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Sargeant Daniel Macbolen III: whistleblower/victim of MK Ultra and ET Phenomenon

Sargeant Daniel Macbolen III, the latest whistleblower/victim of MK Ultra and ET Phenomenon to come forward. Interviewed by The Leak Project. Daniel: “I was born on a military base as a product. I was basically manufactured in a FEMA cloning … Continue reading

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Bob Dean: A member of the Old Boys Network

Dean: My old paradigm crumbled below my knees. We humans sometimes rather than face reality, create a little world of our own. Live a normal life. I learned there is no such thing. I’m a human wreck of what I … Continue reading

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Captain Mark Richards

Kerry Cassidy on Mark Richards: He is a direct individual, a military man, in the space program since his teens. Trained to use firearms at 3 years old, to protect his mother while his father was away. His father was a … Continue reading

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