Chris Thomas: Velon ET Threat to Humanity

Here is a different take on the usual Annunaki story. Very interesting! He is a pyschic healer and reader of the Akashic. (Update: I’m a little skeptical why a reader of the Akashic didn’t know the Earth is flat…)

With Miles Johnston.

hqdefault copyCan you take us back to the beginning of your, abilities and knowledge in this field?

“Well I found out at a very early age that I was sort of a natural psychic so I don’t have any psychic training. About 30 years ago I found myself in a situation where I could help someone for which I needed basic psychic and healing skills. And I found that I could. So basically that’s how I began with it, and I decided I better find out what this is all about. I spent that 30 years investigating how healing works, how the body works. How illness arises and from that, what I’ve discovered in people’s bodies is very surprising. I found that the health problems people were bringing to me became progressively more complex. So I tried to find ways of reading the energies that were at work in the body. To my surprise I quite often found energy patterns in peoples bodies that were not human, related to energy frequencies that were not in existence in this solar system. So basically people were carrying around implants within them that were causing health problems. That led me to investigate what these implants were, where they originated, how they originated and trying to find an answer to the people bringing these problems to me.

I know a guy in the States who has a collection of metal objects he’s claimed to take out of people’s bodies. They cannot be alien implants because the energy patterns that these aliens are made of and the technologies they use, is an entirely different basis than the ones that humans use. Alien Implants are an energy pattern and not a solid object as we would see a solid object. They have a form and a shape which vary considerably. It depends on what is intended to be used for and on the race that manufactured them.  Now a lot of people took these implants on quite deliberately during the times of Atlantis for example. But a lot of people have had these implants without their knowledge or against their will. And this is really not a good thing.”


With Lisa Harrison

“A brief history of the universe, roughly 4.6 billion years ago, the creationary source who had a thought, what would happen if…there were souls who had free choice and freedom of movement throughout space, with all the energy patterns necessary to support and sustain that life. And that’s the reason for the universe, to see what would happen if everyone had freedom of choice. The first things to be created well the universe itself is a conscious being made up of thirteen spate souls. Then within that  you have what you look at the structure of a galaxy is a structure within itself its another soul. So everything within the universe is alive, conscious has choices, but part of the purpose of the universe is the to work with souls who are of obvious human scale so that we had choices, move freely round the galaxy and have the freedom to explore whatever we chose to explore. The six nonphysical races said, we’re missing something. We can interact with every other soul in the universe but we can’t touch something, feel something, physically. And so the decision was made collectively to think of what would human life be like. So the semi-physical races were brought into being as a halfway stage as it were, and then humans or the earth started to form and our solar system started to form. So the 6 non-physical races were first created 100 million year’s ago. The semi physical beings created specifically to be semi-physical about 30 million years ago but in between the solar system started to form, started to look at what kind of life it wanted to have and how it could express life. The scientific view is that the earth is 4 billion years ago but thats based on a meteorite which no one knows where it comes from. When scientists first started working out how old life is thy originally got 25 million years. And that’s what the Akashic says.

“Does that mean that Earth humans are the pinnacle of evolution in terms of a vessel that’s holds soul mass?” No, we’re just another layer of experimentation, of choice. See every soul that exists in the universe on this kind of human scale, is equal. We’re all the same whether non physical semi or human. We’re all essentially equal. There is no such thing as pinnacles of development its pure and simply another level of exploration of what is possible.

“I guess the most physical vessel.” Right OK in those terms yes. Humans are the densest form of life in the universe. Don’t forget everything is energy we think we’re physical we’re not we’re highly compacted energy. So we’re the most highly compacted form of life in this universe.

“Are ET’s inter-dimensional rather than extra-terrestrial?” They’re both. Because ET’s cannot exist in their normal state, in our solar system. They have to alter their  energy patterns and physical densities for us to see them. This is why you get so many reports of UFOS suddenly disappearing from sight, or you’ll see an ET in the corner of your eye sort of thing. This is because they’re energy patterns are entirely different to ours. They don’t at the kind of compaction levels that we exist. They have to alter themselves quite radically to come into our solar system and be visible.

“What’s your take on some of the well known ET’s?”

The Greys are an interesting bunch. So that’s your classic ET, about 3 feet tall, grey skin and big black eyes. They don’t actually have big black eyes, their eyes are actually yellow with catlike irises. But they have to wear eyeshades or their eyes get damaged. They have physiological problems, see their bodies as being unstable and in the process of deteriorating. They’ve come here to learn about other forms of physiology.

They don’t pose any real threat to humans, only the Velons for some strange reason are quite bizarre in their approach to things. All the rest are quite benevolent.

The other races, you’ve got the Pleiadens another sem-physical race, highly diplomatic they get involved in sort of everything that goes on in the universe. and they are human in appearance, regular visitors on Earth. Then there’s the Blues, not a lot of people have encountered these, very short and covered in thick blue hair. They are geneticists they work closely with the Greys to work on their genetic research. You’ve got those who come from Sirius of course, they are similar in appearance to the Greys but a bit taller. They’re very friendly. They’ve had history with people on earth. There is a tribe in Africa called the Dugan tribe, who have very detailed history of Sirius. Known well before any Western scientists got there.

The people who’ve had the most to do with earth, we don’t actually have a name for them because their name doesn’t translate into any  earth language. All we’ve got is a catalog number ‘NGC584’ star system. Located in the night sky somewhere in the arc of the Pleiades but many galaxies farther than the Pleiades. They are the ones who’ve worked with the Earth more than any other race because they are master geneticists. So if the earth wants a new plant form or new animal form to be designed on Earth she would call in these beings from the NGC584 star system and they’ll work closely with the Earth to create a new form of life. They really are superb at what they do without any agenda other than to help whatever planet needs their help.

“What threat exactly do the Velon pose?”

When they came 350 million years ago, each of the six Velon races took a different strategy. They took a look at the place and said right, the Annunaki concocted a story which is Sitchins translation. It’s based on certain facts but they’ve embroidered it considerably to make it seem like they were man’s creators. So what the Annunaki hoped as that the humans at this time would get hold of Sitchin’s translations and go “oh there our gods” and we’d welcome them right in when they turned up in the present time. The Annunaki story is a combination of stories. If you go way back in history what you find is…

There’s an archeological dig going on right in Gobekli Tepe which is on the borders of southern Iraq and northern turkey. An old temple complex, the oldest, they’re saying to be found on earth. Which dated 14,000 years ago just down the street is the ancient biblical city of Ur of Chaldees, where Abraham originated. The old testament is all about Abraham and his descendants. And also Judaism and Christianity and Islam all originate from Abraham. This area around Gobekli Tepe they called Eden. They were attacked by a race that came from the north who they called Gods. So this is the origin of where it says in the old testament about tall pale Gods coming from the north and mating with the locals. If you look at the pale of turkey and Iraq at the moment their pretty much the same appearance. Medium height, dark hair, dark-skinned. So you can image those people coming people who are fair-skinned, fair-haired and something like 8 or 9 feet tall. Because what these tall northerners were, the people who invaded this area were a hangover from a different human race which scientists call Gigantopithecus. And they no longer exist on the planet so they have no DNA connection with current human, Homo sapiens. And what they did was to mate with people and create this sort of semi-race which totally died out. And also the local people who lived in Eden attacked these Northern and destroyed them all, massacred them entirely. This is why they left Eden to get away from the face that they killed their Gods. Traveled down into Egypt and became the Jewish race which formed the old testament, and these stories were written as experiences of what they experienced as a race. So that’s part of the Annunaki story. These pale northern Gods, come down and mate with the local inhabitants and create this new genetic strain. On top of that within Sitchin’s translation you have planets talked about which are actually the planets with the Velon solar system. So the planet called Marduk hit one the of moons of the other planet and destroyed life on that planet. And you have Nibiru within the Velon solar system. It has 9 planets. 2 suns. 3 planets orbit around one sun and 4 planets orbit around the other, and one orbits both, so it has a huge orbit and that’s Nibiru. And the Annunaki originated on that traveling planet. So the Annunaki wrote a story combining their history and our very early human history. To make it seem like they created us. But it’s a false story. Now I’m not saying Sitchin made it up because in all fairness I’ve read his books and he’s done his extreme best to translate the tablets. I’m not saying he’s wrong the story itself is false.

If you want to look at human history its very different to how historians view it. As far as they’re concerned early forms of human life began 14 thousand years ago and we’ve slowly developed since. And that not correct. What we have is several different forms of very early humans living on the planet. The earth itself is a consciousness’s a soul that creates life. So the animal and plant life on the planet is actually a creation of hers. The earth herself chose and designed animal and plant life. As part of that obviously she also developed human forms. Because the purpose of our solar system was to explore the potential of a human body form. Now every single planet in our solar system supported life at that time. So when life began 14 million years ago within our solar system every single planet had life. And there were 13 originally, not the 9 we have. 4 of them disintegrated because if you think of the planet as being a soul, consciousness within its own right, then it has the choice that every other soul in the universe has and they decided they did not want to be part of this human experiment. And decided to leave the solar system and unfortunately there were difficulties in that two if the planets exploded what they did was rip through the solar system destroying all the life on all the planets in the solar system except Earth. Earth herself came very close to giving up and we nearly lost all life on the planet. That was 3.8 million years ago, that’s where your dinosaurs were destroyed 3.8 million years ago. But the earth decided to start again what she did was develop Cro-Magnon man. What we know as Cro-magnon. What you find is that Cro-Magnon isolated on all the continents at the same time. Originated spontaneously. But they don’t want us to know that it remains hidden by scientists, they don’t want to contradicts the bible, that’s written into the charter of all archeological associations around the world. And also of course what you’ve got underneath it all is this Annunaki story which has been going around for a very long time, and the higher levels of Freemasonry for example and the Illuminati firmly believe in that story. And that is what they are trying to present as fact to most people. But when you look properly at archeological research and anthropological research you’ll find that every continent on earth had Cro-Magnon spontaneously arise 3.6 million years ago.

3.6 million years go we start out with Cro-Magnon man. And they developed very, very slowly, I mean let’s face it, you’ve got a nice life haven’t you. You’re wandering around the planet that’s free of pollution, all the food sources you could want, no animosity, wars battles between people’s, why would you want to change? And so they didn’t need to develop very strongly, and I’m not criticizing them, but essentially they were more like animals then they were humans. Because they didn’t have a whole soul in the body; what they had was a group soul. They existed in a mass consciousness but weren’t really individuals themselves. But part of the purpose of this universe was to find out if we could have individual human beings. And Cro-magnon was slow in developing a body form that could accommodate the whole soul. So our friends from the NGC584 star system were asked by the Earth to come and help find out why Cro-Magnon was so slow in developing into a full human being.  And they took up residence on Lemuria. This is where Lemuria comes in our mass consciousness memories. Ultimately the question was not fully resolved even by the NGC so collectively those souls who wanted to be part of what was going on Earth decided to start another experiment, and that experience was Atlantis. Now Atlantis did exist as a continent back then. What we did was genetically manipulate the basic body form of Cro-Magnon. By we I mean all those souls of the non-physical races who wanted to be part of this. So they accelerated Cro-Magnon, and created a physical human being that was capable of accommodating the whole soul of one of the non-physical races. Now that Human Being was able to do so much more than we are capable of doing now. Highly developed psychic capabilities, we communicated to each other psychically, we communicated with all living things psychically, we needed very little in the way of food because our bodies were less dense back then. We fulfilled all the requirements set out by Earth to achieve a perfect human being.

“So what went wrong? “Energy, unfortunately., it all comes back to energy in the end. The earth herself resonates at a frequency of 7.56 cycles per second, or Hertz. And that bass note of the Earth, the root chakra of every living on the planet resonated at 7.56 cycles per second. But that frequency was too low for the whole soul to remain in the body.

The lifespan of humans on Atlantis could be hundreds to thousand years. But we started to lose the whole soul, mainly the psychic functions. And this is when we started experimentation see if there were ways around that. There are a number of people with bad memories. Of Atlantis, of genetic engineering and genetic experimentation, that was at the end of Atlantis because they were experimenting a lot. We ended with all sorts of bizarre combinations of gene structures in people’s bodies. We ended up with a bacteria which we couldn’t control, so what we decided to do collectively to prevent this bacteria reaching all areas of the planet by destroying the continent, we sank Atlantis into the magma core, to destroy this bacteria. It took the earth 40,000 years to recover. We came back 20,000 years ago, by we I mean those non-physical souls who wanted to experiment. But again we had that same problem that bass note frequency. Which we tried finding way of overcoming. So for example that’s what the pyramids are for. If you stood in the so-called kings chamber. And made a tone, a voice tone of a specific frequency ten the whole chamber resonates at that frequency and you could get the whole soul back in the body. Worked very well for a while but even that started having difficulties. So we collectively decided to divide the soul into two parts. The higher self, the so called higher self makes up ¾ of the total soul. And the physical self which makes up ¼ of the total soul. So what we decide to do was live a series of lifetimes gaining knowledge as to what frequencies we needed to alter our bodies, and the earth needed to alter her frequencies too. So that we could maintain the whole of the soul in the body. And bring the higher self-back in the body. We started doing this 7000 years ago. It’s what the Akashic calls the human plan. Because again as far as the earth is concerned we are sub=human for the last 7000 years. Explains a good deal about human history. And we are at the end of that 7000 year period that’s what this 2012 date is all about. At this point we raised our energy levels. The earth has done this as well back in May of 2000. We are at the point where we can end this human plan. We can bring the whole of the higher self back in the body.

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