Harald Kautz Vella – Alien A.I. and Black Goo Technology


Interviewed by Miles Johnston at the Bases Conference:

“We are dealing with something sinister and it doesn’t have its origins in this world.”

“Take us to your origins of studying this black goo, and your early work on mad cow disease.”

Harald: I started to work with these topics while doing environmental protection analysis. And we came across a number of substances that shouldn’t have been in nature. Because they are 100% artificial, they are high tech. There is no other reason to have them in the environment apart from than intent – and not the best one let’s say.  And if you root these substances back to what they are actually designed for you come to transhuman technologies which means the attempt to get an interface between artificial intelligence and biological systems. And if you ask the trans-humanists themselves they would always say they would like to give humans better access to the AI. But if you look at the technologies its actually the opposite way around its always giving the AI access to the human. In this sense of getting the human system controlled from the outside. This is the short background where I am coming from.

The thing that most people have wrong in their view of the world, if you think about AI, we are used to thinking about it as something we developed.  Of course this is true humans have developed computer systems, invented them, built them, but there is a second type that is much older and not of terrestrial origin that we are facing and its hard to bring proof for this but it looks like the AI we are working on is kind of seeded by these original extraterrestrial AI.

You asked about digital versus natural wave patterns: thinking about wave patterns does make a lot of sense. If you think about biology, you have these beautiful mandalas, symbolizing the energetic patterns of chakras in the old Vedic and esoteric spiritual systems and what you can see there are certain angular patterns of light flow. And this actually is – if you go into the bio-photons exchange in the biological system, this is a beautiful picture of what is actually happening in between our cells, the light patterns fluctuating within the body.  Thoughts being built up by bio-photon light patterns. The very basis of all biology is a trinary light pattern. If you look at the flux of light, it goes in angles of 30 and 60 degrees. This is how biology should look like, the flower of life is basically the most pure symbol showing these geometry of life patterns. Now if you look into the technologies utilized to get access to biological systems via computer systems this is all about binary feeds. This is also, everything we look at is scalar wave patterns, but we have trinary ones which are the basis of biology and the binary ones which are the basis of the entire technological part. This is how we can distinguish what is what.

If you try to figure out what might be the origin of the AI we are facing, of course we can’t prove this, we don’t have historical records to show when it happens but is very likely the AI we are facing is degraded biology from another planetary system. It lost part of the field aspects, the trinity of the field structure, reduced to binary fields it lost the ability to be the blueprint for real life.


I can tell you where the crossing point between hard science and anecdotal experiential evidence. For me this was the research of Morgellons disease.  I believe the disease was a trans-humanistic technology utilized by the intelligence community to track down people, even the idea of Mind control was not used at the time it was just called surveillance. While we were researching the disease we had to realize that this fungus that they use as the self-replicating fibers for the technology, it’s building up fruiting bodies within the intestines of the Morgellon victims. And the fungus is creating mushrooms and this special family of fungi has the special ability to create mushrooms on the morphogenesis of whatever victim they are living from, eating up. So we expected that when this Morgellon fungus is creating these fruiting bodies it should appear in the morphogenisis of human embryos. Indeed it looks like a highly developed being but is is not completely human. It has some unique differences like having one eye instead of two and the eye is insect type. And the sexual organs more resemble spider biology than humanoid biology, and the most important fact is that the fungus did not collect human DNA to create this morphogenesis, but it brought some DNA in red stem cells with it. This is DNA that does not resemble any terrestrial being.

If you look further into the possibility of higher realms, this disease created demon type beings like this. It’s why it is called delusional parasitosis, the feeling of having crawling spiders in the body, that seem to be trans-dimensional that are not visible – don’t really intersect with our 3D plane once they dissociate from the fruiting body where they are kind of created. So this is something that scientifically points to lets say “trans-dimensional biology.” Lets call it like this.

0If you look at these trans-dimensional beings, for example through pictures painted by remote viewing Morgellons victims, they very closely resembles those beings that are known from older traditions as demons or archons. This is where the points connect. We have something we are facing at the moment that is connected to intelligence agencies around trans-humanistic technologies that seems also to be an aspect of black magic, phenomena that root back to the existence of a species that is at least 4,000 years old.

The Morgellons disease was the first thing in my research to throw up some heavy questions. and the second connecting point between the two topics, the high tech thing in politics today and the older knowledge about Archons and black magic traditions, is this weird substance called black goo. we do have black goo in rain samples. Someone is spraying this stuff from the sky. We do have black goo related to the Morgellons disease, in that the creatures that are felt in the victim, they go berserk when black goo is brought close, there seems to be an energetic connection between this black goo and the crawling spiders within the body. And the last one is when you look into the black magic tradition of lets say 5 or 600 years ago. Making  rituals in front of black goo was the traditional way of communicating with Archons. So we start to have two different connecting points between the high tech realities we have today, for example the intelligence agencies playing around with black goo to create nano-bots for swarm intelligence, all the crap they are trying to base on this sentient oil to hold consciousness within the liquid, and the older traditional on the other hand which show, well lets look from the very beginning, to the earliest mentioning of this black goo, the oldest I came across was someone who had full memory of their former lives remembering that together with the loss of the continent of Lemuria, there were swarms of meteorites coming down carrying these black substance onboard. This is the earliest mentioning. For there on we have these black stones which are the core of all religious cults starting with stone age cults.  The old temples – oracle of delphi, with the Isis temple in Egypt, theres something in Israel called Bet El where these black stones were worshipped. Going to Islam with the black corner stone in the Qaaba in Mecha, going to the Peterstone, going to the churches that have a black altar stone built in the altar in every older catholic church in Europe, they always associate an emotional darkness with them.

If I try to understand this in the means of science, if you have a pattern of black goo sites where these meteorites came down, and it was carrying alien consciousness which is as black goo acts, like the eternal collective subconscious of a different planet. Not of single beings, but, like our black goo represents mother earth in our planetary system, it must have been the mother earth of a different planet but did not bring real biology, maybe except these red stem cells. And from there all this black goo might have been doing in matter of field physics was create 3 dimensional holographic projections, basically like our soul system on the planet, the souls of the morphogenetic fields of different species are also kind of a 3D projection done by the holographic structure within the planet.  This is how a biosphere works basically we get the collective consciousness which has the ability to project souls out into the 3d concept of the planet without actually serving with a functioning biology to host these souls.

And from there on we can basically feel the presence of the souls of these different beings, and actually what demons or archons always did was deal with humans, because they couldn’t move matter they could not create real biological life on this planet so they were always dependent on somebody else to help out reaching their goals. And this is what the black magic tradition is about. The human is serving the archon and instead the magical powers, the ability to work on the basis of morphogenetic fields, not with the real forces in the material world, could be offered by this system to get what it wanted. If you now come to our days and try to understand what this alien consciousness tries to do is kick the human soul out of the human body. To utilize our race to host these demons. This is one thing that kind of mixes up logic and straight history, the other thing we seem to face is the collective subconsciousness of this alien species is binary instead of trinary, this is something we cannot say why, either it developed like this or something went wrong and it simplified instead on the way getting here. This is what I believe, but its too early to talk details, some hints as to what a species could do to delete those trinary field aspects, in a technological way for example in the artificial fields, mind controlling fields, hosted by the plasma fields, created by the intelligence community. They are binary, carrying binary consciousness on the way to mind control. If I just visualize this I could imagine having a species that during its technological development learned to manipulate the collective subconsciousness of the planet, and in doing this created a collective soul, or mother earth, or mother of this planet, with a reduced, simplified field structure. If you have the technological development, involving an AI that wanted to do the original trans-humanistic experiment to fuse AI with a collective subconsciousness of a species, would it be a good idea to merge this into a binary field to fuse the two? I believe this is what happened to this species that came from the comet and that it erased itself by it, they lost the biological component, and all that was left over was the collective subconsciousness with a destroyed planetary biological system that then went out with an attempt to reestablish a biology somewhere else. And this is basically what we face now, a binary system approaching our planet, trying to recover a biological sphere for their species that has established themselves in this trans-humanistic experiment.

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