Captain Mark Richards

Kerry Cassidy on Mark Richards:

He is a direct individual, a military man, in the space program since his teens. Trained to use firearms at 3 years old, to protect his mother while his father was away. His father was a star in the air force. He did know Churchill and met other prominent members of the British monarchy, secret space program, and government. He met Arthur C. Clark, Pat Price the well known psychic, and so on. He can handle himself in any situation, has residual power, holds himself in check. Has support in prison, mainly because of his contacts, mainly the raptors. They look like the velociraptors that you saw in Jurassic park. Although they are very large, 8 feet tall but crouched over so they appear 4 feet tall. They have tails and look like dragons as well. They refer to the reptilians that want to take over the planet as enemies and thus want to ally with us. In the olden days they would eat us. When Mark met them as a very young boy there had to be guards in the room otherwise he said they would eat him.

Raptors are going to function a lot here. There is an empress in charge of the raptors, and has looked down the timeline. There are several races who are not our friends. There are raiding parties to capture humans and take them to their own planets. Humans taken to moons. We are useful for many purposes. So is earth. A food source for the reptilians and greys. This is a well known phenomena in underground bases on earth as well. We can be used as allies as well. The raptors and several others. We’re builders, servants. Human trafficking, slaves not only for sex. Interest in us also for scientific study.  Earth is also a desirable vacation spot. They interact with us to trade and barter as well. The Canonians are into this. They may come to earth for minerals or precious stones. They like colored diamonds, and mine for them in Africa. Our secret government is going to take advantage of that. They are interested in having bases here, often as jumping off points. (vortexes and star gates). Lastly we are used for breeding programs. Females especially.

Dark star energy or black star energy, from an neutron star recently exploding, and in order to get it we need the help of various races, who already have this energy. Apparently it’s not plasma or zero point energy. It puts us in a whole different category of interstellar races, it allows us to travel further into the multiverse, and jumping long distances, past the galactic center, and so on. Other races are not happy we have this technology, but will trade and barter for it in exchange for humans. We are still having issues getting it, so we use the help of these friendly races. The problem with gathering the energy is that you need to jump back in time to when the neutron star exploded and where it dispersed to a degree that you can gather it without getting burned. Most of our science does not understand dark energy. We could make it at CERN, but it would only be small quantities, and it’s expensive. So we, with the help of these races go back in time, snag it, and return. We bartered with the Canonians, a merchant race of the galaxy, what they wanted from us is an underground base as a jumping off point, and I guess a way station, they were given one in Australia. They stand tall, humanoid, but what is significant is they have faces like hound dogs but cover them around humans, wearing raincoats. Tall whites: they are friendly towards humans and consider earth a safe place and can’t wait till disclosure happens so they can barter and trade. There is also cat-like race, I’ll get into that later. The raptors seemed to be aligned with the air force and navy. What we are really looking at is not so much the different divisions, but made up of white hats which are not friendly to the reptilian races that want to take over the planet, or the black hats who are friendly towards them, the new world order.

Our time line, or Mobius, as he puts it, is that we are protected, nothing is going to destroy earth in the next many centuries to come.  Positive and negative E.T.’s have vested interest in seeing earth continue. What this calls to mind is that we are part of an ecosystem in the multiverse that we don’t even realize. We are protected by larger more developed species. We also offer them protection, or benefits in some way. So they are not just benefactors. Its an ecosystem.

Next, ladies and gentlemen, we have an Interview with Jo Ann Richards, wife of Mark. They meet in an airport. During the interview we hear the sounds of jets flying by. How fitting.

My name is Jo Ann Richards I run a non profit called earth defense headquarters. My husband and his father were involved in high level military intelligence both from early ages. My husband was framed for a murder he didn’t commit, so he would get out of the hair of the New world order because he would be impeding their effort. Him and his father were involved in many missions involving aliens on and off earth ufo confrontations and very interesting experiences. My husband has met and worked with several alien species. His grandfather worked with Nikola Tesla. His father tested his equipment inventions and things. My husband is in prison for 30 years for something he didn’t do.

Martin Skinner (a friend from youtube):

 “30 years in prison is a lot of time to read and devise an air tight story on your “secret background”. If you look into what he was convicted for, it’s not far fetched that a person accused and convicted of this could put a story like this together. Laser beams to blow up a city?! Yeah he actually believed he would have a laser beam to control a city. That’s not his secret story that’s what he was actually doing when he was a arrested!”

daz samuels:

“Captain Mark Richards Secret space program
Pendragon Cult Leader.
Kerry has been hoodwinked :)”

light energy:

“You said there are elements,are there a type of plant beings that live in shrubs and show there ships that look like controlling depth perception on the corners of there triangular ships?”

Yes thank you for that lightenergy, interesting imagery and sort of tying it all together like that. Something about the triangular shape tricks us out of the corner of our eyes to look invisible. They could be right over our heads and we wouldn’t see them. But lets get back to the story:

Jo Ann Richards:

“I was always doing family history research, it was voluminous, then he suggested I go to this UFO conference in Atlanta. He asked me to see if anyone was talking about reptilians there. He was seeing aliens when he was a little kid. Its fascinating.

Kerry: He was framed?

Dolce is a minute part he doesn’t like talking about, it was only a construction company, he was such a nice guy who had hired juvenile delinquents to work for him, one of them killed the guy they were supposedly remodeling the house for. When they were caught they said my husband masterminded this murder. His military background was never brought up during the trial. One of the key witnesses who had full immunity changed his story three times. His lawyer did a terrible job. He said it was fine, it was fine he’ll get off. But he was convicted of first degree murder. At the time they didn’t think there was a conspiracy, they were patriotic and believed in what they were doing.

Do you visit him?

Every week.

He was a navy captain. Went into special forces. Air force special forces. Action stuff, sometime under the U.S., sometimes international military intelligence group that his father was a part of. He had clearance way above the president even as a child. Because his father did, and because as a child he would hear stuff and see stuff. Hid dad would take him to secret bases and he would hear things, see things he wasn’t supposed to. It was all a game to him. The family home was in Marin, Patterson air force base.

He flew ordinary run of the mill jets, top secret stuff DARPA had developed, he used to fly a rocket that the SR71, his own alien craft that crashed here and he’s the only thing that has ever flown her. Even in high school he was an advisor in Vietnam because he knows stuff.

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4 Responses to Captain Mark Richards

  1. Tray says:

    That story is such bullshit that all posts of it should be scrubbed from the Internet.

    • Thanks for your input. You may be right, Kerry Cassidy has been known to interview some strange characters, but this story was corrobated with scientist Julian Salt. I think I will keep it up in any case, until further research is done.

    • thatcrazytoaster says:

      pears to swine, you are not ready.

  2. If the things that can be learned about Richards do not verify the story, then how much of the rest should be believed. In the end, very little.

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