Lloyd Pye: Everything You Know Is Wrong

Pye: “We’re told we came out of the primordial sludge and evolved step by step to what we are today. We know we had upright walking primates at 4 million years ago due the Laitoli tracks in fossil ash fall. They jack it back to the common ancestor 5 million years ago. All pre-humans have a head that is grossly primate in its characters, but then they’ll always stick these human bodies underneath these heads. And this is a subtle brainwashing to make us think these are in fact pre-humans. Point is we are being misled. Lucy is very famous, she is the first so called pre-human. What we know from her is a remarkable amount because we have 40% of her body, she stood about 3 feet 6 inches, but her bones are more robust than ours, longer arms, thicker, she has the head of a chimpanzee which we can’t tell from her skull but from others like her. But she walks upright from her leg and hip joints. No question. The people who are paid to go out and find these fossils are paid to find prehuman fossils so they fudge it every way they can to make them look human and they always have problems with the arms, because all the arms are too long from shoulder to elbow, so they fudge this way up beyond where it ought to be. We have a pair of walking upright chimps and gorillas, from 4 million years to approx. 2 million years ago, and then we have a transformation, a segway into homo meaning man, you will see they are more manlike. But this is an overnight change, sudden. Pre-human Homo abilitus, erectus, and australopithecus look nothing like Cro-Magnum man. The Pre-humans have no foreheads, extended brow ridges,  wide nasal passages, good night vision, huge jaw, we have none of these features. Too big a leap, too quickly, this is not a transition, this is transformation. Primate bones are thicker because they are more powerful, they are strong relative to us, 5 to 10 times pound for pound. They will come right out of the womb and hang onto their mother as she walks off.  You could put a chimpanzee in a room with Mike Tyson and this chimp is walking out, he may be missing an ear or two, but he’s walking out. He can tear him limb from limb. Primate strength is nothing like human strength. Same for Neanderthals our supposed nearest kin until recently. Look at the difference in thigh bones, no comparison, quarters to dimes, or shovel handles to broom sticks. And we used to be told we came directly from those guys. Even looking at this evidence. Why? Because they have to explain it in terrestrial terms. Science is hamstrung, they’ve painted themselves into a corner. They do not allow for outside intervention whether it’s extra-terrestrial or divine.

There is not a single human bone in the so-called pre-human fossil record. Anthropologists will not argue the point. “You’re right,” they say, but they get away with it because they will one day put someone between Neanderthal and man that will show a transition between them and it will be the missing link, the famous missing link that shows a smooth gradual transition, but if he were here today he would need about 20 cousins side by side him to make this plausible. And they don’t have so much as a finger nail of the missing link. However they will not concede this, and choose to leave Darwin still intact.

Now the only smooth transition is brain size, they get bigger every step of the way. Neanderthals actually had bigger brains, even though they were dumber, go figure that out. We’re told that all these guys went extinct 30,000 years ago because that’s when we find the last fossil. We were told for a long time that we appeared right as Neanderthals ended, so it was a nice fit. We appeared, killed them all and took over and that was it. But the reality proved that we existed 120,000 years ago so we get overlap where they lived side by side, so they said, “well, we didn’t evolve from Neanderthals but we evolved from Homo erectus,” and you saw how much we looked like them. That’s the new theory. You see the problem. Well why did they go extinct? No natural predators, meanest dudes in the valley they can take a lion head and tear it apart. Could we do that? Yes we could, we are smart, we hunt in packs, and we have a savage territorial imperative, together we would kill any of them, but one-on-one they would pop our heads off like a pimple. So what if instead of driving them to extinction, we drove them to where they don’t make fossils anymore.

If we drove them into the deep woods and jungles, there are no ways to make fossils, no mud sink holes for the body to fall into, the flesh rots off and the minerals leach into the bones and become a fossil. This only happens in the savannahs and prairies which was primo territory, where we live. We’re not physically adapted to this planet. Our skin does not let us go into most ecosystems except in the primo niches. We think we live in all the nooks and crannies of the world. “We are masters of all we survey.” This is not true. In the U.S. alone 25% has never been foot surveyed, it’s just too hard to get in there, we survey from the air those areas. The Hominoids move, they go anywhere, they use force, they migrate, they do not hibernate. As they live in the forest they do split shift with the bears, they do day shift, bears do night shift. The Hominoids, descendants of the so-called pre-humans live amongst us (bigfoot, sasquatch, abominable snowman). We can’t mount up and go see them, we’ve tried and it didn’t work. we only encounter them by accident. One was seen on the Patterson film which is seen on World’s Greatest Hoaxes, that show is itself a hoax. You can see her muscles rippling as she walks, if that’s a person in a suit, you have to glue it on the skin and you lose that ripple. The arm drags around the knees, impossible for a human in a suit, you can’t get that elbow bend at that point. She left tracks in the hard packed creek bed, we have pictures, no question inch deep, a man walked beside later, and sank  ¼ of an inch deep. The fake films, they can never tell you where it happened because they don’t want the filmer to be grilled. But Patterson went out and told everyone where it was and told them to go out and bring dogs. Of course no expert came because they know what will happen. An anthropologist goes out and says, “looks real to me,” and they can’t get tenure. Lose their career.

Albert Ossman talks about an event that occurred 1924 when he was young man, timber cruiser in the woods, southern British Columbia taking some time off looking for lost gold mines. Sleeping in his sleeping bag one night, suddenly a big hand picks him up, shoves him into the bottom of his sleeping bag, slings him over his shoulder like Santa’s bag of toys, scoops up his camp stores with his other hand and walks off with him, he’s captured by a bigfoot. There is barely enough room to breathe, he dumps him out a hour or so later, in a 10 acre basin of high rock walls where he can’t get out and there is one opening where the den is of the bigfoot who got him, his mate and their two offspring a young male and young female. He stays with them for 6 days before he escapes. Now he doesn’t tell anybody this for 33 years, thinking everyone would think he was crazy, which they would. But then he sees an affidavit in a paper by a man who saw one picking berries, and asking if anyone else has seen one, and so Albert writes him a letter and says this is what happened to me. And now the roof falls in on this guy, experts from all over the world gave him lie detector test up the wazoo, and you know that when you are telling a long detailed story that’s a lie, you can’t get all the details straight and they will know. He never goofed up, he passed all the tests, everyone who knew him says he’s an absolutely an A+ guy.

Hominoids are real, they live with us today, have always live with us, it is their planet, the native indigenous upright walking primates of planet Earth, there was a split somewhere between the down-on-all-4’s primates and up-on-two-feet primates but we are not the one. The pre-humans are the pre-hominoids. We humans do not have a place in the natural scheme of life on Earth and that’s a problem. Where did we come from and how did start leaving fossils on the planet only 120,00 years ago? I am a pro Sitchin person myself. I have studied him and the ancient Sumerian writings.

Ancient Sumer: modern-day Iraq. Tigris and Euphrates, the fertile crescent. The Sumerians are the first great culture to come out of the stone age, around 6,000 years ago. They appear full-blown, everything we attribute to a high culture, the Sumerians produced. Now logic would tell you, and the Darwinian paradigm of simplicity to complexity would tell you that the first culture out the stone age would come out of the caves on bloody hands and knees, but no these guys come sailing out and  start building beautiful cities, and have education and law and everything. City centers, high-rise buildings, walls, roads, wheeled vehicles, animal husbandry, agriculture, ocean-going vessels, geniuses with water, literature, court systems, everything you name it, they had it, they were a fantastic culture. And the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans come from their culture, developed out from the Sumerians. So one of the things they had was writing. And this is what we’re all taught, nothing about them save that they invented writing. You never hear what they wrote, and how sophisticated they were because it does not fit the paradigm. Their writing was cuneiform, math based, and their math system is better than ours for using very small numbers and very large numbers. And they kept time around the great year, 26,000 years, now how’d they figure that out.  They have stories of cosmology, their history, how the solar system formed. Now originally when these things were being translated they said, “oh these can’t be true,” and they were put into the myth category, but Sitchin in the 1950’s says, “how does the first culture get a myth? Who gave it to them?” Good question. So they have to be telling a history, that is later distorted into myth by later cultures.
orbit                                                 Nibiru’s Long Elliptical Orbit

Here’s what they say, as the solar system was forming they got it reasonably right except for the asteroid belt they had a planet called Tiamat. Now Nibiru comes in as a straight planet captured by the gravitational pull and is caught in an elliptical orbit in the opposite directing, now there is the capacity for real problems, it collides with Tiamat at planetary speeds. This is all described by the Sumerian tablets, which is taken to be the basis for the 6 days of creation. Now in that great Sumerian epic six major puzzles of modern astronomy are answered. They say that in the collision, Nibiru holds together but Tiamat is torn apart. The lighter part with water goes into all directions. Now one of the mysteries is comets. They go all over the place, in a linear universe when the great ball of primordial dust and gas swirling around flattens out like pancake to make the solar systems that is called the ecliptic. Everything formed in it should be in the ecliptic, but comets come from outside, so they come up with thing called an ort cloud, which is a big joke but that’s how they explain comets. Another problem is they have water in them, and anything out in space is not going to produce water, you produce water by being a cooling planet with lava spewing up the steam, it condenses etc. So comets have to begin in a planet. This explains it well, nothing they throw at you will do it. Another mystery: the asteroid belt. They say that the inner viscous magma inside Tiamat was strung out, the bowels of the planet were strung out into little pieces and that is the asteroid belt. Plausible.

Another problem: Pluto. It’s a problem because it doesn’t belong. It doesn’t fit. it has an orbit that that’s not like the orbits of others, it is 17 degrees off the ecliptic again nothing should be off the ecliptic. What they say is that Niburu, when it swung around it pulled Pluto away from Saturn, its original home to where it is now. Astronomers know it’s not a planet but a moon of an inner planet but have no idea how it got to where it is now. Well here is a reasonable answer.

Earth: three great mysteries. Life, well first of all Earth is a remnant of Tiamat. Now despite what you’re told about the lightning bolt into the primordial soup beginning the first forms of life, that’s a fairy tale, because the first forms of life appear suddenly as a very sophisticated form of bacteria, and there’s not one but two kinds and they appear 4 billion years ago. Life is a great mystery how it would appear, it says in the tablets that in the collision, and the mingling of their waters, Nibiru passed life to Tiamat.

Now we are looking at two major differences between Earth and other planets. Earth is missing a huge portion of its crust and it has plate tectonics: movement in the plates. How? No explanation. Why? Because in any vacuum any liquid makes the smallest tightest ball it can make. That is what a liquid does. Now that is what all other astral bodies have done. They don’t have plate tectonics the plates have nowhere to go they are as tight as can be. But in the collision, the back side of Tiamat is cracked like an eggshell. There are the plates. The missing crust is still viscous, it tightened into a new ball, much smaller than the old one, and it has big chunk gone in its skin. This can be seen better if all the water was gone from the planet.

Now nobody knows how the cylinder seals were made. They are carved out of precious and semi-precious stone. Lasers today would have trouble carving out those pictures. One of the seals shows the correct alignments of the planets. Some of which we didn’t discover until the 19th and 20th century. They even described Uranus and Neptune as blue-green watery twins. We thought they were big old gas bags like Saturn and Jupiter until the voyager went out there in ’86 and ’87 and said yeah they do look like blue-green watery twins. So what are they doing with this information?

They make no bones about it. They say that everything they know and have comes from the people of Nibiru. They gave us our great culture. Is there any proof of that? Yes, the megalithic structures out there, the pyramids, Tiwanaku, Stonehenge, you name it, there are a couple dozen of them. They are impossible for people to create today, and we are told in another of these fantasies that they were made by people in ancient times, ancient Egyptians or Sumerians. Somehow they did it. Impossible.

site                                                                    Tiwanaku

We are told that the Annunaki came to mine for gold. Originally they landed in ancient Sumer, but not 6000 years but 400,000 years ago, and set up shop in what they call Eden. They mined the gold out of those rivers, why? To repair their atmosphere. Fine powdered gold can be blown into the atmosphere where it becomes a powerful stopper of cosmic rays. It is what we will have to do when we damage our atmosphere to such an extent. But they eventually tapped out the stream system. So they split up and some went to the mother load of gold in southern Africa. And they didn’t like it, going down into the holes and digging. They revolted, saying we want a slave to do this for us. So they used the creatures of Earth, which would be the Hominoids, and I say it was probably the Almas, to get some of their genetic material to make the new slave better adapted physically to the planet than they were, but the slave would for the most part be like themselves.  We shall make the Adamu in our own image after our own likeness. They made their slave inferior models of themselves. As you saw in the cylinder seals we look just like them. We have their bones, their muscles, their hair patterns, their skin, their poor night vision eyes, their foreheads, and their brains, that’s the key to this. That’s why we’re not like anything else on this planet.

When you peel the cerebral cortex off of a rat it will cover a postage stamp. Peel it off a monkey and it will cover a piece of typing paper. Peel it off of us and it covers 4 pieces of typing paper! That is not a transition, that is a transformation. The animals are using all they got, we are using one half of one page in a different way than they use what they have. We all know we are using 10% of what we got. We know that from studies of idiot savants. We know there are thousands of miles of neural network not being used and they don’t know why. I’ll tell you why, we shall make the Adamu smart but not too smart, strong but not too strong. They sealed us off, they don’t want the slave as smart as them so they don’t have to worry about treating us as slaves. They gave us just enough to be wonderful in our own eyes but pond scum to them. Idiot savants get some beam of light during the damage to the 10% and it strikes somewhere in the other 90%. So they get brilliant in math, or in music, in sculpture, art, whatever, wherever it strikes. So we know that it’s out there, in our heads we just can’t access it, we can’t use it.

What happens when a creature is born in the wild severely screwed up physically? It dies, parent will kill it will not allow it in the gene pool. Humans have 4000 genetic defects, and we are only 200,000 years old we shouldn’t have one. How did this happen? Cutting and splicing genes they will make mistakes. Oops, mistake, oops, they don’t care they are making a slave.

The chromosome match. Humans, chimpanzees and orangutans we know that between them there is 99% similarity in the DNA, so we say, “oh well we are kissing cousins you can’t get much closer than that.” Well not really. Because we are talking about a 3 billion base pair genome, so 1% is several thousand strands of DNA and if you know what you are doing that’s a lot of change. Plus all higher animals share at least 50% of the DNA so that’s not as astounding a similarity as it seems.

Now when you look at all primates they have 48 chromosomes, but the Annunaki have 46, how do we know? Because but we have 46 chromosomes. Somehow we lose 2 whole chromosomes, that’s an awful lot of DNA. This must be a result of genetic engineering. How did they do it? They fused chromosomes 2 and 3 together. How long do you think it would take mother nature to do this? There can’t be clearer proof that we are genetically engineered.

So I think it’s fair to say that everything we know is wrong, at least about human origins, that we were given life by the gods with a small ‘g’ through the equivalent of a test tube  and that we originally we were the fair colored Hominoids.”

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