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1. Gnostic origins of humanity

John Lamb Lash On Gnosticism

Chris Thomas – Reader of the Akashic

Santos Bonnaci – Syncretism, Ancient Occult Science

Bill Donahue – Divine Science Of Egypt Encoded In The Bible

2. ET Genetic Manipulation Of the Human Race, Intrusion or Interference Theory

Robert Stanley – Aliens, Archons, Lucifer/Enki

Harald Kautz Vella – Black Goo or Alien AI

Michael Tsarion – The Earth Is In Quarantine

Bill Schnoebelen – Enoch, Aliens And Angels

Lloyd Pie – The Argument For Interference Theory and Panspermia

3. The Alien Hybrid “Noble Bloodlines” Through History

Ralph Ellis – Hyksos Dynasty and the Biblical Cover-up

Michael Tsarion – Akhenaton and The Cult Of Aton

Gary Bell – The Brotherhood Of The Snake

Mark Passio – Satanism Evolves From Darwin, Atheism and Dogmatic Thinking

Bill Donahue – Origins of Christianity

Themes From “Zeitgeist: The Movie” – Solar Dieties

Michael Tsarion – John Dee And The Macrobes

4. The “Elites” of Today, And Their Psyop Strategies

Nazi’s Didn’t Lose WW2, Project Paperclip, And Secret Covert Technology – Joseph Farrell

The Real Manchurian Candidates, Spies, Patsies and Black Assassins – Aurora Massacre

Retired Head Of FBI Ted Gunderson Tells All – Satanism, Pedophilia, Illuminati

Washington DC – The New Jerusalem, And Cracking the 9/11 Code

Jim Fetzer – Hoaxes or Fake Terror Events (Nobody Died At Sandy Hook)

Ole Dammegard – False Flags And Predictive Programming

The 33 Code, False Flag Gematria, Ritual Sacrifice in Barcelona

Zachary Hubbard – Gematria and Numerology in False Flag Terror Events

5. Trauma-Induced Mind Control Rules In Hollywood

Coded Ritual Sacrifice Of Hollywood Celebrities – Heath Ledger

MK Ultra Celebrity Victims – Katy Perry

Killing and Cloning Of Whistle-Blowers, Dissenters – Dave Chappelle, Vladimir Putin

Occult Symbolism And Saturn Worship In Hollywood – The OA TV Show

6. Additional Whistleblower And Victim Testimonies

MK Ultra Survivor and Sleeper Assassin – Dan Macbolen

MK Ultra Survivor and Sleeper Assassin – James Casbolt

MK Ultra Survivor – Duncan O’Finioan

MK Ultra Survivor – Arizona Wilder

MK Ultra Survivor – Stewart Swerdlow

MK Ultra Survivor and Victim – Max Spiers Part 1    Part 2,     Part 3

MK Ultra Survivor- Laurel Aston

Whistleblower and ET Contactee Dan Burisch

Whistle-blower – Kay Griggs, Wife Of Top Level Army Commander

Secret Space Program Whistleblower Mark Richards

ET Contactee Simon Parkes

Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor – Jay Parker