Dr Dan Burisch’s Interaction with an E.T. named J-Rod.

(blogger update 2018: I now strongly suspect Schratt and Burisch as being controlled opposition, gatekeepers, along with Project Camelot and many of her “whistleblowers.” Read at your discretion. There is often some truth hiding in the disinfo.)

Paraphrased from a presentation by Michael Schratt, military aerospace historian:

Dan began working on something called Project Aquarius at S-4, one of the most highly guarded air force bases in the world.


Air traffic control will not allow clearance. If you do not egress the area after one warning, they will scramble an F-16, fly perpendicular to your flight path and when you fly into their jet wash you will depart from controlled flight or you tear one of your wings off. They can also lock on with a cyber missile, and will neutralize the target. Bottom line: don’t mess with them.

At S-4 he received clearance to work under the naval research lab and defense agency,  the two outfits running S-4. How do you get there? the eeg terminal as your flying on this airliner just before the hairpin turn to Groom Lake runway there is an ATC clearance called “pyramid-pyramid-pyramid” that allows access. They played Neil Diamond’s song “Coming to America” over and over again on the way there.  What is the symbolic encrypted message that they’re playing? Under its original interpretation that song talks about immigrants coming to America to make a better life for themselves but actually its about E.T.’s coming to America. When you land at Groom Lake how do you get to S-4? Its twelve miles away. You can take a blue colored S-4 bus, or take a U.S. Army black hawk helicopter. Or a Russian MI-4 gunship. Now we’re flying, we just landed. On the ground we have two parallel red lines and two parallel blue lines leading everywhere. This is an oppressive society, not user friendly, there are guards in all black with guns. You’re told to follow the blue lines and not breach the boundaries of the red lines or they will shoot you.

Now we’ll enter the facility for a walkthrough. There are double sliding glass doors. We are on floor one, labeled 4-1, the second floor is 4-2, then 4-3 and so on. Anything below 4-1 is underground. The first thing that happens in this facility, you see this long hallway with the same type of line configuration, a red line to the left, can’t go there, a blue line to the right, we go that way. We get to the Avionics lab. Past that is the Propulsion Systems lab. Then a Files Dept., then something called the Briefing Room. It’s important why? Something called King Tut’s training update tapes. They have hardware and tissue samples, motion picture film reels, high digital audio tapes, on the far wall is a 4-1 in red paint circled by a red circle so that indicates Area S-4 floor one.

The first hangar bay was none other then Bob Lazar’s sport model. Hangar bay 2 was the same vehicle or alien reproduction vehicle. Hangar 3 was the Roswell craft. It was covered with tarp so Dan didn’t get to see the entire configuration but it was the craft. Then the P-52 Orion craft. Hangar 5 was empty. Hangar 6 contained a man-made version, or “dog and pony show” of the Roswell craft. Hangar 7 contained a black isosceles triangle nicknamed “Licorice Drop.” There is crude gymnasium lighting. We go to the bio-hazard suppression area, then the overflow files and aviation area. Then we get to the meals area or cafeteria. If you work on Project Sidekick or Project Galileo you sit in the red area, Weapons Research sits in the black area,  orange area is Project Looking Glass. They are quarantining the employees and engineers who work on these different things so they remain secret. Now right to the left is an “I want to believe” poster from the X-Files. Over to the right is a nurse and a weighing pad so all this talk of smuggling things out of S-4 is impossible cus they weigh you in the nude on your way in and out, and if there is a discrepancy of ounces you’re in trouble. Burisch and the late Phil Schneider concluded that the F-22 Raptor, the exterior configuration was originating from the original Roswell craft.  Hangar bay 8, the Licorice Drop was the only alien craft. The other 1-7 were E.T., there is a difference. The exterior of the isosceles triangle was like black liquid mercury that you looked like you could fall into it, was a very unique.

Inside a UFO: there are three sections, lower bay, middeck, and upper deck. On the bottom section, there are 3 gravity amplifiers, then the middeck with the amplifer heads, then a gravity amplifier system. Also an antimatter reaction system. No windows.  Project Galileo dealt with propulsion systems of E.T. vehicles.  Project Sidekick relates to the weapons program. Project Looking Glass dealt with the physics of seeing the effects of an artificially produced gravity wave on time. The fourth dealt with biological defense operations which Dan served as senior scientist. In 1953 there was a UFO crash retrieval in Kingman Arizona. Three bodies were found, one died on impact, he was still contained to his biocontainment device. The other went to Los Alamos and the other went to Area 51, S-4 that the was the J-Rod  Dan worked with. In 1954 there was a meeting with Eisenhower and a contingent of P-52 Orion’s and a treaty was signed and a copy kept at 4-1. They gave Eisenhower the Orion cube. It was also known as the yellow book. Nothing to do with phone numbers. It is an 8×8 square cube. It is a Quantum viewing device that you could look at the probabilities of future events. There is protocol that has to be followed to do this. It was moved to Scottish Rite Masonic Temple just outside Washington D.C.  After that we don’t know.

Three events took place in 1947 We’ve got the Roswell crash, the formation of CIA, and the Independent Air Force. In 1952 it was the NSA who according to the CIA had improper intelligence so partial majestic  control of Project Aquarius was handed to the new boy’s on the block, the NSA.  There is animosity which still exists today between the NSA and CIA. The first thing in level 4-2 is a 3 foot tall statue of an Alice in Wonderland rabbit. There is a symbolic message here having to do with the  primary looking glass device.  On either side of it are two secondary ERB’s or Einstein-Rosen Bridges. Then on the right are galactic positioning codes because when you access a stargate at the S-4 facility you don’t need to have a galactic position code on your arm, because all the data is in the control room but outside S-4 you need to get position code data so you know where you’re going .

How did the U.S government get the technology to access naturally occurring stargates throughout world? It has to do with the Sumerian cylinder seals recovered in Baghdad, years ago. More on that later.

Something called the Clean Sphere was located at 4-4. Its like an orange cut in half, half a sphere. It was 52 feet across with Plexiglas 2 inches thick. Impeccable lighting. Above it is an observation bay with seven indented windows,  gallery windows so you look down inside the clean sphere as you take tissue samples from the J-Rod. They have something called got beehive lights which move along trapeze cablea which lower and raise through a telescopic device. They were engineered by J-Rod’s engineers. Why the impeccable lighting? You don’t want shadows when taking samples. There are kick plates which are manually operated which seal the gap between the clean sphere and the rest of the hangar. A scissor lift underneath lifts this thing and moves it onto a truck. When Dan Burisch was at 4-4 inside the clean sphere wearing this TES (totally encapsulated suit),  he was taking  hundred of samples because the J-Rod suffered from genetic neuropathy defect, and the goal of the project was to find a cure for that defect.

What does J-Rod mean? It means 15 cus J is the 10nth letter in the alphabet. The dash or rod is symbolic  of the Mayan glyph that means 5. He traveled from 15 light-years to get to Earth. Burisch said I have never met an alien, but I have met  an extra terrestrial (like J-Rod) which is actually a future human and shares the human lineage. An alien shares no such lineage. The J-Rod was called Chi’El’Ah. Three feet tall, dark brown in appearance. Very large black eyes, disproportionately large head, small nose, long arms, and no teeth. Originated from the Zeta Reticuli star cluster. During one of these tissue sample sessions, you see you have to follow protocol to approach this J-Rod, you raise up your right hand, he raises his right hand and you take multiple synchronous steps toward each other, until you meet in the center. On one occasion Chi’El’Ah broke the protocol, rushed Dan, which never happened before, they had developed a friendship. Dan was startled, stepped back, caught his boot, tripped backwards on his oxygen tank, the J-rod proceeded to infuse into him a tremendous amount of material having to do with future events.


How did they get the technology to access naturally occurring stargates? From the Sumerian seals, in some cases from the Baghdad museum. If you roll the seal over wet clay you get a positive relief. If you take a mirror, go right down the center line of one of these glyphs you get a mirror image which is really a blueprint for how you access  these stargates. That’s how they did it.

In 2003 J-Rod was moved from the clean sphere to Abados Temple which is down the Nile river and remember he has to be in his own positive pressure environment or he’ll die. So they built a stroller for him. Dan was sad that J-Rod could not go home to his family . In his compassion during the accessing by the government of one of these naturally occurring stargates at Abados Temple, Dan thrust forward the stroller, trying to send Chi’El’Ah home. But him and his stroller were kicked out (it didn’t work). Dan got into a lot of trouble for this but it was an act of compassion for the E.T.

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    Interesting.. thanks

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  3. Robert says:

    anybody know what he said about the 3 things jrod showed him, one video of him, is cut off, at the end, when he starts to explain, the first, which was egyptian.

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  5. Jose Mendola says:

    I fully agree with this above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing in the most fundamental medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites just like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.

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