Was The Aurora Shooter a Real Manchurian Candidate?

My awakening into all matters occult began (in 2012, oddly enough) with the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, CO., where James Holmes apparently killed 12 people during the screening of A Dark Knight Rises. We are told that he had died his hair red to represent the Joker character (played by Heath Ledger) from the previous Batman movie “The Dark Knight.”

The young man, James Holmes, was my age at the time (24), had a blossoming, lucrative career in neuroscience, which was a field I was interested in pursuing myself for a time. Due to these affinities I decided to pursue this. In a presentation he gives at 18 on temporal illusions, he shows himself to be very bright, but more or less normal. No signs of hidden destructiveness. People who knew him said he was quiet but never would have guessed what he would do…

“In mass media, Holmes is designed to be an enigma, a riddle and a puzzle. He is the JOKER.(Prince Ray)” The joker is also a tarot card and a character in Jung’s Collective Unconscious (the trickster): notable for spreading confusion and upsetting the status quo.

The case is full of synchronistic coincidences, and shoddy police work:

  • The father of both Holmes and Lanza (Sandy Hooker shooter) were set to testify in the on-going LIBOR Banking Scandal (trillions of dollars disappearing). It is possible that the father John Holmes (data analyst, CEO) had caught onto how the hackers had done it. Did they get to his son to shut him and Lanza’s father up?
  • Writer J. Coleman predicts the event and notices….“I went to see The Dark Knight Rises with my 22 year old son. I saw in the preview to the forthcoming James Bond movie, Skyfall. At the about the 39-40 second mark of the trailer, quite readable on an IMAX screen, a frame appears with a vivid skyline. Right there, up front is a building with a red sign that reads Aurora. (This is the Aurora Plaza building in Shanghai. (Coleman, Loren)”
  • In the Dark Knight Rises, there is a scene where Sandy Hook is clearly visible on a map of Gotham, circled in red as a strike point:sandyhookbane2
  • Witnesses in the theater thought they heard gunshots from separate directions, suggesting a second shooter. And if he was wearing full gear and a gas mask, he had to have come through the emergency exit, suggesting an accomplice. Police and media refuse to address this, and instead have played up the “lone wolf shooter” story.
  • After the shooting Holmes, in a daze returned to his vehicle and even alerted the police that he had booby trapped his apartment. Why the change of heart?

Do these things suggest foul play? Is it the thumbprint of a highly organized secret organization, pushing a hidden agenda?

It was Prince Ray’s blog which introduced me to the notion of Real Manchurian Candidates, assassins who kill in a state of hypnosis, and are unaware that they’ve been programmed to do so, and get amnesia about the event itself. Prince Ray is a former Black Panther who claims to have had direct contact with an assassin who seemed to be in a state of hypnosis at a rally:

“He (strange man with gun) appeared to have been under some type of drug. He had his far out and disassociate look in his eyes and his speech was somewhat slurring. He complied politely without incident. Once outside, the brothers of our security detail surrounded and detained him. As the brothers were disarming him, he resisted and became physically combative. He showed surprising strength for his size and demeanor. It took at least 6 or 7 brothers to wrestle him to the ground and disarm him. No blows had to be thrown. As he was subdued and pinned on the ground, I watched his eyes fall back into his head, relax and foam began to run from the corners of his month. The very same phenomenon was observed in Marcus Wayne Chenault as he was subdued and pinned on the ground after shooting and killing Mrs. Martin Luther King in Atlanta while she was played the piano in the church pulpit (P.Ray).”

“In 1968, Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted PATSY assassin of U.S. Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert Francis Kennedy (RFK) was said to have been in a TRANCE-LIKE state during and after the shooting. Sirhan Sirhan, after the TRANCE-LIKE deadly assault on RFK also appeared dazed “like a deer in the headlights” caused by Post- Hypnotic Amnesia Blocks. For a while, Sirhan like James Holmes couldn’t figure out why he had been arrested and jailed (P.Ray)”

Both dazed and confused, unable to recall the event. When I learned about the term, ‘mind control’ I felt intuitively that I had stumbled onto something huge. Turns out our CIA was very interested in mind control as well. Are these dazed and confused assassins in fact CIA brainwashed zombies, robotically carrying out any command? The CIA MK Ultra was declassified and shut down (allegedly) on July 20th 1973, July 20th, being the same date of the Aurora Shooting (another synchronicity). Some of the techniques used in MK Ultra were brought over by the Nazi’s after WW2, who had been developing these procedures and experimenting on prisoners in concentration camps. I am a Jew who has family that perished in the holocaust. I had thought it was merely about hard labor and extermination.  But I wouldn’t have guessed in my wildest dreams, experiments involving rape, pedophilia, electro-shocks, drugs and other trauma, all bent on breaking the mind and creating human super soldiers, or for women, totally submissive sex slaves.

The U.S. government, rather than putting these criminals away for their war crimes, thought to use them both with NASA and the secret space program, as well in secret bases to continue military research. Their work spans from rocketry, zero-point energy, fusion, nuclear bombs, and of course trauma-based mind control. This last one may have its roots much further than the camps. The Nazi’s may have discovered these techniques from ancient occult writings, often with a Satanic or Black Magic bent.

Much of Nazism has its roots in the occult. Himmler’s SS was entirely built for this focus. They believed the Aryans were a superior race with extra-terrestrial roots, and they had to preserve their bloodline and keep it pure by culling all ‘inferior’ races. They also did things like go on expeditions to find the holy grail, the lost city of Atlantis, and even raided Solomon’s Temple. Their philosophies stem from VRIL and Thule Societies, and somewhat on the teachings of esoteric philosopher Madam Blavastky. The brainwashing also worked on the German people themselves. It was the goal of the SS to convince the German people of their rightful Aryan heritage and superiority to inferior races. There were even baby making factories, where couples would offer up their infants for the Reich, to be raised by the State, the ultimate show of devotion and patriotism. But it wasn’t love for country alone but obviously became a new religion and system of ideology.

The Terror Returns: Back on the U.S.Homefront

I love the Nazis.” –Mass Murder DARK KNIGHT, Eric Harris

“One of the Columbine shooters, Eric Harris, had deep military intelligence connections from birth. Eric’s father, Wayne Harris, was some type of military intelligence spook and pilot at Plattsburgh AFB in Plattsburg, NY that closed in 1995. Legend says that Plattsburg AFB also had secret underground bases (P.Ray).”

Other So Called “Lone Wolf” Shooters

Wade Michael Page who shot up a muslim temple, while portrayed as a dumb white trash neo-nazi was in fact a member of military intelligence.

Aaron Alexis who unleashed gunfire at LAX, complained of EMF (low level radio frequency pulses in his brain, basically screeching noises and even voices in his head.) As we now know EMF affecting the brain in this way is reproducible in the lab and also FBI documented.

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Contrary to much of what you will read online, mind control is more systematic than merely dosing victims with massive doses of drugs, electroshock and electromagnetic radiation. The Greenbaum speech of Pyschiatrist DC Hammond shows that they can program people to have dissociative identity disorder, through methods like, “They’ll make him dissociative not only through abuse, like sexual abuse, but also things like putting a mousetrap on their fingers and teaching the parents, “You do not go in until the child stops crying. Only then do you go in and remove it.” Also, “Programming under the influence of drugs in a certain brain wave state and with these noises in one ear and them speaking in the other ear, usually the left ear, associated with right hemisphere non-dominant brain functioning, and with them talking, therefore, and requiring intense concentration, intense focusing. Because often they’ll have to memorize and say certain things back, word-perfect, to avoid punishment, shock, and other kinds of things that are occurring (DC Hammond 1992)”

After splitting the personality into pieces, they rebuild it according to their sinister programs, designated with Greek letters:

“Alphas appear to represent general programming, the first kind of things put in. Betas appear to be sexual programs. For example, how to perform oral sex in a certain way, how to perform sex in rituals, having to do with producing child pornography, directing child pornography, or prostitution. Deltas are killers trained in how to kill in ceremonies. There’ll also be some self-harm stuff mixed in with that, assassination and killing. Thetas are called psychic killers.  I’d never heard the words “psychic killers” put together, but when you have people in different states, including therapists inquiring and asking, “What is Theta,” and patients say to them, “Psychic killers,” it tends to make one a believer that certain things are very systematic and very widespread. The theta program is their ability to psychically cause somebody to develop a brain aneurysm and die. 

            Then there’s Omega. I usually don’t include that word when I say my first question about this or any part inside that knows about Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta, because Omega will shake them even more. Omega has to do with self-destruct programming. Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. (Hammond)”

Many details in DC Hammonds 1994 speech corroborate with accounts in Fritz Springmeier’s book, “How To Create A Total Undetectable Mind Control Slave,” which he co-wrote with Cisco Wheeler (recovering abuse victim), as well as testimonies that you can look up on Youtube from victims like Arizona Wilder, Cathy O’Brien, and others.
More names and stories have come forward, victims of this abuse:

  • Alpha Alters (Arizona Wilder)
  • Beta Alters (Cathy O’Brien, Cisco Wheeler, Brice Taylor)
  • Delta Alters (Duncan O’finian, James Casbolt, Max Spiers, as well as potentially many of the ‘lone wolf’ shooters)
  • Many of the shooters self terminated (Omega)

As Loren Coleman points out, “homicide is suicide turned outward, and suicide is homicide turned inwards.” Coleman studies and works with troubled and suicidal individuals and has written much about the event. “The Joker is real, because the imaginary villains have become actual ones. A dozen people died in Aurora (Coleman).”

He also looks at how media portrays these massacre events, glorifying and making the killer notorious. It leads to the Copy Cat effect which he wrote a book on. One example: the media showed footage of a shooter putting chain locks around the school hallway doors, and a subsequent shooter copied this action of using chain locks.

Is the Joker figure strong enough to evoke copycats?
copycatThe answer is yes. The Dendermonde Joker (wearing a bulletproof vest, with a backpack, and makeup like The Joker) struck on January 23, 2009, at a “Fairytale-land” daycare in Belgium. He killed two babies and a teacher, and also injured 12 others in his rampage stabbing. Although July 18, 2008 was the date of the first release of The Dark Knight, Warner Brothers re-released The Dark Knight in traditional theaters and IMAX theaters in the United States – as well as in other countries – on January 23, 2009. (Coleman).”

One mass shooter I haven’t mentioned is Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook shooter. When looking into his case, I get the sense that he was indeed a lone wolf. Despite the strange fact that his dad was also set to testify in the LIBOR scandal, young Adam was indeed a disturbed child. They found pictures in his closet of victims of past massacres. The boy had an obsession with death. His mother was a deeply paranoid and troubled woman who kept guns lying around the house. It is also likely that Adam was autistic. (blogger update (8/24/17): further research into Sandy Hook shows more evidence that the whole event was possibly a hoax, and that noone died at Sandy Hook. (check out the work Jim Fetzer has done on this event.)

Are all these mass shooters MK Ultra? Of course not. However enough of them are so enigmatic and commit these crimes seemingly out of the blue, and with no motive, that it raises the following question: Who are the true perpetrators, the evil puppet masters working behind the scenes?

Fritz’s other popular book, “13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati,” reveals a possible source for all this organized evil. The Rothschilds, Duponts and Rockafellers to name three bloodlines, all rich banking dynasties, may be to blame. Maybe the Freemasons, of which the Illuminati is a cell. The modern day CFR, the Bilderbergs, Committee of 300, not to mention the strange rituals that go on at the Bohemian Grove, of which many top politicians take part. You can look these up on your own time, I want to put forth in this entry another view that this evil goes beyond rich banksters and mafia types, to an alien source.

Researcher, author David Icke, put it this way, “The families in positions of great financial power obsessively interbreed with each other. I’m talking about a genetic network that operates through all races, this bloodline being a fusion of human and reptilian genes.” All this obsession with bloodline (a common motif in royalty, Nazism, occult) may be about preserving an alien genetics. This far-out view nevertheless offers an explanation for why these people have no problem committing acts that go against our innate sense of decency and humanity (pedophile rings, ritual based human sacrifice, trauma based mind control). In other words, reptilian extra terrestrials are far-fetched, but are they more far-fetched than the sanctioned murder and rape that these elites have been taking part in for generations?

“Humanity is actually under the control of dinosaur-like alien reptiles called the Babylon Brotherhood who must consume human blood to maintain their human appearance (David Icke).” Ancient Babylon is modern day Iraq. Many have speculated that this might be the true reason behind 9/11. Not WMD’s, not even oil, but to secure the site for the new Babylon, Kingdom of the New World Order. One thing to keep in mind about these elites is that they are obsessed with scripture and all things esoteric. Babylon was an evil city in biblical times; the inhabitants sinned against God. Thus a perfect motif and stomping ground for those who consider themselves ‘Satanic’ and worship all things dark and blasmephous. The Baghdad Museum was indeed raided and artifacts stolen weeks after US invasion into Iraq.

The dinosaur/reptilian theme is corroborated by Captain Mark Richards, former airforce pilot and member of the Secret Space Program and U.S. Space Command, who is in jail now, probably for doing some whistle blowing on these programs. Richards puts a spin on it though by claiming to be in contact with race of benevolent reptilians.

You do not have to look far in the artifacts of human history to see the reptilian theme coming up again and again, riddled throughout the art, mythology and sculptures of nearly every human civilization. The oldest artifacts are the Sumerian Tablets, which spoke of an alien race of genetic manipulators who conjured our species into existence (the Annunaki). Even in western culture, the serpent in the Adam and Eve tale is said to be a symbol of the reptilian race, a retelling of this original myth.

If we look at the roots of evil, an unlikely place to look is in a fictional work. However, using J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth and his creation myth, we see similarities with scripture, and with the tale of the Annunaki.

The reptilian eye, with pupils for slits, reminds me the Eye of Sauron.
“The being later known as Sauron originated as an “immortal (angelic) spirit.” The Annunaki are often compared with angels, as being inter-dimensional. “In his origin, Sauron therefore perceived the Creator directly. As Tolkien noted: ‘Sauron could not, of course, be a ‘sincere’ atheist. Though one of the minor spirits created before the world, he knew Eru (the supreme one), according to his measure (wikipedia).” Which is why he is defeated by magic, he does not transcend the holy powers which brought him into being. Similarly those who are possessed by demons can only be cured by a priest; the devil is not free from God. Tolkien himself was a lifelong Christian.

As Elrond stated in The Lord of the Rings: “Nothing is evil in the beginning. Even Sauron was not so.” The dark ones arise out of rebellion from the supreme ruler. Lucifer was a fallen angel. As with most creation myths all things start out good or at least neutral. In Lord of The Rings, “Rebellion originated when (Supreme Ruler) Eru let his spirit-children perform a great Music, the Music of the Ainur, developing a theme revealed by Eru himself. For a while the cosmic choir made wondrous music, but then Melkor tried to increase his own glory by weaving into his song thoughts and ideas that were not in accordance with the original theme. “Straightway discord arose around him, and many that sang nigh him grew despondent … but some began to attune their music to his rather than to the thought which they had at first.

The evils of the world were not at first in the great Theme, but entered with the discords of Melkor. However, ‘Sauron was not a beginner of discord; and he probably knew more of the Music than did Melkor, whose mind had always been filled with his own plans and devices.’ writes Tolkien.

The cosmic Music now represented the conflict between good and evil. Finally, Eru abruptly brought the Song of Creation to an end. To show the spirits, faithful or otherwise, what they had done, Eru gave independent being to the now-marred Music. This resulted in the manifestation of the material World, Eä, where the drama of good and evil would play out and be resolved.”

Housed in Christian terms, Satan (a fallen angel who fell from God’s grace) rules supreme where ever gluttony, perversion, and ego rein. Melkor wanted to sing his own stuff, letting his ego get in the way of the wishes of the group. Satan tempts Christ with these hedonistic self-serving things, and Christ, like the Buddha rejects them. Wise ones understand that his gift’s are really illusions, what the Hindu’s call Maya. Sauron controls great rulers of men, elves and dwarfs who gave in to greed and corruption, which the rings of power offer them. But in all cases, hedonistic self-serving is a bottomless pit, which only ends in the destruction of the self, and even those around them.
ring“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness, bind them.”

Sauron, the all seeing eye, is like the egyptian Eye of Horus, which shows up in the occult world as a symbol of the secret societies and is even shown in plain sight on our money.

Are the leaders, the bloodlines, the elites, those who practice Satanic rituals, are they as Icke suggests, hosts or slaves of another race, one which catapulted us into being, and have been monitoring ever since?

We began with a young man my age, James Holmes and a massacre, a trauma I sought to understand. The facts didn’t add up, the media seemed to be hiding information. When I dug, the Joker led me down a path than spanned the far reaches of human history, and raised ever more disturbing questions. The roots of evil are flashy, but where there is dark there must be light, the forces of good (God) must be subtle. Synchronistic ripples, a quiet voice, a pointing finger. If there is a Good God, it must not hand down knowledge but only facilitate our own coming to knowledge. This is why all ideology, even good intentioned ones like Communism, get distorted and become Satanic. What these gunmen are doing defies logic, and the natural tendency towards respect for fellow man. The resultant trauma creates a rift in the collective consciousness, a mass paranoia, an atmosphere that is easier for the vulture elites to swoop in and program us, control us. But is it happenstance, these atrocities of man a result of blind entropy, poor upbringing and moral anarchy, or is something else, something alien?


Prince Ray, “Rise Of The Dark Knights:”   http://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/2012/07/24/rise-of-the-dark-knights-the-joker-james-holmes-vril-maidens-mass-murder-the-satanic-principle/

Coleman, Loren “The Copy Cat Effect:” http://copycateffect.blogspot.com/2012/07/anticipating-aurora.html

Hammond, DC. “The Greenbaum Speech:” http://whale.to/b/greenbaum.html#Alpha, Beta, Delta, or Theta

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