Whistleblower Ex C. I. A. Operative Laurel Aston

She Exposes MK Ultra, Satanic Hives and Child Trafficking Rings, being a victim herself of these forces.


From her Facebook page: “The Clintons both abused me sexually as an under age child and it continued into my early 20s . As well as later in life. Bill like all high level free masons is a bi sexual who prefers men. Hilary as we all know from her well publicized sex stories , with Huma Abedene and others is a lesbian. Huma Abedene is the cover wife of Anthony Weiner .The politician famous for his sex scandal with minor teen age girls. I was provided to both Clintons beginning in child hood. While enslaved by the C.I.A. U.S. Military in the home of a Nazi – C.I.A. goat (cover) family . Wylie Duke Nichols and Carole Jean Starkey Nichols . I was taken to Washington and the White House. I was even raped in the Oval office which was Bill’s thing.” 

From her Interview with Zakaos:

Laurel: “…large numbers of people who do cross over from Mexico into the states are ‘disappeared’, as they cross the border to work, and they are just never seen or heard from again, or they go into these programs. Children are abducted, falsely documented and used as sex slaves, typically used in horrific medical and surgical experiments, and some, who are extremity strong and extraordinary survive and are used as child soldiers. I would venture to say as the gulf cartel is nothing more than a front for US naval intelligence and CIA and a large number of Mexican men in the gulf cartel have been subjected to heavy mind control through the US navy and CIA. the CIA runs the Gulf cartel, and a lot of the them are mind controlled, and they don’t even know. You don’t know, for the most part, when you’re under mind control. A lot of gang members and cartel members are heavily mind controlled and they are not aware of it. Of course with someone like myself who was actually held as a child in US military bases and facilities, of course  you knew that something was going on. They told me flat out, that I was an experiment  they were working on. But typically you don’t know. They make sure you don’t know. They control your mind, can erase your memory at will. Once your completely “under,” which is a huge process of rape, torture, sodomy, sleep deprivation, electric shock, drugging, but once the mind is shattered and you’re under, it’s like the flip of a switch, it’s a code its a code word, its a trigger, an electric shock and its gone (your memory).

What happened in South Padre?

It was a complete setup. Dr Duve is one the CIA’s most vicious and psychotic slave handlers. She has been involved in destroying my life and keeping me enslaved since infancy. When we got to south padre, I began having flashes of memory, I had been held their before as a kid, in prison there. South padre is clearly a Satanic hive. The people are strange, inbred, they all know each other. We both encountered strange people. The strange people from McCallister Oklahoma, another Satanic stronghold, where the pope, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Reagans, the most powerful people from the world, come to McCallister Oklahoma to attend their Satanic ritual. It’s a stronghold for the Illuminati. It was a well kept secret until I revealed it.

So these people that own the office supply in South Padre were from McCallister. They were strange, they asked a lot of questions, ‘so what brought you here?’ ‘most people that come here have family, or they know lot of people they have friends….’ ‘We don’t get a lot of strangers in these parts.’ It felt like a professional interrogation. I went home and told Zach these people are killers, and I know what goes on in McCallister. Pretty much everyone interrogated us. It was pretty clear to me other than the flashes I was having that I was in another Satanic Hive.

I tried to find a job, aside from the obvious problems of not being able to open a bank account or have a valid ID, the person that hired me was a Dr Susan Duve from the Duve Wellness Center. The bizarre events starts happening immediately once I started working there. everyone that came in was one of two things. a Satanist from south padre island or a mind controlled victim because south padre is not just Satanists it is  also human mind controlled slaves. old people would come in claiming to be born again christians, again Satanism falls along all lines, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, so I had these old people coming in for treatment, the energy was strange; I knew I was dealing with Satanists.

I met Karen Hall, about 60 years old she is a Satanist, working with Dr Duve. Her daughter who is a CIA operative Keanan, Keanan, moved to mexico. and is teaching gymnastics to little mexican children. Which is very disturbing because Karen Hall is very involved with child trafficking and human slavery.

I quickly met Dr Duve’s “so-called” daughter. Now Dr. Duve, she has never been legally married. She is a lesbian, and I’ve worked on her for back trouble shoulder trouble, migraine, she has the body of a childless woman. a tight taut stomach, no stretch marks, any doctor or nurse can tell. she has a “daughter” she was not little she was `16 years old, she is approx 5’7 obese 50 pounds overweight, Zach you saw her, she was a weird face,a  deformity.

“she’s an inbred.”

Yeah, she is, there are some pictures who calls herself Jordan Duve, online and she sort of looks normal, but any of the police officers, who followed us to south padre, foreign military intels that were following my case,  we were followed down there by a large number of people interested in busting these human traffickers. and I’m sure that enough people saw Jordan in person and can vouch for the fact that she is a very bizarre looking girl with a facial deformity. Her facial deformity fits one of 3 patterns of facial deformity that is often found among children bred among Satanic cults for use in a Satanic cult. I believe it has to do with the fact that these children were created through a violent horrific rape, typically of a child, underage female child, not only do they have to drug some of these girls to keep them complacent enough to extract a rape baby, but they also drug them with drugs that are meant o affect the fetus, the spawn. I call it a spawn because words are important , rape babies have no soul, they are, the very idea of them is part of the satanic formula, and an idea, they are created in violence sleaze hatred filth shame, and pain, of course God does not allow an innocent soul to come from heaven to come down into this filth, so they are soulless demonic beings, they are spawn, spawn of Satan.

They have a natural inclination towards filth and sleaze and evil. They eagerly embrace their role in these cults. They don’t like it when it blows back on them. So all these kids are subjected to rape and sodomy and group sex and orgies, and they don’t like it happening to them but they like abusing other kids. They are taught from a young age how to sexually humiliate molest and mind control other kids.  They are used for abducting other children. They are also used as goads, to make a CIA op on a mission make him seem like a normal guy with his little girl. They used me that way, to make ops look normal.

The children bred by these cults through rape typically have 3 patterns of facial deformity. Jordan’s deformity is, she has a sunken bizarre eye sockets and nose and temples are sunken in, and eyes are too close together. I saw this to a lesser degree on a number of kids.  Tiffany Atwood who went to the Beverly hills playhouse, which is a CIA training ground for assassins and operatives. They are given acting lessons so they can assume different roles different types of political backgrounds and education levels and pull it off. I met Tiffany there, I know she was an operative for the CIA, and she had this deformity to a lesser degree. She also looked normal in pictures but had a bizarre face in person.

So I meet Jordan Duve, when I was a teenager in Paris France, Jordan was my op name. Typically a kid being used by the CIA has an op name and it’s a code. It has to do with their level and who’s running you. When I was Laura I was with  Lawrence Dean O’brian. I was Lolo in Indonesia when I was being run by Lolo Sotoro. In Paris I was Jordan. Now this Jordan has platinum blonde hair naturally and green eyes. A carbon copy except the deformity, of my rapist, and handler Steven Binion. His job was to pose as my husband.  And his job was to keep me programmed and under control, he used violence, rape torture sodomy, he’s viscious, insane. He was a breeder and I think he bred 3 rape babies, with me. That I was made to believe I had escaped as a child and successfully receive a late-term abortion. Of course I have enough memory now to realize they had induced my labor, and Binion turned the rape babies over to US naval intel, CIA just as they said they would. One of the CIA bases that is huge in child trafficking, is 45 minutes away in Corpus Christie Padre Island. I was also held there for years, didn’t know if i would survive.

So I meet Jordan Duve, she had died her blonde hair red like mine. She was trying to act like she was 4 years old. She’s this huge obese girl, dressed like a hooker, in skin-tight clothing, appeared to have DD breast implants. I learned later they were stuffed push up bra. It was disturbing the way she was acting, a rotund girl speaking in a baby voice, she tried to convince me she was a sweet innocent thing. she had clearly been debriefed on me. She knew way too much about me and was trying too hard. She tried to make it seem like we had lots in common. I was constantly questioned by these Satanists and asked what I thought about Jordan. I tried to push her to the back of my mind ‘cus we had no money, and had to work and save money and figure out an escape plan. It was clear she was working for the CIA, that she was part of the cult. Noone is forcing her to dress like a hooker. As an op I know when I’m dealing with a mind controlled slave, a victim, or a soulless creation, through rape, who has no soul. And I know when I’m dealing with multi-generational Satanist. Jordan is the rape spawn of Steven Binion who is a multi-generational Satanist of German Nazi descent. she is the spitting image of him. there are pictures of Steven Binion online, but it looks like he’s had a bunch of plastic surgery. She was created through rape, it was planned, these Satanists who run the Illuminati sat around a table and said we’re gonna get Steven Binion to rape a little girl, I’m known to the world as Laurel Aston, but that’s just an op name. And this is what we’re gonna hope to get out of it. So the very idea of this thing was evil, and she is a multigenerational satanist who embraces her biological father’s cult.

“And we believe she is also a trained assassin and has been trained this way from birth.”  Yes, and I think she dresses like a hooker to use her body and sex as a weapon.

You can be assured, given this side of the rape spawns genealogy, and I have a good heart, you can bet they would put her with the  CIA ’s most viscous handler. This was discussed with the Imam Siraj Wahaj seven years ago. He told me that when it gets really crazy at the end when they know they are about to lose, their last resort is to throw that rape baby up in your face, hoping to make you snap, hoping you do something stupid and snap and they can swarm in with the national guard and a thousand cops and arrest you and move you on to Abu Ghraib.  The imam said when we find that rape baby she will be in a small town where the police, the judge, everyone in that small town will be a Freemason, a Satanist and part of it. A place in the mountains with one or two entrances and exits where they can control who comes and goes easy, or we’ll find her on an island somewhere….

Watch the full interview here:

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5 Responses to Whistleblower Ex C. I. A. Operative Laurel Aston

  1. The Honeybee says:

    Please can you put me in touch with someone that can connect me to Laurel email me at hbee@protonmail.com

  2. William says:

    I do know her personally and can tell you her complete story.

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