A Word To The Gematria Enthusiasts

(Update: I’m not sure I agree with my own conclusions in this post, anymore. But it is still an interesting hypothesis. So the article below remains, for the time, in it’s un-edited original form).

First of all, I was one of you, so this message is not coming from an outside skeptic. I went through a period when I was crunching in numbers and phrases into the Gematria calculator at “Gematrinator.com” and looking for clues and connections. And there is a certain thrill that comes when two phrases light up, a match is found, and you think, “Boom! I just decoded the elite’s inner communications.” And there may in fact still be something to it, but as we shall see, in the large utilitarian scale of things this number crunching may be a waste of time, a circle-jerk leading down the drain of an alt media side road, where attention should be elsewhere. As well, most people putting out gematria decodes, including the top dogs like Zach Hubbard and Derek, lack the proper frame of reference to enlighten their audience as to what these numbers and codes REALLY SIGNIFY, why they are there, seemingly defying all coincidence. The truth that I’ve come to is, yes many of these number/word patterns in the headlines are legitimately there, but not for the reason that most might think. Again, we need the proper frame of reference, and for that, let’s turn to a discussion I had with Z about a month back, to see what his take is on it.

Segment of a transcription of a phone chat found HERE:

(We were talking about Jason Bickford’s Unified Code Theory.)

Z: …Jason is a lot of mania based bells and whistles, he can really pull you in for a while, until you realize you didn’t get any further, you just got held in place.

Gabe (me): But there is a cross referencing code, like some song might reference a movie which references the Superbowl score…

Z: Of course there is, because this whole thing has been formatted by intelligence using the nature of creation itself, so of course. What I’m really saying is, “no big whoop Jason, who cares? It’s obvious, you needed to do this by linear mathematics where I can just look at everything and see it.”

Gabe: And its the same with the gematria people?

Z: No language inside the code or the construct was designed for gematria except for Hebrew itself so anyone doing anything with English is just like, pulling at their pubic hairs or something…like that’s not real.

Gabe: That’s not part of the unified code at all?

Z: I mean even Jason admits that’s not real. People like Zachary K Idiot-head. like that’s totally fake. Its like Jim Carrey in the movie 23, like you can make any derivation fit. It’s stupid. English wasn’t built for that.


Gabe: I understand that, but is it contrived like, OK there were 147 days in between the Batman shooting and Sandy Hook, ok, let’s look at the number 147. Oh look! All these words match up.

Z: Yeah I mean I’m sure you can come up with a lot of things that are legitimately there, but it’s only there for the reasons that Jason correctly says its there, because this is an intrinsic intelligence built into the nature of the code and value system of the construct itself. The database. Once you know, the way this thing is working as a continuously cycling database, then it’s like, what’s the big deal? That’s like saying, “gee whiz! I made a discovery yesterday that from the tip of this finger to the tip of this finger is the same as how tall I am!”  It’s like yeah, that’s how DNA works, unless you are deformed. Its like so what? You know, all Jason is doing is like running around naked going, “I found a ruler!” Good job, congratulations. Nobody cares.

Gabe: It’s like pointing to the blueprint when you’re in the house.

Z: Yeah, its like “this measurement matches this measurement!” It’s got to. That’s the precision of the format that we are in. There IS a divine intelligence. This thing WAS hijacked. People jerked furniture around from the original creation….


So in other words, yes english gematria patterns in sports, news headlines, false flag shootings, movie easter eggs, etc. are sometimes legitimately there, but not because you have an elite group of psychopaths sitting around in their high castles or deep underground military bases planning these things out and chuckling as they stick a ‘322’ in the latest Batman movie. The codes are left over from the original divine intelligence, from creation itself. We are in a construct that cycles again and again, like in the movie ‘Dark City.’ Each cycle is slightly different than all the previous ones, especially because the anomaly of Christ changes things that go beyond deterministic expectation from the AI overlords, the architects of the Matrix. But each cycle draws on data from all the previous ones, and the numbers and cross-referencing unified codes carry over as well, recycling again and again.

But they can be used to, in a sense, wake us up to a divine intelligence and away from coincidence/atheistic/chaotic universe type thinking, which is why I disagree with Z that studying these patterns is a total waste of time. They helped wake me up. It’s just that one shouldn’t stay stuck on crunching the numbers into the calculator, that is only one stain-glass window in our vast cathedral here. Take the codes and run. Ask yourself what is behind the codes, get to know the divine story itself, the Sophianic narrative. The bride and bridegroom story is at the bottom of this rabbit-hole, as I’ve laid out again and again in my recent work.

Thanks for reading.

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5 Responses to A Word To The Gematria Enthusiasts

  1. Vitalii says:


    thanks a lot for your unconventional searching and sharing thoughts. Possible it will be quite interesting for you to acquaint with the following channel:


    With best regards

  2. Brian says:

    An interesting topic and I agree with your conclusion. I have referred to it in a post of my own: https://bmhonline.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/covid-19-numerology

  3. Jesse Thomas says:

    Where are you at on this nowadays?
    Trying to gain an understanding ofm “why” these numbers/codes align through all forms of media.

    • I think there is something going on with english, and greek. So I think Z is full of shit saying that only hebrew is coded for gematria. But bear in mind that with so many cyphers for english a lot of what “gematria truthers” on the net are doing is most likely contrived. But if even 5% of it is legit, as I think it is, it’s worth looking into.

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