Fiona Barnett: Victim of MK Ultra Pedophile Network Comes Forward

b887340z1_20151104090031_000gum1o1352-0-4wq3aym0m81g41tx4l2_ct620x465Paraphrased from an interview entitled: “Fiona tells her story”

Fiona: I was raised in Sydney, and managed to get out the ring that abused me there. I was raised, or introduced to the international sex trafficking ring by my grandparents. So we had my grandmother and step grandfather and they were Nazi’s. Nazi war criminals who worked in the Gestapo over in Poland and Lithuania and they immigrated to Australia. What peopled have not realized is that Australia has a very large number of Nazi war criminals. That’s where it all started.

“So your own family introduced you to their international child sex trafficking ring?” Yeah well the structure that people aren’t so familiar with concerning this pedophile ring network is that there are several types of victims. Some are kidnapped off the streets. Some are bred, by breeders and they have children whose births are not registered and they are bred just for child sex trafficking. But there’s another category and that’s what I belong to and that’s children who are born into it. So it’s  multigenerational. Someone like me who is born into is expected to go on and sort of become administrators within the network, expected to become perpetrators. So we’re trained up for those roles. So I was privy to the organizational side of the network. I sat in on meetings from a young age because they were training me to participate later on.

I have memories back to being about two and being abused by my step grandfather. Just flashes of memories when I’m very young. Age 3 I had a flashback to being abused by Dr. Antony Kidman who is movie star Nicole Kidmans father. And then probably the clearest memories start from 5 to 6.

“You mentioned Nicole Kidman’s father….Did I see on your webpage a drawing of Nicole Kidman in a room watching you being abused?” Absolutely. She is a victim of this same ring. She was raised in it. She was present when Antony Kidman committed a murder at Sydney university. They slayed a 5 year old boy, I was 9, Nicole was 11, she is several years older than me.

Another clear memory I had was being sexually assaulted by Antony Kidman at his house on the north side of Sidney. It was at a big party – post production Shakespeare produced and run by John Bell who is the other person who raped me at that party. I was dropped off by Dr. Mark, who is another Lithuanian Nazi war criminal doctor (Leonus Petraskis? Sp). He dropped me off at the party.  I knocked on the door was instructed to say, “the Star-child is here. Inside I saw famous actors snorting cocaine in the corner lounge area. It overlooked a pool.

After everyone left the party that night, I was sexually assaulted by Kidman and John Bell, famous Shakespearean actor. They then had sex with each other. So I was a warmup. And then we went out in the pool they did all this weird stuff in the pool. They nearly drowned me. They were singing, chanting, and drunk.

The next morning I woke up tied naked to a chair in a basement. He was hitting me and yelling, “Do you remember now?!” And Nicole was sitting in the corner of the room with her back against the wall with her arms crossed and a look of contempt on her face towards me. Look victims used to look out for each other but she was a bitch, a horrible person to deal with….

I was told later that  Nicole was taking a Scientology approach to managing me.

“Right she came over here and was involved in scientology. is scientology attached to all this too?” Absolutely, Scientology is just one branch, just one, so are the Freemasons, so is the OTO, there’s just a whole bunch.

“How involved was L Ron Hubbard?” Well I thought he had something to do with Jack Parsons the Nazi rocket scientist, they’re all involved, all into Madam Blavastki’s writings and Aleister Crowley. Look people think I sit around studying this all day, I don’t. I have my own head full of garbage that I saw myself. Got my own movie in my head….

But my researchers found some links, like Antony Kidman had a charm that he would use to trigger unethical hypnosis which was one of the methods they use, that plus drugs, plus torture, like you know cattle prodding and whatever, you can train any child to do as they’re told if you use those methods. Anyway, the emblem he would use on the charm was of the eastern star, an emblem which appears in Freemasonry. And the Catholic Church is another, just a pedophile organization, there’s nothing else for it….

…So you’ve got what they call blood lines, they are born into it. They are usually high IQ and they’re called the elite. The chose ones. Which you don’t want to be chosen for this, so don’t anyone aspire for this garbage. It’s not worth it. Then what you have under them are other groups that might be multigenerational but they’re not considered the high IQ chosen ones right? Then below that you have people recruited through Universities, public and private schools . Then right at the bottom you have people who get involved in witches covens and things like that and think its a bit of a laugh, then get involved so far and realize whats really going on. And it’s too late, they can’t get out.

So you’ve got the mafia involved somewhere in this hierarchy. But if you come in and you’re not bloodline you you can never get to the top; you can only be born at the top. That’s where you hear about how the Bushes and the Royal family and various politicians are all related. You’ve got 12 or 13 blood lines right at the top and then you’ve about 300 bloodlines below that. The ones right at the top are sort of revered as demigods.”

Watch the full interview HERE.

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