Demystifying the Occult – Mark Passio

gL64n9rg_400x400Mark identified what he called the 4 main tenets of Satanism in his lecture on the dark occult that runs the world:

Mark: #1. Selfishness as the highest goal, and no bones are made about this, by their ranks and file members. The survival and comfort of the physical self is always more important than doing what is morally right. Live for yourself only. and care only about you and yours. If you must step on others to get it, so be it because this is a dog eat dog world. Me, me, me thinking. Do you think thats the ideology the vast majority of individuals in our society subscribe to such a world view? Absolutely. I call it mini-me satanism.

  1. Moral Relativism – there is no objective difference between right and wrong behavior, so human beings may arbitrarily “create” or “decide” right and wrong for themselves, based upon their own whims and preferences. See rights is not something that exists in nature. There is no inherent right or wrong in nature. we’ll decide what is right and wrong. That which we consider right for ourselves…. Since according to the inherent and objective laws of morality (natural law) the aggregate amount of morality present in the society is directly proportional to the amount of freedom in a society. thus true freedom can never exist in a society that accepts moral relativism. impossible, according to the laws of nature. And yet how many people in our society subscribe to moral relativism? That there is no objective right or wrong in nature, we get to make it up, and then grant that right to other people, and then the next day say no, that is no longer a right, and we’ll jail you for exhibiting that behavior. Our entire society is built upon moral relativism, it’s called the “laws of man”, and the vast majority of zombie walkers are adherents to it, they believe in the religion of satanism without even understanding what it is, or understanding that they are a member, by their beliefs.
  2. Social Darwinism – the extension of Darwinian macro-biological “evolution”, into human society. the proponents postulate the notion of the “survival of the fittest,”  where the most dominant will rule their social strata. Applied to the human domain it is the “natural order” and even desirable for human society to be ruled by the most dominating and vicious human beings. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that with a straight serious look on people’s faces, saying, “hey its just the natural order of things.” There is nothing natural about that folks, and there is no order in it. you’ll always end up in chaos. The second postulation of this theory is that it is such human’s genes which are the reason they acquired their positions of power, and maintained that position of power. Oh sure, it has nothing to do with the situation, societally, that they were perhaps born into, or the bloodlines they come from because they come from super rich ruling families, no its their “genes” that got them there. It has nothing to do with people’s belief in money, and that they will do any wretched behavior if given enough money, from their enslavers. no its their genes that got them there, you can see how much sense that makes. and yet, most people subscribe to this ideology in society as well.
  3. The fourth and final tenet takes the entire ideology to its final solution you might say: Eugenics or what I’m gonna start calling dis-genics. And Epi-eugenics, which I’m gonna start calling Epi-Dis-genics. Because there is nothing good about it, they’re not trying to create something good on the other side, they are degrading the human genome. The word “eugenics” is derived from the greek adjective meaning well-born or good stock. It is a social ideology advocating the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with traits and characteristics desired by its proponents. and reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization for those with undesirable traits and characteristics.  This tenet describes Satanism to its ultimate conclusion: since Man is God, and he gets to make up what Right and Wrong are, and since it is simply the “Natural Order” for the most ruthless of humans, whose genes are the fittest, to rule the rest of the human herd, then that “elite class” of human beings have every right to decide who gets to live and procreate and who must die. And this is what is going on in our society. But what’s even worse is epi-eugenics. They don’t need to force anything anymore. We are culling ourselves. We are giving birth to traits and characteristics for the next generation that are tailor bred for slavery. Its is the propagation of eugenics through mind control and “selective breeding” by the very population the eugenics strategy is targeting to destroy. One could call it “getting the herd to cull itself.” This gene culling strategy can be seen most readily in the rabid androgynation of gender in Western culture and the modern Neo-Feminist agenda and practices.

Watch the rest here:

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