An Interview With James Casbolt, Super Soldier

James Casbolt is one of the most controversial individuals to come forward claiming to be a victim of MK Ultra Trauma Based Programming. He claims to be a Manchurian Candidate type super soldier, with alters, keys and cybernetic enhancements. He also claims to have rubbed elbows with the elite Illuminati billionaires who run the world, and also claims to be involved with aliens, remote viewing and just about every other paranormal occult subject out there. He sounds far-fetched and yet here is a picture of him (on the left) with the Duke Of Marlborough….
dukeRichard Hall: Tell us about your first memories.

James Casbolt: This goes back to 1976 when I was a baby, the name of the project I was involved in was project Ibis. There are Nazi connection with that, it connects to the Egyptian pyramids, Thoth, and the whole Giza intelligence group, the Nazi group. The project was started in 1972 by the Tavistock institute in London by Dr. Green, being Joseph Mengele from Auschwitz.


Were you adopted? I was born into the project. The origins of project Ibis were a facility called the Q55 facility which is underground in Nelson, Canada. Well, the base was above ground and underground. Above ground was a big aircraft hangar. Project Ibis was 42 children brought to the Q55 facility from all over the world and raised as orphans. The public had no knowledge that the children were at this base. Some were from Canada, America, the UK and South Africa, our DNA was tracked. The NSA states they were looking for blood prime, which they claim is Annunaki blood. I was raised in the base for 4 years. The base was a trauma center, we were together most of the time, when we were babies we were kept in the building above ground in the mountains, and they used to keep the doors open and they wanted to keep us cold. There were armed guards, keeping us from being rescued. They did a lot of programming with wild animals there. There was a particular room like a pen set up, similar to a Skinner box, used in psychiatry, they put babies in with animals for cognitive behavior tests. They put us in this pen with various wild animals. And what they were doing was giving us the attributes of various wild animals cus’ wen we were older we were used in jungle warfare, and arctic warfare. We were pushed to the limits everyday there. Some of us were pushed to near death experiences, where we had to be resuscitated.

Ibis is run by NSA and MI6, but then there are different factions infighting and warring with each other. And there was a heavy Nazi presence with the IBIS program. We were being indoctrinated with Nazi, Germanic principles every day there. Philosophies of physical immortality, life extension, creating like an Uberman super soldier. They were trying to increase the lifespan. They believe in endless warfare, they believe life is a means to an end, they don’t want to go to heaven or somewhere else they want to live forever in one body. These principles were helping to make us assassins. We wouldn’t be able to function during these assassinations unless we were indoctrinated with these principles. They talked about the thousand-year Reich and then the thousand-year peace, going in cycles. We could function as assassins with this mindset.

We were rescued from that facility by a special forces team in 79, American Delta forces. When I was rescued we were being transferred to a base in New Mexico. There were a series of SUV’s, a convoy, and a helicopter came out of nowhere, and landed and all these special forces guys jumped off. There was a shootout,  some of the children were shot by the guards from the Q55 facility. The special forces took us to a building in Toronto. We were healed and de-programmed. And our bodies were operated on because they had been trying to make cyborgs, and they saw that we had cybernetics in our bodies. I still do.

I came to the UK in 81, I was about 5 or 6. The woman Kate Casbolt who raised me, part of the time, I don’t fully understand her. She is part of MI6, I was delivered into her care. In London, my step father worked for this Peasmore base, delivering aluminum metals underground to Peasmore. It was dark what was going on there; there was some kind of child p*** going on. He raised me for a while.

Were they a caring family? He (Neal Pettit) was regularly sexually abusing me, because there was multi-generational in**** in his family. Neal always used to talk about this story how they didn’t have much money for food and his father would take him out and kill rabbits in front of him.

Did you feel a living relationship with Kate as a son to a mother? Yeah there was love there, and whatever she’s done she’s made up for it. I still see her. So I was periodically taken to British bases. I am at a place called Childgrove school in Finchley. From there I’m often picked up and taken to the Peasmore base by these two men. That was ‘81. We were driven down a two lane road, and there was this carpark stopped and there were about 14 other children and we were given blankets, some of them were the IBIS children. We were given intelligence tests with shapes and stuff. The same type of indoctrination continued in England. I was genetically enhanced over a period of years, not using my mind but my body. On my record it says I have over 200 kills. I remember a fair amount of it. As recently as 2007 in South London.

Do you blame yourself? I knew some of them. Some of them were terrorists. I’d do it again if I had to and not lose any sleep over it.

How come you’re not locked up? Because it’s state sanctioned execution.

How much is it your own volition and how much is it cus’ you’ve been programmed? All the lines are blurred now. In the recent years I’ve volunteered for some of it. There is a war that broke out in the intelligence community and I’ve had to take the fight to some people otherwise I woudn’t have survived.

Throughout my teens and childhood I’m being moved about the world, being trained. When I murdered in 2007, myself and an individual traveled to South London and we waited in our car, and an MI6 Jeep pulled up and a guy got out and gave us a briefcase and before that he gave us a trigger word, and it’s not just that but hardware to activate implants. And that state of mind I go into, where I’ll be very cold and efficient and all that matters is the target and the mission. That’s all that exists. They give us the briefcase and a gun, a Smith and Wesson, 9mm with a pearl handle and it’s got a symbol of a black dragon. I call it Drago. I’ve used it many times. We went to a house and tied a guy to a chair, put a pillowcase over his head and shot him in the head several times.

Would that be reported in the media? I don’t know, I’ve tried to research some of it. We just walk out, drive back to the operatives, give them the briefcase and go home. It’s not really rocket science.

After the mission what’s to stop you from staying in this state? They’ll drop you back into more of a, not to say relaxed, because when you’re doing the killings you’re super relaxed.  But they’ll put into you in a more human state, like the state I’m in now which is like a family man.

One time my mother took me to Malaysia, there’s actually a major NSA facility there, on the island of Penang. A looking glass facility. They use advanced alien technology. An important event happened on that island. I was flown there with my mom, Kate Casbolt. The SAS were heavy out there. They had aliens landing on this base. A lot of thick jungle coverage to conceal it. There was almost a quasi-ritual one night where they had seats set up in a triangle formation and what they call a star gate (looking glass technology) in the middle. It was October 31, Halloween they often do this on specific ritualistic days, something to do with alignments. They always use the looking glass on this particular date. On this day they got the machine spinning, they use some kind of coil and run mercury through it, and some beings came through, wolf-type beings, humanoid wolf-type beings. Almost like a bigfoot but smaller and more intelligent looking. It was something to with he pineal gland, the third eye, these beings connect to our third eye, I was still a kid. When they came through it damaged our frontal lobes. They were using our abilities to open this gate up, I think they need specific people to do it, our genetics.

How can you say all this on television, without being in danger? There are certain factions which want me to talk about this. Because they want it out, there are so many different agendas.

Where do the E.T.s fit into this? On the island in Penang they were testing my remote viewing abilities. It was these beings who the NSA was working with at the time. I think they’re from Sirius, highly intelligent. It think there was some fight, a conflict in the area between the SAS and another group on the border. But anyway these particular beings would come in and record brainwaves as soldiers were killing each other, learning about human behavior and deriving some kind of, almost like a sexual pleasure from the soldiers killing each other on the border. They were feeding off it.

Watch the interview here:

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8 Responses to An Interview With James Casbolt, Super Soldier

  1. Reblogged this on We see as through a glass darkly and commented:
    Hadn’t heard this particular man’s account before, but it echoes many of the ones I have. Very sobering.

  2. This guy is now either imprisoned or missing …..he was mated with a billionaires daughter who he was allowed to marry but after they had a baby bizarrely named DRESDEN the billionaire family wanted rid of him job done ….his pride was wounded he was humiliated having thought it was a love match and he was accepted into their privileged lifestyle group
    ….he carried out shocking revenge porn putting videos on social media ….the family had been negotiating a pay off to get him to go away but offering paltry amounts like 30 thousand…. when James aka Michael Prince asked for 2 million they disposed of him a different way by framing him for blackmail and getting him sentenced to 12 years. He was heavily got at and self sabotaged during the case and was in danger of being incarcerated in s prison … he seemed to successfully resist that but someone trying to track him down to visit him has been unable to locate him. I pray for his safety and his story helped me start to de program and piece together my own. God bless all victims and survivors especially those imprisoned

  3. The above comment from Angela Power Disney is spot on. James has been unfairly treated and his sentence was too harsh. I just want to confirm that he is fine and coping well considering. He is not missing, he is very much alive and well . I am in regular contact with him, as are a couple of other good friends of his. Please keep thoughts about him on the positive side. Tnx.

  4. Dawn Osullivan says:

    The above comment from Angela power disney is correct. I would just like to add that he is not missing. James is very much alive and well, he is coping fine considering his situatiion. I am in constant contact with him, as are a couple of other good friends of his. He is fit and well and his mind is as sharp as ever. please keep any thoughts of him on a positive vibe. Thanks.

    • Angie says:

      That is so good to hear Dawn and please send my regards…..this vid tho long really resonated with me it has some excellent references to much that James/Michael talks about…a few days ago I felt myself levitating upwards as real as a plane take off and as I rose I was reminded of private quarters of Jesuit convents that I had been in….but in alarm I called out the name of Jesus not ignorantly but KNOWING HIM and the levitation / abduction / astral travelling immediately stopped….this is explained in this vid which made me sit bolt upright…much love from a fellow survivor/BASES 43….encouraging is WILTSHIRE as well as BRISTOL & AVON POLICE have mounted a C.I.D. investigation into my report 50 years late of a military child hunting/abusing/ritual ring culminating at Rudloe Manor….

  5. Angie says:

    Thanks, will do, and good to hear the update

  6. Please be very wary of Angela Power-Disney. She is a proven liar and charity scammer being investigated by both the Irish and UK police and a self-confessed child abuser.

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