Michael Tsarion: The Cult Of Aton and The Dark Side Of The Sun

Paraphrased from an interview with Tsarion on Red Ice Radio:

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Who is Akhenaton? He is a well known pharaoh as well as his wife Nefertiti. There were 32 known dynasties of Egypt, but probably three times that. At the 18th dynasty at about 1400BC., there were many important things happening. The pharaoh who ruled at that time was Akhenaton. Western scholars put a lot of emphasis on that pharaoh and downplay the others. You have to go digging for the other stuff. Whereas Akhenaton and his son, almost by design there is a lot of attention to that period, and lots of lies and misinformation about Akhenaton and what kind of a person he was. Kind of lionized figure, a hero a champion. The reason why that really is because he is put before us as the creator of monotheism, but we got to go further than that to see what it means to have one god or one religion. Now the Egyptologists explain that by saying well everyone else who was not Akhenaton was an idol worshipping pantheist; hideous pagans who worshiped hundred of weird animal headed gods. That’s why Akhenaton stands out because he was this incredible monotheist. This is all lies and total nonsense. Akhenaton was not the discoverer of anything to do with one god or the solar god concept because Amon Ra was worshipped for many endless millennia and was always described as the one god so the idea of a one god cult far proceeded Akhenaton, he just skewed it a little bit. So he’s famous.

What I’ve done in my work is show how the secret society symbolism are primary Egyptian. David Icke said there’s a certain Babylonian aspect too, but Babylon came essentially from Egypt. But Egypt is at least 32 dynasties long, and was 25,000 years old, so it’s impossible to say ‘Egypt’ and have any specificity of what you’re saying. If you take all the periods, ages and civilizations after the fall of Egypt, multiply that duration three times over, Egypt still lasted longer than all of that. So when scholars are saying, “oh my goodness there’s a pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, or there’s an obelisk in England, there’s symbols in the illuminati houses, its Egyptian!” Ok fantastic, but that is so blurry and unspecific we need to do better than that. Yes it’s Egyptian, but a very specific point and time in history. So when we look at the eye in the pyramid, we are not talking about the vague eye of sun god, Horus, it is the eye of Aton, the skewed god of Akhenaton, the rendition of the old Amon Ra cult. But he was saying that the sun on the eastern horizon was what he was worshipping, the cult of light which Jordan Maxwell has gotten into many times. Light from the sun is important both physically and metaphysically, the worship of the light is what Luciferianism originally referred to. Nothing negative or evil about that, the ‘Lucifer’ meant sun of the morning. Jesus Christ is a Lucifer.
Now if there was not a being called Akhenaton and his expulsion from Egypt, then we would not have Judeo-Christianity and any of the secret societies in the form we have now. So the central character has a smoke screen and Hollywoodesque cover-up of this individual to make him this hero. This is done because its very important to the world elite. They are not in any way threatened if we say, “it looks like they’ve got some bizarre Egyptian symbolism there,” and we spend 50 years working it out, otherwise they would not put it there in the first place. But now, finally we are working it out.

Can you go into Akhenaton’s expulsion from Egypt? The story involves the Levites or the people that are now referred as Jews. The word ‘Jews’ is not the same people today who call themselves Jews. That’s the first thing, these are just religious Jews following the torah through conversion, either they did or their forefathers did. That doesn’t mean that they have a connection either bloodline or racially to the people referred in the bible as Jews. When we refer to the ancient Jews, there is no connection to modern Jews, the connection is artificial. So who are these original Jews, Hebrews, and Israelites? By the way these are Celtic terms, I’ll get into that later. The Hyksos, or Israelites are a group of people who invaded Egypt in the 13th dynasty. This exposes that there were Israelite pharaohs in Egypt. The very thing we’re not told in the bible, which makes it seem that Abraham, Joseph, Moses and Aaron were wandering vagabonds and ne’er-do-wells, who happed to end up on the steps of the pharaohs’ house and suddenly were promoted to positions of enormous authority. This is utter nonsense, we have a cover up story, this is because they wanted to downplay the role of Egypt in the lives of the Jews, the Jews themselves were pharaohs, even though they were expelled in the 18th dynasty, the ones who expelled were lower class rabble, the elites were not, the courtiers and viziers and mayors, they were infused into the upper class. Even though they were despised, considered almost alien and evil, they remained a long time. They were also high priests of the sun at Heliopolis. Akhenaton was chosen to be pharaoh by these Hyksos, worshippers of the sun, that ruled the solar cult in Heliopolis. So it’s not a question of pharaoh appointing priest, but priests appointing pharaohs. They were the real power who chose who to be pharaoh. So the Jews were not roaming shepherds, rag wearing people being guided though Cannan by Jehovah, no, they were a mighty pharaonic dynasty in Egypt called the Hyksos dynasty. Even though a mass of them were expelled in the 18th dynasty, the elites were well infused, they were not of Egyptian blood but many of their wives married in with the pharaohs mayors and viziers and vice versa. Now, the sun king and sun priests who were worshipping the light, a very special kind of light (luciferianism) they appointed Akhenaton, this insane, megalomaniac, self possessed, decrepit, destructive, despotic individual. This person was in modern parlance, a psychotic. He was raised in Goshen. The land of Goshen was actually an area that was the seat of power of the Hyksos, they lived in a city that was also known as Zion: a reason why secret societies are using that term. So Judaism is not a religious edifice, it is a political connection. There is a reason why freemasonry is falsely called a Jewish religion, its because these people know about this Egyptian connection, that these Egyptian symbols go back to a pharaonic dynasty and it’s them whose light is at the top of the pyramid, they’re god Aton, and they’re New World Order being created.

These Levites, the original Zionists, the ibiru/Hebrew invaders, foreigners, who ruled in Egypt for 300 years, lionized and backed Aton up, and had the say of who went and who did what. They conspired to close down all the ancient temples of Egypt, the temples of Osiris, Atah, Isis, and Amon Ra, they decide to impoverish the people, work them like slaves and close down all the temples. This lasted for several hundred years. Finally the people rose up, the pharaoh Horum Heb seized the throne and ousted Akhenaton and his priests that had followed him, the so called false Luciferian monotheists. It’s simply laughable, the modern Christians who look back and saying this monotheism of the old testament is the Jesus before Jesus, the sort of misguided Christ before Christ, how wonderful. If they only knew what their monotheism was and what it was doing from day one to this egalitarian country that barely waged war on anybody, barely expanded its territory, had more rights for women that any other civilization known in our history, not perfect, but better than any other, and the moment that the thing we knew as Atonism or monotheism arises there is instantaneous chaos, bloodshed and war. So if anyone needs proof of why Judeo-Christianity is the way it is today and why we’ve suffered through these leviathans need they look any further than the origins of monotheism? That’s why the scholars have a vested interest in smokescreening this, in hijacking the term ‘monotheism’ and spray painting this over so it appears that the origins were just this sort of well meaning but slightly misguided version of Christianity that came later and how wonderful that that should have happened. And anyone who buys into that is nonsense. How could God be such a dope, that that he created monotheism the first time around and blew it and had to create it again later on. Even from a Christian standpoint it makes no sense.

Is Aton the lion? Yes when you are talking about the house of Judah, these are the expelled Levites, Hyksos dynasties, the Atonist cult. The Freemasons have preserved the true religion. These are monothiests, Atonists, becaue when akhenaton was expelled he couldn’t work openly anymore, so they devised the name Moses, which is what Sigmund Freud always said that Akhenaton was Moses, and it turns out he was correct, and later on the scripting of the old testament and the rescripting of these stories of Egyptian history into the form we have today, these ludicrous inconsistent stories of Moses, slavery in Egypt all of which has been shot down even by modern Jewish scholars. The lion of Judah was Akhenaton, the first lion king, sun king. The Hyksos was a military invading dynasty, very warlike, unlike the rest of the Egyptians who were the most spiritual people on earth. The Hyksos were belligerent and warlike, the philistines stomping around in the streets, riding their military chariots and had everyone in line and everybody in fear. So we’re being told the story but in a subliminal way in some of these stories and movies like Samson, King Lear, the Arthurian legends. These never happened but they are clear re-telling’s of what happened in Egypt, just spray painted differently. It’s all about one story. So this Atonist cult has been operating behind world religions ever since. Now here’s the clincher: in Hebrew, the ‘t’ in Aton becomes a ‘d’. ‘Aton’ becomes ‘Adon’ or ‘Adonai.’ The great Jewish scholars admit this. So who is Adonai to the Jews? It is the catchphrase for Yahweh or Jehovah. When you say Yahweh or Jehovah, it referencing Adonai, which is Aton. Christ is an Egyptian word. Referring again to the ‘holy anointed one’ or sun king in his temple. The messiah (anointed one) is the one ho is next in line to the seed of David, or dove, and you see the doves atop the mesas of the queen of England, used by the knights of Columbus (which means dove), why are these secret societies using the dove? The doves are the Davids. The queen Elizabeth says, “I sit here on the throne of David, me and my clan place-hold the throne for Jesus and the seed of David.” Why would she say that?

Do the Windsor’s currently on the throne, connect themselves with the tribe of Judah? Absolutely. They employ the six pointed star, the red thread, the beast-eaters at the tower of London, does not the queen walk on the red carpet? Does she not say we are here under the seed of David? If these Judaic symbols, which are really Freemasonic terms, have nothing to do with the torah at all, the torah and bible tell people to live a moral life, then how come, Jews are slaughtering Palestinians and serving the dark forces of the Illuminati, is that living a moral life? It’s because they’ve been sold a bill of lies. The Jews do not realize that these same Atonist forces who run from London and New York, funded the holocaust that murdered so many of their religious Jews. Some are starting to wake up, realizing that we have also been placed on the altar of sacrifice by people who call themselves Zionists but have nothing to do with us! Getting us to fight like maniacs, over something that as nothing to do with us, not mentioned in the torah at all. Who are the knights of temple of Zion when the crusaders went to the temple of Solomon? Solomon has nothing to do with any Jews, ‘sol’ ‘om’ ‘on’ are the three names of the suns in the ancient world. It’s where the Templars went to be initiated by them and be brought under their service. Because when these Knights Templars were fighting these crusades I believe they fell in with the cult of Aton, which had many dynasties, working surreptitiously now, under the cover, not openly in history anymore, because the couldn’t work openly after leaving Egypt. But they were an extreme money power in the far east, as well as the west. I believe that the Templars met with these people and were co-opted, and shown secrets. So when they say, “we were shown secrets under the temple of Solomon,” the Templars riding saying, “we found great treasures under the temple,” of course all the Indiana Jones types are running out with spades, digging under the temple for a few gold coins I mean c’mon lets grow up a bit, its not some pirates treasure, it’s a secret. What secret that the 33rd degree Masons are aware of? That these people are worshipping the Christed one, the Sol kings of old, that’s why they are on their knees. The motto of all Freemasonry is “through me all kings will reign.” It’s the New World Order of these Levitical Hyksos cult of Aton individuals, the truth Yahwists, who, after losing Egypt vowed that nothing left would suffice their megalomania and egotism than to have the whole world become theirs.

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4 Responses to Michael Tsarion: The Cult Of Aton and The Dark Side Of The Sun

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  2. Daniel says:

    Nobody says he is jesus before jesus but it is now looking more and more like he was moses

  3. Michelle says:

    Did the author even read the bible? I stopped reading at “ The very thing we’re not told in the bible, which makes it seem that Abraham, Joseph, Moses and Aaron were wandering vagabonds and ne’er-do-wells, who happed to end up on the steps of the pharaohs’ house and suddenly were promoted to positions of enormous authority. This is utter nonsense, we have a cover up story, this is because they wanted to downplay the role of Egypt in the lives of the Jews“

    Completely incorrect IF you read bible. Ive been in tbe occult and unknowingly served the wrong side. Ive channeled fallen angels (aliens) and have been demonized. I know all about egypt never having to study it from these false light beings. Yeshua Ha’Machaich is the only way and repenting is only way out of matrix. Totally incorrect about the bible scripture. Thats why God says, those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Satan is still blinding people from the truth and good news of our salvation. Again I served the false light on top of knowing the bible. Read and ask God to open your eyes and edit the article. Satan twists truth thats how he decieves and his army is real. Been there and only way is Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshua)

  4. Bill says:

    There’s no proof of the Holocaust of any kind, other than witness that have a conflict of interesest. I don’t know why Tsarion, Icke, Jones and others don’t know or don’t talk about this.

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