the gray matter. And that happened more times than I can count. Someone handing me a weapon saying something, numbers, tones, and you know, you wake up and their taking the weapon away. And then I get hit with a stun gun, it’s not your average stun gun. It reinforces amnesia. And then of course you have missing time or unimplanted type memory. Some people call them screen memories. Because you can download those through a computer really easily. Or non-terrestrials do it in real time. They can run an entire series of memories for lost days. And put these memories in your brain, for lack of a better word I would say, telepathically. But that’s not true. It’s not really was it is, but its close enough.

When I reached age four the failed Bay of Pigs took place and they traced the assassination attempt on Fidel Castro back to the White House. So what this whole program was designed to do was to break the chain of command into such a fragmented way as to maintain plausible deniability no matter what. And I’ve talked to presidents and they are really nice to me. Of course they are really nasty to everyone else. But thats mostly because everyone else screwed up and I’m the only one in the room who didn’t screw up. I’ve talked to Ronald Regan, George Bush, puppy, Puppy Bush, I don’t have anything on Clinton, I believe.

I had many different mission parameters. Depending on what level I was at, as I would progress up the levels, you would go from an operator to a handler and you’d handle a group of individuals. And you wouldn’t even be aware you’re handling them.  You would put them on a regiment, it’s the same regiment you have, it’s not rocket science , they can only sleep 4 hours a day, course that’s programmed in, most of the scientists had it all planned out. So all they’d do as you stepped up the ladder, you’d be downloaded with information on how to handle other operatives. And most of these individuals you worked with during these deep operations. So it was not very difficult, it took a toll on the body, I needed a new body. This ones worn out, contaminated with all kinds of stuff….

“You said you had several fathers?”

That’s what the man who married my host, my mother, the one I was genetically kin to. It all came out one time when her programming failed, or the dissolution of her memory failed. And she began to remember about my birth. She had had other children, they were no kin to me other than through her genetics. She would come home from the hospital and it was customary in those days to take pictures of bringing the infant home. With me she looked like she had just been in Auschwitz. She was 20-30 pounds underweight. I almost died cus there was certain leakage across the blood-placenta barrier and she was poisoned. She recovered, and then had like a hyper-immune system after that. They had to bring her back in and program her to be a hypochondriac. almost like they would program her to have certain illnesses that she wouldn’t normally have.  Otherwise she was quite healthy. Of course we would have the same symptoms. Migraines, sensitive to light. Because there was a certain amalgamation there because she carried me in the womb.

When I was born they took me to a new hospital, if you read in the CIA family jewels it’s called sonic holography project at level 4D at Wilfred Hall medical center, Lackland Airforce Base Bear County Texas. All they do is rehardwire the infants brain and they kept me for 3 months, and there was an altercation between her parents wanting to know why they could not see her child, me, and why there was this fibrous material that you could actually see on an x-ray growing around the womb. It looked manufactured, grown. And it was, it was a filter.  It was so my antigens wouldn’t pass into her bloodstream, which it did, but she survived. 3 months later they brought me back, but only because the experiment was done. They re-hardwired by brain so that it could interface with CMOS technology, computer technology, directly, directly to the computer. And so I’ve always had problems with computers. I have to be cognizant about using a computer without it going crazy, rebooting on their own, sometimes they do, when I get upset, weird things happen. I blow circuit breakers, and if I have certain types of irritation which are rage related, I keep going through lightbulbs, if I’m thinking on a certain line of thought that is related to rage, yeah I go through a lot of lightbulbs. Sometimes I’ll be around magnets and they will fall off the refrigerator. And I really don’t know why. I know my electro-magnetic signature is not like most people. I can use it, I don’t know how I came to being that way.

At a rather early age I was able to do unusual feats, like taking apart things without tools. Dissembling things that are put together with tools and torqued. And I could take it apart with my fingers, think them loose. I would concentrate on the molecular structure of the metal and i could take them off, the threads would decrease on one, and increase on the other and I could unscrew it. My mother’s father, was very intrigued with that, he was a master mechanic and wondered how I could do that. I was able to do it on the molecular structure of living things, tissue, manipulate blood flow, specific gravity of certain things, lift trees out of the ground, lift cars onto one wheel. that kind of thing, but you can’t do that and not draw attention onto yourself. So the whole idea was not to draw attention onto yourself.

“Did you grow up on a military base?”

No, she (my mother) and her husband were divorced. He went to anchorage, strategic air and space command, he had unusual abilities but not anywhere related to me. When my mother told me this strange story, I decided to go see him. He just knew I was coming. I walk in, his new wife said hi and bye. And he said “sit down.” He said I know why you’re here, and bottom line is I didn’t like paying child support for you as a child mainly because you’re not mine.” I said, “so she was having an affair?” he says “no you don’t understand, you have many fathers, some of which are not from around here.” I said “so where are they from?” and he just pointed up. And he said “that’s all I’m going to say about that.” I tried to breach the subject again a few minutes later, and he knew the playbook, so he said, “no we’re not going to talk about that.”

When the memories began to come back I immediately identified the particular species I was related to becauseI would see them about once a year, I always saw the same ones. There were others in different areas, but not much of a interface with them. But these I interfaced easily with, they would get into the details of my life. Each one had a different function. They were all scientists, but they had their function and a very specialized function. And I would get interrogated by this female of their species. They were very technical, little emotion, when they did show emotion they got freaked out. Fear and survival was the element of, you couldn’t call it an emotion, just a response, they didn’t have emotions, just the flight or fight syndrome.

And so I could sense that, I was always sensitive to the feelings of others. I could actually, I was rebuked several times for not only finishing other people sentences but saying what they were going to say next. And that’s when the grandfather took special interest and began to train me in all manner of, you know he would have me do things that other family members couldn’t. He would have me go and watch them and if they were unsuccessful I would step in and do it with the greatest of ease. I don’t know how i would know I just did. it wasn’t until was older and got out of my teens I realized that you don’t demonstrate everything that you are asked to do. It seems like every time someone finds out that you can do a thing more responsibility is thrown on you. And I was being treated like dirt anyway. The more I did it always seemed to lead to a worse place.

So I would not volunteer anything. They would hand me the yellow cube device. Its about 8 inches. They wanted to see if i could turn it on. they handed it to me and it started folding nomenclature from the inside out like a folding duel double tesseract. and they got interested so i stopped. and other artifacts, ancient artifacts. some not so ancient. some old but recently found. i know what they do and i don’t know how i know what they do. i know how to turn them on. i know how to turn them off, i know how to use them, put them on correctly.

Dr Reed’s bracelet for instance – it has embossments on it with a couple of needles. You hold it in your palm with the needles pointing up and your other arm perpendicular, and pushed it on, you wouldn’t feel the needles at all. And then reach down and there are symbols, shape powers, nomenclature. It’s an on and off switch. You take your finger and thumb and squeeze it and it bilocates you, takes you from one place to another, wherever you think in your mind that’s where you end up. usually you have predetermined locations. but Dr Reed didn’t know how to use it.

The Roswell Rock is a diagnostic tool that you lay on a chakra point on humankind and you basically move it up and down the body and interface with a magnetite computer and looks inside the body like you would with an MRI. It’s non-invasive. You just lay the stone and activate it and look inside and that’s whats it’s for. Most likely the guy who found it was drawn to it, genetically. Probably the only reason he found it. He can’t get it out of his pocket. He is activating the device and it puts off energy that helps him to feel better. It can be used as a healing device or repairing device on down to the DNA level. But subconsciously he must know that because he always puts it in his right pocket and he’s become addicted to it, but he’s healthier now so I’m not gonna argue with it. But he just doesn’t know what it is, what it does, not consciously anyway.

And there are other devices as well. rods and things, weapons, that you access. The craft, you can access the craft. But females are a lot better better fliers anyway. They can multi-task, they’re built top multi-task. and hybrids and humbrids can also fly the craft. but the junk that we usually have gotten is old and antiquated and theft proof. because you have to interface with nonthinking intelligences and each one has to coordinate through your brain, a gravity amplifier and that’s how you keep the craft in the air, is by thought. but in order to do that you have to communicate telepathically with the drivers, they’re like little avatars, they’re biological but mostly mechanical. but you still have to feed them every couple weeks or so.

“Let’s go back to the conditioning process when they first were handing you devices.”

Well the conditioning process at an early age involves a lot of torture and rape. waterboarding, you  know the standard electrocution, that kind of thing, to get your mind to splinter. Cus they have to keep doing this and they give you some kind of chemical to keep you from going unconscious. So that you really are in this state of, you’re in so much pain that your mind goes into a fog, and eventually your mind just shatters like something under too much potential, too much stress. And then after the splintering takes place they fill up these areas with alters, and close-hold compartmentalized information. So they use it as a storage area, and personality if you will. They call them alters, but its a manufactured type of schizo-affective, or schizophrenia. Its a manufactured process where each of these alters have specific skills. And they don’t interact with each other. They don’t interact with the waking Beta state mind person. So you’re not even aware they’re there. They have a tendency to come out every once in a while, if the conditions are just right, and certain words are said in a certain pattern you can get triggered. But usually you just flip right back because you’re waiting for not only a key but a code, a series of numbers and series of tones.

Back in my day, but I’m old, so I’m probably…they got hold of the information in the 50’s, and I was born in 1957. They’ve gotten better as they went, non-terrestrials, have been doing this for thousands of years. And they turn out a pretty decent product. The alien human hybrid, they’re a lot better in every way than a human manufactured product. There was quite an argument between the non-terrestrial military complex and the military industrial complex because this particular group of individuals didn’t have the capacity to think like humans. So went they went through the list of things, of parameters they wanted in these soldiers, there was something lost in translation. Not every thing came out the way the military wanted, there were some extra things thrown in that the military did not want. All it basically is is that the military wanted to tap in on the manifestation gene, the Meta-gene factor, the God gene, whatever you want to call it. Because human kind is more powerful than any creature in the known universe.

You know, non terrestrials, their only safe if humans got two strands of DNA. They are only controllable and gullible if they have two strands, if they get their 3rd strand back in place, many years ago one race kinda broke the chain on the third strand which made homo sapien sapien much more controllable. Once you get that third strand back than you cannot be made a slave. It won’t work. They’re manifesters, they can literally wish you away and you’ll be gone. I’ve done it. Didn’t want the guy around and did it subconsciously, don’t know where he went, but he was gone. And there was no visible means of escape for him , and he didn’t have a bracelet.

So I’m pretty sure in a rage state, its always emotional based. Love is thousand times more powerful than rage, it accomplishes more, through the intention of causality than rage.  but rage is what they wanted, because they were having you do nasty things, and if you’re loving and lovable you won’t do nasty things, you would have a tendency to not want to do such nasty things….

Watch the rest here:

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