Parasites, From Djinn To GMO – Eating To Ascend

Parasitic life is the easiest to create.” – William Burroughs

This woman’s story needs to be told, and her pertinent information reposted. Her name is Laura and her blog is called “Eating To Ascend”. By reading her work it’s clear she has the mind  of a true SCIENTIST, not one of these fake ones that swallow and regurgitate the state-approved textbooks.

As a targeted individual (TI) Laura had to self-treat for Lyme Disease and Morgellons, a black-op manufactured bioweapon that the mainstream health professionals won’t recognize. She basically figured out, through her own self healing journey, the scary extent to which WE ARE ALL infected in one way or another by parasites, (most notably the insidious ropeworm, see addendum below), a fact which is overlooked/ignored/hidden from mainstream health professionals. Instructions are given in her book on how to remove them, but it can be an arduous and dangerous process, if not done correctly.

This post endeavors to reveal the connection between body parasites and the Archons, Djinn, or Demons – all these creatures of lore that plague mankind – that may have a physical component in the shape of actual body parasites. Many of them microorganisms, making them hard to detect. According to Santos Bonacci, another TI, the goal of the parasites is to get to the brain, where they can more directly influence the host.

One example is in those stubborn cravings. Laura states that once she got rid of her parasites, she no longer craved certain foods. In her communication with other people detoxing, many of them noticed the same thing. This shows that intestinal worms and other parasites can directly influence the mind through basic neurochemistry. Specifically they want us eating foods that THEY enjoy, things like meat and sugar.  They are literally  that devil whispering in your ear to have another cupcake, or another cheeseburger, the root of our addiction to foods and habits that make us feel worse in the long run and yet we keep going back to them, like a codependent relationship.

In the Essene Gospels, Jesus warns us of this, saying “I tell you truly, should you fail to keep but one only of all these laws, should you harm but one only of your body’s members, you shall be utterly lost in your grievous sickness, and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Later he says “And his bowels become full with abominable filthiness, with oozing streams of decay; and multitudes of abominable worms have their habitation there. And his eyes grow dim, till dark night enshrouds them, and his ears become stopped, like the silence of the grave. And last of all shall the erring Son of Man lose life. For he kept not the laws of his Mother, and added sin to sin.”

You discover that without parasites and through clean practices one can essentially live forever. Death itself is unnatural, a byproduct of disease.

Dis-ease. When you are in a state of ease, your body is living, not decaying.

Satan Cannot Create Life, But He Sure Tries: Abiogenesis

Laura writes, “Now, I was already aware of the fact that parasites are vectors with which disembodied nephilim and demonic spirits inhabit human bodies and cause sin, disease and death. From Djinn to GMO, for in reality, both are genetically engineered, regardless of the age or aeon of their creation, archons have plagued (and this word is used literally) humankind since their creation.

I am also aware, but most readers probably aren’t, of the discovery an ‘amateur scientist’, i.e. member of the middle caste with money, named Andrew Crosse, made which he then called “Abiogenesis”, in which he manifested parasites from the air trapped in the vacuum of a bell jar with applied electric current.

Archons that look like ticks.

In an article on Cross: “During the autumn of 1837, Crosse was busy trying to synthesise crystals of silica by passing a continuous weak current from Leyden condensers and galvanic batteries through oxide of iron, whilst a fluid medium of silicate of potash and hydrochloric acid was allowed to seep gradually through the iron.

On the twenty-sixth day these appearances assumed the form of a perfect insect, standing erect on a few bristles which formed its tail. Till this period I had no notion that these appearances were other than an incipient mineral formation. On the twenty-eighth day these little creatures moved their legs. I must now say that I was not a little astonished. After a few days they detached themselves from the stone, and moved about at pleasure.

Crosse continued monitoring the experiment, and in the course of a few weeks about a hundred of the creatures made their appearance on the stone. He examined them with a microscope and observed that the smaller ones appeared to have only six legs, the larger ones eight.

Crosse’s Acari Sketch:


Crosse was unsure exactly what he had discovered: These insects are pronounced to be of the genus Acarus, but there appears to be a difference of opinion as to whether they are of a known species; some assert that they are not.

Although an amateur, Crosse was no fool and began to suspect that his equipment had somehow become contaminated with the eggs of ordinary Acari. After a thorough examination of his equipment and the room, Crosse was satisfied that there could have been no contamination from any source, either airborne or otherwise. However, being the keen and conscientious investigator that he was, he determined in future to take steps to ensure that contamination would never be a problem.

Crosse by now had lost interest in his original experiments of generating crystals, and began preparations to conduct further experimentation in this new, exciting field.

…Crosse was relieved when he heard that another amateur, a Mr. Weeks from Sandwich, had successfully repeated some of his experiments but had used even more stringent precautions to prevent contamination.

Before commencing work, Weeks baked all his equipment in an oven at high temperatures, used only distilled water, filled his receivers over mercury troughs using “manufactured air” (oxygen), and even heated his silicate solutions strongly. After a year and a half of electrification, the Acari made their appearance. Control experiments, using everything except electricity, always failed; no Acari appeared.”


Laura: “somehow within this evil is a self-destruct, which hints at why they require host bodies. As to the agenda of the elite, they know that their days are limited. Indeed, for all of time there has been a group of people endeavoring to create life and be like The True Creator. But they can’t. They can only imitate. Still, they try. Oh, do they.

Thanks to these Luciferian-driven ruling class we now have the Bubonic Plague, the Spanish Flu, Influenza, Typhoid, Malaria, Swine Flu, Hoof and Mouth, Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Syphilis, Gonnorhea, Influenza, Rheumatic Fever, Cancer, Alzhiemer’s, Morgellon’s, Ebola, Hanta and Zika viruses… name an illness and it’s traced to Satan. Of course, the powers that be have spent all known time covering this up with lies, in the indoctrination education system and (fabricated ruse of) history they set up.

When I “got” Morgellons after the doctors refused to test or treat me for Lyme,besides the fibers I had parasites. From getting to know so many people (online) I came to the conclusion that the synthetic biology of the parasites was limitless. Medical “professionals” only identify 40 or 50 types, if that. Huge cover-up, like a perfect echo of the saying “The greatest trick satan pulled was convincing people he didn’t exist”(SOURCE).

Medical Cover-up

There does seem to be this current of mysterious deaths in the health care world. In this Snopes article: “In just over a year, more than sixty holistic health practitioners have died suspicious deaths, and the media refuses to acknowledge that these deaths might be linked.” Did these doctors know about the parasites and synthetic bioweaponry and want to ‘blow the whistle’? There is a lot of money and corporate power hiding the fact that they are the ones making us sick, and hiding the cure. The pharmaceutical industry treats the symptoms, it doesn’t cure it.

They don’t want you to know that you can cure yourself. And this can done through the right diet and fasting and certain detoxing herbs and protocols, hence the name of her blog ‘eating to ascend.’  As Sol Mason puts it, “these things are like easter eggs, you have to fucking find them yourself.” Santos Bonacci concurs that nearly all diseases, at the root are caused by internal parasites, and recently healed himself by taking an animal dewormer. It should be a red flag for you that they provide dewormer meds to give to our pets and livestock but not to humans themselves.

Bible Prophecies; Gnostic References; Sumer

To get a historical angle on the roots of these abominable worms, we know from Gnostic writings that as Goddess Sophia fell to Earth, she accidentally created insect-like Archons, in a similar way to Cross’s experiments. Her fall into matter may have allowed for an abundance of life on Earth, but with such a huge discharge of static electricity it created these tick-like parasites, which have been with us ever since.

Laura contends that their infection is part of a cycle of biblical proportions relating to the orbiting pattern of Nibiru or the 12th planet. When it’s far from Earth, we have peace and abundance. When it gets close, we have….well this.


Laura: “Nibiru, The Destroyer, Wormwood has a parabolic motion and once you recognize it as the 12th planet, represented as the winged disk, accepting it in the Flat Earth model is natural, as it is a cosmological spiritual entity body.”

download (19)

A typical Sitchin rendering (using the old heliocentric model):

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 2.44.09 PM

I discounted Sitchin since discovering flat earth, but now have to read into the Annunaki mythos as provided by the Sitchinites as a form of ‘gate-keeping.’ Hiding truth in fiction and pseudo-science. We know the Annunaki are nicknamed ‘serpent seed.’ Think serpent as worm. They come in their parabolic motion once every several thousand years or so to mess with mankind, and mine for gold. Yeah they are mining our GI tract for energy. Gold could be code for our blood. Blood of the fellaheen, the slaves. How much of our food goes to feed the parasites, why the voracious appetites and binge eating? Who benefits here? What’s coming out is that the parasites in the body act as receivers tuned to the low vibratory Archonic frequencies, the directed energy weapons, the EMF pulses, 5G, etc. They work in tandem.

Laura writes, “the very earliest ancient texts tell a story of the cosmological being Pistis Sophia being split in half by her son with his club, and the she was torn asunder in two, her veins flowing gold the Annunaki later mined. One part of her became earth and was called Tiamat, the other became the moon. He is also the fallen one who came to be called Lucifer. His club he struck her with became the Orion’s Belt, the string of asteroids trailing PlanetX/Nibiru/The Red Kachina/Black Sun. Essentially he killed his mother, who had incepted him herself with her own thought in Error.

…In the canonical bible, which I consider the least factual in ways since heavily sanitized and edited by the archons, calls Nibiru The Destroyer, and in Revelation it’s Wormwood.”

A wiki search on ‘Wormwood:’

Wiki: “Wormwood is mentioned seven times in the Hebrew Bible, always with the implication of bitterness. The word wormwood appears several times in the Old Testament, translated from the Hebrew term לענה (la’anah, which means “curse” in Hebrew).

Wormwood is mentioned only once in the New Testament, in the Book of Revelation (ch. 8, vv. 10-11). “The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water—the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.” (Rev 8:10–11)

The Greek word is believed to refer to a plant of the genus Artemisia, used metaphorically to mean something with a bitter taste. The English rendering “wormwood” refers to the dark green oil produced by the plant, which was used to kill intestinal worms. In the Book of Revelation, it refers to the water being turned into wormwood, i.e. made bitter.

(Notice that wormwood is also a plant, Artemisia, that ironically has dewormer properties.)

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 1.13.59 PM

So “Wormwood is the “name of the star” in the Book of Revelation 8:11 that John of Patmos envisions as cast by the angel and falling into the waters, making them undrinkably bitter.”

Could this bitterness be talking about actual parasitic larvae and eggs raining down upon the Earth during the crossing of this cosmological ’12th planet’ by these Annunaki serpent seed fallen ones?

Laura writes, “From what I have gleaned the Annunaki are one of many dieties who became known as fallen angels, or alien races, and the Annunaki are directly below Enki/Thoth/Belial. That the Pliedians are also fallen, having rebelled, still trying to “earn their wings back” being benevolent to humanity. Worms are sin indwelling, and I actually found a victorian elite publication written by illuminati which time jumps its stories across ages as if time is irrelevant and they are immortals at a cocktail party – it reads like a journal… in this journal from the 19th century I read that they put the trichnosis worms into the Chicago pigs.

They are miscegenating EVERYTHING as Annunaki and this is why I contend that the Enki/Lucifer connection is real. Why else would the cabal worship him? And the ancient texts call them the sons of darkness. Look at the oldest bug-eyed and insect beings sculptures found, ant people. Gobekli Tepi animals. References by the Greek philosophers to men who were half rams or centaurs, and unicorns. This earth has been folded up so much for so long.”


Putting worms in the pigs as an incubation stage – this was depicted in the very offbeat movie called ‘Upstream Color.’ It’s all about the life cycle of this parasitic worm that has mind control properties. Hence it is used by a couple brilliant criminals to ‘roofie,’ kidnap and eventually scam victims out of all their money. They slip this worm into their drink, and it grows in the body, working the host up into a delirium that lasts several days. When they come out of it they have no recollection what transpired, the criminals long gone, and a large worm tearing up their insides. (The worm is eventually removed by transferring it into a pig.)


In closing, if you feel like you may be burdened by parasites or targeted attack, contact Laura who is in the process of writing a book on this material. She goes into detox protocols in detail.

I read chapter one and my remarks to her were: ” I am in a bit of a state of shock. I can’t believe that something as big as giant parasitic worms in our bodies can go so unnoticed so long by the mainstream health “services.” I mean these ropeworms don’t show up in X-rays, or MRI’s? And then I saw your link to the article about all the mysterious deaths/murders of doctors and health practitioners and two and two is starting to add up. If what you are saying is true, that we all have worms and that they are essentially one and the same with demons that have been plaguing us and causing all the diseases, all the addictions, all the laziness and hatred, then your book and detox protocols may be the most important thing since the bible and should be mandatory reading!”

If you are new to Morgellons disease and how it relates to demonology and black goo read Harald Kautz Vella’s account HERE.

Addendum: Ropeworm or Mucoid Plaque?

It’s pretty clear when I googled ‘ropeworms‘ the parasite that Laura says we all have, that google, wikipedia and the mainstream hive mind have decided that ropeworm is mucoid intestinal lining, not a parasite.

They point us to Volinksy et al and a scientific paper ‘Human anaerobic intestinal “rope” parasites’ which they claim is a fraud and laugh at it, but don’t really give any evidence for why it should be dismissed. The Volinsky paper is saying the same thing Laura is saying, and can be read here:

“Many people observe rope parasites in their stool during fasting or enemas, with
numerous pictures posted in corresponding internet forums worldwide. Often the rope
parasites are mistaken for the remains of other decayed parasites, such as ascaris worms,
or the intestinal lining.”

“More than one billion humans are infected with intestinal parasites.1
Over 15% of all cancers in humans are parasites-related.2 It is also estimated that every fourth human is infected with intestinal parasites.3 Parasitic worms fall under one of the four categories: roundworms (nematodes), tapeworms (cestodes), flukes (trematodes), and

“One can only imagine how many microelements, vitamins and enzymes the human body is stripped off to sustain this parasitic biomass. Human body starts to lack essential nutrients, which leads to higher food consumption, resulting in obesity. These helminths themselves also contribute to the excess body weight.”

“While currently there’s no known pharmaceutical antihelminthics cure for the rope parasites, dehilminthation methods include cleaning water enemas, followed by enema with baking soda,5,8 eucalyptus oil followed by the lemon juice enema,6,7,8 and milk enemas with salt.8 Most humans are hosting these parasites without even knowing it, as hundreds of patients had these parasites. So far there has not been a single patient that didn’t have these parasites. The rope parasite’s full life cycle and interactions with the human body are yet to be studied and fully understood.”
Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 8.08.10 PM.pngThis is what people doing enemas, fasting and certain detoxes are shitting out. Does that look like mucus to you?

These mainstream articles from
and are muddying the waters, obfuscating a cover-up. “who cares if it ropeworm or plaque? they are hard to tell apart…” The articles say. Wait did I not just read in Velinsky that these things have sucker mouths and little suction cups?? What kind of mucoid plaque has that?

Also if they are so ubiquitous, why is there so little mainstream data on this thing? They are making it seem like this is only just now a new trending buzz.

If it was so easy to prove that this was all mucoid plaque they would have done so by now. Case closed.

Laura writes, “When I took the 1” long hydrilla-looking larva I coughed up to Johns Hopkins Hospital in November 2016, to culture it on different plates of agar and see what kind of parasite I had, I was still thinking that I just needed the right doctor, the right tests, the right prescriptions. The pathologist didn’t culture it for 3-5 days on different mediums. In less than 24 hours he wrote on my “MyChart” “Results consistent with a mucus strand”. That was when I realized it was a huge coverup and stopped going to doctors. They told my children I was crazy and I was shunned.”

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14 Responses to Parasites, From Djinn To GMO – Eating To Ascend

  1. Just to clarify, I didn’t state “When it’s far from Earth, we have peace and abundance. When it gets close, we have….well this.: What we perceive of materially as this world is many realms which have been ‘fallen’ ~because~ they became material(ized). I don’t want readers to think that I believe this is a bucolic realm. Until archons are dealt with IN ALL SPHERES AND PLANES, FOLDED OR UNFOLDED, UNTIL THEY CEASE TO EXIST AND VOID ITSELF CEASES, there will not be peace. The Essene conceptualization of ROOT > HUMAN BEINGNESS > TREE best describes this. All that is MANIFESTED through the THOUGHT of the MOST HIGH and is fibonacci-based LAW (if we must name and codify it, which still delimits based on our perceptions dimension-wise). The digital duplication and transhumanism and miscegenation of genetic mods and cloning and implants taking us from carbon 666-based to silicone are still only DUPES. Even in the SciFi seminal work by Frank Herbert, DUNE, time is depicted as being FOLDED by the borg ships, with wormholes being created by emissions from the archons, which look like the larvae that came from my lungs in sputum and from my sores, even from my bones if for instance the sore was on my shin (my photographic evidence will be in my book). The Johns Hopkins pathologist wrote on the report he filed when I submitted a 1: coughed-up specimen “SPECIMEN CONSISTENT WITH A MUCUS STRAND”. If the Johns Hopkins Medical System Pathology Laboratory of the Infectious Disease Department – where that was, where I took the creature/entity that was 1″ long and alive and I coughed it up – IF he had followed CDC and AMA protocol for parasitic specimens he would have cultured it on different types of agar in separate petrie dishes fro varying numbers of days, to identify it. BUT HE DIDN’T. In less than 24 hours he filed a digital report in the illuminati health system patient portal blockchain database which said “SPECIMEN CONSISTENT WITH A MUCUS STRAND”.
    My specimen was exactly like your image above.
    I stopped trusting doctors and it is revelatory.
    Not only because Johns Hopkins University had given me a FULL MEDICAL SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP IN 1985 – without even requiring I take the MCAT, because of my abilities in organic chemistry in college.
    The larva from my body looks like the larva in DUNE. It is all macro/micro/Horton Hears A Hoo.
    These interdimensional parasites who I turned down working for when their CIA men in black came to my high school in 12th grade to collect me after splitting me into alters in the cloning centers must have been MIND BLOWN when I refused to go join their ranks.
    They made sure I didn’t go to med school Now I am so glad I didn’t. All that additional MK Ultra for nothing! LIes from liars serving the lie!
    Back to DUNE. They don’t fold time, they just squeeze through it, being huge formless ones. Only the MOST HIGH manifests time or demanifests it, by light removal. The archons/fallen angels use DIGITAL DUPLICATION OF ORGANIC LAW and the power source as readers discerning enough to be here on your blog know, we are their power source because they are powerless usurpers of souls who cannot make light.
    Only the MOST HIGH CAN BECAUSE HE IS. Even to say HE is of course all wrong lol.
    We in our limited abilities as materialized – even if we are 5D – cannot conceive of THE ONE. Yet The ONE is US. That’s why we detox, and go within and mediate thoughtlessly, focusing on our breath and love.
    The human race is called a race because it IS a race that we have to win or our soul dies without having been filled with light information to return to source ❤

    Thank you, @truthscrambler, for this opportunity for your readers to learn that disease is a fraud, and how to eat – really, it's more like NOT EAT – to ascend ❤

    • Thank you for that clarification. It’s an important distinction to make, about the cyclic vs. breaking-the-cycle nature of this. And thanks for all your hard work, which has helped me and I’m sure others as well along the path.




  5. Looks like I just found one of my favorite truther blogs here in the blogosphere.

  6. Sage says:

    You might find it really interesting that the ancient taoists were writing about the same things.

  7. Here’s the link to the article on archons, Crosse’s work, parasites, etc

    The wormers one can and must take go far past iver! Wow, are they lying to us!

  8. Something else that occurred to me. In the Old testament it said that 1/3 of the waters became bitter with ‘Wormwood.’ What is one third? Thirty three percent. Another coded meaning behind the 33 symbolism popping up everywhere in the occult/secret societies.

  9. Cameron says:

    Drop the beLIEf in the false biblical Christian constructed view of the world and you’ll get farther. Parasites releasing chemicals to control your mind are proven facts, as is that most people have them. The rest of the Annunaki (fictional in the Sitchin sense) flat Earth (psyop) aliens (psyop) and Archons (ruling class – archon is Greek for ruler, not extradimensional parasites, tho them being worms is likely related to the parasite idea) is distractions and psyops to keep you from understanding reality. There is no “devil” responsible for the evil in the world. There is only “God” (spirit, the one consciousness that holds reality as a mental construct in it’s mind).

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