Michael Tompkins On ET’s and The Secret Space Program

(blogger update June 2018, as I come to grips with the flat earth information this whole interview and all Project Camelot interviews are highly suspect of being controlled opposition. Read at your own discretion, there could be some truth hidden in the misinformation…)

Retired Aerospace engineer Michael Tompkins is an insider on Extra Terrestrials, Nazi’s Project Paperclip, and the birth of the Secret Space Program. Interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

TOMPKINS-ALL-TITLE-696x435Tompkins: What the operatives who were spying on Germany found and brought back was an unbelievable series of situations, when they gave their briefings to Admiral Rico Batta. This was 1942.

All of these disclosure meetings took place at night. The Admiral’s aide would wake me up, sleeping in my barracks. He’d tap me on the shoulder and say “he’s here.” He escorted me across the facility to a tall command center building. There is a small office on top of this, at a naval air force san Diego. These operatives (navy intelligence) brought back this information which is… even Admiral Rico said “I don’t believe one word you’re saying young man.” That came up over and over.

These operatives themselves didn’t believe some of the information they brought back, but they did the best they could, some of the manuals were in hieroglyphics. All of them were in German. They had photographs taken inside research facilities in Germany. Photos of UFOs. Photographs of maintenance people working on UFO’s. Photographs inside UFO’s.

Basically all of these young men were lieutenant’s American German family people. They knew Germany, they dedicated themselves to being spies for the US navy. Everything I’m talking about is on the Navy’s side.

They brought back data, documents, all of it in German or essentially hieroglyphics that we found later on underneath the pyramids. This was information that was not given to Germany E.T.s using English language. Where otherwise many meetings that took place with E.T.s they could give you the information in 10 or 20 different languages. But that’s not what we got.

We then would take that information and put together different packages or proposals which were then disseminated to US secret bases.

The people on this planet don’t know there are ET’s. They don’t there is not only one of them, maybe we’ve got thousands. Maybe billions. To say that we are the only intelligent people in this universe is naïve. But we were naïve to what these naval operatives brought back, to what was my developing of these packages to the 4 top airplane companies. Because they weren’t aerospace, yet.

My mission statement working for Admiral Rico Botta, was a copy of his statement written to him from secretary of the navy Forestal. The Nordics contacted Forestal, and had him selected to initiate this whole thing in the US navy. Then Forestal selects an Australian man, two star Admiral Rico Botta to be the one person to disseminate this data of what was going on in Germany.

Every PHD on this planet, whether for science or medicine have been given incorrect information for thousands of years about the history of this galaxy and universe, given information that was controlled by Draco Reptilian and other ET’s, to not know what was really going on. Every book in every university had misinformation. So when the operatives had to carry this out, they were not asked to study these packages they were directed to study these packages, that this information that got typed up and sent to these research universities and naval laboratories, the facilities out at China lake and under china lake, and at Caltech, people don’t understand or realize what has happened. And I’m not trying to build a story, I’m trying to say hey people, you have been told total incorrect information. From every field.

“Lets get back to you, you’re a kid at this point.”

I’m 18 at this point.

“I assume Forestal and the Nordics chose you. Did you already have contact with the Nordics before then?”

Let’s go back to February 1942. The Los Angeles sighting. One evening my dad says to my brother and I get up and come back here to the deck. Theres this spot just above the trees, above the rooftops. All of a sudden out of this spot of light came this beam, and then it hit the back of the houses, everything was lit up, then it was gone. We went back and had dinner, went to bed. At about 1:30 that night all of the anti aircraft guns started firing, we went outside and looked at a great big thing parked in the air, about 8000 feet altitude. There were 8 searchlights at the bottom of this vehicle. All these shells were bursting at the bottom of this vehicle for an hour and thirty minutes. Meanwhile all these other vehicles were flying around it.

“This was the Battle of LA you’re talking about?”

Yeah. At 2:30 we get bored and go to bed. And it goes on until 5 in the morning. Many of the other people outside watching this from the street stayed up all night long. Now on the other side of you’re planet, at the same time, the Germans were bombing London.

Now about this sighting, no-one got scared, noone got sick, died, the only people killed in this were from our own shrapnel. People watched the same sighting from Santa Barbara, San Diego. The shells bursting at the bottom of them are hitting an electromagnetic shield, and it doesn’t do any damage. We did shoot down two small ones, that were not occupied. Your Navy picked one up, they had an ET vehicle in February of 1942.

“Do you know which ET’s were doing this? Was it the Nordics? Was anyone contacted?”

Nobody came down and talked to the people in these vehicles but probably thousands of people telepathically got information. The bell was rung, in these people. I happened to be one of them. I can’t prove it but –

“Are there others like you? In the secret space program who were somehow contacted, and have had special guidance and knowledge on how to build, and what to do?”

Yes, now I’ve only met three other individuals out of what are probably hundreds.

“And they are all quiet to this day?”

Yes. Now you are hoping that the disclosure movement will get these people to come out and talk about their involvement. That’s what we are all collectively trying to do. Because there are many areas that I don’t know about and that I was not involved in which are extremely important, and people working in this field know this. And they’re not just aerospace engineers, these are top physicists in universities. And top designers in aerospace companies. And they have had the information put in their head, too. But for whatever reason almost everyone who knows this information, has been in some way put in a position that either their family has been threatened, or they have, and don’t want to talk.

“Why are you able to come forward? Who gave you the green light?”

I can’t answer that all I can say is that the easiest way I can say what I am saying is my association with three Nordic people in Douglas, on the Apollo program. Two young ladies and one really good-looking Nordic guy. And working with the three of them for three and a half years who all three denied that they were Nordics. But anyone who was anyone in engineering knew that they were. OK? I never said they were. They never said they were. But if you can just try to visualize, I had a 170 top engineers on the Apollo program working for me, I was engineering section chief at Douglas. I worked my way up. I come up with approaches and concepts, these get implemented by my designers.

1-Tompkins_shows_Naval_officers_his_modelsWhere did some of these ideas come from? I have this very nice looking young lady who never stops kidding, and always stuffing things in my head. So when I presented this complete re-design of the Apollo program to Dr Von Braun and Dr Davis at Redstone, one of the most classified facilities on the planet – I rented a truck. Here was this gray box that could be a nuclear bomb. I’m driving this thing, and I’ve never driven the gears on this in my life, I’m in a 3-piece business suit, and my secretary had told me before I left, “I’ve typed you an authorization as an allowance to go on board the base. But you’re not gonna need it. No one is going to bother you.” So yes I’m driving this truck and she says telepathically “I’ve told you before Billy, just keep going.” And the gates just open. This is one of the most classified places on the planet. And the doors just open? And none of the 4 police guards picked up their rifles and come shooting.

“Is this Nordic mind control?” Yes.

“Are you telling me you’re here today because of Nordic mind control? Are the top admirals letting you come here today because they’ve been persuaded to do so, or because they’ve been mind controlled by Nordics to do so?”

I don’t know, I really don’t know.

“So do the Nordics have some limitations in the way they interfere with planet earth?”

Yes there are federation facilities out in the galaxy where other extra-terrestrials get together and there are many different missions and programs, we’ll talk about one of them, which cruises the galaxy and has up to 30 different ET people on board. And it looks like the moon but it’s a vehicle. When we got to the moon we found out a lot of surprises. The Draco Reptilians were already there. And we knew because we had probes that we sent around the moon, so we knew there were facilities on the backside. But we were in a position where this moon is a not a moon. This is not you’re moon, this is not even you’re planet. This is their laboratory, the Draco Reptilians.

They were parked on the side of the crater. There were 100’s of these 9 foot Reptilians guys, they’re ugly looking, lizard alligator type people. They got the same skin as the lizards got. And terrible looking faces. But then they have the ability to shift, and look like a human. All of them do.

“Do you think Von Braun was a Reptilian?”

No, but your president, yes.

“Oh, which one George Bush senior?”

Yes, and Bill Clinton, and this guy you just got rid of. Obama. They all were. They got this ability to look like real, good-looking people.

“And you’re saying that Trump is not?”

No, he’s not, and he actually knows more about this subject than people realize. But back to your original question. These groups of ET’s who work together, but are at war with other ET’s, they have vehicles that look like a planet. Like our moon is a vehicle. It’s the command center for this arm of the galaxy. There are 4 arms on our galaxy. One of them has planet earth. You’re not downtown where all the action is in the galaxy. You’re in the area which galaxies, as they rotate, throw off. You’re sitting near the tip, and you need to visualize that you are not earth people. Ok? You are ET, nice guys, out there. So you know that this little planet is going to get thrown off. Maybe it will take a couple of weeks yet, but it will. This is why this is happening. 2000 years from now, we will probably be picked up by another galaxy, we’re just floating out there.

These command centers which operate throughout the galaxy to monitor bad guys and attempt to get them to back off, essentially we have nice guys in there and even some bad people in the same vehicle, and they discuss wars and disagreements, but back in their own planetary part of the galaxy they may be at war, with two of the guys in this together. So this is like a center of information, a group of people who are trying to get along for certain specification of certain events. Those guys control your moon because your moon is a command center for this region of the galaxy. Not just the solar system. That’s small potatoes. The thing you call your moon is a massive control center for this whole part of the galaxy.

“Wow, I thought Saturn was like that.”

Saturn has large facilities on it too, but those are other agendas for other people. Ok? Some of which we have. Because we have mining companies, let’s take north american aviation….

They had several missions my group in the secret think tank, came up with 44 separate missions; the Apollo program was not supposed to just go to the moon, pick up some rocks and come back. It was to take us out into our solar system, build naval stations on every habitable planet or its moon. And the next phase was to go to the next 12 closest stars, Alpha Centauri being the first.

“And you are saying its been done?”

That was the plan.

“Did it happen?”

No, it got stopped by the reptilians. They said, ‘no no’.

“So this blocked diagram that the military is all following, that was your design initially, it came through you, but it must have been downloaded to you from the Nordics, saying what earth people would be allowed to do, and what weapons we could build?”

Well it was not for weapons. It was for us, to go out into the galaxy, have communications with other ET’s out there and set up businesses with them. Maybe we could mine stuff for them, maybe we have certain materials they don’t have. Maybe they have things we want to buy. That’s what the first blocked diagram was for. That was what the mission was for. Yes, the Nordics put this stuff in Billy Tompkins mind and he runs with this ball. That’s what our thrust was, it was not military. But then the military picks it up and runs with it…..(end of side 1)

maxresdefault (1) (1)

“OK so it appears that NASA is the first place that was infiltrated by the Nazi’s. and that ideology.”

Yes that’s correct. So Paperclip was not just 10-12 German fellas coming here. It was a massive number of a tremendously massive organization, where a little bit went to Moscow, most of it went to caverns in Antarctica, and maybe 5% to the US. It’s still operating in Antarctica today, using slave labor, to build aircraft carriers, and other ET based vehicles.

“Yeah New Berlin.”

Yeah. Unbelievable….

So our military is funneling black project money into building his secret space program that’s now practically a rogue civilization, so far in advance of us.”

Adding to that we have Solar Warden. It is 8 navy space battle groups with destroyers, cruisers, transports, trucks, all kinds of stuff. They are operating out of Nordic bases. Their families, their children go in Nordic schools and facilities, go to Nordic restaurants for food….

Watch the full interview here (he goes on to discuss anti-aging drugs, reptilian blood sacrifices, and the Nazi-Draco alliance working out of Antarctica):

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