1. Origins of Universe and Humanity

Santos Bonacci – Atomism, Magnetism, White Light versus Red-Shift Blue-Shift

Eric Dubay – The Geocentric Model of Earth

John Lamb Lash On Gnosticism

Chris Thomas – Reader of the Akashic

Santos Bonacci – Syncretism, Ancient Occult Science

Bill Donahue – Divine Science Of Egypt Encoded In The Bible

2. ET or Demonic Manipulation Of the Human Race, Intrusion or Interference Theory

Robert Stanley – Aliens, Archons, Lucifer/Enki

Harald Kautz Vella – Black Goo or Alien AI

Michael Tsarion – The Earth Is In Quarantine

Bill Schnoebelen – Enoch, Aliens And Angels

Lloyd Pie – The Argument For Interference Theory and Panspermia

3. The Alien Hybrid “Noble Bloodlines” Through History

Ralph Ellis – Hyksos Dynasty and the Biblical Cover-up

Michael Tsarion – Akhenaton and The Cult Of Aton

Santos Bonacci – Black Nobility Bloodlines From Egypt, Rome to Italy

Gary Bell – The Brotherhood Of The Snake

Mark Passio – Satanism Evolves From Darwin, Atheism and Dogmatic Thinking

Bill Donahue – Origins of Christianity

Themes From “Zeitgeist: The Movie” – Solar Dieties

Michael Tsarion – John Dee And The Macrobes

4. The “Elites” of Today, And Their Psyop Strategies

Nazi’s Didn’t Lose WW2, Project Paperclip, And Secret Covert Technology – Joseph Farrell

The Real Manchurian Candidates, Spies, Patsies and Black Assassins – Aurora Massacre

Retired Head Of FBI Ted Gunderson Tells All – Satanism, Pedophilia, Illuminati

Washington DC – The New Jerusalem, And Cracking the 9/11 Code

Jim Fetzer – Hoaxes or Fake Terror Events (Nobody Died At Sandy Hook)

Ole Dammegard – False Flags And Predictive Programming

The 33 Code, False Flag Gematria, Ritual Sacrifice in Barcelona

Zachary Hubbard – Gematria and Numerology in False Flag Terror Events

5. Cloning and Trauma-Induced Mind Control Rules In Hollywood

Coded Ritual Sacrifice Of Hollywood Celebrities – Heath Ledger

MK Ultra Celebrity Victims – Katy Perry

Killing and Cloning Of Whistle-Blowers, Dissenters – Dave Chappelle, Vladimir Putin

Occult Symbolism And Saturn Worship In Hollywood – The OA TV Show

Celebrity Cloning Glitches, or MK Ultra Glitches and Inconsistancies

6. Additional Whistleblower And Victim Testimonies

Donald Marshall On The Cloning Centers

Donald Marshall on Vrill Parasites and Hosts

MK Ultra Survivor and Sleeper Assassin – Dan Macbolen

MK Ultra Survivor and Sleeper Assassin – James Casbolt

MK Ultra Survivor – Duncan O’Finioan

MK Ultra Survivor – Arizona Wilder

MK Ultra Survivor – Stewart Swerdlow

MK Ultra Survivor and Victim – Max Spiers Part 1    Part 2,     Part 3

MK Ultra Survivor- Laurel Aston

Whistleblower and ET Contactee Dan Burisch

Whistle-blower – Kay Griggs, Wife Of Top Level Army Commander

Secret Space Program Whistleblower Mark Richards

ET Contactee Simon Parkes

Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor – Jay Parker