The Orb, The ‘Ob,’ Bark of RA, Noah’s Ark

In this post we are going to be looking at the mysterious dark satellite discussed in T.H. Burgoyne’s seminal work on the occult, “The Light of Egypt.” and compare that to the phenomenon of Nibiru, which brings us back to ancient prophetic texts from Sumer and Mesopotamia.

And lastly we will delve into how these texts are all coded symbolism – at least on one level – about the death process and how to maintain integrity in the death realm. How to maintain that ARK, when the flood comes.

From the Essene Gospels, Yeshua spoke to the peoples and said “There is no man that hath power over the spirit; Neither hath he power in the day of death. Only that power which cometh from God can carry us out from the City Of Death.” 

The OB

In the occult there are always seven spheres, six days of creation and a rest on the seventh, there are seven classical luminaries, seven notes of the major scale; Burgoyne says there are also seven cycles of evolution of humanity, seven root races, and seven Nirvanas.

Burgoyne (founder of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor) writes, “the 7 great cycles and the 7 Nirvanas together constitute the eighth, and produce the sleep of death. Our sphere will then have completed the period of child bearing; old age has gradually settled upon her; she has born 7 sons, and now sinks into the eighth period-sleep-the sleep of death and complete annihilation. Cohesion loosens its hold upon the molecules, and atom by atom the planet’s particles are disintegrated and dispersed into space. The great solar sleep, or Nirvana, takes place and our sun ceases to be active for a period of 127,008,000 years, viz., a complete evolutionary cycle; and it is only when the first warm breath of new spiritual life pulsates through the spaces of Aeth that a recreation of the planetary chains commences anew. The disintegrated atoms of former worlds are reconstructed with new cosmic matter and once more evolution; but upon a higher plane; begins its almost ceaseless round.

Note the terrible significance of the figure 8. The eighth sphere of our chain is not a visible orb, but a lifeless, dark, semi-spiritual one. It is the sphere of death, and the temporary abode of those souls, or shades, who have through their depraved lives, lost their connection with the Divine Parent, the Spiritual Ego that gave them birth…

...this eighth orb is known to Initiates of the highest interior degree as the “Dark Satellite,” whose ruling spiritual hierophant is known by the name of Ob. From this name came that of OBeron and so evil and infernal is the power of this sphere that all cases of demonia, enchantment or possession came to be termed Obsession…. This is the reason for the awful traditions mentioned in “Isis Unveiled” as to the hidden treasures being guarded by infernal spirits. It is from this evil orb  that the powers possessed by the black magi are derived, and in fact, it is the Spiritual correspondence of those brothers on Earth. For remember there is not a class of people or a society devoted to any subject on earth, but what has a spiritual correspondence in the realm of spirit. The Hermetic law is one great truth, “as it is above, so it is below, as on the Earth so in the sky.” St. Paul mentions or rather refers to this dark satellite when he publicly declares “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities, princes of the air,” etc.”

Crowley seems to confirm this: 



Oblivion; Obliteration

“In human tongue we’re apocalypse

We bring with us OBliteration…” – Meshuggah

And you will  know their coming for a thousand years. Know them by their brutes, the Luciferian Elite Ruling Class and their plagues, pathogens, and parasites…archonic ticks and corpse worms. Sin indwelling. You shall know them by their mind control programming into the death cult.

This death cult of the Dark Satellite of OB can be circumscribed by finding the ‘Ob’ in our language:

Obsession – when you are obsessed, you are having an ‘Ob’ session.

Obscene – When you see or take part in something obscene it is an ‘Ob’ scene.

To obliterate is to be Ob literate.

It always carries a negative connotation or is a barrier like an –

Obstruction – an Ob structure.

Obituary (death)



SheLOB (monster creature on Lord of the rings)

Doing a JOB for the MOB. To rob.

Obsidian (volcanic rock) always has this jet black color.


Even the word Object, and Objective, we like being objective, that’s a good thing. Well the root “-ject” means “throw.” To pro-ject. So an ob-ject is something that has thrown off Ob. Thrown off evil. Made Ob a proJECTile.

So is OB one and the same with Nibiru? A dark satellite associated with all things evil and corrupt, a place for dark spirits barred from heaven, a place that brings disharmony and discord and obsession upon the earth, especially when its power is bartered for by human souls. Sounds a lot like Nibiru in the Sumerian texts, and what their evil overlords, the Annunaki bring with them as well.

Is Ob also describing Satan the tempter? The snake in the grass?

OB/08 the 8th orb, born out of the vacuum space of the great sleep cycle of Sophia, the Earthly Mother, as her atoms, her Adams disintegrate. Aren’t Archons a kind of plasma discharge in the void? A necessary evil, a controlled chaos, this chaotic element becoming the catalyst for change and evolution into higher states of complexity – when the few out of the many conquer them.

The word ‘Orb’ contains the Ob but this chaos that resolves into evil luckily has the letter R interjected in between. I associate ‘R’ with the Sun, Ra, Horus on the  Horizon. The light (R) in between the dark (Ob) is the ORB.

sacred science (1)sacred science

The true meaning of Noah’s Ark? 

Ark = R.Q. = Ra Quarantine, the sleep of the sun. Passing into the underworld in your boat or bark of Ra.

sacred science (2)


Bark of Ra and Horus



Bark of Osiris

We are told Nibiru brings cataclysms. Floods, earthquakes, fire from the sky, untold disasters. Resetting man back to the stone age. But on one level we could be talking about death and what comes after – this is the anagogic level to all gospels. If Ob is Satan the tempter, Lord of sinners, than these cataclysms are going to be faced by the sinner upon death, in the astral realm. Burgoyne says that karma is not something played out here in the physical realm, it is a personal thing faced by everyone upon death in the astral realm.

The ones who rack up alot of negative karma here are more tormented by their own self created demons in the astral realm. In the worst cases this torment leads to dissolution of self – ego wiped, clean-slated to that of an infant. Their spirit is now washed and clean, but simple.

In life, this is about being the driver of your own mind and body. When you slacken this control, your mind and vessel will be used and abused by backseat drivers, negative astral entities.

The goal here is to keep character, hold integrity of self, through good works, generating good karma. Upon death, these ones have an easier time battling their astral demons, and can hold onto the thing that is most precious to them: their identity, their sense of “I AM.” Not their ego, not their person, but their divine ego or presence of God that they cultivated/got in touch with while in the physical.

So the ark, building the ark to remain integral and intact when the flood of bodily death comes, the shedding of matter, is this spiritual work of killing the lower ego and building, plank by plank, like Noah, that spiritual ark, the armor of God, even when others laughed at him, thought him mad…but it turns out that he was the only sane one, everyone else was having an OB session.

And he didn’t just save himself. He put two of every animal in the boat. By being self-less Noah brought with him through the death realm the chance of new propagation of nature. Enough gene samples to seed a new garden. Mankind in his highest potential can become his own Creator God. This is not some Luciferian Transhumanist dream, those guys are barred from this, they severed their connection to Creation/Creativity long ago. They want immortality here because they know they won’t survive the flood of ego death. The only other way is they choose to let the negative astral entities all the way in, becoming part of the hivemind.

Neshmet, The Bark of Ra

The bark of Ra is the Sun, the Sun God’s divine vessel. But every night he must die and descend into the underworld. In other myths it is Osiris who must journey through death and be resurrected:
From wiki – “The Neshmet bark was a vessel belonging to the god NunThe ancient Egyptian deity Osiris was transported in it on the river Nile during the Osiris festival at Abydos. The god’s departure from his temple, journey to his tomb, and triumphant return were enacted and drew many spectators who participated in the public parts of the mysteries…

…The myth of the death and resurrection of Osiris kindled hope for eternal life in the hearts of the believers, and since the 6th dynasty they often preferred to be buried near their god at Abydos. Their mummies were taken to the city in decorated funerary boats reminiscent of Osiris’ Neshmet bark.”  

The mysteries were, and are, all about perfecting your own bark into the underworld. Tricks of the trade. The shaman or adept, at home in both worlds. We must all be the Osiris, and take that boat journey into death, face our demons, our karma, so that our spirit is purified and “born again” as Horus, Jesus, the Sun God. But this rebirth doesn’t happen here,  it happens on a higher plane, we are shedding matter as we become more at home in our spirit bodies – our true residence. Earth is but a passing. Thus the doctrine of reincarnation as put forward by Buddhists and Theosophists is misleading, and at best a distorted half-truth. (More on this, and the true meaning of Karma, according to Burgoyne, in a future post).

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  1. Really compelling writing. Will look Burgoyne up.
    “…when the few out of the many conquer them.”
    Thank you.

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  3. Jodi Christensen says:

    Ob One…Kanobi..was George Lucas knowing of the OB…?

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